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1 Crafter Guidelines on Sat Dec 10, 2011 4:50 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster

Crafter Guidelines

92% of Pernese children get at least some education in one or more Crafthalls.  42% are never formally admitted to a Crafthall, instead learning their trades in satellite halls or by directly apprenticing to someone else rather than through the Hall; these produce passable goods that are useful to the local community but probably don't sell them, only barter them to other locals.  The other 50% are sent to the Crafthalls for formal education in their Craft.  35% never advance beyond the rank of Apprentice; 10% never advance beyond Journeyman; and 5% never advance beyond Master; there are 20 Craft Halls with a single Mastercrafter each, chosen from the ranks of the Masters.


Apprentice - (n.) 1. An unskilled or partially-skilled worker in a Craft.  2.  The lowest student rank in any craft. There are junior and senior apprentices. The lower rank will usually be designated with the word apprentice only.

Journey(wo)man - (n.) 1. A skilled worker in a Craft who doesn't teach classes but does mentor Apprentices.  2.  A crafter's rank, the middle rank for a crafter, comes between apprentice and Master.

Master - (n.) 1. A skilled worker in a Craft who teaches classes of Apprentices and mentors Journey(wo)men.  2.  A crafter's rank, the highest rank that most crafters will reach, exceeded only by the Mastercrafter.

Mastercrafter - (n.) 1. A skilled worker in a Craft who may or may not teach classes; usually mentors one or two exceptional Journey(wo)men or Apprentices.  Often a Master who is more of a general Master than one who specializes in any particular portion of the Craft.  2.  The highest possible rank a crafter can aspire to.
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2 Re: Crafter Guidelines on Sat Dec 10, 2011 5:14 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster


  • Keep in mind that your characters do, and will, age. It is physically impossible for a crafter to remain twelve throughout the five to seven Turns of Apprenticeship or eighteen throughout Journey.
  • Classes are designed as a center for roleplaying. Attend as many as possible, as often as possible.
  • Minimum ages to be officially accepted as a rank in the Craft:
    • Apprentice: 12
    • Journeyman: 18
    • Journeyman on Journey (or "route rider"): 20
    • Master: 30
    • Mastercrafter: 35
  • All classes are mandatory but are not required to be taken in any particular order. Classes cycle regularly so if you miss a class the first time around, wait until it comes around the next time.
  • Listen to your superiors, not just your mentors. As an Apprentice, listen to senior Apprentices, Journey(wo)men, and Masters; as a Journey(wo)man, listen to your fellow Journey(wo)men and the Masters.
  • Don't forget--pranks can (and will) result in punishment if you're caught! However, pranks are also ubiquitous, especially among the older Apprentices and younger Journey(wo)men (typically performed upon the younger Apprentices and older Journey(wo)men).



Lesson schedules will vary based on the Craft; to find out your schedule, check the appropriate thread in the Schedules board. There are between three and six classes (there is room for expansion if anyone has suggestions) per subject. 80% of posts (which are monthly) are required to pass the class.

How lessons are run: Each lesson will cover a topic from the class. Students will provide a one-paragraph "essay" (at least five full sentences) about the topic. This is designed to encourage student participation (meaning we don't have to have an individual teaching everything) and to build the knowledge base on the site. There will be a thread for each Crafthall that will be used to organize the accumulated knowledge.

Characters who are Masters in their Craft are expected to run one IC lesson every six months.
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3 Re: Crafter Guidelines on Wed Jan 04, 2012 7:32 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster

Available Crafts

Sorted in descending order by the number of practitioners.
  • Harpercraft (Harper, Scriber) - 11% of Crafters
  • Healercraft (Healer) - 10% of Crafters
  • Bakerscraft (Cook, Baker) - 8.5% of Crafters
  • Farmcraft (Farmer) - 8% of Crafters
  • Minecraft (Miner, Stonemason) - 7.5% of Crafters
  • Weavercraft (Weaver, Tailor) - 7% of Crafters
  • Smithcraft (Smith) - 6.5% of Crafters
  • Glasscraft (Glassmith) - 6% of Crafters
  • Beastcraft (Herder) - 5.5% of Crafters
  • Seacraft (Fisher, Sailor) - 5% of Crafters
  • Winecraft (Vintner) - 4.5% of Crafters
  • Tannercraft (Tanner) - 4% of Crafters
  • Woodcraft (Carpenter) - 3.5% of Crafters
  • Computercraft (Computerer) - 3% of Crafters
  • Technical-craft (Technician) - 2.5% of Crafters
  • Papercraft (Papermaker) - 2% of Crafters
  • Printercraft (Printer) - 1.75% of Crafters
  • Plastic-craft (Plastic-maker) - 1.5% of Crafters
  • Dolphincraft (Dolphineer) - 1.25% of Crafters
  • Dragonhealing (Dragonhealer) - 1% of Crafters
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