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1 The care and feeding of...kittens? on Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:54 am


Random Event Creator
One of the Academy's many felines being used for rodent and nuisance control has had a litter of five kittens! They're in need of homes!

Journeyman Herder Bofar can be found at the hay barn supervising interactions with the kittens.

Kitten #1: Female tabby with black overcoat and white star on her chest. She appears quiet and shy around new people and places, but once she's comfortble, she'll become very vocal and playful.
Squeak, claimed by H'lee and Seeth

Kitten #2: Small male black-and-orange tiger tabby with slightly droopy ears and sleepy eyes. Despite his appearance, he'll become a very large and energetic cat when he's older and an excellent hunter.
Crook, claimed by Valyria and Sulyth

Kitten #3: Tiny female calico with white face and belly and curled ears. Don't be fooled by her demonic appearance, she's really a gentle creature. Her favorite thing to do is curl up on someone's lap and purr.
Calli, claimed by Silvara and Warrelith

Kittens #4: Male brown tabby, no distinctive markings. He's curious to the point of dangerous recklessness and exceptionally playful; he probably singe his fur near the fireplaces and scorch his feet on hot stoves before he matures. He'll make a great hunter when he grows up.

Kittens #5: Male brown tabby with red mane. Like his brother, he's curious and reckless and loves to play with his siblings. However, he loves nothing more than big bowl of food and a good petting. He will be able to hunt and do it well, but he'd rather be fed.
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2 Re: The care and feeding of...kittens? on Sun Feb 19, 2012 10:47 am


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Seeth was the first to hear about the kittens while he was sunning on a ledge. He'd often watched litters of kittens growing up in the Weyr; back then, there'd been fewer of them and they weren't kept as pets because they were needed to keep the rodent and tunnel snake populations down. Plus there'd been the historical scare where felines were associated with diseases, but AIVAS had settled those fears.

So the brown dragon, being nosy about his rider's life, decided to take it upon himself to look in on these kittens. He glided down to the hay barn where the mother had taken up residence when she'd given birth to poke his head in - only to find he wasn't the only dragon to do so. Since there were no good vantages (not that the young dragons crowding around the barn wouldn't have relinquished their positions for the older dragon), Seeth lowered his head to peer in one of the windows. He knew from overhearing the people inside that there were five kittens, but he could only see four.

Seeth, what are you up to?

I'm looking at the kittens. You should come help, one of them seems to be missing.


They're cute.

... H'lee sighed and made his limping way down to the barn. "Seeth tells me you're missing a kitten?" he asked when he got there.

"Yes, there are supposed to be five, but we can only find four!"

H'lee gazed around the barn and headed for the end farthest from all the people, figuring he'd start there and work his way back. It didn't take him long to find the tabby with the white spot on her chest (Kitten #1), arguably the largest in the litter. He couldn't help but smile down at the little bundle who was staring up at him, looking a little alarmed. He bent over and scooped her up, eliciting a tiny peep out of her as she wrapped her front paws around his hand. Okay, yeah, they're cute, he conceded.

Told you so.

He wandered back toward all the other people and felt the kitten's grip on his hand tighten. He stopped before he actually reached them - they were all focused on the other four anyway.

We should take that one. She doesn't seem to like the other people anyway.

What makes you think we're going to take any of them home?

Because I think we should.

H'lee was still a little reluctant, but Seeth asked for things so rarely it was hard to say "no" when he did. Just then, Journeyman Bofar noticed them. "Oh, good, you found her!"

"Um, yeah. If it's alright with you, Seeth's taken a liking to her, I think we'll take her with us."

"Sure, there are some litterboxes and litter over there. You'll need to get a water dish from somewhere, though."

Okay, Seeth, you talked me into it. Now what are we going to call her? he asked as he headed toward the door.

Well, she squeaked when you picked her up. How about Squeak?

"Squeak it is," H'lee confirmed as he approached his brown with the kitten in hand. "Now, don't scare her," he warned as the brown lowered his head to get a closer look. The little bundle in his hands hissed furiously as Seeth's large nose approached and she squirmed in H'lee's grip, trying to climb over his shoulder to get away. Finally he scruffed her and held her still so he could climb up on Seeth's back for the trip back to their weyr.

Yes, kitten #1 was based on my very own Squeak. Expect her to be featured in more posts!
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3 Re: The care and feeding of...kittens? on Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:07 pm


Val liked the idea of cats. Growing up, they'd always been in and out of the edges of her life, never really a part of it, but always somewhat there. A barn was a perfect place for the felines to play a part; vermin and tunnelsnakes were fans of harassing the runners and getting into the grain. Only one time was there ever an issue with illness caused by vermin in the food, and to fix it, all Val remembered the Master doing was purchasing a litter of kittens. She'd be quick in line to admit that they had their use. On most days, she wouldn't have been in line at all to actually obtain one of the furry things, but (like Seeth) Sulyth had her own opinion.

Somewhere, the green had picked up the idea that women with cats were more loving. Or more womanly. Or something. Whatever the exact details, Sulyth was determined that Valyria should be bonded with a furry friend, in order to make her a better person and to get her to end up with a husband. It was a stretch, but dragons were dragons: aka, they had weird logic and couldn't be convinced out of things that they were determined on. Oh well. Val figured she'd just snag a tough looking kitty cat and set it loose in the barn. They were pretty independent, right? Eh, Su would probably let her know if the animal was having problems. Then she would feed it and stuff.

Yeah, Val wasn't an expert in meat-eating furry creatures. Oh well. Cats were pretty easy, so maybe she would luck out.

Any doubts Val had about cats were erased when she finally saw them. Just four left at this point- from what people were saying mr. head honcho H'lee had snagged up a cute bundle a bit earlier. Aw. Hopefully he hadn't grabbed the cutest, strongest, best kitten. Val pouted for a moment but the squirming kitties soon had her smiling once more. Which one? Which one??

Told you that you should have let me come! Su insisted. She was holed up in the weyr for now, because Val hadn't known how distracting or scary she was going to be to new kittens.

And, well, you know- she wanted to choose a cat herself! -and she told Sulyth so.

Alright, time to pick one. She had asked around and had been told she could take whichever she liked, and where the supplies for them were (Supplies? Oh...). She stared at them for a while, before realizing she had no idea how to judge a kitten. Well, alright. She shrugged, and scooped up the slowest moving kitten, a sleepy looking orange and black buddy [kitten #2]. He put up a slight protest and wiggled around, but eventually settled in the crook of her arm. Aww, cute!

What does he say his name is? Sulyth asked, from afar.

Val laughed. It doesn't work like that! She thought for a moment, and a word within her previous thoughts struck out at her. We'll call him Crook, Su! Maybe he'll turn out a sneaky devil.

4 Re: The care and feeding of...kittens? on Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:39 pm


Moderator / Master Healer
Silvara had just arrived at the Northern Weyrling Academy from Snowy Hold when she heard about the Kittens. She had a rather large soft spot for cute little fuzzies as well as what to HER were cute little non fuzzies, aka crawlers (Think a six legged gecko), who freaked Warrelith out big time. So there she was heading into the barn to have a look at the kittens while Warrelith hung about outside waiting for her return.

Looking around she soon found where the kittens were as well as others who seemed to be interested in them. Her eyes stopped on Val recognizing her from Benden Weyr. A slight shiver ran down her spine at that thought and a few others that skittered across her brain before turning her focus to the rather handsome little fellow in the other woman's arms. She let a smile return to her face thinking that Val looked very gentle with the kitten. She shook her mussing off to look at the remaining kittens and trying to ignore the other feelings the sight of Val stirred in her. She could have sworn she had gotten over her crush on the green rider after she moved to Aurora hold for more advanced Healer training. She just hoped Warrelith would not pick up on it.

Her hope was in vain as Warrelith's head and perked up when he felt the swirl of emotions from his rider. A slight dragon's grin crossing his maw before returning to resting his head on is forelegs in thought on how to use this information best. He wanted his rider to have some one in her life and maybe he just found a good individual to push towards. It would need more thinking on thought for latter.

Meanwhile Silvara looked down at the kittens smiling at the antics of the two remaining males. Her eyes though kept returning to the little female and before she knew it she was gently picking up the little calico kitten. The tiny kitten snuggled into her arms quickly enough once Silvara had her securely up and in her hold. Silvara knew then and there that this one was hers. Turning to the Journeyman to make sure it was ok.

“Good choice lady Rider. Don’t forget the Litter box and Litter from over there. You will need to get her a water dish and such some where else but she is all yours now.”

With that Silvara happily move to get the items while keeping the kitten safe in the crock of her arm before heading out of the barn to where Warrelith was. Setting the little and box down, she introduced the little one to him. Thankfully she just looked at him before reaching out a paw to touch him muzzle. Warrelith hummed softly in response which seemed to be the right thing as she started to purr back. Laughing Silvara was glad that the two would get along just fine.

“I think I will name her Calli. What do you think?”

::That seems like a very good name for her.::

He kept his mental mouth shut about Silvara’s reaction to Val for the time being. Though he could guess part of the reason she was so quick to exit the bar was due to Val still being inside and her desire not to think about the emotions the other’s presence caused.

((Claim Kitten #3 aka Calli!))
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