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1 Craft Reviews with Headwoman Nataly on Sun Feb 19, 2012 5:15 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Once a week, after H'lee's interviews with the Candidates, the Headwoman meets with the Candidates who arrived without a Craft. When they arrive, she assigns them to Apprentice duties with a Journeyman or Master of a (seemingly arbitrary) Craft within the Weyr to study under during their Craft lesson period each day.

She checks with them after they've worked there for a week (give or take, depending on when they arrived) to see how they're enjoying the Craft she assigned them. If they've enjoyed their duties, she'll leave them assigned to that Craft, otherwise she'll choose a new one for them at that time.
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2 Re: Craft Reviews with Headwoman Nataly on Sun Feb 19, 2012 5:34 pm


Random Event Creator
After his interview with H'lee, Kerso really just wanted to go lie down. But he'd learned about now showing up where he was expected to be on time, so he made his way to the Headwoman's office.

"How are you liking smithing?"

Truthfully, Kerso probably wouldn't like any of the Crafts he was assigned to, he didn't want to work for a living. But smithing was worse than farming! "I hate it," he said, flatly. "All the pounding gives me a headache, and I always leave feeling like I need eight baths to get all the coal dust and grime out."
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3 Re: Craft Reviews with Headwoman Nataly on Sun Feb 19, 2012 7:02 pm


Artemis had left her last session with Master Herbalist Ampris feeling quite happy with the information. She had found that the herbs she was working with, were a nice change from the situations where she had to be dutiful to those around her. They didn't ask for any more or less from her than what was absolutely necessary to keep them alive... or what was needed to turn them into medication for those in need.

When her interview with H'lee had come to an end, she remained feeling rather confident that she enjoyed the idea of dealing with herbs. However, as she walked closer to the headwoman's office, going slightly slower than she might normally have (banking on the idea of Nataly being busy with Kerso), she thought about the previous week and whether or not she would enjoy continuing with the work she'd been doing.

When she arrived, and it was her turn to enter the room, she smiled at the headwoman and took her seat.

"How have you liked herbalism?"

Artemis paused at the question, knowing it would be coming and debating on her answer for a moment. "I like it, it's been very relaxing and informative," she responded, deciding at that moment to just be honest with herself and stop forcing herself to try something else because they might want her to... or because she might be better suited to something else.

4 Re: Craft Reviews with Headwoman Nataly on Thu Mar 01, 2012 7:08 pm


Fayble arrived for her meeting having been assigned to the kitchens it wasn't something abnormal for her and there was little to no thought in whether or not she liked the craft. She didn't mind baking, cooking and otherwise working in the overly hot sometimes overly crowded kitchen. Really there were worse places for her.

Like fishing, she hate fishing. Really anything about fish she hated, the guts the scales the way they LOOKED at you after death. Everything fish were just nasty. Thinking about the slimy creatures she shuddered outside the office. Once Artemis had been finished her meeting she would walk in behind the girl and smile brightly at Nataly.

"So nice to see you again Headwoman Nataly how are you?" She would bubble happily, once the question on whether or not she liked her craft was brought up, she would frown and sigh. "I'll be honest with you, its not my favorite thing to do. Its something that's comforting though, in a way. But as I've said before I don't see myself baking or cooking for the rest of my life. I appreciate the fact that we have to learn these crafts and they will help us become better people and in turn riders, should we impress...which I will. Cause I'm that awesome, anyways....I suppose what I'm saying is that everything is same ol same ol. I don't think I would excel or even really do well in another craft. Its a love hate Ma'am headwoman lady miss. So in the end. I guess I like it..Maybe?"

She took a breath after all that, the speech just seemed to blur together all in one, and the girl smiled brightly again flipping her hair out of her eyes with a careless toss.

5 Re: Craft Reviews with Headwoman Nataly on Thu Mar 01, 2012 7:42 pm


NPC Apollo

Apollo headed into the office to meet with Nataly once more, waiting until she had questioned whether or not he liked his current assignment. "Not really, it't okay... but I would much rather do something else," he responded.

With that he sat down, wiating until the woman gave him his new assignment. Maybe then he would get something more fun? Something that would allow him to learn a skill more useful to a lord holder.

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