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1 Candidate Lesson #4 on Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:35 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
When all of the Candidates reported to the Conference Room for this week's lesson, Headwoman Nataly ordered them on their feet and took them down the hallway through one of the many foot entrances to the Stands where they could look out over the Sands.

"Once you step out on those Sands on the day of Hatching, there's no turning back. You'll either walk off those Sands, or be carried off, and it all depends on how you treat the clutchmother and how you respond to the hatchlings. Your entrance is right over there," she pointed to a seemingly tiny doorway not far from where the golden queen rested beside her eggs. "Can anyone tell me what the first thing is that you'll do when you step out on those Sands?" She paused, waiting for one of the Candidates to respond.

"Now, there are some things you'll have to do immediately before going out on the Sands. There are two rooms to either side of that entrance, one for boys and one for girls. In them are tubs of water and a bunch of towels, as well as a closet full of Candidate robes and boots. As soon as the dragons start humming, you'll be sent to these rooms to clean up and dress before going onto the Sands.

"Now, everyone tell me what you already know about the clutchmother's behavior in the time leading up to Hatching."

Lesson will continue when all four Candidates have posted.
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2 Re: Candidate Lesson #4 on Mon Feb 20, 2012 6:02 pm


As per usual, Artemis has been the first to arrive at lessons. She always felt it was important to be a little early, if she could work it. Naturally, the hard routine she was putting herself through (between lessons, craftwork, chores AND tutoring), left her with little to no free time. Regardless, she knew she was getting somewhere and she thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

Once everyone was there, she was surprised to see Nataly tell them to all stand up, but she didn't object. Instead, she rose and followed after the headwoman like a good little candidate, listening carefully to every word spoken as they stood outside the hatching grounds.

When the question was asked, Artemis raised her hand. "When we step onto the sands, the very first thing we should do is bow to the queen and her rider, showing them our respect and letting her decide if we are worthy enough for one of her hatchlings," she responded confidently. She paused, listening to the rest of Nataly's speach before speaking up once more. "She will be protective of the eggs and the hatchlings that come from them. This will cause her to scruitinize us all the more, making certain that we are worthy of the hatchlings that are to join us."

3 Re: Candidate Lesson #4 on Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:19 am


Apollo was the second into the classroom, as per usual, and that also meant that he was right behind his sister as they walked towards the hatching grounds. Naturally, he didn't even think about the idea of being the first to answer Nataly's question when she requested that one of them ask a question. By this point, his brown flit was sitting on his shoulder, it's tail coiled about his neck lightly.

When they were asked to make a comment about the queen's attitude prior to the hatching, he thought for a moment. "Won't she be thrumming with the rest of the dragons to let us know that the eggs are about to hatch? I imagine that would make her fairly happy," he commented with a shrug.

4 Re: Candidate Lesson #4 on Sun Feb 26, 2012 6:00 pm


Random Event Creator
Kerso arrived after Artemis and Apollo. Unusual? Nope, not at all. Being rousted out of his comfortable seat before the lesson had even started? Yep, that was out of the ordinary.

The most notable thing - to this narcissistic Candidate - was how uncomfortable the stone benches were. He kept shifting, unable to find a comfortable position on them. He was only halfway paying attention to what everyone else was saying. Despite the discomfort, he couldn't take his eyes off the eggs down below. It wasn't until a few minutes after the question was asked that he realized he was supposed to answer a question. Of course, he hadn't heard the question, or either of the other answers.

He stared blankly at the Headwoman, unable to formulate an answer to a question he hadn't listened to. "Um..." he trailed off.
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5 Re: Candidate Lesson #4 on Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:58 pm


Katarina trailed in just a little bit alter than her fellow candidates. She'd been helping V'tor bathe and oil his dragon and they had both lost track of time. At least when she arrived it didn't seem as if she was too late to things. They weren't in the middle of anything it seemed like and she was glad she'd made it more or less on time. And no sooner had she slipped into a seat near Apollo, the Headwoman was ordering them to their feet marching them down into the stands where they could look out over the eggs and the Gold dragon curled up nearby.

She took a moment to admire the eggs and their dam for what they were and it wasn't until Kerso's less than eloquent answer that she really registered that a question had been asked. But at least she thought of something more to say than 'um...' "What they said." She stated, indicating Artemis and Apollo. She seriously doubted that her answer would be acceptable but maybe she could use the excuse that the others had been there longer and she didn't yet know as much as they did. Maybe it would work, maybe it wouldn't. But really, she didn't much care. She had no real interest in becoming a dragonrider. She was only there because her parents had been so excited to hear that the search dragon had taken an interest in her she didn't want to disappoint them by telling them she didn't want to go.

6 Re: Candidate Lesson #4 on Sat Mar 03, 2012 9:39 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
The Headwoman frowned at Kerso and Katarina. This batch of Candidates really was quite the handful. "Stop daydreaming and pay attention," she scolded.

"Yes, Artemis, you're correct on all counts. Apollo is also correct - a Hatching is a joyous time. The queen will be very agitated for a number of reasons; as you'll learn, any powerful emotion tends to upset dragons. Her rider's emotions - stress over the upcoming Hatching and associated Gather, anxiety over the contents of the eggs, all of those will pile on the gold despite her rider's best efforts. She's also going to be very hungry and sore. Her mate has been bringing her food, but dragons prefer to hunt for themselves, and she hasn't taken all four feet off the ground for three months. Even the smallest step out of line will make her snap at you. And by her, I mean either the clutchmother or her rider." She smiled a little wryly.

"Likewise, the clutchfather is similarly tense. However, he's usually a little less of a bundle of nerves than his mate is, except on those occasions when his rider's child is standing for the clutch. Fortunately, that won't be a problem this time."

She paused to make sure the Candidates were paying attention this time before she asked her next question, and brought any wandering gazes back by snapping out the individual's name. "What are some important things to watch for - or watch out for - with the hatchlings when they first hatch?"
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7 Re: Candidate Lesson #4 on Mon Mar 05, 2012 3:40 am


Artemis glanced towards the others as they gave their responses, or lack there of, before returning her attention to the headwoman and listening to the rest of what she had to say. When she was finished with her speech about the parents of a clutch and their general behavior... or rather their general emotions (as well as that of their riders), Artemis was quick to listen for the next question.

"It is important to make certain that we are, in no way, impeding the hatchling's most direct path between ourselves and their chosen rider," she offered up, "Doing so could result in things as minor as a few cuts and scrapes, or as major as death."

8 Re: Candidate Lesson #4 on Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:53 am


Apollo listened carefully to the lack of answers that were given by the other two. He wasn't certain if it was because he and his sister had given their answers... or if the other two had simply not been paying attention. Either way, the lad ignored that part. Instead, he focused on what else the headwoman had to say. Listening until she asked them the next question, and even pausing long enough for his twin to answer.

"It is important to watch out for any signs of distress... in case the hatchling injures itself in the process of escaping the egg," he added on to what his sister said. Although, he wasn't certain how correct that answer was.

9 Re: Candidate Lesson #4 on Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:00 pm


Kat gave the Headwoman a frown when she snapped but said nothing. She had been ignoring the lesson though not entirely intentionally. So therefore she deserved being snapped at. She focused on what the Headwoman had to say and wondered who would be stupid enough to get close enough to the Gold queen or her rider to allow them to snap but then shifted her gaze ever so slightly toward Kerso. He seemed the type to do something dumb like that.

She brought her gaze back to the Headwoman before she could be snapped at and pondered her question as Artemis and Apollo answered the question themselves. "As they said, you watch to make sure you aren't between a newly hatched dragon and its chosento ensure you or the hatchling are not injured. You should also watch your fellow candidates for signs of fatigue or over heating in case they should be ill or pass out so that you can, if need be, signal a healer to come to their aid or move out of the way in the event that something goes wrong." She wasn't sure if her answer was entirely correct but it made sense to her and, even if she was wrong, it was something she would do anyway. As with runnerbeast racing you always kept an eye on your fellow racers and their beasts to avoid injury or illness being spread. It was just a sensible thing to do.

However, since her answer didn't actually involve hatchlings, she added a bit to her words. "While paying attention to your fellow candidates is a nice gesture, the hatclings are who you should be paying the closest attention to. If a hatchling is heading toward you you should watch for signs indicating impression to yourself. If you don't see or feel this it would be wise to move aside and let the dragon go where it will to avoid injury. If you do, you should be aware of how close the hatchling is getting so that, if they are clumsy and trip, you can move to avoid injury to yourself and aid your dragon in getting his or her feet back under him or her and get them to the sides where we can feed and wash them." Satisfied with her answer, she fell silent and waited for Kerso to answer.

10 Re: Candidate Lesson #4 on Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:42 pm


Random Event Creator
Kerso was also on the list of those who got short shrift for not paying attention again the second time. Although he hadn't been watching, he'd been listening a little more closely.

"Well, you should watch for any conflict between the hatchlings. If two hatchlings seem more prone to fight with each other, their riders should try to keep them separated. And if any hatchlings look like they're going to start fighting, we should move back and farther apart so that maybe they'll separate to find their rider," he suggested. He was actually completely clueless as to whether that was accurate - he didn't even know if hatchlings fight when they hatch.
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