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1 A Little Dragon Told me.... on Wed Feb 22, 2012 3:01 pm


About: Silvara and Valyria
Primary Location: Weyrling Academy
Rumor Starters: Bluerider A'dam, Blue Dranith, Blue Warrelith

Bluerider Silvara of Snowy Hold has a crush on Weyrlingmaster Valyria (and has for awhile).

A'dam, during a brief visit to the Weyrling Academy to visit with H'lee and share some news, had also heard a bit of interesting gossip from the Blue Warrelith. After a bit of plotting between A'dam, his own Blue and Blue Warrelith, it was decided that A'dam would do a bit of talking with other riders and weyrlings and the pair of dragons would talk with the other dragons in the hopes that word would eventually get back to the ones involved. So, during lunch, the Bluerider had inserted himself into a group of older weyrlings and during the course of conversation the subject of crushes and relationships had come up.

"So I heard a juicy bit of gossip I bet none of you have even heard yet." That, of course, got the attention of the entire group and A'dam paused for dramatic effect. "Rumor has it that Bluerider Silvara has THE biggest crush on one of the Weyrlingmasters...." Of course, any further questions were given only vague answers and he refused to reveal if he knew who it was and where he'd heard the information. He liked his secrets after all.

2 Re: A Little Dragon Told me.... on Wed Feb 22, 2012 8:43 pm


Gold Weyrling
Alyena was on Errand duty starting immediately after lunch. She'd developed a pattern, starting in the kitchens and working her way around through all of the Craft buildings, checking with the folk there to see if anyone had errands needing run. Besides, keeping moving was much better this time of year than sitting in one place and waiting for someone to ask for you.

When she arrived in the kitchens on her second pass, about thirty minutes after lunch ended, she passed a group of staff huddling and whispering together. One of them, a 3rd-level, waved her over.

"I shouldn't be corrupting you with this, but it's so intriguing! I hear one of the Weyrlingmasters has this HUGE crush on some bluerider from Snowy Hold. Which Weyrlingmaster do you think it is? And which bluerider, for that matter?"

Alyena had taken the moment to take a swig of water from her canteen and she sputtered over it. "What?!" she coughed. She speculated for a moment and felt Hetty stirring sleepily in the back of her mind. "Well, I don't think it's H'lee. He's too lascivious to settle down with one person. Sometimes, having eight Weyrlingmasters makes it hard to guess!"

Finding that no one had any errands this check-in either, she parted company with the staff and headed for her next stop, mulling over the rumor as she went. Hetty was fully awake by this time and was joining in the mulling and the speculating.
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3 Re: A Little Dragon Told me.... on Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:34 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
It was about halfway between lunch and dinner by the time H'lee made it back into the main buildings - he'd been working with the Benden weyrlings on their riding straps. Most of them had their straps down, but there were a few who were still working on them, and a couple who hadn't planned for enough dragon growth and their dragons had outgrown their completed straps before getting to use them.

As H'lee and Seeth coasted back to their weyr for an hour of rest before he started training one of the new dragonhealers, they noticed Rilath on their ledge. Looks like T'lon's waiting for me, eh?

When they landed and H'lee went inside, he found the mason working on the expansion H'lee had decided he wanted. "Bored?" H'lee laughed.

"Actually, not really. But I heard this incredibly juicy rumor and wondered if you'd heard it."

"Oh, T'lon, you know better than to believe rumors!" he continued laughing. "But come, tell me what it is." H'lee reached into a corner and pulled out a skin and a couple of glasses. "Wine?"

"Definitely. So, I heard from one of the senior weyrlings that there's a liaison between one of the Weyrlingmasters and a blue rider from Snowy Hold. Your friend A'dam's been spending a lot of time here - I'm thinking Valyria is a likely Candidate, since I know you and I aren't into that sort of thing."

H'lee nearly busted a gut he was laughing so hard. "Seriously?" He kept chuckling for a bit longer. "Isn't there another blue at Snowy anyway?"
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4 Re: A Little Dragon Told me.... on Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:45 am


Aqayla, one of the twelve-month weyrlings, hadn’t been with the group that A’dam had told initially. Instead, she had been with a group of other friends when someone told her about this juicy little piece of gossip. Instantly she looked at her friends before grinning, they had already known she was going to the Hold… now she had some fun news to share while there. Perhaps they would be able to figure out who the bluerider there was, and which weyrling master it was that liked him… or her. Thus, she hurried to her dragon, explaining everything to the green as she mounted up and headed for the hold.
When they arrived, she ran into a group of her friends down by the docks. Amongst them was a journeyman fisherman and she waved him over, letting everyone know she had a juicy piece of information. “So, I just heard at the academy that the weyrling master is sleeping with a bluerider from here,” she told them, grinning as her and her friends then walked away from a stunned Roderick.


The man couldn’t think of any blueriders aside from Erin, and by this point he knew full well of his niece’s relationship with the man. However, he couldn’t bring himself to go to his niece without first learning whether or not he needed to kill the bluerider. Thus, off the fisherman went to find (and possibly kill) A’dam in the hopes of learning just how true this rumor is.

5 Re: A Little Dragon Told me.... on Sun Feb 26, 2012 11:51 pm


When A'dam arrived back at Snowy he was largely oblivious to the path the rumor he'd started had taken. So when he was told Roderick was looking for him he thought nothing of it (though he had noticed a few glances being tossed his way which was somewhat unusual). Even so, he had no reason to suspect anything out of the ordinary as he headed for the docks to try and find Erin's uncle. When he did spot the fisherman, Roderick didn't seem pleased and A'dam had to wonder if he had somehow done something to upset the man. After hailing the fisherman and catching up to him, A'dam gave him a polite nod and a curious look. "I heard you were looking for me. Is something the matter?" He questioned, not aware that he was what was the matter with Roderick, or rather the rumor going around about him that he was, as yet, unaware of.

6 Re: A Little Dragon Told me.... on Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:09 am


Roderick had been working on repairing one of his nets by the time A'dam showed up. He had hoped that word of mouth would reach his niece's weyrmate and get him to come looking, after all it was so much easier for a rider to find a fisherman. Thus, as the younger man approached him, he continued his task and glanced up only momentarily. "What is this rumor that I have been hearing? Something about a bluerider sleeping with the weyrling master? Is there something you need to tell me, boy?" he asked, with a tone that clearly stated he was unimpressed with the thought of A'dam cheating on his niece.

7 Re: A Little Dragon Told me.... on Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:19 am


A rumor? A'dam's brow furrowed as Roderick explained what was going on and immediately went on the defensive. Somehow, whatever rumor Roderick had heard had upset him greatly. And somehow the rumor was connected to him. It took a few minutes for the implications to fall into place and A'dam suddenly wanted to do nothing more than sit down and have a strong glass of alcohol. "By the first egg how did things get twisted that much?" He asked himself, trying to think of some way to explain things that would appease the fisherman. Seeming to suddenly realize he wasn't answering the questions he gave Erin's uncle a helpless sort of look. "I swear on my dragon's egg there is absolutely nothing between me and anyone but Erin. First off, if I heard you correctly, you said the weyrlingmaster right? That'd be H'lee. I'd no more be able to get him into bed than I would you, even if I had any inclination to do so. Which brings me to my second point, H'lee is my mentor and a very good friend and nothing more. I've no interests in him as anything more than that. I have no idea what you heard or from whom but I can assure you it'll get sorted as soon as possible." And, almost a bit belatedly, he wondered if Erin had heard the rumor and what she would think. He'd talked enough about H'lee that she'd know they were friends and that was that. But would she believe the rumor anyway? He couldn't remember if he'd specifically said H'lee wasn't interested in men or not.

And that left him to wonder....could he find Erin and warn her before she heard the rumor or was he already too late?

8 Re: A Little Dragon Told me.... on Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:29 am


Roderick watched the boy, waiting patiently for him to explain exactly what was going on. Although he frowned slightly as he heard the explanation. However, the man didn't respond right away, instead he sat there and processed what he was told. His eyes focused on the work in his lap before he finally set it down in his lap and looked at A'dam.

"Some kid from the academy came here and announced it earlier... Although, I'd hope that Erin doesn't hear that rumor... although she might know more about this H'lee character than I would. I don't think I've been to that academy once, and I certainly haven't talked to any of the Weyrling Masters there," he shook his head, "But alright, I accept the explanation and sorry about the accusations. A man hears a rumor like that about someone their niece is with, and well, they have to learn the facts."


Erin was at her classes, and the rumor had most certainly reached the class. In fact, Erin was just walking over to a group of her classmates as they started talking about the juicy rumor that had begun to circulate the academy and the hold.

"Did you hear? BlueRider A'dam and WeyrlingMaster H'lee are sleeping together?" one of them commented.

Erin didn't react right away when she was told, in fact, she stood there for a few moments just blinking at them as she processed the information. H'lee... and A'dam... sleeping together... Then she thought about the times when H'lee had flirted with her in the past, and the times when A'dam had mentioned random things about his relationship with the weyrling master. A second later, she busted up laughing... HARD.... like, rolling on the floor laughing. She couldn't possibly picture her mate with the weyrling master. Sure, she knew that A'dam might swing in either direction depending on his choice, but she also knew that H'lee didn't. H'lee was women all the way, and that meant that the rumor was extremely far from being true.

9 Re: A Little Dragon Told me.... on Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:01 am


While Roderick was silent, A'dam's mind was racing, trying to think of some way to lay this rumor to rest sooner rather than later. When the fisherman did speak up again he frowned and nodded. "I was just thinking about that. We've spoken of H'lee a couple times and he was her Weyrlingmaster up until recently. She'd know him well enough to know his interests lie in women only. But...I don't know. If she hears the rumor would she believe it anyway? It wouldn't be the first time some Brown or Brozne rider ended up sleeping with a man though that's usually only the result of Green flights." He sighed and ran a hand through his hair looking a little worried. "There's no need to apologize. I'd do the same if I were in your position. I should actually thank you for letting me know. I had no idea this rumor had twisted this much. The rumor I;d heard before leaving the Academy to go visit my parents was the Bluerider Silvara had a crush on one of the weyrlingmasters." No sense in admitting he'd been one of the ones to start that rumor. That just seemed like a bad idea and would only get him a 'you deserve this' response for his troubles. "I apologize for rushing off but I'd like to try and get a hold of Erin before this rumor does." He said, bidding the fisherman farewell and heading off in search of his mate.

A'dam had been unsuccessful in tracking down his mate as she left her healer classes. And not having any idea where she might go afterward, he'd opted to head for home and hope for the best. On the way, he'd picked up some small trinket or another partly because it had caught his eye and partly because if Erin had heard the rumor and somehow thought it was true, he could offer it to her as a sort of apology gift. She wasn't at home when he got there and he knew the kids would be at their Harper lessons for a bit yet so all he could do was wait and hope for the best.

10 Re: A Little Dragon Told me.... on Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:36 am


After her fun-filled reaction to the rumor, Erin had been left with absolutely no other choice than to explain -why- the rumor was so amusing to her. When she had finally finished the explanation, the others understood how she had found the rumor to be so funny... sort of. In the end, the greenrider had chalked it up to something that would only be funny to someone who knew both men as well as she did... or better. Thus, the rest of class went without a hitch.

Naturally, that was until one of the girls had come up to her and claimed that she needed to talk to someone. Clearly she was in denial. Erin frowned at the girl and told her she really did have to get going, if only because she wanted to make certain she was home when the kids got back from their harper lessons. With that in mind, she left the hall and hurried back home, debating on something fun and evil along the way.

When she reached the house, she had already come up with her answer. She would play a little trick on A'dam, in part because she was almost positive that he had started a different rumor and it had just gotten that twisted. She didn't know why she felt this, but she just had an inkling that it was something else gone horribly awry. Thus she walked inside and looked around to see if he was home, giving him her best fake glare she could muster up. She even attempted to put malice into it, although she wasn't certain how much appeared. "What's this I hear about you sleeping with someone else?" she asked him, trying to make it sound like she was upset... and fighting really hard not to bust up laughing again at the thought of H'lee and A'dam doing anything together in a bed, even normal sleeping!

However, unbeknownst to either of them, the kids had arrived from their harper lessons shortly before. However, they didn't fully come into view of the riders as apparently Erin's acting was good enough to convince Saelit that something serious was going on. Thus, the young boy had grabbed his sister, placing his hand over her mouth to keep her from alerting the adults to their presence. Did Erin just say that A'dam was cheating on her? Saelit frowned, Erin was most of the reason that he and his sister had a home. It had been her that had convinced A'dam to take them in... and the boy had chosen to be loyal to her to some degree... even if he was still rather quiet and refused to think of them as his parents. Instead they were just people looking after them when they had no one else.

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