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1 Candidate Lesson #5 on Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:24 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Again this week, Headwoman Nataly shepherded the Candidates out to the Stands to review the fifth lesson: what the Candidates needed to do during the Hatching, what to do if they Impressed, and so on. This time, she brought them down a couple levels on the stairs, closer to the eggs and the queen mother. They had a surprise lecturer: Weyrlingmaster H'lee.

H'lee described how they would string out on the Sands in an arc around the eggs, keeping a safe distance from the eggs and a safe distance from each other. "The hatchlings are clumsy when they break free of their eggs. Ever crack open a chicken egg? The clear liquid provides nutrients to the chick, same concept in a dragon egg. So most of it's gone when they hatch, but there's still some moisture. It can cause the eggshell to stick to them, which can interfere with their ability to move."

He also explained that there would be adult riders on the sidelines ready to give them a hand off the Sands. "I can't stress enough that you need to wait for the hatchling to come to you. Even if you can feel the Impression bond forming, DO NOT go to him or her. Doing so could inadvertently place you between another hatchling and Candidate. Hatchlings are thinking about two things when they break those eggshells open: find their lifemate and finding food. Getting between either of those can get you trampled, injured, or even killed.

"I'll be waiting with senior weyrlings in the Bowl. We'll have meat for the hungry hatchlings, pails of water and brushes so you can scrub them clean, and a pail of water for them to drink. New weyrlings also be given their first lesson in oiling their dragons after washing them.

"A senior weyrling will escort the newly-Impressed to the barracks. They're not unlike the Candidate bunkrooms you've been living in, but they're larger, with couches for the hatchling. They're first-come, first-served; the Headwoman will show them to you after the lesson and you'll be allowed to go back to them whenever. I recommend you pick one out before the Hatching so you know exactly where you're going if you Impress. We don't need unnecessary drama between you after Impressing."

Then H'lee smiled. "Oh, and speaking of moving, you should pack some cold weather gear. Check with the Storesmaster if you don't have any, although this being Fort Weyr, you sure ought to! After breakfast in the morning, assemble out in the Bowl; we have a surprise for you."

With that, Headwoman Nataly took over and led the Candidates down to the Weyrling Barracks, which was almost all the way across the Bowl from the Hatching Grounds. There were two barracks, a larger one for the male weyrlings and a smaller for the females. She explained that this was because greens would Impress to males or females and they usually ended up with more male weyrlings than females. "Since we started using the Academies, we were able to make these larger. We used to have to house up to 40 weyrlings at a time, now we're usually only looking at ten or a dozen, so we took out some of the walls and couches and doubled the original size of each barrack. There are fifteen available barracks in the boys' barracks and seven in the girls'. Please pick one out and give me a number; they're numbered from west to east (left to right).

"Oh, and don't forget to report to the Bowl after breakfast in the morning!"

Example weyrling barrack:

|-----*-- |
|b[] ~ c |
|e ~ o |
|d ~ u |
|() ~ c |
| ____ ~ h |
|{}|desk|~ |
|-----*-- |

* - glowbasket
() - chest
[] - nightstand
{} - armoire
~ - curtain
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2 Re: Candidate Lesson #5 on Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:59 pm


Artemis, yet again, was the first to arrive at the lesson. She was still convinced that it was her duty to provide a good example as the daughter of Ruatha's Lord holder. Thus, the young woman appeared early once more and followed the headwoman down to meet the weyrling master as it was time to do so. Patiently she listened to the entire spiel, surprised that there were no questions for her to answer. Perhaps even a little disappointed. Although, there was at least one question! She would get to choose a bunk once they were done with everything.

When H'lee left them and they went to the weyrling barracks, Artemis peeked her head inside the girl's room and glanced around to see what they were like. Each one was rather nice, and she wondered what it would be like to be impressed to a dragon. When they finally were given leave to check out each barracks and then speak to Nataly with their choice, Artemis went about looking at each one. Finally she returned and requested Bunk 1 in the girl's barracks.

3 Re: Candidate Lesson #5 on Sun Feb 26, 2012 9:52 pm


Fay had arrived almost late she was flush from running through the halls, having forgotten how to get there. She was stooped over as the lesson proceeded and looked over at Artemis. That girl was such a sharding know it all, it was so..Boring. Having finally caught her breath and regained her composure she was surprised at how the procedure for the hatching.

The tour of the Weyring barracks was boring and she actually missed part of it lost in la la land. However at the point of being released she looked around each one and say Art had claimed bunk 1, so she happily took Bunk 2.

4 Re: Candidate Lesson #5 on Sun Feb 26, 2012 11:21 pm


The girls, it seemed, were all to arrive before either of the boys had which was fine by Kat. She got on well enough with her two bunkmates and kept her distance from the boys. Mostly because she severely disliked Kerso and his attitude though she had no real issue with Apollo. She settled into her chair to await the start of the lesson and was not terribly surprised when the Headwoman took them down to the stands again though they were closer to the sands this time and someone unexpected was waiting for them.

Kat watched H'lee with mild interest. He was fairly good looking for an older man but that was not why she watched him. He enigma. Aside from meeting with him for that interview she never saw him around and it wasn't as if he'd shared anything about himself during their meeting. Not that she cared much but it would be nice to know a bit more about the man before she was cast into his care if she happened to impress a dragon.

But, as it was, she merely listened as he spoke and took in the information offered. Basically all they had to do was stay put until the dragon came to them then get the shards out of the way. Sounded simple enough. It was the promise of a surprise that had her interest but, being a surprise, they didn't tell them what it was. Just that they needed to assemble in the bowl after breakfast. Curiosity piqued, she couldn't help but shoot a glance at H'lee before they were herded out to check out the barracks. "Is this surprise something we have to participate in? Or can we opt not to if we'd rather not?" Though somehow she doubted she'd decide not to participate it was worth asking the question, just in case.

As the other girls checked the barracks, she only poked his head into one and waited until the others chose before deciding on one for herself, choosing Barrack #7 so she'd only have to deal with one neighbor if any other girls arrived and impressed.

5 Re: Candidate Lesson #5 on Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:19 am


Apollo, seeing as he was just coming from his craft lessons, ended up being slightly later than usual. Of course, he attributed this to the fact that he and Kerso had not been released until just before the lesson started and they had been given plenty of samples to taste for various liquors. However, he silently arrived and followed everyone from the back of the "class", trying to not let the headwoman know that his breath smelled like alcohol. It wasn't his fault!

When given the chance to, he stepped into the boy's barracks and looked at the various bunks available. He didn't want one on the end, that was just plain boring. "I'll take bed number 5," he stated easily, although he hoped that he wasn't so close that the woman would catch the smell of alcohol on his breath. It might not have been much, but it was certainly there.

6 Re: Candidate Lesson #5 on Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:21 pm


Random Event Creator
Kerso had arrived with Apollo and had to force himself not to look at the other boy or he'd start laughing. The lesson they'd just come from had been fun, and admittedly, they probably both had a slight buzz. Neither of them had thought to protest the lesson, to point out that they were only allowed alcohol at supper. Besides, Kerso really enjoyed these lessons; maybe, just maybe he'd finally found himself a craft he could throw himself into wholeheartedly.

He couldn't help it: When H'lee mentioned the eggshells sticking to the hatchling dragons, he burst out in a fit of giggles, picturing a dragon with bits of shell clinging to its face (he'd never seen a baby dragon, just the adults, so it was a little disproportionate, which made it all the funnier). He shoved an elbow at Apollo's ribs in an attempt to share the mental image with the other boy.

Then the surprise was mentioned. Cold weather gear? Wonder what kind of surprise we'd need cold weather gear for... However, surprises were fun and exciting. He couldn't BELIEVE that one girl, Cath or something, was complaining about it.

When they were shown the barracks, Kerso immediately claimed barrack #1 in the boys' barracks without so much as looking at it. It was at the end where he could have some privacy. Besides, a bronze weyrling should get number one of everything, right?
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7 Re: Candidate Lesson #5 on Sat Mar 10, 2012 6:09 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
H'lee scowled at the two boys who'd arrived almost late when the annoying one, Kerso, burst out laughing at the mention of eggshells sticking to the hatchlings. While it was an amusing site, the animation of the young man was unusual. And the other one, Apollo looked awkward and maybe a little guilty. He made a note to get closer to them later and see if he could figure out what was going on - some sort of prank, no doubt.

He focused on Katarina, "Well, you're certainly not obligated to go. If you'd rather stay here and do..." he paused to look at the Headwoman who muttered something with an amused look on her face, "laundry, that's your choice. Just don't complain that you're being put upon afterward."

Afterwards, as Nataly was showing the Candidates the weyrling barracks, H'lee conspired to get closer to Kerso and Apollo. In fact, he got close enough to the former to smell the alcohol on his breath. After they'd all picked barracks, he signaled to the Headwoman and summoned the pair of boys over to him.

"You two are banned from Standing for the Hatching," he stated icily. "You know the rules: you are only allowed one mug of an alcoholic beverage with supper. You've been dipping into someone's stores when you're supposed to be at your Crafting lessons!"

The Headwoman turned her own wrath on. "Well?! What do you have to say for yourselves? I'm going to have to talk to your lessons supervisor and find out why he hasn't reported your truancy to me before now! Or was today the first day you decided to skip lessons?"
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8 Re: Candidate Lesson #5 on Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:48 am


Apollo had done his best to try and hide the fact that he'd been drinking. It wasn't his fault, after all, the lesson supervisor had told him to do so. It was all a part of the craft! Of course... then he was waved over by the weyrling master, and thus, the boy slunk over to H'lee and Nataly. At the scolding, his eyes went wide and his mouth dropped.

"But we were at lessons! He had given us sips of different alcohols!!" he protested, looking back and forth. He had been trying his best to do his duty, and if he was sent back to the hold because he was banned from standing... his father would not be impressed with him.

9 Re: Candidate Lesson #5 on Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:42 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Okay, since I'm running Kerso, I'm just going to switch to posting him on this account...besides, the site looks just terrible in IE6.

Kerso squealed when he was told he wouldn't be allowed to stand. "What?! But we didn't do anything wrong! Not intentionally, anyway!"

He sputtered a bit, panicking. "We were at lessons, it was a taste test. Master Ioldon was judging our ability to identify a handful of different cordials!"

H'lee & Nataly
The two adults scowled at the youngsters. Then the Headwoman sighed. "I didn't realize Master Dukat had assigned you to Master Ioldon. If I'd known that... Ah, well. I'll have a talk with him. H'lee, let them alone, it's not their fault. Let them stand. Boys, I'll give you a choice: You can continue the taste tests with Master Ioldon and not have a drink at supper, or you can not do the taste tests with Master Ioldon and keep having your drink at supper."
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