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1 The spirits of crafting {Apollo} on Thu Mar 01, 2012 7:47 pm


Random Event Creator
Having been switched from smithing to brewing as a Craft two fortnights ago, Kerso thought he might actually have found something he could enjoy. The whole growing fruits and plants for brewing was a little too much like farming for his tastes but, well, tasting the alcohol was entirely too awesome not to enjoy. And, he was finding, unlike farming where he really didn't get to see or enjoy the fruits of his labor (so to speak), with vintnering, there was a direct line from planting to harvesting to finished product.

Even better: Apollo had been assigned to the same Craft lessons. Although Kerso had felt a little standoffish at first, jealous of this other boy who'd had since birth what Kerso thought he deserved, his sister Artemis had thawed his attitude and he'd become, perhaps not friends exactly, but certainly buddies with the young Lord Holder's heir.

Since he was only "trying it out," he'd been given a crash course in brewing his first week, learning a little about everything from what kinds of fruits, grains, and other plants were used and where they grew to what kind of alcohols could be produced to how they went from fresh vegetation out of the fields or greenhouses to bottles, kegs, and skins in the storage caverns. However, now that he was starting to be more serious about it, he'd started taking the regular Apprentice lessons.

Today's lesson was a general overview of the different brandies and cordials that are the primary alcoholic beverages Fort Weyr and its beholden Holds produced. Master Ioldon had laid out several different fruits, two slices of each and described the qualities each type of fruit produced in their associated brandy or cordial. Then he produced a tray with a dozen small glasses and two large glasses; he poured six types of liqueur, each filling two of the glasses. Then he set the large glasses - filled with crystal cold water - in front of Apollo and Kerso and blindfolded them. They could hear him set one pair of the small glasses in front of them; then he instructed them to take a drink of the water and swirl it around their mouths and spit it out on the ground, then drink the liqueur in the small glasses and try to name which drink came from which of the six fruits they'd reviewed.

Drink #1: very acidic with a citrus flavor.

Kerso fumbled slightly with the glass of water, swirled the water around and almost swallowed it before he remembered they were supposed to spit it out. "" he asked. It sort of reminded him of the oranges his father's neighbor had grown, although this had other flavors, too.

Fruits and Qualities
Apples - sweet but acidic, usually produces a brown liqueur
Pear - brisk, slightly tart flavor, often produces a nearly-clear or slightly brown liqueur
Blackberry - strong, rich fruity flavor, produces a dark red or purple, almost black liqueur
Peach - thickly sweet, usually produces a golden-yellow liqueur
Mango - lightly sweet with a citrusy bite, produces a golden-yellow liqueur
Oranges - sharp and acidic, strongly citrusy, produces a semi-opaque orange liqueur
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2 Re: The spirits of crafting {Apollo} on Fri Mar 02, 2012 2:13 pm


Apollo hadn't really cared for the water gardening thing, it had just been rather weird. In fact, it made playing in the water too much like work. He didn't like that. Water was meant to be -fun- and thus, he had chosen a different course. Now, he was assigned to vintner crafting and that was MUCH more fun. To make it even more amusing, he had Kerso with him. He wasn't 100% certain of what he thought about the other boy, but he certainly didn't hate the guy.

He picked up the glass of water after he was told to, taking a swig of it and swirling it around in his mouth for a few seconds before he spit it out. Once done, he took a drink of the alcohol and swirled that in his mouth before swallowing it. Once done, he nodded his head. "I agree with Kerso. I think it's orange" he answered as well, leaving his blindfold on for the time being.

3 Re: The spirits of crafting {Apollo} on Sat Mar 03, 2012 9:34 am


Random Event Creator
There was a pause and the boys could hear some scratching like the Master was writing something down. "Alright, take another swig of water, swish it around and spit it out. You might need to do it twice, make sure you get completely rid of the taste in your mouth right now." After they'd done so, he handed them another shot glass and instructed them to taste it.

Drink #2: very sweet with a summery, tangy kick.

Kerso fidgetted while he waited for their next instructions. He swished a couple of times and spat the water out as instructed, then sipped the drink he was given rather than dashing it down like last time. "I'm going to say..." he paused and took another sip and rolled it around in his mouth. "Mango."
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4 Re: The spirits of crafting {Apollo} on Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:50 am


Apollo listened carefully before picking up the glass of water once more. He rinsed his mouth out twice, just to be certain that he was clear of the taste from the previous liquor. Once certain, he drank the second one, letting it linger on his tongue a moment longer before swallowing. He wasn't certain, mango was supposed to be a lighter sweet taste, and this one was certainly more than lightly sweetened. However, it did have a bit of a tangy kick, which could suggest that it might be mango.

The boy debated this a slight bit longer before he paused. "I'm gonna go with peach on this one," he stated simply. It was his best guess.

5 Re: The spirits of crafting {Apollo} on Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:09 pm


Random Event Creator
More scratching... "Okay, repeat." He handed them the next glass.

Drink #3: syrupy, with a slightly tart bite

Kerso repeated his routine from the previous round: two swishes of water, then a slow, lingering slurp of the liqueur. This one was tough for him, he couldn't decide which it was. Finally, he answered, "I'm going to say this one's the peach."
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6 Re: The spirits of crafting {Apollo} on Thu Mar 08, 2012 7:37 am


As they were told to repeat the process again, Apollo picked up his glass of water and once more rinsed his mouth out twice. When certain he was clear of the previous taste, he poured the new alcohol into his mouth and swirled it around. The boy wasn't 100% certain which one it could be, but he did answer eventually, "I agree... I think it's peach," he finally put forth, unable to pin point any other fruit that would provide the tart taste that he detected.

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