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1 Candidate Lesson #6 on Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:39 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
In a routine that is becoming familiar, the Headwoman again ushered the Candidates off to the Stands. They were in the third tier up above the Sands themselves now, almost at eye level with the golden queen. And once again, H'lee was waiting for them to run the lesson.

"Well, some of you already know," he paused to acknowledge Apollo and any other Candidates who had firelizards or dragonets on their shoulders, "some of the exciting things that happen after you Impress. Would any of you like to share some of the things that happen in those first few days after the bond is formed?"

After answers were volunteered, he continued. "I and a couple of my Assistants will be remaining here with you for the first fortnight after you Impress, helping you through these days. After that, we'll all travel by foot to the Sea Hold and we'll board a ship bound for the Academy. You'll be doing physical and mental exercises and I'll be teaching you things about dragons in general. Starting in your third month of weyrlinghood, we'll start formation drills.

"Does anyone know at what age your dragon gets to start flying, or when you get to fly with your dragon for the first time? How about when you get to start using firestone or flamethrowers? At what age do you get to go between for the first time? And at what age will your dragon start participating in mating flights, either as a rising female or a chasing male?"

Only one answer per Candidate, please.
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2 Re: Candidate Lesson #6 on Mon Mar 05, 2012 3:56 am


As per usual, Artemis had managed to arrive early. She was patient, waiting for the others, and easily followed Nataly to go back to the hatching sands once everyone had arrived. Upon seeing the weyrling master, she instantly turned her attention to him. It was starting to become clear to her that whenever H'lee was around, there was a good chance that he would be leading things...

When the first question was asked, Artemis was remiss. She couldn't answer that question! Zeus had chosen to bond with her brother, not herself. However, that didn't stop her from paying attention to anything her twin had to say, as well as anyone else with a firelizard or dragonet, before turning her attention back to H'lee.

Despite her desire to answer all of the questions, she decided to only answer the first one. "Our dragons, should we impress, would get to fly by themselves around the 3 or 4 months of age. At this point they would not be big enough to carry us, or skilled enough at flying to make the trip safe. They will not carry us into their air until they are at least 5 or 6 months of age, when they have had plenty of practice flying, and are big enough to be able to support the weight of their bonded," she answered quickly.

3 Re: Candidate Lesson #6 on Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:15 am


Apollo arrived right behind his sister, feeling rather good. He thoroughly enjoyed his new craft working with the vintner. Of course, he also enjoyed the taste tests, despite the trouble they could get in for participating in such. Thus, he thought about this until they met up with H'lee. At the first question, and the pointed look at him, Apollo could feel the weight of his firelizard upon his shoulder. The small beast chirped at them, coiling his tail around the boy's neck loosely.

"Well, I'm not entirely certain I can describe it, sir. It's like.. I guess it would be similar to the idea of having a friend and knowing constantly when they need something. Or them knowing when something is bothering you before even you know it, and then taking that time to comfort you. Granted, all I usually get are quick images of food or me petting him, and the emotions he chooses to share with me. Although, I heard that what I have with Zeus is nothing compared to a rider and their dragon," he commented.

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4 Re: Candidate Lesson #6 on Tue Mar 06, 2012 12:28 pm


Fayble had arrived shortly after the wonder twins and sat beside Aretmis, she wasn't sure about how it would feel to be bonded to anything and chose to keep silent during the first question. She had yawned without meaning to and hope H'lee didn't notice it. Her eyes were on the queen for moment before she answered H'lee's question.

"Around the age of 8-12 months we are able to participate in mating flights, but that also will depend on the maturity of our dragon and if we're considered ready for it." She felt proud that she had actually remembered something she read and could recite it. Mind you it had taken her almost that entire night to read it since it just was a higher level of reading and had irritated her roommates with sounding out words to herself as she read.

5 Re: Candidate Lesson #6 on Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:35 pm


Random Event Creator
Kerso had been late in arriving because, after getting chewed out last time for having alcohol outside of supper, he didn't want to get caught again. So he'd swung by the kitchens and scarfed down a slice of bread and cheese on his way to the lesson. He thought it helped, anyway...

He felt a slight pang of jealousy, looking at Apollo with his brown firelizard sitting on his shoulder. He'd never had any opportunity to get a firelizard or fire'net egg.

Artemis stole the answer he was going to give, and then Fayble jumped in on the next one he knew. He had to think about the others for a moment. "The first trip between would be around 8 months, isn't it?"
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6 Re: Candidate Lesson #6 on Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:49 pm


Kat wasn't at all surprised when they were led out of the conference room and down to the sands. She took her usual place, slightly away from the others and took her customary glance of the queen and her eggs before focusing on H'lee as he spoke up. She spared the couple of people with firelizards on their shoulders a look when they were indicated and frowned a little. She'd never been fortunate enough to obtain a firelizard egg and had to admit (silently, of course) that she was a little jealous. She, like a couple others, opted to remain silent when the question was posed and merely shrugged. No firelizard here, therefore no requirement to answer.

Unlike the others, however, she had a question to return to H'lee. "Will we meet these Assistants of yours before hatch day? It only seems fair that we have a chance to get to know those that will be watching over our shoulders before we have to deal with them every day." She had to wonder if any of them were younger and better looking than H'lee. It'd be nice to have someone nice to look at while she was in weyrling training. Of course, none of it would matter if she didn't impress. But she still had to ask because until the last dragonling had walked off the sands there was a chance she might.

The next series of questions was one she had to think about for a moment and by the time she'd dredged up the answers that V'tor had provided her in one of their talks, there was only one left and she supplied the answer she'd been given. "Our dragons begin chewing firestone between 7 and 8 months of age. Though I have to ask, with no Thread to fight why have them learn to chew at all?" She was confident in her answer, she'd been curious enough to inquire, at length, what to expect during candidacy and weyrling training. He'd been only too happy to oblige and answer all her questions while they'd worked on grooming Wind, whom had surprised Kat by taking a liking to the Bluerider. It put her mind at ease because he'd offered to help her take care of him while she was at the weyr and even on to after she'd moved to the Academy if she chose to leave him there. He had explained that she wouldn't have much time to tend to him if she did impress. She wasn't sure yet what she'd do if she impressed but it was something to think about.

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