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1 Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:16 pm



Sakura stood at the ledge to the weyr that she and Dertray had shared, having never actually moved out of it after the loss of his dragon. Their things were packed and mostly loaded onto various dragons... or at least what they were taking with them. Earlier, they had found some land that they liked and commissioned someone to build them a decent sized house so that they could house any of their children or grandchildren that they chose. Her eyes misted over as she looked over the weyr once more. She had grown up at the weyr and had plenty of memories there. Plus, her daughter had only recently given birth to three babies. The poor girl was exhausted, Sakura knew, but they had to move. They had made the arrangements at the inn already, and they had to be there or it would cost them more money... and possibly their room.

T'nalon was standing outside, next to his brown. The young man was waiting for his mother to hurry up, although he knew that a few other family members would be helping. The only one NOT on the list, due to already having helped Secat, was T'an.

2 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:24 pm


Dertray was checking through the various areas of the weyr, it had been so long that the two had lived there that he was triple checking to make sure everything was packed safely. Not for his sake, but for Sakura's. He looked at the sentimental Sakura and grabbing a forgotten shirt hugged his mate from behind tightly.

"Don't look so sad, we'll be able to visit the babies anytime you want. But the kids are right, we need to enjoy what we can of this retirement. If...if they were here they'd not want us to be upset." He was of course, mentioning their dragons who had previously passed away before what felt like their time. The past few turns hadn't been easy on the man and his skin and eyes showed it.

"Plus, I have a spot at the smithy in Snowy Hold love. I'll be making you some of the furniture you were wanting." He promised softly. His brother, D'rk, was standing beside his nephew Pnnith was loaded down with an assortment of items impatiently waiting their leave.

3 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:30 pm


Sakura closed her eyes as she felt Dertray's arms wrap around her from behind. Regardless of whether or not the retirement AWAY from the weyr was needed... she was still sad to say goodbye to her home. However, she had gotten his innuendo to their dragons, and she turned to kiss him lightly. "No, they wouldn't," she agreed.

At that moment, their baby that was to follow them appeared and chirped for them to hurry up. The little gold firelizard landed on Dertray's shoulder, coiling her tail around his neck, careful not to choke him. Clearly, the little creature was quite impatient for them to get moving. She wanted to inspect her new home!

Sakura couldn't stop the chuckle that left her at the firelizard's impatience. "I suppose Night is ready to go," she commented, knowing that they had to get going. They'd already said their good byes to Daria and the newborns, knowing that Ria would be far too tired to send them off.

Nalon glanced at the bronzerider, "Hey, Uncle, are you going to join them at the hold?" he asked randomly. He had been thinking about it for a while now, especially with the talk of his parents leaving for the hold.

4 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:02 pm


The cool small tail of their firelizard was all Dertray really needed, aside of course from Sakura. Instinctively he stroked the gentle ridges of the golden queen. He could tell by the chirp she was more than ready and laughed lightly. "Klah tastes the same everywhere Night." He teased her before staring at his mate. "It is, I know this is hard. But you're not alone, you have Night, me and D'rk said whenever he's not busy on patrol or whatever he'll come get us and take us for visits. Plus I know Kay and Nalon will be around whenever they can." He was calming the woman as best as he could, a boyish grin took over his face. "And this way just think we can get a good night's sleep. Whatever shall we do?"

D'rk chuckled as he looked at his nephew and shook his head. "When its "Pnnith's time, it's my time. How they live like that...They're a lot stronger than me Nalon. But don't worry, I'll be around for so long you'll wish me dead." He teased the boy, though deeply he did revere his brother and Sakura's strength. Prehaps it was because they had found life mates, and had each other.

5 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:07 pm


Night gave Dertray an indignant chirp, clearly he didn't understand that she wanted her klah! And that klah had better come from the hold. Thus she showed the images to Sakura, who couldn't help but smile. "Alright, I guess we'd best get going. She's bound and determined to steal Snowy Hold's klah and see if you're right," she chuckled with a shake of her head.

Nalon nodded his head, "Yeah.. I can't imagine what they're going through... I don't even wanna think about losing Birth," he commented with a frown. He had to admit, his parents were strong.

Shortly after he said that, Sakura came walking from the weyr and towards them. She had to get moving while she still had the ability to, before her resolve vanished... then Dertray would have to drag her out of the weyr!

6 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:15 pm


"You got all your shinies?" He, Dertray, asked the lizard on the way out behind Sakura. He had figured she had, as he had managed to scoff back a few of the things she had stolen from him while they were packing. Sakura had found random assortments of things that had amused them for quite some time. Looking at his younger brother the older man suggested to Sakura. "Sakura, you ride with.." His jaw clentched and then released. "You ride with D'rk." He felt it right that the old Senior weyrwoman ride on the higher ranking dragon.

That and Dertray hated riding on a bronze, it just didn't feel right. A brown was something he could fake enjoyment out of, "I'll ride with Nalon." He had already moved beside his son, so there was really no option.

"Aw now see you're just flattering me Tray. I'll take good care of her." D'rk watched his brother's jawline twitch again, he decided now wasn't the time for the taunting innuendos he could make to his older siblings, especially since starting a fight would upset the emotional woman more.

7 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:20 pm


Sakura nodded to her mate, knowing how hard it was for him to let her ride with his brother. She imagined that, on some level, it was made even worse with the knowledge that Daria was D'rk's daughter and not Dertray's. Regardless, the woman kissed her mate on the cheek and headed over to her brother-in-law. "Keep an eye on them, Night," she told her firelizard, who chirped a response before nuzzling her perch's cheek. With that she turned her attention to D'rk, "Ready? Before I turn around and run to see our grandchildren again?" she asked him, knowing full well that she would do just that...

T'nalon glanced at his father, noting the twitch. He sighed slightly, "Okay," with that he climbed onto his beast and waited for Dertray to join him. The brown remained patiently in position.

8 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:34 pm


D'rk had mounted after Sakura had settled herself and before she could protest the bronze had pushed off the ledge, his wings effortlessly pushing them higher over the weyr. As a regard to the former weyrwoman Pnnith started a bugle that echoed throughout the weyr. With enough distance from the weyr D'rk told his bronze to flash between, and there was a soft frozen lull in the depths of the desolate area. Before three coughs were up the bronze popped back into the Pernese sky hovering over Snowy Hold.

"Don't fall too behind them son." Dertray stated as he mounted Birth, "Your Uncle isn't as young as he used to be." He added quickly, though really he didn't trust his brother as far as he could throw him. He made sure Night was situated of course, terrorfied to lose her in the reaches of between. Something that he dreaded, always wondering if Jraith lingered just behind a veil for him.

9 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:39 pm


T'nalon had Birth rise up and take flight after his uncles bronze did. "Alright, Dad," he responded before signalling that they were ready, sending the small group into the depths of between. Mere seconds later, they reappeared, slightly to the left of Pnnith.

Sakura, for her part, felt relatively at ease with the bronzerider. It had long since been established that they just couldn't be together. Of course, the last time they were, was when Daria was born, and they had to give her up. Kura knew they had both felt resentful after that, but she loved Dertray too much to even chance something with his brother... again.

Before long, Birth had settled near the inn, knowing that there was plenty of room for the two beasts. T'nalon dismounted and waited for his father to do the same so that they could start unloading his beast.

10 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:05 pm


Dertray quickly dismounted, shaking the chill of between from his arms. He had began to loosen the straps that held Birth's load, watching as the bronze landed comfortably beside them, D'rk dismounting and then offering his aid to Sakura even though she did not need it. Dertray's jawline twitched again and he yanked on the strap harder, possibly too hard.

D'rk could feel his brother's penetrating glare, and ignored the man, it was still better. He looked around quickly, surveying the area as the rest of the convoy landed where they could and began unloading their cargo with the nearest drudges.

11 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:09 pm


Birth's jaw twitched as the strap was pulled too hard. Clearly he didn't like that, and T'nalon winced for a second. "Dad, can you go easy on those?" he requested, knowing his father was upset. However, the last thing he needed was for his dragon to be injured because his father couldn't contain his annoyance.

Sakura accepted the help down, not even thinking twice about it. "Thank you, D'rk," she smiled. At the same time, Night crooned lovingly to Dertray, nuzzling the man's cheek. She was good at trying to reassure the man, at least when she wasn't trying to kidnap his food or drink.

12 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:15 pm


Dertray looked bashful. "Sorry guys." He gently patted the brown in reassurance whispering soft apologies to the beast. Finally as he finished with the straps he began to haul the items. "Don't just stand there D'rk, help a gimped man." He would call after his brother, the nuzzle and affection of the queen reminding him that Sakura needed him to be strong, and put petty differences aside...For now.

D'rk had begun to move and work on Pnnith's straps loosening the weight of his load causing the dragon to demand scratches where some of the assorted goods had irritated his scales. Appeasing his dragon he called after his brother. "Old man before you know it we'll be taking you out back..." The men continued this banter as they moved various necessary items back and fourth.

13 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:20 pm


Once the items were lose on his dragon, T'nalon moved to help unload the stuff. Birth complained about a few itchy spots, but he settled down when Nalon promised a bath and oiling before they headed back. Lucky for him, with so many riders moving to holds, now, he could come by the stuff fairly easy.

Sakura watched the men, shaking her head before she started to unload the stuff that was lighter. She knew full well that if she attempted anything too heavy, BOTH Dertray and D'rk would likely be breathing fire down her neck. That wasn't including the idea of Nalon getting all worked up. Thus, she stuck to the lighter stuff... for the most part. On her third trip, she grabbed something heavier.

14 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:26 pm


Dertray eyed the item Sakura was about to carry but before he could even so much as tell her off there was D'rk with a charming smile, insisting that he take the item. "Sakura, you're retired. Which means you have sexy men, like myself for example, lifting and doing all the hard work, while you lay back and drink fruity wines." On the way by Dertray bashed his brother with a particularly heavy trunk that had a jagged corner, the other man yelped at the scratch.

"Sorry bro!" Dertray sneered to the bronze rider, both stared daggers at each other judging if a physical scuffle was actually worth the trouble Sakura would give them.

15 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:30 pm


Sakura frowned at the bronzerider. She almost wanted to tell him off, specially since she was perfectly capable of helping... However, instead she waited until she noticed the two boys causing trouble. "Can you two behave? Please? This is stressful enough without having to worry about you two fighting!" she scolded them, turning to grab another item. It wasn't as heavy as the last one, but it wasn't particularly light either. And this time, she knew they both had items in their hands and thus couldn't take it! Bwahahaha! With that in mind, she lugged it inside. She was DETERMINED to be useful.

T'nalon sighed at the antics of his father and uncle, choosing to move along with unloading his brute.

16 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:46 pm


Both them men were attempting not to protest at Sakura's insistence on helping with the heavier items, now ignoring one another so as not to anger the woman further they worked almost faster as though they couldn't wait to be finished.

After what seemed to be far too long both dragons were freed from their cargo. Dertray and D'rk had managed to not actually cause too much of a disturbance, and minorly bruised each other out of the watchful eye of the woman.The room they would be staying in was stuffed to the brim of their essential items and D'rk eyed his brother's new home.

"This is why I don't have a steady lady, look at all that stuff...and now you two are going to unpack it all just so you can repack it when they finish your home..."

"You're just sour because no one warms your bed up for you at night." Dertray prodded.

17 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:52 pm


Sakura had probably over done it by the time she was able to sit down. However, despite the pulled muscles and the aching back, she felt rather accomplished and didn't really show much sign that she was sore. "Oh, you two need a new hobby. D'rk, can you do me a favor?" she requested of the bronzerider. Her son was hiding outside for the time being, discussing something with another rider.

18 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:57 pm


D'rk perked up at the mention of his name and smiled warmly at Sakura. "Whatever you need Sakura." He sweetly stated, Dertray sighed at his brother wishing more and more his father had dropped the other man on his head one more time to stop the ability of speech.

"We have safe hobbies though darling, after all teasing my brother keeps me quick in wit, and sane. Unlike him, we'll have to commit him yet." He sighed dramatically and made room for some of their books that Sakura seemed eager on keeping.

19 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:08 pm


Sakura shook her head at her mate before she looked at D'rk. "I know Ria is still recovering, but I need you to make certain that she, R'alras and everyone else comes here on the 19th. We'll figure out the rest after that, but we're going to be doing a surprise birthday party for Ria!" she announced with a grin.

20 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:54 pm


D'rk smiled at the thought of his daughter's upcoming birthday. "Alright I'll let everyone know. Anything else Sakura?" He inquired there was a smile on his lips, mind you he was getting dangerously close to being almost too flirtatious in his brother's eyes and was likely to get punched soon.

"How about you letting us get on with the peace and the quiet? Although Nalon could stay and visit his parents." Dertray snapped.

21 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:01 pm


Sakura chuckled before she shook her head, "Nope, I just wanted to make certain that you get everyone here for Ria's birthday. Although, we might require some help setting up shortly before that. Either way, Dertray is right, we really should get some rest. Oh! Give Ria and the babies a hug and kiss for me!"

The woman moved over to her mate and hugged him gently, "You shouldn't be so grumpy, love," she teased Tray as she kissed his cheek before she moved over to the bed and sat down once more. That much movement was starting to hurt (hense why she had agreed that it was time for the relaxation).

Nalon had peeked inside around that time. "I gotta get back to the weyr, Mom, Dad. I'll be back at some point, but I promised Ria that I would help R'alras when I was done here," he told them. With that he stepped inside long enough to give his mother a hug and then off he went!

Night, for her part, chittered at Dertray. Clearly the man was not paying attention to the important things! Where was her klah?! Or well... his klah.. it was more fun to steal it from him.

22 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:05 pm


"Right hug and kiss babies, including Ria...make sure everyone attends a party for Ria, and may need help setting up. If you need anything send Night..Just tell her to be gentle, last time she almost took my earlobe off!" D'rk rubbed his ear without much though, and turned waving at his running nephew. "See you back at the weyr!" He called after the man. "I must be running too." He gave Sakura a hug, and the brothers stared each other down before finally giving into it and hugging one another.

"Take care of Sakura," D'rk said as he walked out of their room, as he had done that Dertray touched the firelizard and suddenly felt isolated from his family, or well part of it anyways. "Right klah!" He turned calling down a chute to have klah for two brought up, since he daren't leave his woman, especially noting the slower paced she moved at. "You over worked yourself again didn't you Sakura? Always telling me not to but then you go and do it, what's up with that?"

23 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:11 pm


Sakura had returned the hug before waiting until everyone was gone. She found that her mate wasn't the only one that felt isolated from family... she missed her babies already. However, she looked at her mate as he questioned her. She felt it was important to prove she was capable of being helpful and useful still. After all, she had spent far too much time sitting around lately.

"I'll be fine, Tray. Just a little sore after that, but we had to get the dragons unloaded and I was not about to stand around and let you guys do all the work," she said easily, eyeing her mate.

Night chirped at them, clearly feeling that her klah should have been there like... ten minutes ago!!

24 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:15 pm


He poked the firelizard as a moment later through the pulley system two steaming mugs of klah and pot nestled gently on a tray, grabbing them the man passed a cup to his mate and then had the other in his hand. "You may want to wait Night. This is really hot it'll scald you," he cautioned blowing on it to cool the drink faster. He'd hate to have to deal with an irritated, hurt Night.

"And you are supposed to watch me work that's the whole point of rest and relaxation." The man stated those words slowly as he slumped into a chair groaning. "Pern knows I over exterted myself too!"

25 Re: Ah.... Retirement! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:18 pm


Sakura chuckled at his words, shaking her head. "I wouldn't be surprised if we all did that, dear. It's part of moving. Just think, sooner or later the house will be done, and then we get to do this all over again... only, I don't know that we'll have the convenience of the dragons," she chuckled. With that she took a sip of the klah she had received moments before.

Night remained on her perch, happy to see that her klah had arrived. Her eyes swirled lazily as she waited until she felt it might be cool enough. Her head craned to try and take a sip of it.

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