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1 Candidate Surprise! on Sat Mar 10, 2012 7:30 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
The morning after Candidate Lesson 5 was held, H'lee arrived with ten other riders and senior weyrlings from the Academy. They'd arrived a few minutes before the Candidates were to be rousted out of bed for the day and had time to get in amongst the other riders before the sleepy rider-hopefuls stumbled into the kitchens to get breakfast; meanwhile, their dragons sunned themselves on the ledges.

After a leisurely breakfast - which no doubt confused the poor Candidates who were used to be hurried through the meal and off to their lessons or chores - H'lee signaled and the eleven riders slipped out. A few minutes later, Headwoman Nataly shepherded the youngsters out into the Bowl where the riders stood waiting, arranged in three rows: two in the front row, four in the middle, and five at the back. Each rider was in his or her flying gear and had a bundle at his or her feet. H'lee was the center position of the back row.

Once the Candidates had realized the riders were there, a bugle sounded from overhead and eleven dragons lifted from the heights, made an intricate loop around the Bowl and lowered next to their riders in a controlled drop to minimize dust kickup and danger to their riders on the ground. All in all, it was a spectacular sight, especially for Candidates who probably hadn't seen such a display.

The following riders have been requested by H'lee to assist with this surprise. The Candidates' attendance is optional but...guarantee you they really don't want to miss out on this. :-)

First post: Responding to this opening sequence. More will happen after everyone's posted.

Deadline: Wednesday, 3/14

(When posting, please indicate your position in the formation - browns and bronzes on the back row, blues and greens in the front two rows.)
  1. H'lee & brown Seeth
  2. K'then & bronze Baroleth
  3. T'lon & bronze Roth
  4. NPC browrider
  5. NPC browrider
  6. A'dam & blue Dranith
  7. Silvara & blue Warrelith
  8. L'ric & blue Scriath
  9. Erin & green Plyath
  10. Valyria & green Sulyth
  11. NPC greenrider

4 3 1 2 5
7 ? 6 9
8 ?


5 male NPCs
1 female NPC
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2 Re: Candidate Surprise! on Sat Mar 10, 2012 9:08 pm


Moderator / Master Healer
Silvara moved to the eating hall with the others for breakfast. She was still a little surprised that H'lee had asked her help in this little endeavor since Warrelith was the smallest dragon alive currently. Not that it meant he could not take extra's when things like this popted up. He was just as strong as any other blue. He just happened to be smaller then most greens. She shrugged it off looking around remembering when she was that green and waiting to see if she would get a dragon of her own. A little smile flickered across her lips at that before she cleared her head finished her plate and slipped outside to get into position for the big display.

Standing in position on the right end of the second row she fought a smirk when the young-lings were herded outside and the dragons were called for the little display. It really was a treat watching their faces. Soon Warrelith was next to her watching the new hopefuls with an interested gaze well aware of his riders humor about the entire event. This was going to be an interesting day to say the least.
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3 Re: Candidate Surprise! on Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:36 am


Erin had gotten up really early that day, thankful that she didn't have dragon healing classes, due to the request for her help in a surprise for the candidates. As such, she left the house, making certain to drop the two adopted children off at her uncle's place... although, she had wanted to bring them along, it just wasn't a viable option. With that in mind, she went to the weyr for breakfast and then moved to get ready for the performance. Or... surprise. When she got out there, she stood in line with her dragon, positioned at the far left of the second row.

Silently she stood, watching as the candidates finally filed out from the lower caverns before glancing over momentarily as her own Plyath took to the skies and performed the acrobatics that were part of the surprise. She smiled, happy to see her dragons perform the feats without any incidents. ~Good job, Plyath,~ she complimented her beast as the green landed carefully next to the woman once more.


Apollo had found himself rather surprised that they weren't rushed through breakfast. In fact, he could see his sister being antsy over the lack of rushing. Regardless, the boy knew that something was going to be fun about today, so he had willingly gotten up and moved to eating his breakfast.

When they went outside, Apollo watched the dragons, impressed by their acrobatic skills. Clearly, a lot of work went into such a feat, right? Of course, Apollo wasn't certain.

4 Re: Candidate Surprise! on Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:59 am


Artemis had been rather surprised as well, learning that morning that there was no rush through breakfast and that the weyrling master had a surprise ready and waiting for them. She didn't know what to think about the whole ordeal, and as such, became antsy. Surely there were chores to be done, lessons to attend, and the various other tasks she did on a daily basis. However, the girl said nothing, curious as to why things were so... easy.

She got her answer, when they were lead from the lower caverns and outside to find 11 dragonriders (including the weyrling master) waiting them. What really surprised her though, was watching how the dragons flew through the skies and performed various feats of acrobatic skills, showing the candidates their prowess in the skies. She couldn't help but smile, all anxiety slipping from her as she finally let herself just relax and enjoy the treat.

5 Re: Candidate Surprise! on Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:16 am


Fayble was not a morning person, it was perhaps, the only time the girl was actually visibly grumpy. Her hair was still slightly mussy, pulled off to the side in a horrible braid with random wisps of hair fluttering out. She sat beside Artemis, quietly, and ate her food at the usual pace looking confused when she realize that everyone was able to really enjoy the cooking.

The girl may as well have been holding up a giant question mark as 11 dragon riders stood in front of them. The display of the dragons had ushered a gasp of awe, and desire. Her eyes watching the magnificent beasts, and it was all she could do not to approach any without permission.

"What're we doing here?" She blurted out without thinking, "I mean the display is beautiful and the break is welcome....But why?" Her voice groaned softly.

6 Re: Candidate Surprise! on Fri Mar 16, 2012 6:22 am


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Like Fayble, Kerso was also not a morning person. However, five weeks of lights-out at 10pm and being awakened at the crack of dawn had become a bit of a routine, so he wasn't especially tired or grumpy. Although he had had trouble sleeping last night.

The dragons' display had woken him right up, though. He gawked at the huge bronze dragons - despite his time in the Weyr, the only time he'd been this close to one had been when he was brought in on Search.

He nodded mutely in agreement with Fayble's questions and turned his eyes to the Headwoman, looking for an answer.

H'lee & T'lon
"Well done, Seeth. Nicely coordinated," H'lee said, giving his dragon a loving thump on the shoulder. Seeth had been in charge of deciding which aerial display would provide the best results.

H'lee was pleased at the performance of their dragons and the suitably awed looks on the Candidates faces. Of course, to most of them, the dragons probably didn't seem like much except overgrown firelizards that had been trained to do that maneuver. Admittedly, there had been training involved in the performance, but it was the sort of training firelizards would have to be put through. Seeth snorted reproachfully at the idea of being compared to a firelizard.

T'lon peered under his dragon's neck at his old friend, winked, and grinned. H'lee rolled his eyes in response. They were too far apart, of course, to be able to make any verbal comments.

Roth says T'lon says, "Nice choice, oh fearless leader. Where are the harpers so we can ask our dragons to warble along in tune?" H'lee snorted.

I should assign T'lon that troublemaker, Kerso, for that comment, he retorted, knowing it would get back to T'lon. Which it did, and the latter gave him a look of mock panic before rolling his eyes.

"Looks like we're missing a couple Candidates, hmm?" H'lee muttered softly to Seeth, more to hear his own voice than to make conversation. The post-performance silence was almost deafening.

Headwoman Nataly
Nataly shook her head a little. Like the Candidates, she'd been awed by the performance - even though she'd seen it a few times and had been around dragons and their riders for years, such displays were rare and treasured. And always magnificent.

She waved her hands to calm the excited questions from her wards and when they'd silenced, she answered them. "H'lee has agreed to give you all a taste of the life you'll have for the next two years if you Impress in a short couple of weeks. You're getting a two-day rest at Snowy Hold and the Academy. Now, it's been light there for a couple of hours, and I don't imagine you want to miss out on too much daylight! Wait a minute!" she barked as a couple of Candidates started to bolt off to the dragons with their packs.

"There's a rider assignment for all of you. This is the rider who will transport you from here to the Hold, to the Academy, and back here. You'll do what they say without argument, understand?"

Second post: Meeting/Greeting your rider/Candidate, getting the Candidates geared up in riding gear (that's what the extra packs the riders have are), loading the Candidates' packs for transport, and getting mounted.

Deadline: Sunday, 3/18

  1. H'lee & brown Seeth - Male NPC
  2. K'then & bronze Baroleth - Apollo
  3. T'lon & bronze Roth - Male NPC
  4. NPC browrider - Male NPC *
  5. NPC browrider - Male NPC
  6. A'dam & blue Dranith - Kerso
  7. Silvara & blue Warrelith - Katarina
  8. L'ric & blue Scriath - Male NPC
  9. Erin & green Plyath - Fayble
  10. Valyria & green Sulyth - Artemis
  11. NPC greenrider - Female NPC

* Missing - You can still get involved on this round of posting. But if you miss this round, it is assumed that you chose not to participate and you'll have to keep with your normal chores + lessons routine.
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7 Re: Candidate Surprise! on Fri Mar 16, 2012 8:01 am


Apollo had found the display rather awe inspiring, and when it was announced that he would have a couple days at Snowy Hold and Northern Weyrling Academy... well, how could he pass that up?! He had almost started leaving too soon when he heard the headwoman tell them to wait for a moment, pausing long enough to hear her tell them that each candidate had a specific dragonrider they were assigned to ride with. Thus, naturally he nodded his head eagerly as she questioned that they would be on their best behavior.

Before long, Apollo found out that he was to be riding with a bronzerider, and he could hardly contain his excitement over that idea. Easily he moved through the ranks, stopping only when he came before K'then and his bronze, "Hey, I'm Apollo! I like your dragon!" he grinned, turning into a fool for a second before he realized how silly he might sound and quickly collected his composure. "I mean, thank you for helping to take myself and the other candidates to the academy," he said as formally as he could muster (which was done with him barely managing to contain his excitement).

When K'then had given him the gear to put on, he quickly went about putting it on (all while trying not to lose his composure). Normally he did a good job of keeping himself together, but he was about to ride a bronze dragon. Ooooh, he just KNEW Kerso would be jealous of him. Not that he had paused long enough to hear who his roommate and classmate was paired with. He hadn't cared past hearing that he would be riding on a bronze.

Once all set, he helped to load his few things onto the bronze before waiting until the rider gave him the go-ahead to mount the large dragon. Only when everything was ready did he climb onto the beast and take his seat. Naturally, by this point his brown firelizard was perched upon his shoulder, chirping the excitement that his bonded felt.

8 Re: Candidate Surprise! on Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:54 am


You better go.

"What? Go where?"

If I told you it wouldn't be a surprise. Now get out there with your fellow candidates and stop worrying about things. Shoo. V'tor made actual shooing motions with his hands and merely gave Katarina a wink as he gave her a nudge toward the bowl.

Kat shot him an unhappy look but stepped out from the secluded spot where she and V'tor had watched the display without being seen. She sidled up to join the rest of the candidates in time to hear Nataly's explanation of what, exactly was going on. She turned to give V'tor a questioning look but he'd disappeared. So, assuming the bluerider had known all along and was going to take care of her runnerbeast for her, she approached the rider on the far left (at least from where she was standing) and gave her a polite bow. "Bluerider Silvara I presume? I am Katarina. It is a pleasure to meet you and have the opportunity to see the Academy." She said, glancing at Warrelith and biting down on any questions she had about the dragon. Some riders, she'd learned, could get testy when people implied their dragons weren't perfect.

Instead she eyed the bundle at their feet and wondered how anyone knew their sizes well enough to get gear that would fit. "So what now?" She questioned, not wholly sure she really wanted to be going but deciding it was better than sticking around the weyr to do chores.

((Silv, you can assume Kat put on the riding gear and get her settled on Warrelith if you want.))

K'then had been quite happy to accompany H'lee on this little trip. Even if they had to return later it was nice to get away from the weyrlings for a bit. He'd taken up his post next to H'lee to wait for their cue and watched with a smirk as their dragons performed their maneuvers and landed next to them. He gave Baroleth a pat on the shoulder and the Bronze rumbled as he settled in to wait.

They both listened to Nataly's speech though it wasn't meant for them and waited for their assigned candidate to approach. He had a hunch H'lee had set him up with Ruatha's young Lord Heir on purpose but didn't question it too much. He and Baroleth shared a brief look and the dragon rumbled his amusement at the boy's first comment. "Baroleth says he likes you too." He said as the Bronze lowered his head to huff a breath at the candidate. "Hey, no one's going to think less of you for being excited. You're still a kid. Stop acting so much like you're already running Ruatha Hold hmm? There's no need to be so formal amongst friends is there?" He questioned, handing over the riding gear to let Apollo put it on. He only assisted if he was needed to fix this or that and once Apollo had all the gear on he nodded. "You look like a rider already. Come on then. Up you get." He said, helping the candidate up to get situated on Baroleth's back.

Once Apollo was situated, K'then made sure the candidate's effects were secured and checked the riding straps so that he wouldn't be risking losing the candidate during take off or anything like that. That done, he got himself settled and nodded to H'lee to indicate they were ready when it was time to go.

9 Re: Candidate Surprise! on Fri Mar 16, 2012 1:36 pm


When H'lee had asked him to participate in this little demonstration, he had hesitated to agree because he generally hated going anywhere near the Weyrs or the Academy (plus there was still the issue of that rumor they had yet to deal with properly). But Erin had said yes and talked him into it so there he was. He'd found a couple old friends during breakfast and settled in to chat until it was time to get ready and which point he'd gone with the others to the bowl and took up his position next to Erin....or as next to her as one could be considering they had to leave plenty of space for their dragons. He amused himself by making faces at the back of L'ric's head for a moment until the candidates had arrived and he composed himself so that he didn't look like a fool.

He listened more than watched as their dragons performed their acrobatics and studied the faces of the candidates for any that seemed to be listening the way he was. He didn't see any and instead turned to give his Blue a pat on the shoulder. Good job Dran. Perfectly executed, as always. The Blue huffed at his rider and focused his eyes on the candidates across the way.

A'dam himself had to wonder which was the candidate he'd been paired with. H'lee had mentioned a troublemaking boy intent on impressing a Bronze. He half suspected H'lee to assign him that boy as punishment for the rumor about them having a liaison. Especially since it was now out that A'dam had started the rumor (albeit a completely different one) in the first place. All in all, the bluerider was not in the mood to deal with shenanigans and as soon as Kerso approached he gave him a hard look and spoke before the boy would have a chance to say anything. "I've heard about you, boy. If you've got an issue riding with me and my Blue I've got no problems leaving you here to do chores by yourself the next two days got it? I've got far better things to do with my time than ferry ungrateful little whelps like yourself hither and yon. I'm here as a favor to H'lee and that's it." He said and Dranith rumbled his approval of the statement.

He was silent a moment to let Kerso reply if he felt a need (A'dam suspected he'd have plenty to say) before holding out the riding gear for Kerso to take. "If you're going to go then get these on and not a single word about how you were forced to ride on a lowly Blue. I hear even a whisper that you've said anything of the sort and I'll find a way to drop you off between and make it look like an accident." It was an empty threat, he knew, but Kerso wouldn't and he hoped that, if nothing else, it would be enough to make the boy keep his mouth shut.

10 Re: Candidate Surprise! on Fri Mar 16, 2012 6:42 pm


Fayble all but skipped up to Erin and Plyath, ensuring to greet properly with thrusting her hand out, it was shaking ever so slightly in excitement her eyes focused more on the green rather than the rider. "Hi, I'm Fayble....Can I touch her please?" Her fingers were just itching to pet the dragon. She noted the bundle on the ground. "Whats that?" The girl gave NO pause for Erin to respond clearly excited. "Thank you so much for letting me go with you by the way!" The girl continued to chitter almost like a fire lizard herself, barely breathing in between her statements.

Once Erin was able to respond, Fayble would begin to clumsily pull the gear on, looking awkwardly all the while, but still never faltering with a smile of complete joy, a green was better than walking and it was a real live dragon, only her second time (the first being when she was searched and that wasn't nearly as fun).

11 Re: Candidate Surprise! on Sat Mar 17, 2012 7:02 am


Artemis had listened carefully, waiting until after the headwoman had questioned if they were going to be on their best behavior. She nodded that she would be before walking towards the riders with her belongings. She almost couldn't wait to get there. That is, until she found herself standing before Valyria and her green. A smile reached her face and she gave the slightest of bows.

"I'm Artemis, it's a pleasure to meet you and your beautiful dragon," she smiled as she spoke with the formality that had been bred into her. She was excited as well, but that excitement was mostly visible in her eyes, and the smile that she wore. However, duty was important, and her father would not want her to embarrass the hold, or something like that... would he?

When she was presented with the riding gear, she accepted it, thanking the rider for both the gear, and the ride to the academy. Before long, she had slipped into the riding gear and after helping to load her stuff onto the green, and once Valyria had let her know it was alright, she climbed onto the dragon, waiting for them to take off and head for the academy.

12 Re: Candidate Surprise! on Sat Mar 17, 2012 7:24 am


Erin hadn't been able to stop the slight smirk as she watched her mate make fun of L'ric behind the man's back. Despite that, she found herself rather happy to be there. With the kids at lessons all day, Erin felt rather confident about the idea of them being there... not that she hadn't let them, the harper, and her uncle know that both she and A'dam would be away from the hold to help with the Academy. Naturally, this had led to Selisa asking how come they couldn't go with cause she wanted to see other dragons too!

When the candidates finally approached, Erin watched Fayble walk over and couldn't help the smirk that came to her features. In fact, she was so used to Selisa rambling in much the same fashion (usually over something she'd done in class, or something she'd done with someone else) that she didn't even attempt to speak until the girl had finished.

"It's nice to meet you, Fayble. I'm greenrider Erin, this is Plyath," she introduce with a chuckle, handing over the riding gear, "Put this on and then you can ride her and pet her all you like along the way. "That there is the riding gear that will keep you warm when we go between."

Plyath regarded the girl carefully before she rumbled softly. ~She reminds me of your hatchling, mine.~ she made the comment easily enough, knowing full well that A'dam would likely hear it, not that it mattered to the green.

~She does. I wonder if Selisa will end up just as hyper and energetic when she's this girl's age,~ she chuckled to her dragon.

Once Fayble was all set in the riding gear, Plyath lowered herself so the girl could climb aboard. Erin helped to load the girl's belongings, and her, before she double checked everything and mounted up behind her. Once done, she glanced in two directions. First to her mate and his passenger, and then to H'lee to let him know that she and Fayble were all set.

13 Re: Candidate Surprise! on Tue Mar 20, 2012 12:31 pm


Moderator / Master Healer
Silvara like the other riders listened to the head woman's words trying not to chuckle. She could not help but think back to when she was a candidate like these young-lings. She shook those thoughts away when Katarina came up to her. Taking in the lasses words she smiled softly at her glad to have a well spoken charge.

"The pleasure is mine. You will like the academy. Now get these on so we can be ready to go when H'lee gives the signal."

She handed the bundle of clothes to the girl and helped her into them before moving to assist the lass onto Warreliths back. Soon swinging up behind her with practiced ease. Taking great care in how much physical contact was made during all of this and glad that her shields were so much stronger now then they had been.

Warrelith just watching Katarina closely knowing she most likely had questions about his size. He knew most had those questions but almost none asked them. Softly thrumming once his rider was in place he shifted slightly to be ready to take wing when the time came.

::I like this one Mine. She is well spoken.::

Silv laughed at his words as it was what she had thought just seconds before. ::So do I Warrelith. Hopefully she will relax more and ask her questions to get them out of the way before to long into this trip.::

(( I use :: to indicate mind speech. ))

Silvara & blue Warrelith - Katarina*
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14 Re: Candidate Surprise! on Tue Mar 20, 2012 7:39 pm


Valyria remembered the life of a candidate- and it was boring, boring boring. Sweeping and cleaning and lessons, ugh. She remembered how she used to treasure each moment actually near the dragons and every little out of the ordinary activity. She was sure that they'd love the next few days- she sure would have! And the fact that they were going to be excited was making her excited. Eee! Candidate funtimes! Val wasn't surprised when H'lee had asked her to come along on the venture. After all, she was one of his Weyrlingmasters and she might as well start getting to know some of her future pupils. Hopefully there were only a few troublemakers. But at least one! She liked watching H'lee deal with ridiculous kids. Who didn't love a game of torture the Weyrlingmaster?

Ah, but she was rambling in her thoughts, waiting for the event to start. Seemed to take forever before they were lining up, and watching their dragons preform a spiffy aerial maneuver across the sky. Sulyth did hers best, of course. Obviously. The fragile green was always such a great acrobat (and the greenrider was, perhaps, always quite biased towards her little love). Su landed lightly nearby, and they shared a look of pride.

And then the event itself was starting, and the Headwoman shouting directions to the candidates. Val wasn't sure which one was hers, but fortunately the girl was capable enough to find her. Oh, a polite one! "Thanks!" she replied, grinning, and she pulled the extra gear down and handed it to her. Once Artemis was wearing it, Val signaled that she could hop on Sulyth's back. She was ready to help, if needed, but Su was small enough that generally most people could climb aboard by themselves. With a pat on her green's shoulder, Val swung herself up behind Artemis. It was a snug fit on the small dragon, but at least nobody was going to fall off!

The only comment Su was inclined to make was Too bad she isn't one of the handsome boys!

To which Val had to agree- though probably she was a bit too old for these ones.

15 Re: Candidate Surprise! on Sat Mar 31, 2012 9:04 am


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Kerso was about to open his mouth to protest being assigned to a lowly blue-rider - the smallest, or maybe second-smallest - of the bunch (there was that other blue over there with the female rider that might be smaller, it was hard to tell since they weren't right next to each other), when Nataly leveled an icy stare at him. "Argue with me about the rider you have been assigned and you'll be cleaning latrines. Give the rider you've been assigned any problems, and they have permission to bring you straight back here, where you'll be cleaning latrines. Consider this a lesson in its own right." Kerso's mouth shut with an audible snap.

He skulked over to the bluerider he was assigned to and glowered as he was addressed, rather rudely, actually, by said bluerider. However, between the Headwoman and this bluerider's harsh statements, he kept his mouth shut and started putting on the riding gear. The pants were obnoxious, but the jacket, pants, helmet, goggles, and gloves were easy and pretty much self-explanatory. But he'd had problems with the straps last time, too, he couldn't get the buckles on the belt latched. Of course, trying to buckle it with the gloves on probably didn't help.

Once the belt was (finally) fastened and mounted, he started trying to figure out which strap connected to which loop on the belt. Again...with his gloves on. His attempt to appear a seasoned rider was falling rather flat and he was trying to ignore the fact that Apollo was all set and mounted on a bronze before he'd even gotten his belt fastened around his waist, let alone mounted and trying to figure out the straps.

H'lee got his Candidate bundled up and his small pack with a couple days' worth of clothes loaded, then mounted and helped the young man up and got him strapped in.

Once everyone was mounted up, he gave the signal for all the dragons to launch. Once they were in the air and in formation, he gave Seeth the destination, a sea-side appearance just south and slightly east of Snowy Hold. It would be easy for the dragons to ride the winds into the Hold and land in the Gather field.

When they arrived at the Hold, H'lee instructed the dragons through Seeth to take a nice, easy glide into the Gather field to drop off their passengers. Most of the dragons and their riders were dismissed after landing, only H'lee and the few who lived at Snowy stuck around to help chaperone the young Candidates: A'dam, Erin, and Silvara.

After they landed, deposited their passengers, and moved off to either go back to the Academy or relax, H'lee addressed the Candidates. "You have today to spend around the Hold. You can do pretty much whatever you want, but report back here at suppertime. We'll take you up to the Academy, where you'll get supper and spend the night, and tomorrow you can meet some of the other Assistant Weyrlingmasters and the weyrlings and watch some lessons and learn a little about what the Academy is like. Oh, and the Headwoman gave me a packet for each of you containing some of your Marks so you can buy lunch or any trinkets or what-have-you today here at the Hold." With that, he handed out the packets to each Candidate.

Next ? posts: Wandering around Snowy, meeting people, talking to each other, talking to A'dam, Erin, Silvara, or H'lee, talking to Snowy Hold residents, buying things...whatever.

NOTE: the REC account can be used to help out with NPC interactions. If you want to buy something, put it in your post and nudge me or one of the mods in the cbox so we know to check.

Deadline: At least two posts between now and Sunday, April 15th

Two posts required:
  1. H'lee
  2. Apollo
  3. A'dam
  4. Kerso - |
  5. Silvara
  6. Katarina
  7. Erin
  8. Fayble
  9. Artemis

Only required to post once:
  1. K'then
  2. T'lon
  3. L'ric
  4. Valyria

Marks to spend (spent):
  1. Kerso - 7.5M (0)
  2. Artemis - 7.5M (0)
  3. Apollo - 7.5M (0)
  4. Katarina - 7.5M (0)
  5. Fayble - 7.5M (0)
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16 Re: Candidate Surprise! on Sat Apr 07, 2012 2:41 pm


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Kerso was quite glad to have landed and gotten off the blue dragon who carried him, although he was a bit surprised that they didn't fly off with some of the others. In fact, it appeared that this blue and his rider lived at the Hold here. This started a sting of fantasies: him with his bronze, Artemis with a gold, taking over and managing Ruatha Hold.

Of course, everyone was quite certain there weren't any gold eggs on the Sands, so Artemis would have to Impress at another Weyr, or wait until the next gold egg was laid at Fort. But Kerso wouldn't let that thought get him down.

And on that note, he sought out the female half of the Ruathan twins, intending to find a couple of shops, hopefully see her ogling some particular fancy, and then come back without her to buy it and surprise her. Of course, where Artemis was, Apollo probably was. And Kerso really didn't want to get into it with Apollo about how he'd gotten to ride a bronze while Kerso was stuck on a stunted blue.
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Fayble had been excited the entire flight and once she was finally able to be released she slipped from the green that had been so kind to give her a ride. "Thank you Erin, and you Plyath. It was very enjoyable!" She exclaimed and then listened to H'lee as attentively as she could muster, before collecting her marks. She was astonished to see the full seven and a half awaiting her to spend.

Best not spend it all in one place though, I'd like to save some for when I impress.. The over excitable girl thought to herself. The thought of being freed until Supper was just too exciting, "Where do you suggest I go Erin? Do you have any favorite spots?"

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Derrick took the time to get dressed that morning, and pack some of his things into a thoughtfully placed satchel. Having spend the past seven day or so with his Grandmother and Dertray. "Are you sure they're coming today Uncle Dertray?"

"Yes your Grandmother told me a million times over 'make sure Derrick meets up with H'lee' so I am telling you that today is the day you meet with him." Dertray's wisened voice reasoned with the eighteen year old lad. Nodding Derrick sighed and then gave his Uncle a tight hug, turning and finding his grandmother (hopefully doing her regular occupation of weaving) and gave her a big home. "Alright I'm going to go find him, and you're sure there wasn't a mention of where to meet?" Dertray either forgot or there was none, leaving Derrick to shake his head.

He wandered through the Hold looking around, his Grandparents were still living in the inn at the time and he noted that recently dragons had been spotted landing in the Gathering field. Perhaps walking towards where they would have been spotted. Eventually he saw a group of candidates getting their marks from a man. "That must be H'lee. Or at least someone who knows of H'lee."

Once the others were able to get their satchels he cleared his throat. "Ahem. I'm looking for H'lee of Brown Seethe? I was told to present myself to him in order to make it to an in impending Hatching. My name is Derrick son of Lord of Telgar and Weyrwoman Daria." He bowed lightly, and eyed Aretmis, she was a pretty girl but not now. Eyes straight yes, ignore the pretty girl.

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After she'd been dropped off, she politely thanked the greenrider who had given her a lift before finding herself walking over to H'lee to get her own bit of marks, and then standing off to the side. She knew her twin would join her shortly, he always did. She found that she rather enjoyed the group of candidates that she was a part of, even Kerso...


When K'then dropped him off, the young lord holder's son smiled and thanked the rider politely. Before long he obtained his marks from H'lee and headed over to his sister, smirking at Kerso. He KNEW that his friend would HATE that Apollo had ridden a bronze, while he had been stuck with a lowly blue (as Kerso would put it). The young lad honestly didn't care which color he rode, they were all dragons and that made them all equally important. That didn't mean he wouldn't be more than happy to rub it in Kerso's face!


The greenrider smiled at Fayble as she spoke before nodding her head. "I'm glad you enjoyed it, and Plyath says you are welcome," she chuckled before she glanced around towards her 'mate'. She wondered where their 'children' were, knowing full well that Saelit and Selisa would have noticed the dragons. She then smirked at Fayble as she asked her question. "Hm... I don't know. Depends on what you are looking for, I suppose. Anything in particular you want to have for when you return to Fort?"


The woman was indeed doing her work, but she stopped and gave her grandson a hug. "Good luck, we'll make certain that D'rk and your mother get us to the weyr for the hatching, sweetie."

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