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1 Hatching Day!!! on Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:30 am


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
It was the day of the Hatching. To an outsider, chaos reigned. Even to the Candidates, who had been there for several weeks, it probably seemed insane.

The night before, at lights-out, Headwoman Nataly had instructed all of the Candidates to assemble outside her office after breakfast. Some minutes after breakfast ended, a drudge reporting on another task informed the Headwoman that all of the Candidates were assembled outside her office. After sending him on his way, she stepped out.

"Alright, we don't know exactly when the eggs will start Hatching, so you're all being assigned light tasks near the Sands. Make sure you stay in your assigned area so that we can find you quickly when the Hatching starts."

This is prolly going to be a pretty long, drawn-out Hatching, I'm afraid, mostly due to my posting schedule. >.< Feel free to post multiple times between my posts up until the eggs actually start Hatching.

Candidate Tasks
1. Kitchen Duties - Same tasks as you perform for your chores, with additions for preparing a Gather feast. Candidate Group E
2. Gather Setup - Setting up tables, dance floor, Harper dias, etc. out in the Weyrbowl. Candidate Group B
3. Greeting Guests - Pretty self explanatory. Two groups, one up by the dragon entrance to greet riders and one down by the foot entrance. Candidate Group C
4. Room Setup - Cleaning/Preparing rooms for guests who will stay overnight after the Gather. Candidate Group D
5. Help the Weyrlingmaster - You'll be helping the Weyrlingmaster and his Assistants with preparing buckets of food, water, and oil for the hatchlings and their new lifemates. Candidate Group A

H'lee hated this part of being Weyrlingmaster. It was always so chaotic, and you had no idea how many eggs would hatch, what color and size they'd be, how much they'd eat, how much oil they'd need... Well, you get the picture. Fortunately, over his years of being a Weyrlingmaster, he'd gotten reasonably good at judging these things based on the size of the eggs. It wasn't a perfect science, more of an art, really, but it was good enough.

When his Candidate group, which included Kerso, Artemis, and Apollo, reported to him in the Great Hall, he chivied them out and down toward the livestock pens.

When they got there, he pointed to a pair of pens off to the side which led into a barn. "We'll be in there. Some of the lads here are helping to butcher the herdbeasts and wherries you see in those pens, but we're responsible for chopping up the meat and putting it in the buckets for hungry hatchlings."

He handed each of them a cleaver and pointed them to tables at the end of the barn opposite the two pens. "Consider this an advantage you'll have over your fellow weyrlings if you adopt: you'll already know what size of meat to give the dragons and how to chop it up. Don't worry too much about bits of bone in the meat, but try to keep them small. Fist-sized chunks now! Young dragons have a tendency to inhale rather than chew."

Then he picked up his own cleaver and went to work on a herdbeast quarter that one of the Herders had laid out on one table.

Kerso wasn't surprised at the differing routine for the day of the Hatching. Of course they had to be somewhere accessible in case the Hatching started early or late. He was rather aghast at the runnings-about of all the staff and noticed that even the riders were demonstrating an unusually high level of animation today. He was actually glad to be assigned to help the Weyrlingmaster, particularly when the man ushered them out of the main chaos of the Weyr.

That was, until he heard what they were going to be doing. Suddenly, he wished he was in the kitchens dealing with the meat that had already been chopped. He held the cleaver like a man who's never used one in his life (he had only minimal experience from his stints in the kitchens) and stared at the wherry carcass in front of him. It had been skinned to remove the feathers and looked even uglier than wherries normally did.

He looked helplessly at Apollo and Artemis, hoping one of them could shed some light on what to do - or would protest. He was afraid if he opened his mouth, he'd lose his breakfast.
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2 Re: Hatching Day!!! on Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:06 am



Artemis had gotten up and eaten her breakfast, making it out to the headwoman's office before learning that she, Kerso and Apollo would be helping the weyrling master. As it was, she moved with Kerso and them, heading to meet the man before following H'lee over to the stables. She almost blanched when she noticed what their task would be, and had to force herself to NOT vomit all over everything. Something she was barely managing to do as she forced herself to view it as just another duty that she needed to perform. With that, she forced herself to move forth and start cutting the meat. She was having a hard time not vomiting, and after about three minutes, she had to turn to the side and puke in one of the buckets. Luckily, it was one that hadn't been filled with meat just yet.



Apollo had done much the same, eating breakfast and then going about with the meeting with the headwoman before going to see the weyrling master. When he noticed what they were doing, he glanced at Kerso. "This is disgusting.." he complained before fortifying himself and realizing that his SISTER had been the one to step forward and do the work. Slowly he moved forth and started as well, although he did a better job of not throwing up.

3 Re: Hatching Day!!! on Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:39 am


Fayble had been so excited she barely slept the night before. Breakfast she ate only what she could and barely spoke a word to anyone vibrating from the pure excitement of the day. Hopefully soon the eggs would hatch and she'd be able to meet a little hatchling, perhaps...No definatly impressing one. After meeting with the Headwoman she quickly ran off to begin helping with the gather. She was happily setting up the right number of tables and chairs humming to herself practically dancing across the weyrbowl as she did so. Of course she was thankful she didn't have group A's job as she enjoyed her breakfast greatly and would have hate to have lost it.

4 Re: Hatching Day!!! on Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:55 am


"Naw, no way, that egg's a blue for sure," Valyria was saying, giant knife in hand, "but if you're so positive it's a green then let's see the marks, hmm?"

"You got it, Val. Five marks on that egg being a blue," said a large man kneeling over a downed wherry. "Heard and witnessed!" laughed a third man.

Val slid her knife between thigh and stomach of the herdbeest on the ground at her feet. There was some resistance near a bone, but she had plenty of experience and expertly seperated leg from body with a bit more push. "Five marks it is," she agreed, confident. She wasn't an expert in guessing eggs (she was lacking the years of experience) but the assistant Weyrlingmaster wasn't about to pass up a perfect opportunity to win and lose marks. And besides, that egg was definitely too large to just be a green. Even Sulyth agreed.

I actually made no opinion at all! the dragon said from afar. She had joined the other dragons along the ledge and was enjoying herself with the sun and socializing. The green wasn't about to step on the toes of the mother by presuming what her eggs were: and also she was just not interested in her rider's obsession with betting.

Val scoffed and ignored her silly dragon. Her herdbeast was dismembered, so she stood up, grabbed the two heavy rear legs by their hocks and shrugged. Time to go see if their enlisted workers needed some help! And yup, it looked like they did. Valyria strode over to the table where the three potential new weyrlings were working, tossing her meat up with the rest to be cut up. "Hey kids, excited for the big day?" she asked. She noticed the vomit in the meat bowl, but didn't say anything about it. This was a gross job (though one they'd need to get used to) and who wouldn't blame them for being nervous? She simply motioned to a nearby worker who came over and took about the bucket, leaving them with a clean one to put meat in (or... throw up in).

Looked like they were doing fine, but could use a bit of help. She reached over and grabbed one of the big legs she'd brought, sliced the biggest hunk of meat from it, and tossed the bony part back in the pile. "You guys are doing great, but try making them a bit smaller. Remember, these are greedy kids who forget to chew! See, about this size," she suggested, using her knife to chop the meat in front of her. Holding up a chunk, she showed it to them, and then threw it into one of the waiting bowls.

5 Re: Hatching Day!!! on Sat Mar 31, 2012 11:31 am


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
"Yeah, it's messy, and if you've never done it before, disgusting. You'll get used to it, though - if you Impress, you'll have to do it three or four times a day," the Weyrlingmaster replied gruffly.

He eyed Kerso who was holding the cleaver like he'd never held one or touched raw meat before. With an inward sigh, he laid his own knife down and walked over and stood behind the boy. "Like this," he said, taking the cleaver away and selecting a long, single-edged straight blade and placing it carefully in Kerso's grip. Then he reached around the lad and yanked the near leg of the wherry over. "Remove all the limbs first and use this knife to slice the bones out," and, wrapping his larger hand around Kerso's on the knife, showed him how to slice through the joints and split the meat down along the bones. Then he showed him how to hold the cleaver to chop the meat into smaller bits.

He overheard his Assistants betting on whether an egg was a blue or a green. "Which egg you guys talking about? The one on the left, right next to the queen? I'm with Val, I'd say a blue. Three marks for me!" he shouted.

He looked over at the Candidates. "I know you each have a couple of marks to spend, and you've been closer to the eggs than anyone except the Weyrwoman. Care to lay a bet?"

Kerso couldn't believe the (relative) ease at which Apollo and Artemis each took to the task. He nearly jumped out of his skin when H'lee switched knives and started showing him how to piece out a wherry and remove the bones, but pretty soon, he started getting the rhythm of it. In fact, he started hogging the wherries. He didn't want to try the herdbeast yet, it seemed a lot bloodier and messier, although the bones looked to be easier to deal with.

He finished the two wherries on his table and then wandered over to Apollo's table and started in on one of the wherries there. "So, what do you think of this? I'm not sure I could do this three or four times a day," he hissed. He was trying not to breath through his nose. He hadn't vomited yet, but there was the slightest tickle at the back of his throat that said if he did breath through his nose, he'd probably lose his breakfast.

Vintnering and betting seem to go hand and hand, and Kerso was no exception. "I'm going to go with..." he racked his brain for the name of the large bronzerider who was saying it was a green, "T'lon? and say it's a green. I'll put one mark down. And I'll bet another mark that the center one in front, farthest from the queen is a bronze. Certain it's big enough!" he challenged. Or at least, he thought it was big enough, it was one of the four biggest in the clutch, although it wasn't the largest. Could be a large brown, but he didn't think so.
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6 Re: Hatching Day!!! on Fri Apr 06, 2012 6:24 am


Artemis's eyes went wide, did he just say three to four times a day?! How in Faranth's name was she going to get through THAT! It was then that her duty fueled personality kicked in and she nodded her head. Right, if she impressed then she would have to do this, if only for her bonded. Although, perhaps she wouldn't find it nearly as disgusting with a hungry hatchling waiting to be fed? Thus, her gaze lifted to H'lee as she paused.

"Is it easier to cut this stuff when you've already bonded? With the distraction of a hungry hatchling?" she asked him, curious as to what the answer would be, although she went back to cutting the meat once her question was asked.


Apollo was forcing himself to do the work, regardless of how disgusting and gross it was, he could NOT let his father down. He could almost feel that the lord holder would be in the stands... along with his siblings... Thus, if he didn't put forth his best effort and make things happen, then he would find himself in a situation far worse than cutting up dead wherries. He would find himself in a situation that would likely mean a disappointed father. After all, he had told the lord holder that he wanted to give it a try, if only so that he could one day return to the hold and live there with a dragon, much like his grandfather had done with his own beast!

At Kerso's question, he looked over. "I don't know, it's reeeeally disgusting," he commented. Clearly that part NEEDED to be reiterated to his 'friend'.

7 Re: Hatching Day!!! on Sun Apr 08, 2012 1:12 pm


Fayble was getting down right frustrated with one drudge who insisted on having the chair decorated in such a way (the bow too you know). "I get it fluff it more!" She fluffed the bow earnestly glaring at the drudge listening to them place bets on who would impress and what order.

Sadly she wasn't very high on said list and raising her head she continued her tasks hoping that the eggs would have the the timing to get her out of decorating, or at least get her away from the gossipy drudges. Where was everyone else? Though skinning and chopping up meat sounded less inviting. Perhaps decorating wasn't that bad? This gave her a chance to fluff her bow more and moved on to the next making sure she fluffed it just right. Right, the meat was the worse of two evils.

8 Re: Hatching Day!!! on Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:11 am


Derrick (who arrived at the same time the other candidates were coming back from Snowy Hold) had gotten up that morning expecting to finish catching up on notes and lessons plans. However; instead, the boy found himself going to the Headwoman's office. He was quickly assigned his task and now left to do it. Walking down to the lower caverns where he met a matronly drudge he smile politely.

"I'm here to help prepare the guest beds." She pointed to another person and he repeated his phrase. The staff looked him over a few times before loading him up with sheets and towels. Having received his assignment he went off to struggle with the bed sheets.

They just didn't work, and when they did they didn't. Confused by them he struggled for a good five minutes FINALLY it stayed. At this point someone had checked on him and shook their head. The once pristine and pressed sheet looked wrinkled and ruffled. He'd just have to make do, as they pulled it tighter smoothing most of the wrinkles away.

After twenty more minutes of fighting with another bed the boy was sweating. Clearly struggling he kept trying to ensure not to wrinkle the sheet too much but put it on either way.

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