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1 Marks Management on Sat Dec 10, 2011 7:24 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster

About Marks

The unit of monetary exchange is the mark. These are disks of wood, supplied as blanks by the Woodcraft Hall and stamped with special dies that denote value and source. Denominations are listed below:
  • M = Full mark
  • h = 1/2 mark
  • q = 1/4 mark
  • e = 1/8 mark
  • s = 1/16 mark
  • t = 1/32 mark

What 1 Mark can buy

Special Marks are equivalent to 7M1h. They can be used to buy forgiveness from the God Admin (Kes) or other goodies. You can also trade Special Marks for their equivalent in regular marks in one has a need for regular marks (i.e., for betting on a race). You can also purchase a Special Mark for 10M.

For those who are curious, for the stipends listed below and for figuring the cost of living, I took my mathematically-derived "minimum living wage" here in the Twin Cities ($10/hour, excluding taxes) and equated it to marks. This means that 3q = US$800. So if you want to find out how much US$ your character has, take the number of marks they have, multiply times 4, divide by 3, and multiply by 800.

o.o H'lee's worth US$1.5 million as of Feb. 2012.
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2 Re: Marks Management on Sat Dec 10, 2011 7:30 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster

Earning Marks

There are many ways for your character to earn marks.
  1. Stipends
    Stipends are earned every 2 IC weeks (26/year). All characters earn stipends as listed below; your character's account balance is managed by Kes and will appear on your account setup page. Note that most Apprentice, Candidate, and Weyrling stipends are kept by a person of higher-rank (a Master, the Candidatemaster, or the Weyrlingmaster) until the Apprentice, Candidate, or Weyrling requests marks to spend or until they graduate to Journeyman or Wingrider. Riders who also are crafters get whichever stipend is larger, based on their rank in each; same for any character who has multiple crafts or ranks. Extra marks can be earned by producting goods to sell, betting, running errands, doing special things for the site, etc.
  2. IC Tasks
    Extra marks can be earned by producting goods to sell, betting, running errands, etc. If you are going to produce goods to sell, you must provide your inventory to your Mastercrafter or to Kes (if no PC Master is available). Your goods will be checked against the Basic Goods Prices list and you will receive a markup percentage (if any) based on your character's skill level (i.e., Journeyman-level goods will have a higher markup than Apprentice-level goods). Note: a time limit is set on certain goods. A single Harper won't always have a new harp to sell every time the opportunity arises; it takes time to produce a new harp.
  3. OOC Tasks
    Any time you do something that helps the site, you can earn marks. These include (but are not limited to):
    • Recruiting: Any time you recruit a new gamer to join our site, you earn 1h. When that gamer reaches 15 posts or has been active on the site for 3 OOC months (whichever comes first), you both earn 1h.
    • Hosting an Event: These can be EITHER IC OR OOC and can range anything from an art contest to a scavenger hunt to a particularly challenging bonding. Notes: OOC contests should be held in the Contests board; any bonding events MUST be approved by an admin or a moderator. Reward values will be determined based on the complexity, the length, and the number of participants in the event. Event rewards will be logged in order to ensure fair compensation for later, similar events.
    • Assist at an Event: Hosting an event can be a time-consuming and sometimes troublesome task. Event coordinators may need assistance in setting up and running their event. Event assistants' rewards will be half of what the event coordinator's reward is (example: event coordinator sets up a scavenger hunt for 2M; assistants will receive 1M).
    • Advert Bumping: Every bump of the Advert earns you 1t. A page-claim bump earns you 1e. Answering visitor questions posted in the Advert earns you 1q (but they need to be helpful and USEFUL answers, not something like, "Hmm, you'll need to ask Kes."). Bonus points (1t) for bumping IC'ly.
    • Moderating: You may apply to become a moderator once every 3 OOC months (unless an announcement is made that we are searching for a new moderator). Each application is worth 1e; especially good applications are worth up to 1q. Every 3 OOC months, moderators earn their choice of a Special Mark, a Mystery Prize, or 7M1h to spend or assign to characters as they see fit.
  4. Miscellaneous
    There are assorted other ways you can earn extra marks (this list is for things that are neither IC nor OOC, but may be a sort of mixture of both).
    • Post Count: Every 25 posts in your post count (found on your user page), you will earn 1M.

The Ekseliksi Treasury

Your Mark balance is tracked in the Ekseliksi Treasury. A couple of notes about the Treasury:
  • Past historical balances (up to/including the payday on 2558.11.18) are figured this way:
    • Childhood (under the age of 16 or until you move away from your parents), Apprenticeship, and Weyrlinghood: you still have 50% of what you earned.
    • Adulthood (over the age of 16 or after you move away from your parents): you still have 25% of what you earned.
    This is because as a child, Apprentice, and weyrling, most of your expenses are discretionary - things like gifts and personal items - since your parents, Crafthall, or Weyr provide you with the necessities. Once you're on your own, you have to pay for your own housing, food, transportation, etc.
  • Stipends for characters with multiple ranks are figured this way: the primary rank for the character gets 100% of the stipend listed above; all secondary ranks get 50% of the listed stipend. Primary rank is what you do with at least 50% of your time.
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