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Admin / Weyrlingmaster
This is especially for the new weyrlings who aren't allowed to leave the Academy (because their dragons aren't flying and carrying them yet, and authorized to fly as far as Snowy or Aurora Holds) or those who have no reason to go to Snowy or Aurora Holds and haven't been cleared to between anywhere else. But anyone of any age is welcome, rider/weyrling or otherwise.

See the Rest Days schedule or check with Kes to find out when your Rest Day is.


  • Barbeque and Grilling
    Nium, the Head Cook, shares Rest Day with the new weyrlings (those under six months of age). His passion is outdoor cooking (barbeque, grilling, pit roasting, etc.). He can be found in a large building beside the falls on these days. The building contains a large firepit for whole roasts, a smaller open-topped fireplace for small roasts and barbequing, and three charcoal grills for steaks, sausages, and the like; it also contains trestle tables to sit and eat at and a pantry stocked full of dishes and condiments. If there's a large group of weyrlings staying, they should talk to him a couple of days ahead of time and he'll do up a whole roast; otherwise, you can order up something smaller and he'll cook it up right in front of you.
  • Picnics
    When the weather's nice, picnics tend to abound all over the Academy, so long as they're not in anyone's way. One of the previous weyrlings, during his final year of training in his Farmcraft, built a special greenhouse for the weyrlings to use during foul weather for picnics. It's essentially a hothouse and grows flowers, but one end has a grassy lawn and a couple of trestle tables. It's located on the opposite side of the falls from Nium's grill barn.


  • Music
    On their Rest Days, those who are studying Harpering often gather together for impromptu sessions and practice their playing and singing. It happens in kind of a "flash mob" style (using firelizards or dragonets to transfer the messages to the participants), so you never know where it's going to be (unless you happen to be or know a Harper who's in on it) - sometimes outside, sometimes in one of the buildings...sometimes in the Weyrlingmaster's weyr...okay, NOT!
  • Plays
    Usually about one Rest Day a season (4 times a year), a group of weyrlings and staff will put on a play of some sort. They'll often do multiple performances on their Rest Day so that those who don't share the Rest Day might have a chance to see the performance between duties elsewhere. Depending on the popularity of the play, they may perform it for 2-3 weeks' worth of Rest Days.

Just Hangin' Out

The night before their Rest Days, weyrlings may gather at the head of the lake for a bonfire. If they haven't had their serving of alcohol for the day (and if you know they know they're going, they won't have), many will bring skins of such beverages to share. These are usually chaperoned by one of the Weyrlingmasters who shares the same Rest Day, and is often shared by the dragons, too.
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