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26 Re: Weyrling Lesson 1a: First Day on Sat Jul 28, 2012 8:05 am



When he had finished oiling his dragon, A'lo had just lain back and visited with the bronze for a bit. He knew they would have another bout of waking up at midnight before waking up again at some other ungodly hour. However, he didn't argue with it and just chose to "go with the flow." As luck would have it, he was mid way through a chat when he heard H'lee's voice before he nodded his head and laid down once the lights were off. Before long, both he and Rikraketh were sound asleep.


Unlike her brother, Arty didn't stay up much longer after she'd finished oiling her beast. Jazz and she were both tired, although Jazz was less so. Artemis, however, was completely and totally passed out by the time the weyrlingmaster yelled into the room, so much so that it was only Jazz who woke up. The little green snorted at him before laying her head down once more and returning to her slumber.

27 Re: Weyrling Lesson 1a: First Day on Sun Jul 29, 2012 4:39 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
In a reversal of their roles at lights-out, the Weyrlingmasters in charge of the Tundra clutch were the ones who rousted the weyrlings out of bed at midnight. Some of the dragons were already waking with hunger and rousing their riders.

"Alright, we'll stop at the middens first so your dragons can clean out, then we'll go into the butcher house so you can feed them!" H'lee shouted when they were starting to assemble in the hallway. He and the other Weyrlingmasters held lanterns and guided the weyrlings down to the middens in the dark. Then they walked the group to the warm barn where there was food waiting for them to feed their dragons. As each dragon ate his or her fill, one of the Weyrlingmasters would walk them back to the barracks where they'd go back to sleep.

This Post: Midnight feeding of dragonets
Deadline: Saturday, August 4

K'so squawked loudly when Qancith knocked him out of bed. I need to relieve myself! And I am hungry. So are some of the others, and I hear Seeth's rider coming to wake us all up. C'mon, c'mon, let's GO already!

K'so stared at his dragon in a sleep-fogged state. "How, by the First Egg, can you POSSIBLY be hungry?" he complained. "You just ate!"

Not "just." That was hours ago. We've been sleeping since then. Let's GO!

Just then, K'so heard H'lee shouting at them to get up. He groaned and pulled on his overcoat and boots. He slogged along behind Qancith who was lurching along as quickly as he could. "C'mon, Qanc, hurry it up, it's freezing out here!" he complained as the blue took his time emptying his tail.

He was relieved when they got into the barn and out of the wind. He tossed Qancith chunks of meat and sat on the edge of the table so he could half doze while Qancith ate. Finally, the blue was satisfied and one of the Weyrlingmasters led them back to the barracks and K'so kicked off her boots and dropped his coat on the floor before face-planting into his bed and falling asleep almost immediately.
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28 Re: Weyrling Lesson 1a: First Day on Mon Jul 30, 2012 7:04 am


Artemis had to admit that she was still rather tired, but she forced her way out of bed and managed to get herself dressed enough to go outside with the rest of the weyrlings. Groggily she followed after Jazz who was certainly complaining of her hunger. Before long, they had arrived at the middens, and Artemis jumped slightly when her twin arrived next to her. A'lo had woken up just as H'lee was getting ready to yell into the room and he didn't hesitate to come get dressed and outside. Instead, he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and let her have some of his warmth while their dragons relieved themselves. Although, neither twin said anything.

When done, they seperated and followed their dragons to the barn where they sat apart from one another and fed the hatchlings in silence. When finally the two dragons were fed, they once more headed back to their beds to get some sleep and enjoy the rest of their night before they would have to start the cycle all over again.

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