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51 Re: A Quick Visit... (Silv) on Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:01 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
H'lee sighed. Well, at least he didn't have to worry about THAT. He let them dicker a bit between each other while he considered his options.

"D'rick will be sharing in your punishment, Artemis. You were both told in no uncertain terms that you were not to engage in any relationships during your Candidacy, or during your weyrlinghood. You will both suffer the consequences for your joint actions."

He turned his gaze to the brother. "And you, A'lo, will leave this in my hands. If you do anything to D'rick, you'll be joining them and you will all be held back from graduation. Have I made myself clear?" His eyes bored into A'lo's as he waited for confirmation from the boy that he'd let it go.
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52 Re: A Quick Visit... (Silv) on Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:14 pm


Moderator / Master Healer
Silvara returned with Healer Katriona at that time and sighed at the sight in front of her. She could see the tension with out even having to use her gift at all. She rubbed the side of her head a little while they made their way over to the three humans and two dragons.

"A'lo will you please move while Katriona looks your sister over? Mean while, H'lee mind pulling your sleeve up so I can tend your arm."

She had grabbed some bandages as well as water to wash the cuts out. She would tend to him while Kat did her exam of Artemis and confirmed Silvara's feeling that any attempt to abort the fetus would only end badly, which was why she had not even suggested it.

Katriona moved over to Artemis’s side smiling softly at her. She trusted Silvara’s assessment of the situation but understood her desire for a second opinion in such a tense matter. She also agreed with her that they would have to make it clear to H’lee that he was not to rile the girl up again like this again till after the pregnancy was done.
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53 Re: A Quick Visit... (Silv) on Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:43 pm


Artemis nodded her head to H'lee, knowing that it was the only fair thing to do. After all, she imagined that things would be much worse for D'rick if she had claimed that he raped her. Of course, she also knew that her brother was not about to change his opinion of the other weyrling.

A'lo glared at H'lee, wanting nothing more than to beat D'rick. He was even half tempted to ignore the threat of punishment, perhaps the satisfaction of beating the green weyrling for his actions would out weigh the consequences. He was about to respond to the man's words when Silvara returned. With a slight nod of his head he released his sister and moved just far enough for the woman to be able to work. Although he was unwilling to actually leave her side by any real amount.

Artemis watched patiently as the new healer set about her work of assessing how far along she was. Her eyes shifted uneasily between everyone before she heard her brother finally respond. "If he stays away from her, I won't touch him. Punishment or no punishment, I don't want him around her. He's caused enough trouble," the boy finally stated before turning his attention to his sister.

54 Re: A Quick Visit... (Silv) on Mon Jun 11, 2012 6:50 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
"Bah, shirt's ruined anyway," H'lee said and stripped it off entirely before holding his elbow out for Silvara to look over. He'd gotten enough scrapes and scars - like the deep scarring that left him and Seeth unfit for regular Wing duty - to be bothered by a set of furrows in the bony part of his elbow where it stung like windblown sand and bled like crazy, but there was little damage that could be done. As long as she didn't insist on putting his arm in a sling until it healed; a bandage would be quite enough.

He watched A'lo as the boy considered the warning he'd just delivered. He sighed when the young rider made his demands. "Lad, I couldn't guarantee that they'll be kept apart, even if they weren't both being held back. Because you're all in the same Wing, the talents of their dragons might dictate that they work together. Besides, Artemis has made it quite clear that the actions were consensual on both sides, even if the outcome was not; and even if it wasn't, it's far too late to prove it one way or the other now, we'll have to take their word on it. I cannot rightfully deny him access to his child; and I won't forbid him contact with Artemis unless she so desires it."

Seeth, please tell Haranth to have her rider report to my office as soon as he's done eating.

With that, he turned to Silvara and jerked his head toward the door, indicating he wanted to speak with her privately. When they had a moment alone, he asked her, "You're absolutely certain Artemis was not violated?" He knew her empathic gift would have picked up on any negative emotions the girl had felt about the situation.

When he had his answer, he sighed again and leaned against the wall behind him. "I know you hate having anyone living close to you, especially emotionally unbalanced weyrlings, but I'm going to have to ask you to at least take Artemis in as close as you are comfortable. We can keep the rumors down by having A'lo move down nearby as well; they do at least have legitimate reasons for being near you! D'rick will be made example of; no need to tell them who the woman he got pregnant was, and it's just a matter of time before one of the weyrlings figures it out, but we can try to keep the hubbub down for a few days until the three of them have adjusted to their new reality. If we're lucky, we'll get a couple of weeks out of it."
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55 Re: A Quick Visit... (Silv) on Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:45 pm


Moderator / Master Healer
Silvara leaned back to give H'lee room to take the shirt off before leaning in and taking a look. She set to cleaning it out with a firm hand as she was still a little upset with him for the earlier outburst. She soon had it cleaned out and ointment on it and a light bandage. She like him was used to worse then this and knew that as a dragon rider he had endured more then this scratch and that it would heal find since he would not pick at it unlike some of her patients.

When he motioned for her to follow him she simply nodded standing and moving out into the hall after dropping the healing items to the side. At his question and words she sighed leaning against a near wall.

"No she was not violated. Shocked to be pregnant but no this was not forced on her. As for their living near me I will endure. I did when I lived at Benden during the time of thread I can do it again now. At least my shielding has improved even more since then. You do know that you will need to keep an eye on A'lo for a while till he settles down about all of this or D'rick with be black and blue before long which won't help anything. Other then that I do think your plan will buy us a few weeks. Also if you were wondering about aborting the infant it won't work. I did not even bother to suggest it since when I came in contact with her before I dosed her it was clear that doing so would only do more harm then good. So now we take this one step at a time. Hopefully the Gift training will help keep them from focusing on this to much."

She was rubbing the side of her head as she spoke feeling rather tired all ready. She was glad that Katriona was currently with the young-lings and once again she cursed being one of the Gifted and the only one currently who could not just teach about the Gifts but could teach how to use and control ALL of them. She would be a fair bit happier when there were others who could focus on one or another so she no longer had to do all the training.

Meanwhile Katriona carefully examined Artemis making soothing sounds as she ran her hands over the girl’s ribs, stomach and sides before shifting her hands to the young woman's back. It was as Silvara had said and she smiled softly at the youngling to reassure her.

"Everything will be all right Young one. Silv will have the charge of you since you are Gifted so you should have no more problems with dizzy spells or even nausea. Her Empathy makes it too hard on her to not ensure that those who live near her are well. Just know you can talk to her when ever you need to. Also I am betting you two will be moved to rooms near hers not only for this but for your Gifts, but you won't be the only ones. Poor thing she is the only one who can truly teach the gifts currently... well tell she can teach others enough that they can start teaching."

She shrugged slightly and leaned back before standing once again. Moving to the side of the room to make some tea and smirking at the signs that Silv had done so before. She soon returned with a nice calming draph for both Artemis and A'lo hoping to help get them to a calmer state for Silvara's sake.
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56 Re: A Quick Visit... (Silv) on Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:58 am


A'lo listened patiently to the response he got from the weyrlingmaster. There was no way he could guarantee D'rick staying away from Artemis, and even he had to agree that it wouldn't be fair to keep the guy away from the baby. Especially since he knew that Artemis would be most likely to refuse to give up the child. Lessons or no lessons, the girl was stubborn. Plus... she knew full well that she would have to repeat the lessons anyways.

By the time he went to give his new verdict to the man, however, H'lee had gone off with Silvara somewhere. He ignored it, however... after all, he knew full well that if he got a chance to... he WOULD hit D'rick... at least once.

Artemis paused, remembering something completely random. Her cousin was a healer and a weyrlingmaster... well.. assistant weyrlingmaster... but that was close enough! "Thank you," she said before watching the woman walk off. She then looked back at her twin, "I wonder how much K'then knows about this kind of stuff," she asked him.

A'lo thought about it a moment before shrugging, "I'll ask him later today, if I manage to catch up with him," he assured his twin.

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