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1 Transfer to the Academy, Part 1 on Sun Jun 10, 2012 3:33 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Just over a week after the Hatching, the new weyrlings were instructed to spend the evening after dinner packing their belongings. The next morning, they'd be moving out and going down to the Sea Hold, where they'd be catching a ship to Snowy Hold.

"It's a little earlier than we usually leave the Weyr, but we want to move while the weather holds. The spring storms are over, but the summer ones are about to start down around Southern Boll," H'lee explained. "We'll be on the ship for two weeks or so, depending on the weather."

He also explained that they were part of the "Tundra" clutch of weyrlings and that the other two present at the Academy are the "Snowflake" and "Glacier" clutches (the Snowflake clutch being the ones from Benden, who are about six months old).

The next morning, after the weyrling riders got their own breakfasts, they exited the kitchens to find a string of fifteen wagons lined up outside their barracks. Twelve of them had ramps into the beds. Each weyrling was instructed to get their dragon, stop at the middens, and then load them into the wagons, which, curiously, had no horses or oxen hitched to them. When asked about this, H'lee explained that it was easier to hitch the draft horses to the wagons after the hatchlings were loaded on and gone back to napping. "While they may be especially docile beasts, a dragon still sets them on edge."

Two of the remaining wagons were devoted to the weyrlings' belongings. The last was filled with buckets of meat for the feeding that was coming up soon. It was almost time for the dragons to eat by the time they were ready. H'lee explained that they'd be feeding the dragons on the go or they'd miss the tide and would have to wait in the Sea Hold until tomorrow morning - and he made it very clear that wasn't acceptable.

Each wagon containing a dragon also contained a seat on the side for the rider to sit on to feed his or her dragon; the driver's seat had an unusually high back and the ramps turned out to be the rear panel of the wagons. In this way, the dragons were reasonably well concealed from their equine locomotives. Once each weyrling was settled in with buckets of food, drinking water, and bathing water, H'lee gave the drivers the signal to move out, and the wagons lurched into motion, heading toward the Sea Hold.

"Don't worry about giving your dragon a full bath or oiling them right now. I know they're going to complain about being itchy; scrub and oil the spots they complain about, but don't do his or her entire body. When we get to the Sea Hold, you'll get a chance to take them into the ocean and give them a full bath and fully oil them before the board the ship."

Once the hatchlings were fed and had dozed off again, H'lee ordered the young riders out of the wagons and started them on the exercises they had missed while loading up. T'lon took over the group for a bit, keeping them in one spot until the last wagon passed them, then making them jog up past the front of the line and start again.

After an hour of this, when the weyrlings looked ready to drop from exhaustion, the bronze Assistant Weyrlingmaster loaded them back up into their wagons with water skins and a light snack. When they'd had a few minutes to rest, H'lee stood up in the front wagon, which contained Zhlucarth and his rider, and hollered at them all to stand up and start the stretching exercises he'd put them through each day before lunch since they'd Impressed.

Fifteen minutes after that, he and the other Assistants showed the weyrlings a cleverly designed seat that stuck out of the side of the wagon; the weyrling rider straddled in and it resembled (as much as wood and leather can) the seat that a dragonrider would have on the neck of his or her dragon. Then he gave Zhlucarth's rider a sandbag and instructed him to toss a sandbag (which was quite a bit lighter than the ones they'd been using) to A'lo, in the second wagon. Once they reached the end of the train, it started back up. "The goal here today is to make sure you can aim your throws rather than how big a bag you can toss. If your toss is off and the person receiving it can't catch it, you have to jump down and go get the bag, then climb back in and try again. If the toss is good and the person receiving it can't catch it, the receiving rider has to jump down and bring it back to the tosser and try again. We'll be watching each toss and will tell you who has to get it, if it's not obvious." He kept them at this for half an hour before putting them through another fifteen minutes of cool-down stretches.

By then, the hatchlings were waking up, complaining of hunger. H'lee instructed the drivers to pull over at the next spot that was big enough for all of them and pull the wagons up in a circle with the horses on the inside. Then they let the dragons out and took them across the road to a steep dropoff. After Seeth took a look and confirmed there was nothing below them, H'lee had the weyrlings all defecate over the edge before climbing back up in the wagons to eat. Most of the humans also took the opportunity to find a secluded spot to relieve themselves, as well.

After the dragons were loaded back up, the train began moving again while the young riders fed their dragons. After the buckets were emptied and put back in the wagon that had carried them, that wagon turned around and headed back to the Weyr. "There's food a-plenty down by the harbor," H'lee explained.

Although he didn't require that they do so, H'lee encouraged the youngsters to take the afternoon to practice things they'd learned: do more sandbag tossing (not necessarily on the seats like they'd done earlier - the could all stand in the wagons if they wanted), walk alongside the wagons for a while, and so on. As for himself, he took a short nap (and no doubt, the three other Assistant Weyrlingmasters did something similar). Afterward, he and his Assistants met on one of the baggage wagons and discussed the Tundra clutch, watching how they were spending their afternoon and making comments and notes about their behaviors.

They arrived at the Sea Hold just as their dragons were starting to awaken for their afternoon feeding. In a reversal of the morning's loading up, the wagoneers parked by the docks and unhitched the horses and moved them away. H'lee led the group down to a beach; when they got there, they found a small dinghy pulled up on the sand full of fish and a couple of the dragons with fresh-caught herdbeasts and wherries. H'lee instructed the weyrlings to feed their dragons about 1/3 of their meal from the fish and the rest from herdbeast or wherry. "They'll be getting almost strictly fish for much of the journey, but they've been living on herdbeast and wherry since they hatched, so it'll take a couple of days for their stomachs to adjust. We'll be getting some herdbeasts and wherries from places along the route, but for several days in the middle of the journey, we'll be too far from land to get them."

While they ate, H'lee and the other adults clambered out into the water and the adults got the first full scrub-down they'd gotten in several days. It was a bit chilly for frolicking, but the dragons were pleased, especially when one of the dolphin pods, firelizards, and fire-dragonets came to help out. When they were done eating, the Tundra weyrlings were invited into the seawater for their baths.

After bathing, all the dragons - including the adults - were oiled down from nose to tail. By the time they got back to where the wagons had been left, all of their belongings had been carried into the ship. They loaded the hatchlings into the lowest berth that had a hatch in the hull. There were large box stalls that were typically used for transporting livestock, thickly filled with straw. Each stall contained a fold-down cot (normally used by handlers or grooms traveling with runnerbeasts). All the humans' belongings were stacked in a central area, waiting to be claimed by their owners. A large trunk was set at the front of each stall.

"Find your things, pick a stall, and get settled in. After you get settled in, come find me on the foredeck."

Since I dropped the ball on this one, I'm going to try to make the number of posts as minimal as possible to rush us through it. That means my posts are going to be very long - and yours should be, too! I've listed below the things that you should touch upon in your posts ("touching upon" = at least three sentences about it!). I've also listed a few ideas for things the weyrlings could do between lunch and arriving at the Sea Hold.

Order of Dragons in Wagons
(Rhyming unintentional)
Zhlucarth; Rikraketh and A'lo; Niocth; Mccoreth and Katarina; Shimarkth; Spindath; Qancith and Kerso; Basidith; Deasirith and Fayble; Jadziath and Artemis; Haranth and Derrick; Pareilth.

Things to Post About
  1. Rousing your dragon, stopping at the middens, and loading him or her into the wagon.
  2. Feeding and scrubbing down your dragon in the wagon as you leave the Weyr.
  3. Calisthenic exercises with T'lon
  4. Sandbag toss on the sides of the wagons (every weyrling should miss at least one toss and one catch).
  5. Lunchtime for the dragons and humans.
  6. Whiling away the afternoon hours (see notes below).
  7. Your dragon's first experience eating fish.
  8. Bathing in the sea.
  9. Picking a stall, getting settled in, and reporting to H'lee on the foredeck.

Possible Afternoon Activities
  • A sing-along
  • Sandbag tossing
  • Getting to know each other
  • Napping
  • Story-telling
  • Hide and seek
  • Running along the wagons
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2 Re: Transfer to the Academy, Part 1 on Sun Jun 10, 2012 6:30 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
K'so hadn't quite come to grips with being a bluerider instead of the bronzerider he'd dreamed of. However, Qancith had a habit of quelling those thoughts with his own delusions of grandeur. They were both inordinately pleased that they were leaving the Weyr at a younger age than clutches normally did - imagining that they and their clutchsibs were somehow special, even though H'lee quite logically explained that the weather was the reason.

K'so had no idea what a "tundra" was or why they were called the Tundra group, but he didn't want to ask around to see if anyone else knew why. It would be too embarrassing to admit he didn't know something to anyone except his beloved dragon.

After they ate breakfast, the young rider had to rouse his dragon to use the middens and climb into the wagon. Qancith had quite a lot to say about such an inelegant mode of transportation, making it quite clear that if he was going to have to travel over land instead of fly, he thought he should have a fine carriage like the one the Lord Holder of Fort Hold had arrived in. However, when K'so clambered inside and held up a chunk of meat, he overcame his pride and scrambled up the ramp to eat. A few minutes later, the wagon lurched into motion, upsetting both Qancith's and K'so's seats and resulting in undignified squawks and yelps from the pair.

Don't spill it! the blue cried as the bucket of meat tilted dangerously as K'so slid off his seat. K'so grumbled and got himself and the bucket righted and resumed feeding the greedy hatchling. After the bucket was empty, K'so quickly scrubbed down Qancith's face and then let him drink his fill of the drinking water.

I itch. Aren't we supposed to get a full bath and oiling now?

"H'lee said we'll have to do that this afternoon so we can make it to the boat in time. But I have some oil. Where do you itch?"

My eyeridges, shoulders, chest, and along my ridges.

"Alright, let's see what we can do about that." K'so picked up the basket of bath water and the brush and started scrubbing briskly all along Qancith's head, chest, and back and around his wing and shoulder joints. Then he pulled out the oil pot and rubbed in the creases and dry patches in those places.

Then he was rousted out of the wagon by one of the Assistant Weyrlingmasters and climbed out and found himself with the other male dragon weyrling riders. Shortly thereafter, they were joined by the greenriders. Once all the youngsters were out of the wagons, the bronzerider T'lon ordered them to follow him and he took off at a jog along the road next to the wagons. Startled, K'so stared after him for a moment before grumbling and starting after him. He started at a walk and was passed by some of the other weyrlings before he realized that walking, he could only travel as fast as the wagons and he'd never catch the group. Muttering under his breath, he broke into a jog and caught up with the group near the front of the line of wagons. They started doing the calisthenic exercises, doing push-ups and sit-ups until the last wagon passed them. Then T'lon made them jog to the front of the line and started over. This repeated almost a dozen times and when K'so thought he couldn't do anymore, T'lon dismissed them to return to their wagons.

K'so found scrambling aboard the moving wagon less than enjoyable, especially given his physical condition at that moment of time. However, the skin of water and travel ration he found waiting for him were quite welcome. He leaned against the board on the front of the wagon and dozed for a bit when suddenly a thump on the side of the wagon by his head roused him with a start. "Stretching exercises, lad, up, up!" As he worked through the stretches, he realized he'd stiffened up a bit after the earlier workout and then sitting in this hard wagon seat.

Then he was shown the seat on the side of the wagon and instructed to sit on it with his back against the side. He blanched at the idea of tossing a sandbag from this precarious position. But he obediently watched the others tossing it his way. Spindath's rider held it for a long moment, trying to find a safe position from which to toss it before flinging it at K'so. The throw wasn't terrible, but it was a little high and smacked K'so right in shoulder. As he tried to twist to catch it, he rolled over the side of the seat and squealed, catching at the seat, finding himself hanging upside down on the seat as the sandbag rolled under the next wagon.

Spindath's rider was told to go fetch the sandbag and K'so found a pair of hands helping him right his seat. The Assistant Weyrlingmaster chided the other weyrling gently, saying they'd both gotten a taste of exactly what would happen if they hit another rider in the shoulder with a loaded bag of firestone. The next throw was better aimed and K'so managed to catch it without losing his seat. As quickly as possible, he tossed the small packet off to Basidith's rider - only to miss by a wide margin and have to jump off to fetch the bag and try again. The third time, he finally got it into the proper vicinity of the green weyrling and was able to rest while the bag navigated the rest of the train and then started back up.

He wasn't truly paying attention when it came his way again and while it landed squarely on the seat in front of him, it skipped across before he could catch it. Mentally mocking the Assistant Weyrlingmaster who scolded him for not paying attention, he jumped down and handed it off to the greenrider before scrambling back into his seat. This time he was prepared, but the greenrider's aim was off this time. Finally, it got thrown to him and he threw it up to Spindath's rider. His aim this time was better because he was throwing with his dominant hand, although it was, perhaps, a little close to the blue weyrling's head for true comfort. But the weyrling caught it and passed it up the way.

On the next couple of passes, they all got better and soon they were making the pass up and down the line without dropping it and gaining speed. K'so was actually surprised to find he was rather enjoying it, now that he'd figured out how to wrap his legs around his seat to keep himself balanced without using his hands at all. Of course, just as they were starting to have fun, the exercise was halted and they went back to stretching. It felt intensely good since his legs were feeling rather cramped from trying to keep his balance - something he hadn't noticed while he was working.

By then Qancith was awake and they were pulling into a turnout and told to unload and take the dragons to the far side of the road. Qancith complained about how it was undignified to defecate over the edge of a cliff. "Well, it's not THAT much different that the middens! Just taller and more exposed."

Exactly. When they climbed back in the wagon and found a bucked of meat waiting, Qancith chirruped happily and raised his front end up so he could eat comfortably.

Another small pail was waiting for him, containing a healthy lunch - a hefty sandwich filled with wherry meat, a spicy cheese, lettuce, and tomato slices. There was also an orange in the box; on consulting with Spindath's and Basidith's riders, he found that they had the same things. There was also another skin of water. K'so found the meal very tasty and the water refreshing.

He also found himself very sleepy afterward. He'd not yet gotten used to this schedule of getting up three times a night to feed Qancith, and quite often found himself working to not fall asleep at lessons or over meals. Given the opportunity now, he gratefully took it and found a reasonably comfortable position nestled against Qancith's side.

However, although the position was reasonably comfortable, after about an hour he woke feeling an ache in various places that were no longer comfortable. He groaned and decided some of the stretching exercises were in order, which he did before peering out of the wagon to see what everyone else was up to. He noticed that Spindath's, Shimarkth's, and Pareilth's riders had started up a game of dragon poker in Shimarkth's wagon and decided to join them in that endeavor. Shimarkth seemed to be more or less in charge of the game, even though he was sleepy, and kept suggesting bets through his rider.

This kept them occupied up until their dragons started waking up as they neared the Sea Hold, complaining of hunger. K'so scrambled back up into his wagon with Qancith until they arrived at the docks. Qancith complained bitterly at the delay waiting for the horses to be unhitched and led away. Then they reached the beach and there was food!

K'so wrinkled his nose at the fish, somewhat surprised that it didn't really smell fishy. It was slimy, however, and his first attempt at feeding one to Qancith resulted in the fish - which were small enough to be fed whole to the dragons - landing in the sand.

I am NOT eating that! Gritty sand is not tasty. K'so rolled his eyes and tried another one instead. This one cooperated a little better and he was able to feed it to Qancith. Ew. Slimy. But other than the slime, it tastes okay, Qancith said. Is there any way to get rid of the slime?

"I don't think so, Qanc." The blue pouted.

They watched the adult dragons lounging about in the water. K'so had never gone swimming in the sea, so he couldn't answer Qancith's questions about what it was like. So instead, he said, "Well, soon as you're done eating, let's go find out!" They hurried through the rest of the meal and then plunged into the waves.

They were both surprised at how buoyant the water was. It was quite chilly, too, but the sudden touch of a dolphin and the descent of helping firelizards and fire-dragonets convinced K'so it was safe enough. Qancith rumbled with delight as his tiny cousins' claws reached places that his rider's larger fingers couldn't, causing funny little waves and splashes around his body. K'so laughed and splashed water at his dragon's face. Qancith returned in kind with a flick of his tail, which also splashed some of the other nearby weyrlings. Pretty soon, the others had started flicking water at each other and a water fight was breaking out.

It was over all too soon as the Weyrlingmasters shooed them out of the water and off to oil their dragons. Qancith practically purred through the entire oiling. I hope we don't have to put off our oiling again in the future. That was unpleasant.

After the dragons were oiled, they were led up into the deck where they'd be staying for the next fortnight. Both K'so and Qancith scowled at the lack of privacy in their accommodations. There were curtains draped across the front of the stalls, and the sides themselves were solid and tall enough not to see over, but it still lacked the privacy they'd become accustomed to in the barracks.

I am NOT sleeping, Qancith protested firmly. I want cushions and pillows, not...not...common straw that any HORSE would be bedded down in!

K'so was becoming accustomed to his dragon's demands and had already thought of a solution. "Turn around you ninny. And don't look!" When he'd turned around, his rider took one of the stalls against the hull where they had a full wall along one side and grabbed a couple of the blankets, which he draped over the straw and tucked the ends in around to look like a giant mattress. "Okay, Qanc. How's this suit?"

The blue eyed his handiwork and allowed how it was marginally acceptable. He also allowed as to how he was quite sleepy and couldn't he go to sleep now? K'so obliged and got out of the way, letting the young dragon trample into the stall, curl up, and pass out. He then stuffed his couple of rucksacks of belongings into the provided trunk before heading up toward the top of the ship. Of course, he had no idea where the foredeck was and finally had to ask one of the sailors for directions. He found H'lee and the Assistant Weyrlingmasters as well as some of the other weyrlings already there when he arrived - either they had known where to go, or their dragons hadn't given them as much trouble as Qanc had given him. Probably the latter.
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3 Re: Transfer to the Academy, Part 1 on Sun Jun 10, 2012 8:21 pm


Artemis & A’lo – Previous night

The twins were actually choosing to sit together as they set about eating their supper and then listening to H’lee’s blurb. They then excitedly began to discuss things before parting to go their separate ways, Rik and Jazz both soundly asleep in their respective barracks. The twins, during this point in time, set about getting all of their things packed up and ready to go. When done, they went to sleep, knowing that they would have an early start the next day.

Artemis – Next morning

Artemis had managed to fall asleep without any issues the night before, and awoke early the next morning to them announcing it being that time. With that in mind, she quickly set about getting ready to leave, moving down to feed both her dragon and herself. They needed the food, after all! “You ready to go, Jazzy?” she asked her dragon before they left the barracks and headed to eat, sitting next to her brother.

A’lo – Next morning

A’lo had taken a little longer to fall asleep the night before, thinking about the trip ahead and wondering just what it would be like over at the Northern Weyrling Academy. The next morning, as a result, the young man was slightly more tired than expected. However, he knew what was important and quickly set about getting ready for the day. “C’mon, Rik, best go get some breakfast,” he said with a yawn before heading out to sit next to his sister and eat.

Artemis and A’lo – After Breakfast

The twins listened to the instructions before directing their respective dragons to go to the middens. Once both were relieved, they headed back to their riders. ~A’lo-mine, I itch,~ Rikraketh complained to his bonded at the same time that Jadziath demanded her rider oil her hide as it itched.

The two explained to their dragons that they couldn’t before asking where it was worse. When done, they headed to their respective wagons before setting about cleaning and oiling those specific spots. When done, the hatchlings went to sleep and each weyrling got out and went to their respective groups before following through with the warm-ups.

When instructed to use the hidden ‘seats’ on the side of each wagon, the twins went to their respective once and took a seat. Once seated, they listened before A’lo found himself catching a saddlebag from Zhlucarth’s rider, as part of a demonstration. With the activity understood, he threw the bag, getting it wrong the first time and hitting Niocth’s leg with the bag instead. With a swift apology, he darted down (choosing to take the blame) and picked the bag up before trying once more. This time it smoothly sailed and was caught by the brown weyrling.

Further down the line, Artemis found herself missing a catch from Fayble, quickly darting down from the seat to give it back to the other girl and head back to her seat. The second try she managed to catch the bag before she turned and threw a rather clumsy pass to D’rick. When the bag came back her way, she managed to catch it, but missed the toss to Fayble before darting down to grab it once more and hurry back to her place. This time she managed to properly throw it to the other girl.

A’lo waited for it to get back down the line to him, as Niocth’s threw the bag to him it hit his hand and then fell to the ground, causing him to yelp in pain when it bent his finger the wrong way. After a few curses, he darted down (flexing his finger along the way) and picked it up before giving it back to the brown weyrling. The second try he managed to catch the bag and toss it neatly to Zhlucarth’s. From then on the twins managed to successfully (if sometimes sloppily) catch and throw the saddlebag.

When done, they went through with the cool-down exercises before being called by their young dragons to announce that they were hungry. Rik and Jazz both went to the middins. When done they were returned to the wagons so they could eat their fills from the buckets. When full, the two settled back to sleep, allowing their riders to begin their ‘leisurely’ afternoon.

Artemis – Afternoon

Artemis had debated on how to spend her time when she finally decided on taking a nice stroll along the side of the wagons. She found herself enjoying the company of her brother and Parelith’s rider as well, the three of them simply chatting and enjoying the chance to relax. Roughly 20 minutes into the walk, the other girl decided to go do something else. This left the twins to enjoy their stroll until an hour later… when A’lo excused himself from the walk so that he could meet his dragon’s demands for dragon poker. Artemis figured that was a good point in time for her to go settle down for her own nap. She was starting to feel rather exhausted and easily climbed into the wagon before falling asleep.

A’lo – Afternoon

A’lo had been enjoying the walk with his sister until Rik woke up and prodded him to learn what was going on. At the mention of Dragon Poker, the lad found himself explaining the game (as far as his own understanding went) to the dragon before it was DEMANDED that the boy go play. Thus, A’lo apologized to his sister before going to do as commanded. By the time he go there, K’so was already playing and he greeted his friend with a nod, deciding that he would spend some time at that game. Although he had to share with his dragon EVERY SINGLE DETAIL! Sharding beast was bound and determined to learn the game… regardless of his ability to see the cards.

Artemis & A’lo – Sea Hold

When they reached the hold, Artemis was still asleep… and ended up with A’lo waking her. The two of them quickly set about following H’lee down to the dinghy. After listening to the instructions, they got the meals set aside for their dragons and started feeding them. Jazz complained a little at the texture…. Rik gobbled up the fish like it was a delicacy he just couldn’t get enough of. Although… A’lo DID force him to keep things semi-slow to prevent choking and to remind the bronze that he had to learn how to eat the fish without making himself sick.
Once finished feeding, the two of them led their hatchlings into the water and began bathing them. This continued until they were completely scrubbed clean, before they got their much needed oiling. Both hatchlings crooning their delight as the oils soaked into their itchy hides and made them feel better.

Artemis – On the Ship

Once Artemis made it onto the ship and was directed to find her own stall to sleep in, she wandered with Jazz. In the end she found one a couple stalls over from K’so (her brother having chosen the one in between them). The green tested the straw to decide how comfortable it would be, once decided… she curled up and promptly went to sleep, leaving Artemis to lug her gear over to the stall. When settled, Artemis left her sleeping dragon and headed up to the foredeck to meet H’lee.

A’lo – On the Ship

Once on the ship, A’lo found himself looking at the various stalls. His bronze walked promptly over to the stall next to the one that K’so had chosen before he curled up on the straw. ~We should get some of this stuff, mine. It is quite comfortable~ the bronze commented, enjoying the feel of the straw under him before he went to sleep.

A’lo chuckled at the bronze as he started lugging his belongings over, once done he too joined H’lee on the foredeck. Although he was perhaps a moment or so behind his twin.

4 Re: Transfer to the Academy, Part 1 on Sun Jun 17, 2012 12:07 pm


((I'll expand and add in all the necessary little bits later, hopefully tonight.))

Kat and Mccoreth were a little surprised to be hearing they'd be leaving for the Academy early. Not that Kat had any complaints though Mccoreth certainly did. Though the sight of his wagon lined with cushions and hay helped appease him a little bit. Though when the cushions got wet from his scrubbing he complained a little until sleep overcame him.

While Mccoreth napped, Kat participated in the exercises enjoying the run quite a bit. When it came to the sandbag toss, however, she cursed both Nicoth's rider and his poor throwing and her own failed throws or catches which resulted in her needing to go fetch the blasted sandbag. She was grateful when Mccoreth woke and the wagons were stopped as was Mccoreth who happily scrambled free and stretched out before joining his siblings at the cliff to relieve himself (while Kat herself slipped off to find a quite spot for the same). After much coaxing he was back on his wagon, complaining bitterly about it while Kat massaged his sore joints.

Once Mccoreth had dozed off, Kat left off her massage and joined Nicoth and Zhulucarth's riders in jogging up and down the carts, slowing to a companionable walk and just general chit-chat and getting to know one another until they reached the hold. Mccoreth was quite happy to be done with the wagon and took his time getting down to the beach, where he promptly turned his nose up at the fish and demanded herdbeast instead. Kat aquiesed and at least fed him the herdbeast first though did try and convince him to at least have a little of the fish. It wasn't really as bad as it looked.

They spent a bit of extra time in the sea since Mccoreth enjoyed the feeling of the water on his sore joints, moving away from the water fight that broke out because Mccoreth was annoyed. They were shooed out to have the dragons oiled and then herded onto the boat. Kat motioned to the stall farthest down, where they'd be less likely to be disturbed by having neighbors on both sides, and after promising that he'd get more straw to lie on, Kat had Mccoreth settled and headed off to meet H'lee and her fellow weyrlings.

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