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1 Passing on the News (K'then) on Wed Jun 13, 2012 5:50 pm


It had been one stressful morning as far as Artemis was concerned. She had learned only that morning that she was not only one of the gifted weyrlings (able to see where things were in the present time), but also that she was about 2 months pregnant and would have to take things easy. As it was, she was already feeling rather exhausted and found herself sound asleep on the bed she had been sitting on for the vast majority of the morning.

Her twin had taken the hatchlings off to get them fed and settled down for naps. In fact, the bond with his sister had allowed him to more easily convince Jazz that it was best for her rider if Artemis was allowed to sleep for the rest of the day. Or at least a portion of it. Thus he had gone earlier (once H'lee and Silvara were done talking to them) to complete these tasks.

Once done with settling the hatchlings down for their nap, he set about getting lunch for himself and his twin before heading back to the infirmary... half hoping to find his cousin there...

2 Re: Passing on the News (K'then) on Mon Jun 18, 2012 10:02 pm


K'then had been in the infirmary for awhile, unawares that his two youngest cousins were there as well, tending to one of the Snowflake weyrlings. The young bluerider had made a bad catch during their sandbag toss and sprained his wrist. Though he'd managed to both catch and toss the bag, K'then had spotted the injury and brought him to the infirmary to be checked in case it was broke. It wasn't but K'then had wrapped the wrist and banned the lad from participating in the sandbag tosses for the next couple days until the swelling went down and he could be sure no further damage would be done. He'd spent the rest of his time writing up a report of sorts to send to H'lee so the weyrlingmaster knew what had happened.

As it was, he was on his way out to give his report to H'lee when A'lo was heading back in. "A'lo? What are you doing here?" He questioned, glancing at the food he was carrying and giving his cousin a curious look. Two plates meant he was bringing food for someone else. It being A'lo meant that someone was probably Artemis. Since he had little contact with the Tundra Werylings outside of when H'lee asked him to help (and the Snowflake Weyrlings weren't in training at the time) he didn't hear all that much about them until around dinner when all the weyrlingmasters got a chance to sit and discuss the happenings of the day.

3 Re: Passing on the News (K'then) on Tue Jun 19, 2012 6:17 am


A'lo paused when he spotted K'then, and felt a little relieved. He knew that Artemis would want the bronzerider's help through all of this mess. "Artemis has been feeling sick lately and we found out today that she's pregnant. That D'rick tricked her into breaking the rules and he seduced her!" he explained to his cousin, feeling rather peeved about all this. After he was done with that portion, he paused and remembered the rest. "Oh, and we learned that Arty has something called farsight and I have something called foresight..." the boy watched his cousin, knowing his twin was likely sleeping.

4 Re: Passing on the News (K'then) on Wed Jun 20, 2012 3:52 pm


K'then had, admittedly, been expecting more of an explanation than what he got from A'lo. And what the younger Bronzerider had to say was shock enough that he didn't really need much more of an explanation. But it only took a moment for his healer training to kick in and he motioned for A'lo to continue on to wherever he'd been going with the food. "Okay, slow down a bit and start from the beginning. What do you mean Weyrling D'rick tricked Artemis and seduced her?" With no other story to go from he'd have to get his information from A'lo and, perhaps, talk to H'lee later if he didn't already know. Though he suspected the Weyrlingmaster had already been told if Artemis had already been 'diagnosed'.

That questioned asked, he could focus on the other information A'lo had given him. "Farsight and foresight you say? Sounds like Silvara's territory to me. From what I can hear she's taken an interest in what they've been calling 'gifted' youngsters. You'll be in good hands with her." Was all he could offer on the matter. Not being gifted himself, it wasn't something he could help with.

5 Re: Passing on the News (K'then) on Wed Jun 20, 2012 4:23 pm


A'lo started walking again as his cousin directed before he took a deep breath and looked at the man. "Artemis has been rather sick lately, and I guess today she finally decided to see Silvara about it. She's pregnant, K'then... and it's D'rick's fault! He seduced her and caused all this trouble!" he explained to the bronzerider and tried his hardest not to turn and go pound the greenweyrling into the ground for what he'd done to Arty.

As he heard the rest of it, he nodded. "Yeah. We've already talked to Silvara about that. She's moving us closer to the infirmary so that we can do our lessons and she can keep a better eye on Artemis," he explained to his cousin before glancing towards his sister's bed as they neared it. The girl was still passed out and A'lo set the food down to prepare to wake his twin.

6 Re: Passing on the News (K'then) on Sun Jun 24, 2012 5:04 pm


While they walked, K'then thought back on the events of the morning and it was no surprise what had happened earlier in the day. The injury the weyrling he'd been tending to earlier had happened because all the dragons were in a tizzy about something and their riders had been distracted. It had been no surprise at all that someone had been hurt. And that must have been when H'lee had found out about Artemis and set Seeth off first. A'lo's words brought him back to the present and he nodded. "Yes I got that part A'lo but you said D'rick tricked her. What makes you think he tricked her into something?" He understood seducing but since H'lee hadn't gone off and wrung D'rick's neck Artemis had been willing to be seduced.

He placed a calming hand on A'lo's shoulder as they neared Artemis's room and nodded at his response to the other part of the news. "Seems like a fair plan to me. She can keep a better eye on you two there." Silvara's teaching of the gifts was something that was beyond him but he knew she'd take good care of them. "I'm sure H'lee already said this but you leave D'rick alone. I know you're close to your sister and all but it'll cause more problems if you go looking for trouble. H'lee will deal with him in whatever manner he sees fit. You need to focus more on keeping your emotions in check so you don't upset that little Bronze of yours." He instructed, hoping A'lo wouldn't do anything foolish.

7 Re: Passing on the News (K'then) on Sun Jun 24, 2012 5:36 pm


A'lo paused, "K'then, my sister has never even so much as looked at guys because she has duties elsewhere. Why would she have ignored her duty driven attitude now when it could cause so many more problems than ever before?" He clearly could see no other way. It was his twin, and she would NEVER place pleasure above duty.

However, when they entered the room, he nodded. "H'lee already told me that if I do anything to D'rick then it would result in me sharing in their punishment... but, I don't know how well I'll be able to hold back if I see him anytime soon," he admitted to his cousin before walking into the room and setting the plate down.

Gently he shook Artemis awake, "Arty, the foods here. And so is K'then," he told her in a soft voice.

The girl groaned in protest, but slowly opened her eyes.. more so when she realized that her cousin was there. "K'then? How come you're here?" she asked, realizing a second later how silly (and potentially stupid) that question was. After all, anyone who learned that their cousin was in the infirmary would likely want to see them and whatnot... the fact that her cousin was also a healer... well... it made it doubly certain that he could be in there!

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