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1 Transfer to the Academy, Part 2 on Mon Jun 18, 2012 1:40 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Sorry, cramming two weeks' worth of ocean travel into one post to get us through to the Academy more-or-less on time...

Part 1 - Days 1-4
When the weyrlings arrived on the foredeck, they found H'lee with a map tacked out on a table. Although it was warmer here than at the Weyr, the breeze cutting across the deck as the ship's sails unfurled and began tugging the ship out to sea raised goosebumps on the man's arms, which were bare. He grinned at the weyrlings, "When you've traveled between as often as I have, this little nip in the air will feel like nothing."

He had them all crowd around the table while he pointed out their route to Snowy Hold. He explained that they put in at Snowy because it was a shorter distance from that Hold to the Academy than from Aurora. He also indicated a specific point on the map, just past Tillek Hold. "At that point, we'll not be able to get fresh herdbeast or wherry until we near Snowy Hold. Weather permitting, that should only be 3-4 days of the trip."

After answering any questions about their route, the First Mate of the Gypsy Guernsey requested their attention and demonstrated the harnesses that they were, as of this moment, required to wear and handed out harnesses to each of them. "If you're a Senior Journeyman sailor or fisher, show your credentials to me and you don't have to wear the harness. Everyone else has to wear it!" H'lee clipped his riding straps in. The ties clipped to a metal rail that ran around the inside of every railing on the ship; at each place where the rail was attached to the frame, a short strap was placed. When navigating the ship, the weyrlings would need to stop, clip this strap to their harness, then unclip the longer strap from the rail and move it past the bracer. Fortunately, the bracers were few and far between; the point was they were to be attached to the ship any time they were on the deck, although they didn't have to wear the harness and clips when below deck. The First Mate also demonstrated the lifeboats to the. "Your Weyrlingmaster will explain what is done about your dragons in the event that these need to be used."

H'lee took them below deck to the deck where their dragons were stationed and showed them that the doors slid back. "Each day when you bathe your dragons, you'll open this, put on your harness and your dragons will also be harnessed and tethered." He indicated the harnesses that hung next to each stall. "The ship will slow, although it won't stop completely or we'll lose headway. You will get inside these rowboats, two to a boat, so four of you can bathe at a time. The boats are tied to the ship, as your dragons will be, so you will be being towed along a bit. Your harness will be attached to the boat."

By now, a couple of weyrlings were looking a little green. "For those who aren't up to climbing out, your dragons can go ahead and go for a dip, then climb back in to be scrubbed as often as needed to get them clean. Everyone WILL be harnessed and attached to either the hooks by the doors or stalls or to the rowboats during bath time. If you fall out the doors, you'll be so far behind the ship before anyone can react that it'll be extremely difficult for us to find you again."

With that, he led the weyrlings down a deck to get buckets of meat - including fish - for their now-hungry weyrlings. Hard to believe that boarding and getting briefed on the ship would take so long. Before H'lee left, he produced a large bag of something that looked like candies. "If you get to feeling seasick, take one of these and chew on it. They taste like something a Healer would make - and they are - but they'll settle your stomachs. I'd also recommend staying horizontal on your bunks as much as possible until you get used to the routine and the motion of the ship. I don't expect you to eat as much the first couple of days until you get used to it. For those of you who are able to eat, food's in the galley and will be ready by the time you feed your starving friends."

A few hours later, he reappeared to take the weyrlings down to get more food for their dragons. "Oil your dragons and get yourselves to sleep. I'll be waking you again in a few more hours for your midnight feeding, if your dragons haven't woken you already! Tomorrow morning, we'll hit the galley for breakfast and then resume your regular lessons."

For the next four days, H'lee roused them at midnight, 3am, and 6am, as was their normal routine. He ushered them off to the galley for breakfast and made even the nauseous ones eat a small piece of jerky and a biscuit. He didn't push them hard during their exercises and oversaw their bathing routine, helping out those who were seasick. Again at lunch, he made everyone eat at least a little. The afternoon classes were quite tame compared to some of what they'd reviewed back that the Weyr; the observant would realize that covering gory injuries and internal organs would likely make those who were already nauseous feel even more sick.

They reached Southern Boll around mid-morning on the second day. The next two days were spent getting around the cape below that Hold.

Part 2 - Days 5-10
The morning after they rounded the cape, the day dawned with a brilliant red sky. Someone muttered the old adage, Red sky at morning, sailors take warning. H'lee overheard, though he didn't identify the speaker, and acknowledged the statement. "Too true. We'll do as much exercise as possible, but then we'll all get below deck."

The squall that hit them seemed to toss the boat about like a toy in a bathtub. H'lee recommended those who were most affected strap themselves to their bunks and stay put. He and any weyrlings not affected by the storm gave the dragons a bucket scrub rather than their usual baths and oiled them until all the dragons had been taken care of. H'lee spotted a few instances of thicktail starting, too. When he found the first one, he explained, "Dragons can get seasick, too, but it doesn't usually come out the end it went in!" He made these dragons come to one of the doors, which he opened only as wide as necessary to get their tails out. He showed all those who were still on their feet how to massage the tail to trigger a purge; since they'd all been fed precise portions and were on a strict schedule, they hadn't had any cases of thicktail at the Weyr.

The squall passed them by in about two hours, but when getting their bearings afterward, the Captain found they'd been pushed south despite their best efforts. It cost them half a day's sailing to make up the lost ground. No further major delays were encountered until they reached Tillek Hold.

Part 3 - Days 11-15
In Tillek, they lost another half-day of sailing in port as cargo from Fort was unloaded and cargo bound for Snowy loaded. They set sail again under clear evening skies.

Four days into this trek, humans and dragons alike were getting tired of fish. However, they'd been joined by a pod of dolphins who played with the youngsters in the water and provided entertainment for the humans. That evening, a glow lit the sky to the southwest of them. One dolphin leaped from the water and rang the ship bell with a loud clang. The Captain and First Mate rushed to one of the lifeboats and put over; a few minutes later they came back up, looking grim. "One of the Western Isles blew her top, that's what the glow's from. We'll be in for a massive tidal wave. Sorry, H'lee, but this is going to hold you up at least a day. The dolphins will let us know when the wave's approaching so we can get turned into it. Best get your youngsters below and batten down the hatches tight behind you."

If the weyrlings thought they'd been tossed about by the squall, the tidal wave was at least as bad, but in a different way. Instead of repeated up and down, side to side motions, this started as a gradual tilt toward the stern of the ship, followed by a long moment where all sensation of motion stopped, with a final plummet that seemed as though the ship was turned vertically up on its prow, like they were diving straight for the seabed. Even H'lee looked ill and clamped his teeth around a scream; not all the weyrlings were as stoic. Then a shudder caused every beam in the ship to creak and the ship wallowed frighteningly to one side before righting herself.

One of the deckhands appeared a few minutes later. "That was the worst one, but there are at least four more behind it. Captain's going to try to make some headway going south."

H'lee explained why they were moving away from Snowy: "If we move west, we run the risk of being thrown onto one of the other Isles during another of these waves. South, closer to the source, and the waves will be smaller." His voice sounded faint.

The next six waves were repetitions of the first, although by the end of the fourth one, they no longer felt the shudder at the bottom of the dropped and were no longer in danger of capsizing. At that point, the Captain himself came down to reassure the group that the worst was over. "We've been pushed pretty far north. I think we can get in behind one of the Isles and ride out the rest in the lee of land. Hopefully, the Isles broke the worst of the waves and Snowy won't have gotten too battered."

Part 4 - Days 16-17
After riding out the rest of the tidal waves in the lee of one of the larger islands, they limped into port on the morning of their 17th day out. One of the timbers in the lowest deck had cracked under the strain and the weyrlings had been recruited to help bail every couple of hours. Their regular classes and duties, outside of feeding and oiling their dragons, were suspended for the last two days of the trip.

T'lon and several other Assistant Weyrlingmasters were waiting for them at the docks; their dragons could be seen off away to the side with ropes dangling from their sides and claws as they helped move wreckage and debris from the tidal wave. Their human partners helped unload the young dragons and their riders before directing them to an empty, but toasty-warm, barn. The riders were strongly encouraged to get their dragons settled in and then help out around the Hold wherever their skills were needed; however, H'lee said those who were ill or injured were not required to assist. With that statement, he went off with Seeth to see what they could do to help; as a healer and rider, he was in high demand.
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2 Re: Transfer to the Academy, Part 2 on Mon Jun 18, 2012 7:16 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Part 1
K'so, having grown up in Southern Boll, which had mild winters and was quite warm by comparison, found the breeze to be quite chilly; however, he'd been cold ever since they left the Weyr and hadn't taken off his coat yet, so he just hunkered down into it some more, looking like some strange turtle. He didn't find H'lee's comment amusing or reassuring.

"Can't we just sail to the Academy?" he asked. "No, you wherryhead. The Academy's not close enough to the ocean to sail to," one of the other weyrlings, who had less patience with K'so than some, explained caustically. K'so scowled at the other weyrling.

He started to protest the harness and straps - they'd been moving out of the harbor for the last several minutes and he hadn't felt the least bit concerned about losing his balance. Just then, though, they came past the breakwaters and the choppier sea made the ride bumpier and he decided not to argue. He also soon found that the rougher seas made him feel unbalanced, which translated into a sour stomach. He did his best to ignore it as they were shown how their dragons would be bathe.

He was really feeling ill by the time H'lee took them to get food for their dragons, and the smell and sight of the raw meats was overmuch for his senses. He spied an empty bucket on the floor and staggered to it, losing what was left of his lunch. Afterward, he just slumped on the floor, trying to figure out why, after the last week of chopping and feeding the raw meat to Qancith, he would suddenly get sick at the sight of it. He felt someone press something into his hand and looked at a gummy stick. "Nuh-uh," he said, trying to shove it back at the person who gave it to him. Someone said it would settle his stomach so, despite the fact that putting anything in his mouth sounded vile, he did so. And H'lee was right - it did taste like some concoction the Healers would cook up. But whoever shoved it at him was right, too - it did settle his stomach and cleared the foul taste from his mouth. After a minute, the taste settled to something more palatable; ginger, he realized: he was chewing on a piece of caramelized ginger.

With his stomach settled and his eyes only seeing one ladder leading back up, he looked and found that all the buckets had been taken up. Afraid that Qancith had missed out on being fed he stood up to quickly and had to catch himself. I'm glad your stomach is feeling better. I would not have liked being unable to eat MY dinner because you lost yours. That was an unpleasant sensation. You should keep some of those sticks with you, I don't want to feel that again. And I've been fed already. You should probably try to eat something now, too. I heard someone say where the galley is...

K'so decided that food didn't sound at all appealing and opted for stretching out on his bunk like a couple of the others had done. Someone brought biscuits to them later and K'so nibbled on it, but mostly he kept chewing on the ginger sticks.

This time, he didn't get sick when he got food for Qancith and was able to feed his dragon with only the slightest sensation of nausea. Oiling the blue, with the scented oil that Qancith had insisted on having, helped as well. Having an excuse to touch the dragon made him more solid to K'so and helped settle his mind and stomach further; he spent an unusually long time oiling the hatchling, so long in fact that Qancith, for all his narcissistic ways, started trying to hurry him along so they could both sleep.

K'so kept a small pouch of the ginger sticks on his belt and was pretty much constantly chewing on one. The flavor clashed badly with the fare they were served, but it beat not being able to keep any food down at all.

He wasn't at all comfortable with climbing out of the ship, so Qancith had to go out, get wet, and come back in to get bathed. However, it also gave the blue an excuse to get into the water more than once per bath, which he didn't mind at all, especially when they got to the warmer waters around the cape.

Part 2
For all that K'so thought he had his seasickness under control, the squall tore all of that away. He strapped himself face down on his bunk and tied a bucket underneath and eventually gave up on the ginger sticks, just focusing on surviving. As a result, Qancith was exceedingly uncomfortable as well, and was one of the dragons exhibiting the early signs of thicktail. Someone - neither dragon nor rider could later say who - took care of feeding the young blue.

K'so was unconscious by the time the storm blew past and Qancith was grateful. He could tell there was nothing seriously wrong with his rider other than a TERRIBLY empty stomach and a headache. Of course, with his rider unconscious, there was nothing keeping his physical and emotional state from overflowing onto the dragon, who creeled unhappily and finally fell into an uneasy sleep.

K'so's hunger woke him finally, several hours (and a couple dragon feedings) later. Qancith complained at him and told him to get one of his sticks and then get something to eat and something for his head because Qancith wanted to sleep in peace! Grimacing as his dragon's complaints worsened his headache, K'so did just that; his insanely empty stomach seemed to deal well with the food he put in it, at least until he'd made his way back down to the stall he and Qancith shared, but by then, he'd started on a ginger chew and was more than willing to curl up and sleep.

He skipped the next few days' lessons and exercises for the most part; nor was he the only one. H'lee did make them eat, and made them do some exercising, but he really was going easy on them.

Part 3
K'so and Qancith took the opportunity when they were in port to get off the boat and just sit on the sand for a while - something that wasn't moving. K'so considered a dip in the waters, but decided they were much too cold, although Qancith had no such qualms. The blue did, however, have a complaint about his inguinal creases and armpits - they were very dry and itchy. On inspection, K'so discovered what H'lee had warned them about: the seawater would reveal any places that were dangerously dry and cracking that would harm their dragons in the cold of between. He spent extra time carefully brushing those spots and layering they with oil.

With the brief respite in Tillek, K'so had once again decided he about had his seasickness under control. He watched Qancith playing with the dolphins and felt how pleased the blue was at their attentions.

Qancith was, however, beginning to complain about the fish. K'so had stopped eating the fresher food the galley provided and was sticking to the herdbeast and wherry jerky (which he judiciously shared with Qancith) and biscuits. Everything else smelled and tasted of fish at this point.

Then came the bad news: a tidal wave. K'so had never seen one before, but he'd heard the horror stories his father had told of the aftermath of one in a seahold in Southern Boll: how fish had been found trapped in trees; boats left high and dry many dragonlengths from the nearest beach; how the beach itself changed its form, completely eroding away in one spot and becoming long and shallow in another that had once been a drop-off. Of course, those horror stories were nothing compared to the gut-wrenching plummet they experienced on the first wave. K'so wasn't alone in screaming fearfully - nor was Qancith. Neither was the blue the only one to pitch forward against the front of the stall he was in when the directional change came so abruptly. The terrified shrieks of human and dragon alike resounded in the deck, drowning out the clamor of the warning bells they'd been hearing from above. Strangely, though, the sensation didn't bring seasickness with it, at least not for K'so. It was nauseating, but not in the same way as the seasickness.

"FOUR MORE?!" he wailed when they heard the news. He momentarily considered making for one of the lifeboats with Qancith, but then decided that the tiny rowboats probably couldn't withstand whatever was going on outside. He didn't care what H'lee said at that point, he just wanted it to stop.

After six, he was relieved to hear that they were going to seek shelter from the rest. With the return of "normal" sailing, his seasickness had returned. He curled up in a ball and managed to doze off and on for the next several hours. Qancith did the same.

Part 4
K'so had a hard time helping bail the bilge water out of the bottom of the ship; he'd discovered when they all finally crept out of their bunks after the tidal waves had passed that he'd managed to pull a few muscles. He had a stitch in one side, a wrenched shoulder, and one calf had a tendency to cramp at the most inopportune moments. H'lee told him that moving around would help the leg, but not the shoulder and back/side, so he ended up walking up and down the bottom of the boat to see if they'd bailed enough water out each time.

Given that, he was set to running errands when they got to Snowy Hold. He wasn't to lift or carry anything heavier than a map case, but he could take messages to and fro. After an hour or so, though, the stitch in his side started making him limp and he was shooed off to be with Qancith for a while. He curled up in the pile of straw next to the blue and was soon fast asleep.
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3 Re: Transfer to the Academy, Part 2 on Mon Jun 18, 2012 9:45 pm


Part 1
Kat shivered at the breeze on the foredeck and huddled into her jacket a little more, glowering at H'lee's glib remark about between. She knew Mccoreth wouldn't be pleased when he learned there wouldn't be anything other than fish available for a few days of the trip but figured he'd eat it if he got hungry enough. She was half tempted to refuse the harness but having seen the vast expanse of the ocean laid out before her while she'd bathed Mccoreth, she didn't fancy an unplanned swim and grudgingly tethered herself to the boat as instructed to listen to the rest of the lecture.

Below decks, she was glad to find, they didn't have to wear the harnesses and resolved to spend as much time as possible down there if only to avoid needing to clip and unclip straps every so often on deck. Of course, then came the information on bathing. "Couldn't we just use the buckets like we did before?" She questioned, eying the water warily. She did NOT fancy the idea of climbing in and out of the ship every day to bathe Mccoreth. At least another option was presented and she immediately decided to go with that. Mccoreth would likely pitch a fit about needing to climb in and out but by Faranth Kat would rather listen to him complain than risk being left behind in the open ocean.

By the time that was done, Mccoreth was waking and complaining he was hungry and why was the ground swaying underfoot? "Because it's the water silly. You'll see when you get your bath later." She told him, though he didn't seem impressed and merely asked to be fed, instead turning his complaints to the fact that there was fish in his food and refusing the morsels, eating only the herdbeast or wherry meats instead. "Stubborn brute. Just eat the sharding fish."

"Niocth doesn't mind the fish. I'll swap you the other stuff for Mccoreth's fish if you want. At least until we run out of herdbeast and wherry and your boy doesn't have any choice." Her neighbor peeped around into her stall with a smile and a wink. "We probably shouldn't indulge him but I'd rather he have a full belly than not." Kat agreed, swapping out Mccoreth's fish for the remnants of Nicoth's herdbeast. Mccoreth snaked his head around to peer at his brother and the pair set to a lighthearted argument about this or that while they finished eating.

By the time Mccoreth had finished the last of his meal, Kat was starting to feel ill and snagged one of the seasick candies from someone, making a face at the taste but otherwise happy to have something that helped settle her stomach. She, like others, didn't eat much but she forced herself to have a little something if only because she knew H'lee would make them eat if they didn't. After dinner, she stretched out on her bunk and closed her eyes, trying to pretend there wasn't a vast expanse of water just outside her door, so to speak.

When it was time to feed their dragons again, she selected a bucket that looked like it had less fish in it than others and swapped out the fish for Nicoth's wherry and herdbeast, though she did tell Niocth's rider to keep several morsels as a thank you to Nicoth for being so accomodating. She did notice she wasn't the only one swapping foods and smiled a bit as she went back to Mccoreth, who couldn't help but grumble that his food tasted like fish. He was quite happy to be oiled, however, and proceeded to point out every itchy spot he had as Kat tried to get all the nooks and crannies like she was supposed to despite the rocking of the ship.

The next few days followed much the same pattern, feedings, bathing, oiling, food for the humans, lessons, sleep and then doing it all over again. At lest Kat wasn't feeling too seasick anymore, no longer needing the candies to keep her stomach from turning.

Part 2
Of course, her seasickness returned with the arrival of a squall and she burrowed into her bunk with a bucket and refused to leave her spot, though she did attempt to help with the bathing and oiling, only to scurry back to her bunk when the ship heaved and she lost her lunch. Mccoreth, for his part, stayed unusually quiet and peered around his stall when H'lee was showing them about thicktail, easing from his bed of hay and such to carefully pick his way over to H'lee and creel unhappily until it was his turn at the door. Feeling considerably better than his rider after that, Mccoreth allowed himself to be showed back to his stall where he curled up in the hay and tried to sleep, much like his rider was trying to do.

Part 3
Kat and Mccoreth both were happy to have some time on dry land and spent the time dozing in the sun on the beach while cargo was loaded and unloaded and it was with much sadness that they were roused and sent back to the sip for the rest of their trip. The only bright spot, was the addition of dolphins. Kat had never seen one up close before and found she quite enjoyed going up on deck and watching them splash around the boat when they weren't busy leaping around the dragons as they bathed.

The ringing of the bell and the Captians and First Mate's rush to one of the boats, along with a young man that had joined them in Tillek, had everyone aflutter until they returned and delivered the bad news. Kat was only too happy to allow H'lee and anyone else to make sure she and Mccoreth were secure and she clung for dear life to her cot as the boat started shifting. Her screams joined those of others. Even Mccoreth couldn't contain a creel of distress at the motion of the ship. "Four more?" She squeaked weakly when the news was delivered and Mccoreth rumbled unhappily at H'lee's explanation. But at least they survived.

Part 4
Kat helped bail water as needed, refusing to accept an easier duty despite a sprained wrist and a bump on the head. She was overjoyed at the sight of land and was only too happy to see Mccoreth back on dry land. The Brown was complaining about soreness in his joints and, more worrying, a pain along his side where he'd been smacked up against the side of their stall during the tidal wave. It had been determined as just a bruise but that didn't stop him from being unhappy about it. But he was glad enough to all but collapse in a corner of the barn and sleep while Kat went off to see what she could help with.

Part 3
The squall that had delayed the Gypsy Guernsey's arrival to Tillek had also been a boon for the dolphineer, Jace. After speaking with the captain and explaining that the ship he'd been escorting from Snowy to Tillek had run afoul of a similar squall and was docked until repairs could be made, had gotten passage back to Snowy with the weyrlings. "Been stranded here in Tillek for a sevenday. Got word from our senior Ranger than I could catch a ride back with the next boat heading for Snowy. Max and I would be glad to act as escorts for the rest of the voyage." He'd told the captain and was only too happy to board the boat with the young dragons, wave goodbye to Tillek hold and be on his way home.

Of course, it was his partner, Maxim, who rang the bell alerting the ship to his presence. Jace joined the captain and first mate in the lifeboat and eased the story out of his partner in a way the sailors could understand (Max had a tendency to be a little shrill or quick when they had important news to share). The news was not good and with quick instruction to Max that he was to alert them of the waves progress, they returned to the deck to pass on the word to H'lee and his weyrlings. Having trained as a fisherman before becoming a dolphineer, Jace was no stranger to squalls but tidal waves were a bit rarer and he'd only ever been in one other before. The experience, he would later say, wasn't too terribly different.

Once the waves had calmed and the captain turned to ride out the rest, Jace immediately rang the ship's bell and made contact with his partner to check the status of the waves. "Biggest waves done. Only little ones now. Ship should be safe." After a few more routine questions after an event like the tidal wave, Jace sent Maxim off ahead to Snowy to check damages there and see if the local dolphins needed aid. The message that all was, more or less, clear was passed along to the captain and Jace helped out on deck as needed or helped bail with the weyrlings below decks.

Part 4
Once they docked, Jace immediately swept off to join a couple of his fellow dolphineers who were tending to a couple of injured dolphins who'd been hit with debris or other such injuries. Then they set out to retrieve anything they could find that had been washed out to sea by the waves and to check in with the fishing vessels that had been out of the water when things went sour.

4 Re: Transfer to the Academy, Part 2 on Tue Jun 19, 2012 6:55 pm


Part 1

The twins were both watching the weyrling master with a look of skepticism. It was chilly, and neither one really enjoyed the idea of freezing. However, they were bundled up rather well and easily they crowded around the table. After listening to the man's words, they turned their attention to the first mate and were quick to set about putting their harnesses on. Neither one of them were a senier journeyman at ANYTHING, let alone sailing or fishing.

As they went below deck, the twins were standing next to one another and easily watched as H'lee explained things... although by the time he was part way through his speech, Artemis was clutching her brother's arm and looking rather green. A'lo gently rubbed her back to try and soothe his sister before they were led off to the buckets of meat. Both of their dragons followed behind (complaining of hunger).

When H'lee told them about the candies, A'lo was quick to get one for his sister before thanking the brownrider and heading back to give his sister the candy. "Here, maybe this will help you a bit," he suggested before they fed their bondeds.

Once they finished feeding their dragons they all headed over to the food and A'lo got them each a plate. The bronze weyrling ate decently, although his sister barely nibbled at the food, not trusting how her stomach would react when it finally COULD react to the waves.

When H'lee returned, they fed their dragons once more, oiled the beasts, and then headed to their respective beds to wait until it was time to be roused. And in fact, they followed much the same routine... although neither one ventured into the boats (A'lo mostly because he didn't want to leave his twin's side when she wasn't feeling well).

Part 2

When the squall hit, A'lo was with his sister and instantly noticed the effects it had on her. Of course, it was hard not to when she freaked out... and vomited her breakfast all over his shoes. He groaned and cleaned it up after helping to strap her to the bed so she could maybe get through the storm.

Afterwards he went back and listened to H'lee before noting that his own bonded was getting a little seasick (along with Jazz). Swiftly he went to the door with them and helped both the bronze and the green through the problem (in between bathing and oiling, of course).

Once the squall was over and both dragons were settled down, A'lo was sitting with his sister and trying to help her. Which included undoing the straps and getting her another piece of that candy.

Part 3

The tidal waves were horrendous. Artemis was given one of those candies once more and strapped to the bed, although she absolutely freaked when the ship went through the motions of the huge wave. A'lo had clung to the bed post next to his sister and unhooked her so as to assure her that she would be able to get free if something DID happen. Of course, if it weren't for his need to protect his twin (and their dragons), he would have been screaming just as much as they were. As it was, he was thankful that his dragon and hers were strapped in and that they had managed to survive the waves.

Each wave produced the same sickening feeling in him, and he ended up clutching his twin tightly to him to help calm her down. Of course, she knew he was just as freaked (evident by his shaking and his ghost white face). Once they were safe, the two settled down, and Artemis finally got some rest so that she could let her THOROUGHLY pissed off stomach a chance to calm down.

Part 4

A'lo had ended up helping where he could, although he hadn't liked leaving Artemis who seemed to get more and more nautious as the trip continued. When they finally reach port, he was thankful and hoped that things would settle for his twin. Of course, he was already doing double the work as he was concerned about her. In fact, it took until they landed for Artemis to be able to walk with any semblence of balance.

Once they were off the ship and settled into the barn, A'lo made certain his sister was alright. He knew he wouldn't be able to use his craft for much, but he figured he could be of use. Thus he had Rik stay close to Artemis and Jazz, telling his bronze and his sister to alert him if they needed anything. Once done, he hurried from the barn and began helping where he could, thankful that his sister was apparently soundly asleep in the barn with the two dragons. Hopefully the rest would give her a little bit more strength and help her get past the sickness.

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