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1 The Crazy Computerer on Sun Jun 24, 2012 2:35 pm


Alec wandered through Snowy Hold, he had gotten used to the new location and actually liked it. His house was all set up (and nicely organized) with all of his computer supplies (and even a few healing ones). Now all he needed was to get some food from the market, although... he was NOT expecting the one thing that he feared more than anything. A dragon. A large, gigantic, green dragon... "attacking" a little girl that couldn't be more than 6 turns of age.

The gay man made a small noise in his throat and shifted uneasily, debating on "saving" the little girl from the beast. As it was, he managed to remain hesitant until he heard noise and saw the dragons mouth open (in a yawn, but still). Instantly he yelped and raced over, scooping up the girl and running off.

Selisa began freaking out and crying, trying to get away from her "rescuer" while the man held her and tried to sooth her and assure her that all would be well and that she was safe from the man eating monster. Plyath, for her part, growled and alerted her bonded (and A'dam) to the crazy person that was holding Selisa.

2 Re: The Crazy Computerer on Sun Jun 24, 2012 4:04 pm


Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on one's point of view), A'dam wasn't too far away and heard Selisa's screams before Plyath told him what was going on. Not to mention the man had overlooked the second dragon that was dozing nearby and who was alert at the first indication something was wrong. Dranith stepped up alongside Plyath and rumbled a warning at the man who was holding Selisa. As A'dam came into view, his first view of the 'crazy person' Plyath had mentioned was the man holding onto Selisa. It occurred to him that the man didn't seem overly threatening and it didn't appear like he was trying to hurt Selisa; but he wasn't letting her go either.

Dranith never took his eyes off of the stranger though he visibly calmed a little when A'dam appeared. He knew A'dam would take care of things. Which is exactly what the Bluerider did. He strode up to the stranger and grabbed him by the collar. "Let her go or I'll fly you between and leave you there." He threatened.

3 Re: The Crazy Computerer on Sun Jun 24, 2012 4:11 pm


The realization that there were TWO man-eating beasts present was not a good one for the poor computerer. He held onto the girl, trying to protect her from the dragons, but it wasn't until A'dam appeared and grabbed his collar, threatening him that things turned even more crazy. Selisa was crying and reached out towards A'dam, "Daddy!"

At the realization that the man was the girl's parent, he released the child and held his hands up. "I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to hurt her. That dragon was going to eat her!" he announced, pointing to Plyath.

Erin had shown up shortly after A'dam and both she and her dragon blinked in surprise. The man thought he was HELPING the girl? Of course, the little girl didn't respond, she was too busy clinging to A'dam's leg now that she was free.

4 Re: The Crazy Computerer on Mon Jun 25, 2012 5:43 pm


A'dam did not immediately release the stranger even when he felt Selisa latch onto his leg. Instead he looked down at the girl and nodded toward Erin. "Go to mommy right now, Selisa. Daddy'll take care of this." He really didn't want to have Selisa clinging to him if this guy decided to do something stupid. Of course, he'd already done so when he'd snatched Selisa away from Plyath but he had no idea why the guy had done so or what else he might try.

At least not until the stranger spoke up and A'dam released him more out of surprise than any belief that the guy thought he was doing the right thing. "You....thought that that dragon," He waved a hand at Plyath. "Was going to eat my little girl?" He gave a small shake of his head in disbelief and Dranith snorted at the idea of any dragon eating a person. "Look, I don't know where you got such a wherry brained notion as that but I can assure you it'll be a warm day between before either of those dragons harms a hair on that child's head." It just wasn't in a dragon's nature to harm people.

5 Re: The Crazy Computerer on Mon Jun 25, 2012 7:42 pm


Selisa clung to A'dam until he told her to go to her mother and then she darted over to Erin and wrapped her arms around the woman's neck when she picked the girl up. "Shhhh! It's okay, sweetie," Erin soothed softly as she held the girl.

Alec blinked at A'dam, "But they are dragons. Dragons eat people. I'm sure of it! A bronze one tried to eat me once!!" he protested, clearly his logic was infallible. Of course, Plyath snorted at the man. A'dam was correct, she would never even CONSIDER hurting her bonded's adopted hatchlings.

About that time, Saelit appeared from the house. He had a smile on his face (a rare thing, but he put it there for his sister's birthday), although it vanished when he noticed the state of things. "What's going on? Are you okay, Selisa?" he asked, before noting that A'dam and the stranger weren't exactly happy with one another.

Plyath snorted, ~Why would I want to hurt one of the hatchlings?~ she asked A'dam, although it was almost as though she wanted to pass that question onto the odd man before the bluerider.

6 Re: The Crazy Computerer on Mon Jun 25, 2012 8:02 pm


A'dam was becoming very tempted to hit this stranger, not because he'd scared Selisa but simply for the fact he was being unbelievably dumb. "Dragons eat people?" He questioned, disbelief heavy in his tone. "Right well if a Bronze dragon tried to eat you you probably deserved it." Probably not the wisest (or nicest) thing to say but A'dam was still angry with the man. "Think about this for a second. If one or both of those dragons wanted to eat Selisa why wouldn't they have just pounced on you and eaten you both? One little girl wouldn't be more than a snack for a dragon, much less feed two of them."

He noted Saelit's arrival but kept himself between the stranger and his family, giving not indication he'd heard the boy just then. Erin could deal with Saelit for a moment. Plyath's question got more consideration and he smirked, stealing a glance at the green. "Because apparently all dragons eat people Plyath. You ever eaten someone and not told me or Erin about it? How about you Dran? You eaten any people?" He questioned the two Dragons and Dranith made a sort of gagging sound. Never. I doubt you'd taste very good. You're not as meaty as a herdbeast. He replied, speaking to the stranger as well as his rider and Erin.

Smirking even more, A'dam turned back to the stranger. "So there's your answer to that. Now what in Faranth's name are you doing up here? Not many people wander up to my weyrhold for no reason." They did get the occasional 'tourist' of a sort up to bathe in the hot spring downriver but for the most part he had been left in peace ever since he'd moved up there. The fact this stranger was up so close to the house meant he had some reason to be there other than the hot spring.

7 Re: The Crazy Computerer on Mon Jun 25, 2012 8:18 pm


Erin looked to her adoptive son and shrugged, "Don't worry about it, Saelit. Some man is convinced that Plyath and Dranith would eat someone," she responded with a tone that clearly said she wasn't happy that the man had 'ruined' Selisa's birthday.

Alec frowned at the man's words. Although he startled slightly when he heard not one, but two responses from the dragons. ~Dranith is correct, you do not look tasty. There are plenty herdbeasts... even a runner or two,~ the green added to the three humans.

Erin gasped, "PLYATH! You had best not be eating any runners!!" Of course, a moment later she heard giggling in her arms as Selisa squirmed to get down so she could play with the dragons. Erin let the girl go and motioned for Saelit to stay with his sister, and before long both children were over by Plyath, distracting the green from watching the man as she turned and began playing with them.

Alec didn't really respond until A'dam asked him why he was there. It was then that he remembered his reason for the trek. "I... uhm... I was told someone up this way sold some vegetables and the like. I just moved to the area and I apologize, it's just that I've always had a fear of dragons and sometimes it gets the better of me," he admitted, happy that at least the green wasn't paying attention to him anymore.

8 Re: The Crazy Computerer on Mon Jun 25, 2012 8:40 pm


At least the situation seemed to have calmed some and A'dam felt less like hitting the poor guy upside the head. Selisa and Saelit were busy playing and the man seemed slightly more at ease. At his explanation he suddenly felt like hitting whoever has sent the guy his way instead. "I see. Well you've found the place. Dragonsfall Weyrhold. I'm A'dam and if you're looking to buy fresh vegetables or herbs, of either the healing variety or edible kind, I'm your guy. I've also got packtails and fingerlings too if you're looking for fish." He was sorely tempted to charge the guy double if he did decide to buy something if only because he'd scared Selisa on her birthday but he wouldn't.

"Look, I understand about being afraid of something, I really do; but if you plan on buying produce from me in anything resembling a regular interval, you'll have to get used to seeing Drantih and Plyath with the kids. Next time just keep your head on straight and we won't have any troubles. So what, exactly, is it that you're looking to buy?" He questioned, not exactly happy to be talking business with this guy but he couldn't just tell him to go away after everything that had happened.

9 Re: The Crazy Computerer on Mon Jun 25, 2012 8:56 pm


Erin noticed things had calmed down and that A'dam was talking business with the man. With that in mind, she walked over to her mate while the children were playing. She wasn't impressed with the man for scaring their daughter and she was a little less forgiving than her mate was.

"I actually need quite a bit of stuff, A'dam. I'm a senior apprentice healer and a journeyman computerer on top of everything. So I need to replenish my stock of both medical and edible herbs," he explained.

Erin shook her head, "You may purchase what you wish, but you will have to wait until tomorrow to do anything more. It's our daughter's birthday."

The man frowned, realizing just how badly he had messed things up. "I'm very sorry about the trouble I've caused," he apologized before looking curious as to whether or not A'dam would interject anything. Of course, if the man looked to his mate he would likely see that Erin was not willing to accept any arguments on this point. She wanted to spend the day having fun with the kids and just spending time as a family since no one had anywhere major to be.

10 Re: The Crazy Computerer on Mon Jun 25, 2012 10:54 pm


A'dam was about to respond to the stranger's request when Erin approached and spoke up. He gave her a brief, curious look and leaned in to kiss her cheek. "I wasn't planning on asking him to stay for dinner." He whispered, turning back to the computerer when he apologized. "And I'm sure your apology is sincere but as she said, it is our daughter's birthday and we'd like to celebrate." He had no plans on arguing with Erin about wanting the man gone sooner rather than later because he was of the same opinion. In fact, he had an idea that would please both Erin and the stranger. "Look, if there's anything you need right away we'll sell you that now. Anything else you just give me a list of what you want and how much and tell me where I can find you. I'll have it to you tomorrow. Have we got a deal?" He said, hoping the stranger would agree and not cause any more trouble.

11 Re: The Crazy Computerer on Mon Jun 25, 2012 11:02 pm


Erin was willing to accept A'dam's suggestion as Alec nodded his head in understanding. The computerer thought about it for a moment before he paused and shook his head. "Nothing is so urgently needed that I need it right now, thank you," he assured before quickly writing down all the herbs he needed from the man, "Here you go. How many marks?"

Erin was pleased with the man's answer, although she chose to back out. Quickly she kissed A'dam on the cheek before ducking away so that she could see to the kids and start pretending she could cook... which would likely mean that the bluerider would want to hurry up before she burned the house down!

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