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1 Weyrling Lesson 1b: Making Hide Oils on Sun Jun 24, 2012 8:16 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
On the morning, one month after their Impressions, the weyrlings reported to H'lee down at one of the sheds when they were done with their chores. Upon arrival, they found several things:
  • Several barrels with drawers in the bottoms and a crank on the top
  • A number of strange-looking stoves
  • A single large pot over a fireplace
  • Clippers, nut crackers, garlic presses, and skinning knives

When they arrived, H'lee divided them up into three groups. "Don't envy or mock anyone else, you'll each have a go at every part of this," he warned with a particularly malicious quirk to his lips.

The first group, consisting of A'lo, Spindath's rider, Basidith's rider, and Fayble, were given clippers and small bags. "Go down to Greenhouse A and clip enough leaves from an herb of your choice to fill the bag without bruising or tearing the leaves to fill your bag, then bring it back here. Then you'll put the leaves in this container," he showed them a bin that was just large enough to hold the contents of their sacks. "Once those are in, fill the base of this barrel with water," he showed them the water canister that fit under the bin, "And fire up the stove. Then you can sit back and wait for a bit. It'll take a little while, but after about fifteen, twenty minutes, you'll start to see water and oil dripping out of this spout here."

The second group, consisting of Zhlucarth's rider, K'so, Artemis, and Pareilth's rider, were each given nut crackers and presented with a bushel of almonds and put in front of the barrels with the screws. "Shell the nuts, put them in the barrels, and when you're done, put this lid on and start screwing it down using this crank." H'lee showed them that it was a screw press. "Tighten it down as far as you can, and then keep tightening. Call me when you can't budge it anymore."

The third group, consisting of Katarina, Niocth's rider, Shimarkth's rider, and D'rick, were given the garlic presses and knives and a bucketful each of packtails and H'lee demonstrated how to use the knives to fillet the fish. The garlic presses were like miniatures of the barrels the second group was using for their nuts and would hold one packtail's flesh for each round. "Skin 'em, fillet them, press them over these buckets, and then put the rest in this pot," he indicated a pot full of water that was over an already-burning fireplace.

After they'd been at it for about half an hour, H'lee released them with instructions to return the next day. They'd each experienced how one type of oil was made, and they'd be producing more of it for the rest of the week.

First Post: Group 1 making leaf-based plant oils; Group 2 making nut-based oils; Group 3 making fish oils
Deadline: Saturday, June 30
Next Post: Sunday, July 1, groups rotate
Posts to Pass: 2 out of 3

Additional Notes: Group 1 should make sure to specify what type of herb's leaves they're collecting. Review the leaves section of this article to pick your herb. Feel free to consult with your dragon to see what kind of herb he or she would like; you will get to benefit from the fruits of your labor!

K'so was definitely puzzled by the implements that were laid out. However, their use was quickly explained and he, Artemis, and two of the other riders he didn't know very well were put to work on the almonds. He surreptitiously ate a couple of them while he worked.

It seemed like easy work, until two things happened: first off, the third group of weyrlings started cutting fish; secondly, his hand started to cramp around the nut cracker.

That fish STANK. He wrinkled his nose and tried to breathe through his mouth, but that seemed to make the stench even worse. He finally had to beg off a few minutes to go get some fresh air, but was told to stay put. When he demanded to go outside, he was given an explanation: firstly, they only had limited time here and he hadn't even started cranking yet; secondly, if he went outside and got fresh air, the stink would be even worse to him when he came back in.

After a while, he stopped being completely offended by the smell, but he still noticed it. By then, though, he was cranking away on his barrel. It wouldn't hold still, so he finally sat on it, with the stem of the crank between his thighs as he worked his entire upper body to keep moving the press. Finally, he couldn't move it anymore - and he felt like he couldn't move anymore.

That was when H'lee showed him the results of his work: a pool of oil in the bottom pan under the chamber that held the nuts. And the almond oil definitely smelled better than the fish!

He was frantic to get to a washroom and clean the fish smell off of him, and after Qancith got a whiff, the blue was more than willing to wait for his meal for a few minutes to let his rider clean up and change clothes. K'so wanted to throw the smelly clothes away, but decided against it: he could use them again tomorrow and that way, time all was said and done, he'd only have ruined one set of clothes instead of several.

He definitely had a new respect for the oil he rubbed into Qancith's hide that evening, but now he also wondered what was in it. He made a note to ask H'lee the next day.
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2 Re: Weyrling Lesson 1b: Making Hide Oils on Mon Jun 25, 2012 6:37 am


When the twins arrived, Artemis and A'lo were both curious about the variou sitems they had spotted. Barrels, odd stoves, a large pot and various other things. All in all it was a rather interesting combination of items and they conversed about it between themselves before listening as H'lee began speaking.

When directed to, A'lo went off to group one before listening to the instructions specifically for that group. The lad nodded his head when he was done receiving instructions before he headed off to the indicated greenhouse to start looking for his leaves.

~Which do you think, Rik?~ he asked easily, the little bronze sniffing at the leaves before settling with the idea using pepermint leaves, stating that he liked the odd smell they had. Thus A'lo set about gathering the leaves...

Artemis, for her part went off with group two and listened about the nuts. She sat down and started taking the nuts out of their shells, and within moments she found herself smelling fish. She wrinkled her nose and did her best to ignore the foul smell while doing her work. Eventually she had to pause her work and take a small breather.

~What is wrong mine?~

Nothing, Jazz, just need a breather away from that fish...~ she assured her dragon before getting back to work.

Around that time, A'lo returned from gathering his leaves and placed them into the container that had been indicated. He then moved to fill the base of the barrel with water and settled down to watch the thing boil and converse privately with his dragon.

By the time he sat down, Artemis had started to tighten the crank some, working towards getting that particular part done. After a few moments she couldn't turn the crank anymore and looked up. "H'lee, I can't turn it anymore," she called to the brownrider, waiting for further instructions at that point.

When finally released to go do their own thing an hour later, the twins headed off to do whatever if was they did. Although they both sat down to oil their dragons before bed as always, with a healthy respect for the oils produced.

3 Re: Weyrling Lesson 1b: Making Hide Oils on Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:33 pm


Fish. Why did it have to be fish? Kat was, it was safe to say, not at all pleased with her group assignment. She made a face at H'lee when he instructed them what to do but set about the task after a bit of friendly ribbing (and a challenge) from her fellow brown weyrling whom she was coming to consider a decent guy and a close friend. Though that may have had something to do with the fact their dragons seemed to get along well enough too.

It wasn't long before Kat was drowning in fish smell and wishing, not for the first time, that she was with the first group. But she kept pushing on, trying to produce more oil in the time they had than Niocth's rider (the idea being that if they produced a lot of oil, they wouldn't have to deal with the fish much longer). In the end, it turned out they had about the same amount of oil produced and resolved to pick up their challenge the next time they were assigned to making oils. They parted ways to go clean up, both of them keen to wash the fish smell away sooner rather than later.

4 Re: Weyrling Lesson 1b: Making Hide Oils on Sun Jul 01, 2012 11:10 am


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
First Post: Group 1 making acorn nut-based oils; Group 2 making fish oils; Group 3 making flower-based plant oils
Deadline: Saturday, July 7
Next Post: Sunday, July 8, groups rotate
Posts to Pass: 2 out of 3

Additional Notes: Group 3 should make sure to specify what type of flowers they're collecting. Review the flowers section of this article to pick your herb. Feel free to consult with your dragon to see what kind of flower he or she would like; you will get to benefit from the fruits of your labor!

K'so was far from pleased. This week, he and his group (Artemis, Zhlucarth's rider, and Pareilth's rider) were on fish oil duty. However, they had yellowfins instead of packtails. K'so was glad - the packtails the other group had to deal with last week looked dangerous. Nevertheless, they still stank.

K'so managed to nick himself with the fileting knife several times. The cuts stung as he continued to work, muttering under his breath the whole time. He managed to get bits of fish in his hair and stuck to his arms as well. When they were released, K'so headed for his weyr to scrub down before getting his own dinner.

By the time he got there, Qancith's dinner was being delivered by one of the adult dragons. Qancith snorted at him. You smell like food. Good thing my real dinner's here.

"Oh, shut up," K'so grumbled as he stalked into his weyr, shedding his clothes as soon as he could and got in the shower, scrubbing himself repeatedly with sweetsand to get rid of the bits of fish scales and flesh that were stuck to him. After he finished scrubbing, he headed for the kitchens, hoping something there would smell appetizing and help clean his sinuses of the fishy smell.

After dinner, he went back to oil Qancith. Oh, gross. You left your smelly clothes in my weyr, and now they smell like rotten food, the blue complained. K'so wrinkled his nose in disgust; now his entire weyr stank of overripe fish. He'd gotten used to the subtle undertones of herdbeast and wherry blood that had soaked irremovably into the clothes he'd used to butcher meat for Qancith. He'd finally thrown those out a week ago when they no longer had to chop meat now that their dragons could eat an entire carcass.

At least the oils last week smelled good.

K'so reluctantly picked up the clothing and tossed them in the tub and turned the water on, leaving the overflow gate open and letting the hot water run until it ran out, then letting cold water flow over the clothes. He scrubbed his hands in the warm water, as well. Then he draped them on the sunlit ledge outside his weyr and put a couple of rocks on the garments to keep them from blowing away if the wind came up. Then he picked some flower blossoms that he put in a small brazier, under which he placed a lit candle and let the heat trigger chemical changes that released the flowers' scent into the room to cover the fish smell. Removing his clothes from his dragon's weyr was sufficient to remove the worst of the smell from there, since that part of their shared dwelling was open to the wind.

The next day, he climbed into the shower with his clothes on so they could get scrubbed down at the same time as he was. It made things much more pleasant for both dragon and rider.
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5 Re: Weyrling Lesson 1b: Making Hide Oils on Sun Jul 01, 2012 1:33 pm



A'lo had been perfectly okay with the idea of not leaving his sister 'alone' while he worked on the oil. Silently he picked up the acorn and set about his work, listening to Rik ramble on about something involving dragon poker. He had accidentally introduced the beast to the game and now he was half regretting the idea. Although, he aways put on a good face for his bonded since he knew that the beast seemingly loved the game.


Artemis had left Jazz to rest alongside her bronze brother, knowing that the green was not required for this particular portion. Of course, the smell of the fish was enough to cause her to feel sick. It took her slightly longer to get through making the oils as she had to vomit a couple times before she managed to finish.


Within seconds the young bronze weyrling moved to his sister's side to take her off to the infirmary so she could get more of that tea from Silvara... All the while he assured his twin that she would be alright.

6 Re: Weyrling Lesson 1b: Making Hide Oils on Sun Jul 08, 2012 7:13 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Post: Group 1 making orangegill fish oils; Group 2 making bark/wood/root-based plant oils; Group 3 making walnut-based oils; receiving jars of your hard-earned hide oils
Deadline: Saturday, July 14
Posts to Pass: 2 out of 3

Additional Notes: Group 2 should make sure to specify what type of flowers they're collecting. Review the barks, woods, and roots section of this article to pick your herb. Feel free to consult with your dragon to see what kind of flower he or she would like; you will get to benefit from the fruits of your labor!

This was a much better week: this time, the group he was in got to leave the room for a time while the fish were being processed. He took Qancith down to the grove of trees where they were collecting the bark or wood to be made into hide oils.

I like the smell of that one, he said, indicating one of the trees.

"Good choice, that's sassafras," said the Journeyman who was assisting them. "We've got a supply of it inside, freshly gathered this morning in anticipation of your lesson. I'll get you some."

They carried the bag of bark back and shredded it as instructed before putting it in the steamer and firing up the burner. It wasn't long until he could smell the fragrant oils being released: it smelled like root beer. You're going to smell yummy with this, he grinned.


At the end of the week, H'lee presented them all with three jars, one of each of the types of oil they made. Neither K'so nor Qancith liked the smell of the yellowfin oil, so he traded with one of the other weyrlings for a jar of acorn oil. Their next activity after receiving the oil was a bath and oiling, and he used the fresh sassafras oil on Qancith's hide when they were done. The blue hatchling was delighted and crooned happily. K'so was quite happy too and breathed in deeply the scent of his dragon. The oil's fragrance filled their weyr and the weyrling pair slept quite well that night.
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7 Re: Weyrling Lesson 1b: Making Hide Oils on Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:49 am


The twins were once more back at making oils, although this time it was A'lo that got to experience the disgusting work of dealing with fish. However, unlike his twin, he had far more luck. It was still rather disgusting, but he didn't mind it nearly as much and conversed with Rikraketh while dealing with cleaning the fish and prepping it.

Meanwhile, Artemis went with K'so and the others in group 2 to find some bark or wood to make into oils. Jadziath was right alongside her as they moved along, sniffing at the various pieces. The hatchling paused when she found cinnamon and the two agreed that they should try using that one. It did smell really good!

Once the journeyman that was assisting them returned with the bark required, she headed back to the lesson with her dragon.

At the end of the week, they both received their oils and after a long debate about how Artemis could not stand the smell of the yellowfin oil, Rikraketh suggested that A'lo trade one of theirs with her. And so it was that they traded the yellowfin oil with A'lo's acorn nut based oil... knowing that the young man was not quite willing to give up the peppermint oil that Rik had picked out.

When the hatchlings were both bathed, Artemis used some of the cinnamon based oil while A'lo used some of the peppermint. In the end, both Rik and Jazz were smelling rather nicely and the scents mixed in Artemis's weyr rather nicely by the time the bronzeweyrling returned to his own room for the night. Well... after telling Zeus to stay with his sister and keep an eye on her.

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