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1 A Wedding at Northern Weyrling Academy! on Mon Jun 25, 2012 12:29 am


Their family had started arriving, little by little to the academy. Metis had already cleared everything with the headwoman and (to a lesser extent) H'lee. Although, he knew that the weyrlingmaster wasn't necessarily happy about the disturbance that the wedding (and the extra guests) would cause, he knew that it was the only really viable option for them... especially considering that his youngest sister was pregnant and unable to go between. Thus, he was prepared as family and friends started trickling in about a week before the actual ceremony (including the bride and groom). Everything needed to be set up, and the young lord had assured H'lee that they would stay as out of the way as they could while setting up.

It was during that time that Metis realized something, he didn't have a best man for his wedding. He had been so caught up in everything else, he had forgotten that particular step, and it had caused him to realize that he had the perfect candidate for the job! Thus, he had asked his cousin, K'then, to be his best man and asked if Baroleth would like to be the "arch" underwhich the couple would stand while they said their vows. It was obvious that Lord Holder Tethis would perform the ceremony, the man was absolutely adamant that he be the one to wed his son and future daughter-in-law.

What was more, was that after all the fighting they had done, Jason had agreed to be the "entertainment." Of course, there was at least one other 'band' hired so as to allow the man a chance to mingle with friends and family should he so desire. Something that the harper wasn't certain would be fun, especially since he knew that K'then had never heard him sing... or play an instrument. Or at least he was fairly certain of that, for all he knew his cousin might have snuck in to hear him once or twice before. Either way, he was completely uncertain of the answer!

Things differed even further when Methis and Tracy decided they wanted to include Jadziath and Rakriketh in the ceremony as well. The two young dragons were informed that they would be the 'flower girl' and the 'ring bearer'... with the help of their riders, who would be in a bridesmaid and groomsmen.

The day of the wedding, A'lo and Artemis had gotten dressed up in their outfits (both of which were picked out by their future sister-in-law. Their dragons were forced into wearing little "outfits" or rather flower necklaces around their necks so and special little harnesses were placed on each.

~I don't like it, Artemis-mine, it itches,~

~I know, Jazz, but it's important and I promise we'll oil you again after everything is said and done. I know we just finished oiling you not that long ago,~ the girl responded as she finished setting her dragon up to be a flowergirl.

At the same time, a cushion was placed on Rik's back so that he could play ring bearer, and said cushion was securely harnessed to the beast's back. Although, the slightly larger hatchling was less vocal in his complaints, having already understood that he was an important part of the strange mating ceremony that humans had.

As things were getting set up and ready, Metis paced back and forth in his room. He was nervous, despite the fact that he was perfectly happy with his bride, he was still nervous about the whole thing. His youngest brother was in the room with him and frowned slightly. "What's wrong, Metis?" A'lo questioned, not sure if K'then was going to show up and help get the groom out there and ready.

Artemis was with Tracy, helping her and ever thankful for Silvara's teas. "How aare you doing, Tracy?"

"It's hard to believe that this day is here. I'm so nervous that something will go wrong. How about you?"

"I don't know where I would be without the teas that Silvara makes for me," the weyrling chuckled.

2 Re: A Wedding at Northern Weyrling Academy! on Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:33 pm


K'then had been absolutely shocked to have Metis ask him to be his best man. He'd thought for sure Metis would have asked one of his childhood friends or even one of his brothers. But instead Metis had asked him, even after not seeing each other for several turns. K'then had, of course, accepted the offer. Baroleth, however, had taken a bit more convincing and was quite adamant that they were not to decorate him thank you very much.

The morning of the wedding, K'then could be seen in the largest of the training areas with Baroleth, Rikareth and Jadzieth as well as a handful of others and all the trapping for the wedding ceremony, trying to get things just right so that Baroleth and both hatchlings would fit and not obscure anyone's view. It was a lucky thing that the weyrling dragons were still relatively small at this point. The first thing they did was get Baroleth situated and the front of everything, standing with his wings partially unfurled Baroleth was the largest of the 'decorations' that they needed to work around. Once the Bronze had found a comfortable position that he could easily maintain for the length of the wedding ceremony they set about getting the platform where Metis and Tracy would be standing set up.

Than done they positioned Rikareth and Jadzieth and set up the chairs so the hatchlings had enough room to move and rest and so that they wouldn't be blocking anyone's view. He then sent them off to be fed and washed up so that they could get ready. It was lucky that the entire academy had been given an unscheduled rest day for the ceremony. It would be too hard to keep anyone's attention focused with all the hustle and bustle going on.

After getting cleaned up and checking that things were fully set up and ready, K'then headed off to join Metis and A'lo. As luck would have it, he stepped into the room just as A'lo finished asking his question. "Not getting cold feet are you cousin? Because if you are you'd better be prepared to be forced down there after all the work we just went through getting things set up so the dragons could participate like you want them to." He teased, giving his cousin a mock glare and shaking his finger at him like an old Auntie would do to a naughty child.

3 Re: A Wedding at Northern Weyrling Academy! on Thu Jul 19, 2012 5:57 am


Metis and A'lo turned to their cousin, chuckling at the teasing note. "Nah, just the jitters. It's a huge deal and I couldn't be happier, but shards! I'm about to get married, you two can't tell me you weren't nervous when you impressed, can you?" Okay, so maybe K'then could since he hadn't technically been a candidate... and hadn't been striving for that, but Metis knew full well that his younger siblings had been nervous about it!

A'lo laughed, "Sure, I was nervous. But wouldn't you be if you had 12 hatchlings all trying to find their riders while being rather clumsy and still getting used to their own ability to move!," he teased his older brother, although they both knew full well that A'lo was more nervous about impressing than he was about the possibility of injury.

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