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1 Green Plyath's Flight on Mon Jun 25, 2012 12:59 am


It was later on in the morning, shortly before lunch, when Plyath issued her challenge to the males at Snowy Hold. The green was ready to rise, and she wanted things to begin. She waited for only a moment before she took to the skies to lead the males.

This is an OOC flight more than anything else and everyone is welcome to simply post that their male is joining the flight. If you desire, you may also post a little more and have your male do something.


Green Plyath


Blue Scriath
Blue Dranith


Blue Dranith

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2 Re: Green Plyath's Flight on Mon Jun 25, 2012 1:06 am


NPC Blue Scriath chases.

3 Re: Green Plyath's Flight on Mon Jun 25, 2012 1:28 am


A'dam had felt the first stirrings of Plyath's impending flight (and let's face it, every rider knew the signs of a proddy Green without being a HAD) and suggested that the children go to visit Roderick for a day or so until things had passed. Of course, word had apparently spread to the Academy (or L'ric had been obsessively counting the days to when he was sure Plyath would rise again) because it wasn't long before the bluerider noticed Scriath hanging around the Hold which meant L'ric wasn't far off. The only thing that kept A'dam from beating his fellow bluerider into a pulp was the fact L'ric had sense enough to stay out of sight. That and he'd promise Erin he wouldn't go out of his way to cause trouble with the other bluerider.

When Plyath finally made her challenge and took to the skies, her initial wave of lust caught A'dam off guard and he instinctively blocked her out. Not that his shielding worked against Dranith but it did give him enough time to note that Scriath was in the sky seconds before Dranith joined him and then all coherent thought was washed away by the combined emotions of the three dragons.

4 Re: Green Plyath's Flight on Mon Jun 25, 2012 10:53 pm


The winner is Blue Dranith!!!

5 Re: Green Plyath's Flight on Mon Jun 25, 2012 11:06 pm


When the flight was over, and the two had gotten their rest in, Erin woke up and stretched. She had been with the healer just before she'd gotten home, having noticed some various things and wanting to get checked over. Of course... her luck was that she was pregnant and she had been meaning to bring it up to her mate, when Plyath chose to rise.

Quietly she slipped from the bed and got herself dressed so she could go outside and see if the kids were home or if anything was going on. Or perhaps just to clear her head for a moment before she told her mate the news.


L'ric was on his way over to Erin and A'dam's little house so he could talk to the woman, hoping to get a chance at being her mate. Although, he hadn't quite reached there yet.

6 Re: Green Plyath's Flight on Mon Jun 25, 2012 11:33 pm


Erin's movements roused her mate as well and he stretched, groaning a bit at the dull ache somewhere behind his eyes. "I hate flights sometimes. I really do." He muttered after Erin had left the room. He was half-tempted to try and go back to sleep or to just lie there and hope the headache went away sooner rather than later. But, for whatever reason, he felt it necessary to see what Erin was up to. He couldn't have even tried to explain it if asked, it just felt important. He remembered she had been somewhat distracted when she'd arrived back home just before Plyath rose and he wanted to ask about it since it didn't seem to have anything to do with Plyath's proddiness.

He rolled out of bed and dressed before heading off to find his mate outside. He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around he waist, resting his head gently on her shoulder. "I love you, you know that right? There's nothing I wouldn't do for you and you can tell me anything." He paused and kissed her cheek. "Something's had you out of sorts the past couple of days; something more than a proddy Green. If you think I didn't notice you're wrong. That trip into the Hold see a healer. You wouldn't have gone if you didn't think it was important; not so close to Plyath's flight. Are you alright? It's nothing serious is it?" He had no idea what Erin had learned from the healers though, if he'd taken time to think about, he might have guessed. As it was, he'd been too busy being annoyed that L'ric was hanging around and worried about the children and the flight to pay as close of attention as he should have.

7 Re: Green Plyath's Flight on Mon Jun 25, 2012 11:40 pm


Erin had been so deep in her thoughts that she didn't hear A'dam come up behind her. As a result, she jumped slightly before relaxing into his embrace and closing her eyes for a moment. Somehow, she felt better and more confident. Not that she was concerned that he might leave her if they had gotten pregnant, she knew he wouldn't do something like that. She just had to get over her OWN nerves after learning the news.

Easily she looked at him before smiling warmly, "Nothing's wrong, I promise. In fact, the healer said that I'm pregnant," she informed him, waiting to see just how he would react. Of course, she had a fairly good idea as to how her mate would react.


L'ric was shocked at the news, and instantly stopped any advances he'd been making towards the house. He wasn't certain just what he should do, but a second later he heard a noise behind him and quickly turned around. Roderick was behind him, with both children and the man eyed the bluerider. "Is there a reason you are spying on my niece and her mate?" he asked.

"I... uhm... well... I was just on my way to see them but I hadn't really expected to walk in on such a private moment... and couldn't bring myself to interrupt," he admitted. Saelit glared at the man, fairly certain it was someone else who wanted to flirt with A'dam.

8 Re: Green Plyath's Flight on Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:08 am


A'dam laughed lightly when Erin jumped at his touch but was happy when she relaxed into his embrace. He closed his eyes as they stood in silence for a moment but opened them again when Erin shifted to look at him. He smiled back at her though the smile faded for a moment as her words registered and his mind flickered through a couple different emotions before he smiled again, laughing a little as he leaned in to kiss her briefly. "Pregnant? Really? I...I have no idea what to say. What does a guy say when he finds out he's going to be a father?" He decided a moment later it didn't matter what he said and kissed her again, though this time broke away when he heard voices nearby.

Immediately he was annoyed when he recognized the second voice. "L'ric? Is that you? What in Faranth's name do you want?" He really didn't want this happy moment tarnished by L'ric's presence but the bluerider seemed to have a knack for showing up when he was unwanted. Not to mention he was fairly sure L'ric wasn't there to congratulate them. "And who else is with you?" He added, shifting to where he could see the people more clearly, recognizing Roderick and the children easily. "Oh. Right about now I'm really kinda hoping the kids didn't hear what you said. I'd like some time to discuss how we're going to tell them so they understand we're not going to love them less just because we're having a baby of our own blood." He spoke quietly, glancing back at Erin while his mind whirled with half-finished thoughts and a mixture of emotions.

Thankfully, Dranith stirred enough to share a measure of calm with his rider and help him take a deep breath to settle his nerves. He was still angry at L'ric's presence, still overjoyed at the news he was going to be a father, but he could think a bit more clearly without just reacting and doing something he'd regret. Like walking up and punching L'ric on the nose just for being there. "Look, L'ric, you're here. You might as well come up and say your piece. I know what you want but I think we both know you've just realized you can't have it." He stated, motioning for the group to finish their walk up to the house.

9 Re: Green Plyath's Flight on Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:16 am


Erin couldn't stop the soft giggle as she returned his kisses and tried to enjoy the moment. Sadly, a second later they heard the voices of others, and while she didn't pull away from her mate, she was curious as to who was there. When she realized L'ric was there, she gave a soft groan. She had no problems with him when he was being normal and just wanted to be a friend... but ever since she'd gotten together with A'dam... well... he seemed convinced he needed to "win her."

L'ric turned his attention towards A'dam as Roderick glared at the man before he started walking the kids towards the house as the two younger men spoke. "Hey you two, just found your friend here," the older man greeted warmly as he directed the two kids towards the house.

The bluerider walked over just behind the others and looked to A'dam, "Actually, I have gotten that through my head. Congratulations you two, I apologize but I couldn't really help but over hear. I... uhm... I'm going to head back to the academy," he said with a wave before walking off. He knew full well that A'dam was right. Erin wasn't going to leave him anytime soon... if ever.

10 Re: Green Plyath's Flight on Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:42 am


A'dam grimaced when Roderick mentioned L'ric as a friend and shook his head. "Not a friend. At least not mine." He muttered, trying not to glare at L'ric as he approached. He listened to the other speak and would have let him just walk away and leave except for the fact that he knew Erin considered L'ric a friend. And friends should be allowed to share in joyous occasions. After asking Erin and Roderick to wait, he moved off after L'ric and caught the other man's arm. "Look. I don't like you and you don't like me. But that woman over there considers you a friend and cares about you as such. If you think you can stop acting like she's some prize that can be won I've got no problem with you coming around to visit. You and I will probably never be able to be friends but we should at least try and get along for her sake. So stay if you want to. Friends should be allowed to share in happy occasions too." After he spoke, he let go of L'ric's arm and turned back to the house.

Regardless of whether or not L'ric decided to stay, A'dam approached Roderick next. "Would you excuse us a moment Erin? There's something I'd like to speak to Roderick about. Alone. Maybe talk to L'ric a moment if he hasn't decided to leave?" He told her, giving her a reassuring smile when she agreed. He led Roderick inside the house and made sure no one was eavesdropping before turning to Erin's uncle. "I've uhm, been doing some thinking lately and I've already been to see Erin's father. But I realized there was someone equally as important in her life that I needed to talk to before making a decision." It was clear in the way he stood that he was nervous but his voice was steady and he met Roderick's eye without flinching. "I...would like your blessing to ask Erin to be my wife. I love her. I can't imagine going through our lives and not asking her. So....what do you say?" He was pretty confident Roderick would say yes, he knew how much they loved each other and he already had her father's blessing, but it still felt right to ask Roderick anyway. The man had raised her after all.

11 Re: Green Plyath's Flight on Tue Jun 26, 2012 9:08 am


Roderick had noted the way A'dam reacted to the mention of L'ric being a friend. Perhaps there was something that the old fisherman didn't know, but that didn't really matter. His niece was happy and he knew she wasn't about to leave the bluerider that she'd known for most of her life. Thus, when asked to wait, he paused and looked to Erin for a moment before he started chatting with her. The children greeted their adoptive mother, telling her about their stay.

L'ric paused when A'dam caught his arm. He had to agree with the words spoken, he didn't think that the two of them would ever be friends, but he also had a friend back there who had just announced that she was pregnant... and certainly he should be there for her as a friend. Of course, he watched A'dam walk away feeling a new found respect for the man. Course, it could be that the bluerider didn't think that he would have tried to stop the other man if their rolls had been reversed.

Erin gave A'dam a curious look when he came back and requested to pull Roderick aside for a moment, although she felt better when she noticed his smile before she decided to spend some more time with the children (although L'ric was welcome if he chose to stay). By the time the two men had entered the house, L'ric approached the group of three.

"Hey Erin," the man smiled, running his hand through his hair a little nervously.

"Hey, L'ric. I suppose you haven't met my kids," she chuckled, "This here is Saelit and Selisa." When she introduced the boy she simply placed a hand on his head and with Selisa, she started tickling the girl. Naturally there was a nice little high pitched, girly squeal of delight that left the girl as she was tormented by her mother.

L'ric chuckled, "It's nice to meet you, kids."

Saelit eyed the man, although he couldn't really hide the smile at his sister's delight. He was about to suffice things with a grunt... until he remembered how A'dam had reacted when they had met Silvara. "Hello," he greeted, bringing a smile to Erin's face. Naturally the boy had to adjust his behavior when A'dam was away...

Roderick watched the younger manbefore him as they went inside and he looked around to make certain no one else was within hearing distance. Within the first sentence, Roderick knew what was coming... but he politely waited while the bluerider worked his way through his little speech. A smile touched his lips as he decided to tease the younger man a bit, "I thought you riders didn't get married?" he asked, although it was clear from the happy look in his eyes and on his face in general that he was more than pleased with the idea. Besides, if that S'erian had already given his approval of the idea, then why shouldn't Roderick?

12 Re: Green Plyath's Flight on Thu Jun 28, 2012 12:32 pm


A'dam wasn't terribly nervous about asking Roderick what he wanted to ask. It had been decidedly more nerve-wracking asking S'erian since Erin's father hadn't known him as long as Roderick. Plus, he knew Roderick liked him in as much as an uncle liked his niece's boyfriend. At Roderick's smile, he knew the answer would inevitably be yes but that wasn't what the fisherman said. Instead he asked a question and caught A'dam a little off guard. "Living in the Weyr riders were always encouraged to uh...let's say 'keep their options open'. But we don't live in a Weyr do we? Out here I see no reason I can't settle down with the woman I love and be a family. We're no different than any other holder, we just happen to have dragons." If Roderick was testing his resolve he'd find A'dam quite set on the idea of marrying Erin. With or without the fisherman's blessing (though A'dam was pretty sure he'd be getting Roderick's approval).

13 Re: Green Plyath's Flight on Thu Jun 28, 2012 7:57 pm


Roderick laughed at the younger man's response before he nodded. As far as the man was concerned, he was more than willing to see his niece with the bluerider, he was really just asking because he was curious. And he figured it was always a good idea to keep the kids on their toes!

"Then I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be marrying my niece. Did you have anything special planned for asking her?" he asked the young man, "Oh, and why was that other kid congratulating you two?"

14 Re: Green Plyath's Flight on Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:12 am


Though he'd been pretty sure Roderick was going to give his permission, A'dam couldn't help but give him a very happy smile when he did finally say yes. The look turned thoughtful, however, when he was asked how he'd intended to ask. "I hadn't really given the actual asking part much thought to be honest. I'd certainly like for it to be something special, something we'll both remember in the years to come. But I don't really have any ideas. Why? Do you have some advice you wanted to share?" He questioned in a not-so-subtle attempt to seek a little bit of help on making the moment special for Erin.

The next question, however, proved to be a little awkward. He half-considered saying L'ric had congratulated them on the successful flight but he didn't feel right about lying right after he'd asked permission to marry Erin. Besides, he couldn't hide to sappy grin that the question provoked and that would be a sure sign it was more than just the flight L'ric had been talking about. With no idea how to sort of ease into the news, he took a steadying breath so he didn't sound like an idiot and just came right out and said it. "Erin's pregnant. She'd just told me and L'ric overheard. That was what he was congratulating us for."

15 Re: Green Plyath's Flight on Fri Jun 29, 2012 6:26 am


The older man thought about the question a moment, trying to think of whether or not he had any real idea for a proposal method. Truth be told, he really hadn't even done anything special when he and his wife had gotten married. Of course, he was just a lowly fisherman and not an important dragonrider. Of course, a part of the old man was starting to say that it was A'dam's job to think through the details.

However, before he could actually come up with some advice, he heard the answer to his second question and he laughed. He couldn't resist, at least not when he noticed the happiness that A'dam clearly felt over learning that there would be another little one for the riders to take care of. "Well! Congratulations! And, honestly, I haven't a clue for the proposal. Quite frankly, I think if you find some small way to make it fit the two of you, then it should make for an interesting one," he chuckled.

A second later they could hear crying from outside, followed quickly by Erin trying to sooth her daughter. Of course, if they were to go outside, they would see that the girl had really just managed to scare herself when she had tried to play with Scriath. The blue that she had only just met was not used to playing with young children, and had accidentally let her fall from a small height. While it wasn't enough to hurt her (other than maybe a little bruise), it WAS enough to scare her.

16 Re: Green Plyath's Flight on Tue Jul 17, 2012 9:00 pm


A'dam was about to thank Roderick for his advice when Selisa started crying. After a quick check with Dranith to see what had happened, he shook his head and motioned for Roderick to follow him. "Thank you. But it seems we've got to go and tend to Selisa. Besides, if we don't come back soon Erin might start wondering what we're planning." He smiled and led the way back out into the front where Erin was calming Selisa with Dranith watching Scriath in amusement. "Don't worry Scriath. You didn't do anything wrong." The bluerider assured the Blue leaving Erin to tend to Selisa, he turned to L'ric. "We've warned her about strange dragons not being as careful around her as Plyath and Dranith, but she sees so few dragons she tends to forget sometimes." He explained, in case L'ric was at all worried that he or Erin would be upset with him.

17 Re: Green Plyath's Flight on Tue Jul 17, 2012 9:11 pm


Scriath was rather upset that he had harmed he girl, even if he hadn't done anything. Although he did feel rather reassured when A'dam spoke to him. ~Is your hatchling okay?~ he asked A'dam.

Selisa, as it would happen, noticed A'dam and fled over to her daddy and hid her face against his leg as she cried. Erin smiled slightly at her mate, knowing that their daughter would be perfectly fine and with the thought that soon enough their family would have another mouth to feed.

L'ric nodded his head to A'dam as the man spoke before he patted his beast's side. "We really do have to get back to the academy, though. Congratulations, again, you two," he smiled before he turned and headed off to mount his dragon and take off since he had weyrlings to help with.

Roderick had nodded to the one lad before he headed over to check on the girl. Once he was certain she was okay, he headed over to hug his niece and whisper a quick congrats on her being pregnant. With that he announced that he too had to get back home since he had a bunch of fish to clean (he and Saelit had been busy).

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