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1 Dance with the Devil on Sun Jul 01, 2012 5:47 pm


Kria had been in a tiff the past several days and K'then was unsurprised when she finally took off to hunt and kill something before screeching her challenge to any male in the area. "Bout sharding time. She was starting to get on my last nerve." He commented to one of his fellow weyrlingmasters who chuckled and gave him an apologetic look.

But I bet you wouldn't trade her for anything on Pern would you? She may be an irritable little beastie but I see how you spoil her. The greenrirder commented laughing as she shooed the bronzerider out of her way.

Kria, for her part, had settled herself over the remnants of her kill and was just waiting for any male brave enough to give chase to show up.

Proddy Female
K'then's Gold Kria

Chasing Males
A'lo's Brown Zeus
Alina's Bronze Lemmy

A'lo's Brown Zeus

((I'm going to leave this open to be either IC or OOC. If you choose to post ICly please have your male arrive, chase and attempt to catch Kria in one post (yes you may play her a bit if you need to). OOCly, just state that your firelizard (color name and bond please, unless an NPC in which case just say NPC Bronze or whatever) is chasing. =3))

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2 Re: Dance with the Devil on Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:11 pm


Zeus had been driving everyone crazy, causing trouble with the weyrlings where he could and even zooming around the infirmary anytime the twins went there. He wasn't even picky on which twin went there! He just wanted to go there for some reason (regardless of if Kria was there or not). Thus, when the gold finally took to the skies, he was quick to answer her call.

He chased her swiftly around the room and tried his hardest to out do any of the others that joined after him. After a while of chasing her he made an attempt at catching the queen, hoping to beat out any bronzes!

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3 Re: Dance with the Devil on Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:57 am


Lemmy had been uptight and preoccupied for the last several days. He would take off for hours at a time and when Alina questioned him on where he had been and what he had been doing, she was unsurprised to have the picture of K'then's Gold little devil come into her mind. Lemmy had been obsessively stalking the spunky gold lizard since they first met. So she should not have been caught off guard when the mating scream of Gold Kria rang through the Academy sending her bronze rocketing off her shoulder and out the nearest window. By the time she caught up to lemmy he was crouched down eyes riveted on the gold crouched over her kill waiting for her to rise. Alina looked around for K'then wondering why he was not standing with his gold. Before she could take off to find him Kria rose lemmy hot on her tail soon joined in the chase by a brown. Watching both Kria and the browns every move as he gave chase lemmy dove down from above clipping Kria's wing making her lose momentum just long enough hopefully for the brown to over shoot his mark and for lemmy to catch the Gold he had been stalking for so long.
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4 Re: Dance with the Devil on Mon Jul 09, 2012 2:42 pm


Kria knew the males would be hot on her tail the moment she left the ground. She twisted and turned, flying as fast her her wings would carry her in an attempt to outmaneuver and outpace her pursuers. But even the determined Gold couldn't stay airborne forever and began to slow a bit, tiring enough to ease her pace and let the males catch up (not that she wanted to but she couldn't force herself to go any faster). And they were right there, too close, trying to catch her. She slid away from the Brown, feeling the Bronze clip her wing and veering away with a hiss. She didn't want them to catch her. But in her haste to escape both males, she'd put herself in a position to be caught by one and when she felt the nearness of one of the males and knew she had no chance of escape this time, she instinctively let him make his catch. Not that Zeus would get any special treatment from the Gold just because she'd gotten too close to him in her attempts to escape Lemmy's grab.

((I couldn't decide myself so I rolled a die and Zeus came out as the winner. <3))

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