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1 Tundra Weyrlings: Your Dragon's First Hunt on Sun Jul 15, 2012 8:17 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
While this thread isn't required posting, I should encourage you all to do this.

K'so & Qancith
Qancith was excited. VERY excited. Today, he'd get to make his first kill. K'so wished they waited 'til the afternoon feeding for this because then they could see better, but there you had it.

Qancith eyed the collected herdbeast steers and picked a white and brown one. He then complained extensively about the tiny pen the Weyrlingmaster put the steer in. This is no catch. This is like putting it in a chute so that you can whack it on the head with a hammer. I can catch it in a bigger pen than this!

"Oh, Qanc, your hunger is making you irritable. Just shut up and get your breakfast already."

Qancith waddled into the pen as the now-terrified steer tried to break through the opposite fence. The blue sighed gustily and snaked out his neck to catch the herdbeast's neck - only to get a mouthful of fence as the smaller creature darted sideways. Suddenly, it wasn't so easy anymore. And now he complained about that. He lurched around the pen trying to catch the herdbeast, lashing out with a claw to grab the beast's hindquarters. He hooked a claw in the hip and had to shift his balance, which brought his weight to bear on his prey and collapsed the steer's back end.

Bugling with triumph, Qancith's head snapped forward and his jaws crushed the herdbeast's skull as it bellowed in pain. Having finally captured his first self-killed meal, he settled down to crunch away happily on it.
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A'lo and Rikraketh

Artemis, as A'lo's luck would have it, had decided that for some things... they just needed to be apart. They were close, but A'lo had a feeling that his sister was just getting tired of his worrying about her all the time. After all, he hadn't really seen D'rick around other than at the lessons, and while that was a good thing... the young man simply didn't like it at all.

~Would you stop thinking about that, A'lo-mine? I thought you did not want Haranth's around Artemis?~ the bronze questioned, figuring that his hunting was going to be interrupted until his bonded was done thinking about this particular topic.

~I do... just ignore me for now, Rik. I'll let you hunt,~ A'lo responded as he leaned against the outer fence, hoping that the herdbeast didn't come near him.

The bronze snorted his approval before he focused more on the terrified beast before him and darted his neck out to grab at the animal. With a squeal, the animal darted out of the way, causing Rik to miss and the chase to be on. The bronze ended up looking like he was chasing his tail as he tried snapping at the beast until finally he slapped his tail down in frustration... and managed to hit the herdbeast upside the head.

The action caused A'lo to double over with laughter as the bronze triumphantly snatched up the dazed beast. After all, it's hard to run away when your brains have been scattered by a giant tail. ~I don't see what is so funny. I caught my meal,~ Rik snorted at his rider, munching away happily on his kill. Of course, his rider just waved him off as he continued laughing and decided he would have to tell Artemis and K'then about this at some point.

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