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1 Sieze the Day on Tue Jul 17, 2012 10:32 pm


Life for A'dam over the past half-turn had been good. Great even. Absolutely, wonderfully amazing. He had Erin in his life, they'd adopted two beautiful children, fallen in love and now, only about a month ago, they had learned Erin was pregnant. There were only a few things in all of Pern that could make that better. In fact, there was really only one thing that A'dam felt they didn't have and he was about to remedy that. He'd spent the last several weeks first figuring out how, exactly, how he wanted to go about this and then planning how to pull it off without Erin getting suspicious.

When he finally had his plans set, he took a day when Erin was napping and the kids were off to spend the evening with Roderick, and prepared a picnic lunch. This he took do a lovely secluded pool near their home and set up with a blanket and everything they'd need for a quiet, relaxing day away from home. He even had some of Silvara's teas to ward of any sickness Erin might feel, just in case. He did want the day to be special after all, having Erin not feel well wouldn't be a good thing.

Once he had things set how he wanted (and left Tahi and Dranith to watch over things so no animals got into the food while he was gone) he returned to the house to wake Erin. Luckily, he found her already up and he suggested they go for a walk. She agreed (though somewhat reluctantly) and they set out with Erin having no idea of their destination and A'dam not quite ready to tell her just yet. He led them in the general direction of their picnic and when they were close enough turned to Erin. "Close your eyes. I've got a surprise for you." He told her, smiling when she gave him a look that clearly said she thought he was crazy but did as he asked.

He took her hand and led her off the path they'd been following and stopped when he reached their picnic site, glad to see it was still untouched. "Okay, you can open them now." He told Erin, standing aside so she could see the blanket laid out with the basket of food set atop it. There was even a bouquet of flowers tied with a ribbon. Alongside that and also tied with a ribbon was a rolled up piece of parchment. "Well...what do you think? I thought we deserved a day away from the house, just the two of us." He explained, noting with some amusement that Dranith and Tahi had both quietly made their departure as they'd approached.

2 Re: Sieze the Day on Tue Jul 17, 2012 10:45 pm


Erin could honestly admit that she felt that her mate had lost his mind. However, she was not about to question it and as such she let her mate have fun and followed him out to the picnic sight. She'd even amused him and closed her eyes so she couldn't see his surprise for her.

When it was finally time to open her eyes, she gasped softly in shock. Her eyes took in the sights before her and was completely shocked to see it all before she smiled at him before she hugged him tightly and gave him a big kiss. "It's beautiful, A'dam!" she grinned before she sat down after noticing that there was a piece of parchment tied to the flowers. Gently she lowered herself to the ground and picked up the roll of parchment, glancing at her mate for a second before looking down after she had it unrolled and began reading the page.

Her dragon was peacefully resting on her couch and trying to ignore the tidal wave of emotions that were attacking her rider as various things happened.

3 Re: Sieze the Day on Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:00 pm


"I'm not as crazy as you though am I?" He questioned when she admitted that the picnic was beautiful. See? He hadn't completely lost his mind. Maybe his heart but his mind was still...well...mostly his. He did have to share it with Dranith after all.

He settled down next to Erin, forcing his nervous self to not fidget and give anything away. He remembered writing that note, knew that it said everything he wanted to say and more about how much he loved Erin and so forth. But for the life of him he couldn't even remember exactly what he'd written! Which was exactly why he'd wrote it all down. Because if he had tried to say something anywhere near what he had on that piece of paper he'd have sounded like an idiot he was sure of it. When it was clear Erin had finished reading, he took her hand in his and kissed it gently. "I knew that when this moment came and I had to say all of those things you just read that it wouldn't come out right and I'd end up looking like a fool. So I wrote them down and I'm still sitting here hoping I didn't sound like an idiot to you." He laughed a little and shook his head. "That letter said everything I'm not sure I could put into words right now so knowing that you've read what I know in my heart is everything wonderful and good about you...about us and how I want our life to be..." He paused to take a steadying breath and pulled a ring out his his pocket and held it out where Erin could see it. "Erin, will you marry me?" That, he knew, had not been in the letter. He'd thought about including it but though it would be better if he actually asked her after she'd read everything else. It seemed...more genuine this way and he knew it had been the right choice.

4 Re: Sieze the Day on Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:10 pm


She smiled at him as he questioned whether or not she thought he was still crazy. It was an iffy thing, and she raised a hand to indicate that it was so. After all, despite how much she knew his mind was fully intact... it was far more fun to mess with her mate.

As she read the note, she couldn't help but feel rather loved, and she looked to A'dam. He had begun speaking before she could even think to form words in response to the beautiful letter he had written for her. She listened to him, unable to do much else until he suddenly pulled out a ring and asked her to marry him. Her eyes just about bulged out of her skull as she felt the shock of the question hit her before she squealed happily and pounced him, kissing him firmly on the lips. "Yes, A'dam, I'll marry you!" she responded to him between kisses as she tried to keep the tears of happiness at bay... something that failed miseraby.

All in all, she most certainly DID agree with him on the idea of how he did it. It was perfect. Everything about what he had done was perfect. The place reminded her of their favorite place to play when they were younger, a place that was quiet and serene. The letter was absolutely amazing and had perfectly voiced his emotions, at least as far as she was concerned... even if she wasn't able to crawl into his head and figure out for certain what he felt. She didn't really need to after that note. And she was even more happy to see that he had chosen to keep the actual question out of the letter.

"And, for the record... you didn't sound like an idiot or a fool in that letter," she assured him as though she had just remembered that particular comment. Of course, as she thought about it she realized that it was highly likely that SHE had sounded like both being as she had squealed at him.

5 Re: Sieze the Day on Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:39 pm


A'dam pouted a bit when Erin indicated she still wasn't sure about his mental state and stuck his tongue out at her. "Fine then. See if I plan any more surprises for you." He teased, knowing full well she was just messing with him.

As for everything else well, he couldn't have asked for a better reaction. He hadn't really given the idea Erin would say no any consideration. The one time it had crossed his mind he'd told himself that they loved each other and what reason did she have to say no? He was smiling and laughing when she kissed him and he managed to slip the ring onto her finger between kisses. "I'll be perfectly honest and tell you I was almost certain you'd say yes." He told her when her initial bout of affection had worn off and he was able to talk without being interrupted by a kiss (not that he minded those types of interruptions, of course) and he wiped away her tears.

He glanced at the letter when she mentioned it and smiled. "I am really glad you said that but I think I will always feel like I said something wrong. I think it's some sort of cosmic requirement that all men feel like they could have done something more or better when they ask the woman they love to marry them." He admitted, though that feeling was actually already fading a bit. Erin had said yes, that was all that mattered. If she thought he'd said exactly what he needed to then that was good enough. It didn't matter what he felt.

6 Re: Sieze the Day on Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:56 pm


Erin chuckled at his words, quite honestly she didn't really think it was possible for her to tell him no on that particular matter. There were numerous reasons as to why, but she certainly wasn't going to push those buttons when they didn't matter. Although, she was perfectly content with teasing him a bit, "It could have happened!" she protested, with a bright and loving smile on her face that said it most certainly could NOT have happened. After all, she liked the thought of them being the first dragonriders since the colonists to marry. The first ones to toss the normal traditions that had lasted for so long out the window and do things their own way.

Although, she did close her eyes as he wiped away her tears, as she listened to his next statement. A soft giggle left her as she listened to his admission, knowing that he couldn't possibly have made it better. At least not in any way that she could think of. "Well, you should be proud of yourself cause you did it perfectly. So perfectly that I don't think even I could have dreamed up someone proposing to me in a better way!" she grinned at him before kissing his cheek. She had to admit that she was excited over the idea of marrying someone, as she had been fairly certain it wouldn't be happening with them being riders.

7 Re: Sieze the Day on Wed Jul 18, 2012 12:34 am


"I seriously doubt that." Her smile said as much and he kissed her cheek. "I've always wanted to marry you. Ever since Roderick got married. They asked me to be the ring bearer because we were so close and there weren't any boys close enough to your age to ask. I remember asking Roderick why I had to walk with you because we weren't the ones getting married. He told me 'someday you might'. We were just kids then but he gave me the idea that one day you and I would get married. He probably doesn't even remember that conversation now." He laughed a little at the thought. Who knew that years from that day he actually would be asking Erin to marry him. Nevermind that they were both dragonriders and that dragonriders simply didn't do that sort of thing. Their circumstances were far different now. He saw no reason why they shouldn't at least give things a try.

He smiled when she reassured him he'd done everything perfectly and returned her kiss with a light one of his own. He was quite happy to sit in silence for a moment, just holding Erin's hand and enjoying the idea that soon they would be getting married. "Now that the exciting part of the day is over what's next? Would you like to eat lunch or shall we go for a swim?" He questioned, indicating first the lunch he'd made up for them and then the water. Though he didn't exactly want to move away from Erin he also didn't want to just sit and do nothing. He needed to be rid of some of the excited energy that was still lingering after his proposal. So he shifted and stood, glancing down at her with a smile. "I'm not very hungry right now so I think I am going to go for a swim. You can join me if you want to." He told her, pulling off his shirt and pausing for half a moment before undoing his belt. It wouldn't take long for Erin to figure out that there were no swimming clothes around so, if she decided to join her mate in the water, it was either swim in what she was wearing or...nothing at all. It would alao be apparent which option A'dam was going for...

8 Re: Sieze the Day on Wed Jul 18, 2012 12:43 am


She giggled softly at his words before listening to his story. Truth be told, she had never heard about it prior to that moment. Of course, they had been best friends for a REALLY long time, and Roderick had gotten married when they were little... even if she had been told that story... it was doubtful she would have remembered it. Especially as she didn't really remember much that happened other than the more exciting and fun parts of that day.

"Who would have thought that one day it would actually happen?" she grinned at him.

She was quite happily nestled in his arms, and perfectly content with that location. Although, she didn't really object to the idea of either eating or swimming... although she wasn't certain if she was ready to eat just yet. Their baby was quite content to let his or her parents enjoy their moment and before long the woman was stripping out of her clothes to join her mate in the water. "I think I'll join you," she giggled before she slipped into the water and gasped softly as the coolness of it washed over her.

9 Re: Sieze the Day on Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:03 am


"Up until recently I'd kind of given up hope of it ever happening. But then you moved here and suddenly it didn't seem like such a far off dream anymore. Especially not after you chose me over L'ric." They had been friends for a long time, and he'd cared for her for the vast majority of that time. But he had, for a short time, thought he'd lost her to L'ric. It hadn't been until he'd heard about Plyath's first flight that he'd realized just how much he loved her and still wanted her as his mate. He'd been utterly devastated to hear she'd been won by L'ric. And then she'd come to the Hold and things had changed.

A'dam watched unashamedly as his mate stripped out of her clothes and smiled as she joined him in the water. "Oh hush, it's not that cold." He teased her as she gasped, splashing a bit of water her way. To avoid immediate retaliation, he swam into deeper waters, away from Erin who'd have to come after him if she wanted revenge.

10 Re: Sieze the Day on Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:12 am


She smiled at him as he commented about giving up the dream for a short bit until she'd moved to the hold and chosen him over L'ric. To be completely honest, she had had a bit of a thing for her best friend for quite some time, it wasn't until she had moved to Snowy that they had finally done anything about it or let their feelings be known. Although, that hadn't stopped things from happening when Plyath rose in her first mating flight.

"To be honest with you, all those rumors about you sleeping with all those other women made that seem like a far off possibility from my point of view, until recently, of course," she grinned at him teasingly. After all, she still half figured that he used to sleep with all those different women that he flirted with. Although, she didn't worry about him sleeping around on her, even if he did flirt with other women, she knew that he wasn't the type to stray from her, least of all since he loved her and wanted to marry her.

As they were in the water, she half glared at him (playfully) at his teasing before she swam after her mate to get her revenge. After all, she and their unborn child couldn't let him get away with that sort of behavior! Okay... they couldn't let him get away with it without returning the favor!

11 Re: Sieze the Day on Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:33 am


Erin's comment earned her an inquisitive look from her mate, which was replaced by a slightly shy look (something that was rare to see on the bluerider's face). "You believed those rumors? Shards. That's all they were: rumors. I never took anyone to my bed outside of a mating flight." And it wasn't entirely because he wanted to bed Erin, though that was a part of it and he wouldn't deny that if asked. But it was also because, as a young rider, he didn't want to get involved with someone and end up with a child he hadn't planned or someone who wanted more commitment than he was willing to give. Not that he hadn't had plenty of opportunities and it had been something he'd thought about, he'd just never acted on any of it.

Of course, the fact that he'd stopped to tell her that left him open as a perfect target for revenge. A fact he realized only after it was too late and he had no time to escape before Erin got to him.

12 Re: Sieze the Day on Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:42 pm


Erin took the moment to swim over to him and she had gotten close enough to splash water at him, in fact she was mid way through splashing him when his words registered. He HADN'T slept with the various women... in fact he hadn't slept with any women (other than herself) outside of a flight? The fact did shock her to some degree, but it was a good shock and made her quite happy (for some unexplainable reason) as she splashed water at her mate and grinned.

"Well that's good to hear, cause before you I was in much the same boat of never taking anyone to my bed outside of a flight," she responded, almost teasingly (although she was completely serious with the statement) before she swam over to him so she could attempt to dunk her mate.

13 Re: Sieze the Day on Fri Jul 20, 2012 1:53 am


A'dam attempted to escape Erin's splash but found himself soaked anyway and laughed, even as she spoke up. "That so? I kinda figured you and L'ric know. He certainly wanted you bad enough." It wasn't quite as surprising for him to learn that Erin had never taken anyone else to her bed. He was sort of relieved, in a way, knowing that the only time L'ric had been with Erin was as a result of a flight.

Of course, before he could come up with some response that didn't sound entirely egotistical or something of the sort, Erin was approaching him with a look that promised he wasn't quite safe yet. "Hey now. You got me. We're even right?" He questioned as he tried half-heartedly to get away. It wouldn't be at all difficult for Erin to catch him, however.

14 Re: Sieze the Day on Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:41 am


Erin shook her head after giving him an odd look. There was no way on Pern that she was sleeping with L'ric outside of a flight. She just plain wasn't interested in him like that. He was a friend, that was it. "Nope, wasn't even interested in doing anything like that with him," she responded with a laugh as she swam towards her mate.

She grinned as he questioned her while trying half heartedly to get away. When she finally did catch him, her arms went around his neck and she kissed him lightly. "Sure, dear, we're even," she grinned before moving to try and dunk him while she giggled, "But that doesn't stop the fun, does it?" she teased a second later (either after she'd missed or after he'd come up from under the water).

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