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1 An Interesting Story.... on Fri Jul 20, 2012 1:32 am


Erin had been at the weyr for roughly a turn now, in fact, it was the day after her 17th birthday and her mother and father were busy doing dragonrider stuff. She herself was working on trying out some new craft that the headwoman had suggested, still convinced that the woman had lost her mind on this decision. For one, Erin didn't know the first thing about animals and now she was trying to help the herder with one. At least they didn't send her into the kitchen... ever. After her injury the last time, and the mess she had made, the kitchen staff wouldn't allow it.

After a half hour of trying to figure out how to get the animal to move, she grumbled her frustration and left the barn. Clearly she was not happy with how things were going with the trying of different crafts, but she had agreed to continually rotate them until she decided which she would stick with.

2 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:44 pm


As Erin was leaving the barns, A'dam was just leaving the infirmary after tracking down a healer for something to ease his headache. Isith had risen in the small hours of the morning and Dranith, despite A'dam's protests, had gone after her. Dragon flights often left the young rider with a severe headache which he either sought a healer to help ease or spent half the day lying down while his head threatened to explode. But he'd made plans to spend some time with Erin and he wasn't about to screw up the rest of their day, even though he'd all but stood her up at breakfast thanks to the dragons.

It was getting toward lunchtime and so the bluerider headed for the dining hall where he was sure Erin would eventually show up and grabbed a redfruit to nibble on while he waited. If he was lucky, Erin wouldn't be too annoyed with him and maybe they could still have lunch together if nothing else. He caught Laeric glowing at him from across the room and merely saluted the candidate with his half-eaten fruit. He knew Laeric didn't like him because, the way A'dam had heard it, Laeric and Erin had had plans for the day A'dam had transferred to Fort from Benden. Erin had completely done a 180 on Laeric, foregoing their plans in favor of welcoming her childhood friend back to his home Weyr instead.

At any rate, A'dam did his best to ignore Laeric and not antagonize him (at least when Erin was around or when he knew she might catch him at it) and so he turned away from the candidate and watched the entrance, hoping to catch sight of Erin and flag her down before Laeric did.

3 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Fri Jul 20, 2012 3:55 pm


Erin walked from the barns and was about to head towards the lower caverns for food... when she realized just how gross she felt. Sighing to herself, she headed off to get cleaned up quickly before heading towards the lower caverns. She gotten most of the grossness off of her, although she had missed a piece of straw that was currently sticking out of her hair.

Naturally, she still had it there as she walked into the lower caverns to get her lunch. She was curious to see if A'dam was there. After all, he had stood her up that morning, and she was ready to find out just why... as she hadn't really heard about the flight. To be completely honest, sometimes she was able to sleep like the dead... and the previous night had been one of those times.

As he spotted her, Laeric started towards his friend. He was hoping to reach her before A'dam did... though he was further away from her than the bluerider was.

4 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:54 pm


If Laeric thought he could beat A'dam in catching Erin's attention he was dead wrong. A'dam had something that Laeric didn't. And that something appeared from between not far from Erin and flitted around her before heading to A'dam and perching on his shoulder as the Bluerider approached. A'dam gave the little Brown a strip of wherry meat he'd snagged and Tahi chirped his appreciation before gulping it down and winging back to Erin to see if he could bribe a treat out of her as well.

"Hey uh...Sorry...about this morning." A'dam greeted his friend when he was within earshot and smirked at the bit of straw in her hair. He did managed to still look embarrassed though as he finally caught up to her and sighed, rubbing his temples a bit at the headaches that was quickly receding (a fact for which he was quite grateful). "That little Green Dran's had his eye on decided today would be a good time to rise. Naturally Dranith took off after her. So yeah....I'm really sorry I missed breakfast and most of the morning." His smirk faded as he spoke and he shrugged. "Maybe we can still have lunch if you can forgive me for not showing up this morning." He looked a little hopeful, trying to ignore the fact that she might have decided to spend the afternoon with Laeric since he hadn't shown up like he'd promised.

5 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Sat Jul 21, 2012 12:02 am


Erin blinked at Tahi before a smile touched her features for a moment. She really did like her friend, even if she was a little upset that he had stood her up! Luckily for A'dam, the trick had worked as she started towards her friend and ignored Laeric. All in all she hadn't made any plans with her fellow candidate. At least not for that particular day... they WERE talking about going over some notes and helping Laeric with a few of his letters, but that would be a different day.

When Tahi returned, she chuckled at the little fiend and held up a piece of wherry for him, having snagged it along the way. "How much trouble should he be in?" she asked the flit, and she schooled her face to look upset with the bluerider.

When he was within earshot and started speaking, she gave him an odd look until he explained what had happened. "Ah, I don't know if it's overly nice to be blaming your dragon," she teased him, a smile coming forth (she really sucked at the whole 'being upset with A'dam' thing). "And sure, we can have lunch. Someone's gotta make up for me being in those stables this morning! Ugh!" she groaned.

6 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Sat Jul 21, 2012 12:23 am


A'dam chose to ignore the less-than-friendly look Laeric shot his way when Erin started toward him and instead focused on trying to look apologetic. Tahi, for his part, accepted the treat offered to him and canted his head at the question. He shuffled his wings and gave a light chirp before taking wing again to see what trouble he could cause elsewhere. Clearly whatever troubles the humans were having were none of his concern.

A'dam made a face when she told him it wasn't nice to blame Dranith and shrugged. "When it really is his fault I don't see the harm in it. I tried to stop him, not that he listened." He replied, smiling now that he knew he wasn't in trouble. "Oh so that's what this is from? I was wondering..." He teased, trailing off as he plucked the bit of straw from her hair and held it up for her. "Were you leaving this there as a fashion statement? I can put it back if you want." He added, unable to resist the opportunity to have a bit of fun at Erin's expense. She'd know he didn't mean a word of it and would probably come back with some smart remark anyway.

"So lunch, if you haven't made any other plans for the rest of your day I was thinking maybe we could take a trip out of the weyr. Maybe have a picnic lunch down by the coast? We could make a trip to Southern. It'd be nice to get away from all this snow and cold for a bit." Of course, a trip to the Southern continent meant she'd have to fly on Dranith and he held up a hand to stop and protests she might have had against that. "Before you say no, you'll be perfectly safe. My riding straps are in perfect condition and I would never let you fall and neither would Dranith." She was far too important to him and he cared about her too much for him to let anything happen to her.

7 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Sat Jul 21, 2012 12:29 am


Erin chuckled at his words before she blinked at his comment and the straw that he pulled from her hair. At least until he asked if it was a fashion statement, then she just grinned. "You don't think it looked good?" she asked him teasingly. Of course, she didn't really want to have it as a fashion statement, and he would know it. If only because of the confused look he'd gotten originally.

She listened to his suggestion for lunch before she frowned and fidgeted. She didn't know about this particular part... despite being a candidate and knowing that one day she WOULD have to get used to flying on a dragon... she was still terrified of heights. But, then again, this was A'dam and Dranith they were talking about. Perhaps she COULD convince herself to make it through the flight... if she couldn't see how far up they were. "Okay... I guess we can try it... but I don't want to be able to see anything!" she announced to him, clearly nervous at this point.

8 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Sat Jul 21, 2012 12:51 am


She just had to ask didn't she? And really, he couldn't be blamed for what he said next. Erin was just inviting him to say something. Especially since she knew him as well as she did. So, with the opportunity to open in front of him, A'dam put on his most charming smile and gave Erin a gentle poke in the side. "I think you look beautiful no matter what. I asked if you wanted to put it back." He told her, even as he dropped the bit of straw into a waste bin since he knew she didn't really want it in her hair.

He knew by the look on her face she was worried about flying on Dranith but he kept quiet until she spoke up. "I think we can manage that. You'll be safe. I promise." He told her, placing a hand on her shoulder and giving it a gentle squeeze. He already had a couple ideas in mind that would help Erin not have to look where they were going. A blindfold perhaps. And she could always sit behind him (though generally non-rider passengers were placed in front of the rider for safety). "Alright, let's get the food we want to take and get ready to go. We should probably leave soon before someone finds something they want us to do and we can't get away." He suggested, already mentally poking Dranith to be ready to get his flying gear on.

9 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Sat Jul 21, 2012 12:58 am


Erin really should have expected that answer. To be completely honest, she should have expected it, especially considering who she was talking to. Regardless, she laughed at his words and shook her head. She most certainly did NOT want that piece of straw in her hair. Not that she hadn't noticed her friend tossing it in the garbage along the way.

She smiled at his reassurance, although she was still rather nervous about flying. It terrified her. Of course, she knew she could trust A'dam and if it had been anyone else she likely would have adamantly refused. As he suggested finding food, she smiled at him. "Okay," she agreed.

When they were done, and A'dam was done getting Dranith ready, Erin had chosen to sit behind him. After all, it wasn't like the death grip she applied around his waist was going to cause her to fall from the dragon... least of all with her face burried rather solidly against his back. If she hadn't thought it would look funny to those on the ground... she prolly would have wrapped her legs around her longtime friend as well...

When they arrived, she was more than eager to get down... and she was nicely shaking from the flight. Despite the lack of issues, she really was freaked out about heights.

10 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Sat Jul 21, 2012 1:09 am


It hadn't taken them long to get ready and get settled on Dranith's back. And, though he knew she was doing it out of fear, he couldn't help but think that the way she was clinging to him was strangely...not intimate, really but he couldn't think of a better word just then either. He mentally shook the thought off and once he was sure they were all ready and secure, had Dranith take off.

The flight and subsequent trip between weren't all that long and they were soon landing on a quiet strip of sunny Southern coastline. Once on the ground, he pulled off his riding helmet and pulled the shaking Erin into a comforting hug. "Relax. We're safely on the ground. Deep breath. That wasn't so bad was it? I told you I wouldn't let you fall." He assured her, letting her snuggle into him (if she desired to) until she was calm enough that they could get their picnic set up and enjoy the rest of their day in peace, away from the weyr and all of it's daily bustle.

11 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Sat Jul 21, 2012 1:15 am


Erin had been more than happy to snuggle into his embrace as he held her. She hadn't really been meaning to end up shaking, and she had known (deep down) that A'dam would never willingly let anything happen to her. After all, they had been friends for far to long for either one to wish harm upon the other.

After a couple minutes she finally felt calm enough to slowly pull away from his comforting embrace. It had made it easier to handle the trip with him there, although she wasn't admitting that. "I don't think I'd have gotten on Dranith at all if I thought you would let me fall," she responded with a teasing smile before she turned to start setting up their picnic. Of course, she knew tha thte teasing would help show that she was finally feeling better. Although... she wouldn't have objected (too much) to the idea of him holding her again... she had kind of enjoyed that and had stayed a second or two longer because of it. Not that she would readily admit that to many, being as she was supposed to be more focused on her candidate lessons and prepping for when she would get her own dragon... and really have to work past her fears.

12 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Sat Jul 21, 2012 1:36 am


When Erin moved away, A'dam found himself reluctant to let her go (though he didn't actually try to stop her) and frowned briefly, though hid it before Erin could see. He rolled his eyes at her teasing and moved to help her set up. "Sure you would have, you'd have just been a lot more scared than you actually were." He teased back, leaving Erin to set up the picnic with their food and such briefly when Dranith asked to have his riding straps removed so he could swim.

That done, A'dam pulled off his riding jacket, vaguely wondering why he hadn't done so sooner. Southern was a lot warmer than the cold winter of Fort and his riding gear was simply too heavy to be at all comfortable in the heat. He set the jacket down on the blanket they'd bought with them and settled down next to Erin (who had, by that time, finished unpacking their picnic). "This is a lot better than being stuck in the snow back at the Weyr isn't it?" He questioned, leaning back on his hands and closing his eyes to soak up the warmth of the day. "And even better, at least for me, there are no dragons around." A soft snort from the shallows made him open one eye and turn his head to look at Dranith. "Except you, of course Dran. Why would I want to get away from you?" He questioned which seemed to placate the Blue who went back to lounging in the shallows with a happy rumble.

The bluerider turned back to his friend with a smile. "I'm really glad you came out here with me. I was worried you'd be angry that I didn't meet up with you this morning like I promised and I'd have to figure out some way to win my way back into your good graces." He admitted, stopping himself before he could decide to hug her again or something of the sort. She was a candidate. He didn't want to screw up her chances of impressing, after all.

13 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Sat Jul 21, 2012 6:35 am


Erin laughed at his comment as she worked at setting up their food on the blanket. She didn't mind unpacking it on her own, least of all since she knew her friend had to take care of his dragon. Of course, she did strip off her jacket and set it aside once she had the blanket down, before moving on to unpacking the food. Once that was all set up, she sat down on the blanket, but didn't worry about the food just yet. She was still hungry, but not quite to eat as she waited until A'dam joined her before falling into their conversation once more.

She did have to agree with his statement, chuckling slightly as he paused to placate his beast. "It is much better than being stuck in the snow," she agreed with him before she watched him as he commented on being happy that she had come with him. QUite honestly, she had been mildly annoyed at him... but that was until she learned the reason... or rather, since she'd seen him earlier. She did have to be SOMEWHAT honest, with herself at least, and admit that she was really bad at staying mad at the man.

"I was a little annoyed at the time, specially when it resulted in me spending my morning working in the stables. Sharding beast crafter caught me before I could get away," she grumbled over that before she looked at him, "And maybe you still do have to win your way back into my good graces," she teased him with a grin that clearly said he'd never left. But that didn't mean she wouldn't tease him as she poked his stomach with her pointer finger before turning towards the food they'd brought and deciding it must be eaten! As such, she grabbed a piece of food (completely at random) and started munching.

She sat munching on the food for a moment before glancing at him. Her mind had wondered to the reason he had stood her up. "So, how was the flight? Did Dranith win?" she asked, not entirely certain that she wanted the answer to that. Of course, the fact that he was there with her and not in some random rider's bed was probably proof enough he had lost... but she hadn't really paid any attention to flights or what happened in the aftermath (past the knowledge that the humans ended up having sex).

14 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Sat Jul 21, 2012 11:22 pm


If A'dam was honest with himself, he couldn't have asked for a better day. Especially since he could just imagine Laeric stuck back in wintery Fort Weyr doing chores and being pissy because Erin was off with A'dam. At her admission, he gave her a curious look but it turned into a smirk when she told how she'd been roped into helping in the barns since she wasn't doing anything else. He placed a hand over the spot where she'd poked him and pretended it had hurt. "Well now, if you're going to abuse me like that maybe I don't want to be in your good graces anymore. Maybe I'll just leave you stranded here on this lonely beach and be done with it." He teased back, a mock stern look on his face.

Dranith, for his part, rumbled his amusement and decided to join the fun. I would never leave without her. You'd be stuck here too, same as her. So there. The Blue responded, siding with Erin and speaking so that she could hear him as well. A'dam frowned at the Blue and playfully tossed a meatroll at him which he happily snatched up ans swallowed. He snagged a second roll for himself and nibbled on it, happy with the temporary silence for the time being.

Of course, then Erin had to bring up the flight and he nearly choked on a bite as a red tinge touched his cheeks at her questioning. "It was fine as far as flights go I guess, least for the Dragons. And no. Dranith didn't win." He told her, pretending to be very interested in s bit of sand as he spoke. Why in Faranth's name did Erin care about the flight? And why did he care that she cared? He quickly finished off his roll and tried to figure out some way to change the subject or distract her. And the sound of the ocean presented him with an idea. "Not that I'm complaining but it sure is warm out here. Maybe after we eat we could go for a swim?" He suggested, fanning himself with his shirt before just giving in and peeling it off to deposit it on top of his discarded riding jacket.

15 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Sat Jul 21, 2012 11:31 pm


Erin laughed lightly at the teasing, and smiled at Dranith as the blue sided with her. For all the fear she'd had while in the air with him, she really did like the beast... and she wondered what sort of dragons he might impress one day. However, she knew that even with the upcoming hatching... she would have to wait and see what happened.

She enjoyed the silence that followed their jeering at one another as well, using the time to eat before waiting for his response to her question about the flight. Hearing that Dran had lost, she was quite pleased and a look of relief temporarily appeared in her eyes. That meant that he didn't have a mate. Although, to cover it up she told Dranith that maybe next time he would win.

A moment later she turned to A'dam as he spoke before watching as his shirt was discarded. She had to admit to liking him without his shirt, and although it was a sight she rarely seen... she had seen his threadscores before. And she still hated them just as much... although she liked them as well. It was an odd situation, really... Regardless, she knew she needed to distract things a bit and thus she groaned.

"Ugh! That's not fair! I can't take my shirt off here!" she protested to him. Clearly it wasn't a fair trade that HE got to shed more clothing while she was stuck dressed for winter.

16 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Sat Jul 21, 2012 11:50 pm


Luckily for Erin, A'dam hadn't noticed the look she got when he said Dranith hadn't won the flight. Dranith, for his part, rumbled his thanks to Erin's assurances that he might win the next and resumed his lounging with a small yawn. A'dam did, however, note the look she gave him when he pulled off his shirt and placed a hand on his chest, feeling the thin threadscars that were present there and trailed onto his shoulder and back where they were a lot more noticeable. He remembered the conversation they'd had the first time she'd seen them. He'd been getting ready to bathe Dranith and she'd offered to help. "They say Thread should end in a few Turns. You worry to much. I'll be fine." He'd told her. But, seeing that he hadn't placated her at all, had also promised to be extra careful. And, aside from a few minor injuries to both himself and Dranith, nothing else bad had happened during a Fall.

But, whether to distract herself or for some other reason, Erin spoke up and didn't mention the scars. Instead she complained that she couldn't take her shirt off and he gave her a roguish smile. "Shards. It's just me and Dranith out here. Who is there to see you? 'Sides, I've seen you without a shirt before." Of course they'd still just been children at the time, splashing about in rain puddles and they'd both been scolded thoroughly for it, but still! "I certainly don't care what you do with your shirt. If you want to take it off be my guest. It's a lot more comfortable I will admit." He teased, waggling his fingers at her. He was pretty sure she'd just glare at him and pout some but that was half the fun!

17 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Sun Jul 22, 2012 12:31 am


If she had been thinking about it, Erin could truly remember the first few times she'd seen his scars. She hated the thought that he had been injured by thread, despite how common it was among riders who had fought against the stuff. She herself... well... she hoped it was long gone by the time she was a rider... if that ever happened!

Erin watched him for a moment as he spoke before she shrugged. "Okay," with that her shirt was lifted off her body and tossed atop her jacket. A soft sigh of delight left her, "Ah.... MUCH better," she commented, waiting to see just how her childhood friend would react. Sure she really shouldn't have done so, but it really was too warm for winter clothes.

18 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:02 am


A'dam was NOT expecting Erin to take her shirt off and before he could protest her actions, he was left staring at her naked upper body. A fact he quickly remedied by turning his head (though she might note he could still watch her out of the corner of his eye), with a full blush coloring his cheeks. "By the egg I didn't mean you really ought to do it! It's not proper!" He told her, trying very hard not to think how nice the view had been (and still was as he did keep stealing glances, he couldn't help it!). "'Sides, you're still a candidate. What if someone came along and caught you like that? We'd BOTH be in all sorts of trouble." Though the chances of that happening were minimal. This particular stretch of beach wasn't near anyone's Holding and the chances of a Fort rider coming down here were slim.

Of course, despite his protests the Bluerider wasn't wholeheartedly against the idea of seeing Erin with her clothes off. He'd fond that, in the past several months, it had been a thought he'd entertained on several occasions. At first he'd scolded himself for being just another lusty dragonrider but it wasn't just that. Not that he'd admit anything to anyone but, even though they didn't get to spend as much time together like when they were kids, he'd grown increasingly fond of her as they'd both grown older. But really. Thinking about such things when he was a rider and she a candidate was quite inappropriate and just then it was a little too tempting to test Erin's interest in him and risk her candidacy. "Will you please just put your shirt back on?" He pleaded, turning his head a bit to glance at her again and blushing a deeper shade when he found his eyes traveling to inappropriate places, which made him turn his head away again.

19 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:09 am


Quite honestly, the reaction she'd gotten was quite worth while. She knew it wasn't proper, and if they had been anywhere near an area she felt they had a chance of getting caught... by all means she wouldn't have done so. HOWEVER, she felt fairly confident that no one but A'dam would see anything. It was because of this that the woman smirked at her friend's blush and got the devilish idea of seeing just how red she could make him go. An idea that involved something she had never done before and had wanted to do for the past little bit... despite her candidacy.

Regardless, she had let him do his ramblings, finding it increasingly more amusing as he begged her to put her shirt back on. Instead, she scooted closer to him and smirked at him, "Awww, you don't like me not having my shirt on?" she teased him, of course she knew full well from his glances that he liked it. She also knew it wasn't appropriate for them to do anything and she still didn't care right then. Instead, she chose to enjoy her teasing and leaned forth to kiss him on the lips for a moment, determined to see how red he could go. Only problem was... she wasn't expecting the jolt of emotion that SHE felf for the rider and it caused her to pull away, blushing furiously and mumbling her apology for going too far as she leaned over to pick up her shirt.

20 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:28 am


A'dam very resolutely kept his gaze on the blanket in front of him, only making a soft noise of dismay when Erin moved closer instead of doing ask he asked. Her question only served to increase the blush and he answered without thinking. "Course I do! Mayhaps a little too much." He told her, unable to stop from turning to look her in the eye.

Which was when she chose to lean in and his eyes went wide with shock when she kissed him. When she pulled away it took him a few seconds to react even as she blushed and moved to grab her shirt. He wasn't sure what made him do it but with reflexes born of learning to ride a fighting dragon and fight Thread, he leaned over and snagged her shirt out of reach. "Oh no. You took it off now you can leave it off." He told her, by now able to keep his eyes where they belonged, though she would see a curious emotion dancing in them, a mixture of shock and excitement but also a sort of curiosity. "You....kissed me. And you liked doing it too." He observed, smirking a little with a smugness he couldn't explain.

Deciding he'd tormented her enough, he held her shirt back out to her to take if she wanted but that curiosity was still in his eyes and it was clear he wanted to say something by the way he canted his head a bit to one side in a thoughtful gesture. "Would it again? Kiss me I mean. I can't deny I rather enjoyed it myself." He told her, to between with the rules and old traditions. She'd sparked something he hadn't really known existed between them and he wanted to explore that if she'd let them.

21 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:35 am


Erin yelped when he snatched her shirt away, she had truly enjoyed the kiss and quite honestly she didn't know just WHAT to think about that little bit. Sure, she'd been attracted to him for a while now, and she had been curious about kissing him for some time... but she had never imagined she she would actually just up and kiss him at random! Although she did give him an odd look at the smugness in his voice as he realized she had enjoyed the kiss.

When he offered her shirt back, she had moved to reach for it... when something stopped her. His question. He wanted her to kiss him again? She watched him for a moment, trying to discern just what was happening, until she decided to hell with it all and she nodded her head slightly before leaning towards him once more. Although, this time she gently placed a hand on his chest as she kissed him. She was most certainly interested in finding out just what had randomly appeared between them... even if it was not exactly the best time to be doing so...

22 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Sun Jul 22, 2012 2:27 am


A'dam wasn't sure what he'd expected to happen when he asked Erin to kiss him again. But the fact she left her shirt in his hand and gave the slightest of nods was the best answer he could have hoped for. He set the shirt aside as she leaned in and he placed a hand over hers on his chest when she kissed him. He returned the kiss tentatively at first, not sure if she would pull away again, but more confidently when she didn't.

This time it was him who broke away and his heart was racing as he regarded Erin from a few inches away. He could feel Dranith regarding them oddly but the Blue was polite enough not to interrupt and, recognizing enough of the emotions his rider was feeling, he moved discreetly (at least as discreetly as a fully grown Blue dragon could) down the beach to lounge in the sun, leaving his rider and Erin to whatever it was they were doing. "You realize this is probably a really bad idea don't you?" He questioned, touching her cheek with his free hand and placing a light kiss on her lips. Though in his mind he couldn't help but question how far they should let this go. How much were they willing to risk for this? His mind also supplied the answer. He wanted this. He wanted to explore this newfound level of their relationship and, if Erin was willing, he would risk everything for it (though he had a lot less to lose than she did).

23 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Sun Jul 22, 2012 2:32 am


Erin didn't pull away the second time. In fact, she was quite enjoying the kiss when he finally pulled away from her slightly. Her eyes watched him, curious about the whole ordeal, and just as interested in exploring this new aspect of their relationship. It wasn't like they didn't know each other... and this was merely another way that they would know one another.

As he questioned her and gave her a light kiss, she nodded her head. "Yeah, but I still kind of want to see where this leads. No one at the weyr will find out, I'm sure," she assured him softly as she watched the man, curious to see how he would respond. She was tempted to kiss him again, but she decided to hold off and see what he would do. To see how HE would respond to the situation, and her willingness to explore while they were safely hidden from the world. After all, not many came around this particular area anyways... and they were certainly far enough away that anyone who DID see them, was more likely to assume it was a rider with some hold girl instead of a rider with a candidate.

24 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:54 pm


He couldn't help a small smile at her words. "I think you and I both know where this is likely to end up." He wasn't so sure about no one finding out but they were alone out here and so far had seen no indication that anyone was likely to happen upon them. That didn't mean it wouldn't happen, however, but he kept his opinion on that matter to himself. He did also consider the lack of shade to cover them but really...they wouldn't let things go that far would they? Did it really matter then?

Giving his head a little shake, he pushed those thoughts aside and considered his options. Erin hadn't done anything more, it was almost as if she was waiting for him to do something. But what? Despite a rather popular belief that he'd bedded several people he had never been intimate with anyone. The flights Dranith had participated in thus far he had lost. At a loss as far as how to proceed without seeming too eager, A'dam opted to lean in for another kiss, this time sliding his arm around Erin's waist and holding her closer to him.

25 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:59 pm


Erin had just smiled at his words, choosing not to give a comment one way or the other. Quite honestly, she didn't know where things were going to go. She simply wanted to see what happened and she knew that she felt something for the blue rider. As he kissed her and wrapped his arms around her waist, she leaned in closer to him and continued the kiss. At the same time her arms moved up around his neck, seemingly of their own accord. As far as she was concerned, very few people from Fort would have any reason to be on the southern continent... and she sincerely doubted any of them showing up at their particular location. Granted, at this point she would likely be perfectly okay with the resulting punishment if someone were to show up.

A little while later, Erin found herself no longer a virgin and quite uncertain about what would happen now. She was still rather naked and laying in the sand, fairly certain she now had either a sun tan... or a sun burn. One that she would NOT want to try and explain to anyone. With that in mind, she moved her form slightly from A'dam's and began searching out her clothing before noting the food they'd brought that was not eaten. It was a mess... but at least they'd managed no sand in places where it didn't go!

Easily she rose from her spot and realizing that she had some sort of something stuck to her back, she yelped and went racing off towards the water to clean it off.

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