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26 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:01 pm


A'dam would have been content to curl up with Erin in the shade of Dranith's wing (though he wasn't entirely sure when his Blue had rejoined them) and take a long nap in the warm Southern climate. Erin, however, had other ideas. He made a soft displeased sound when she moved away from him and propped his head up on one hand when she reached for her clothes. He still wasn't quite sure what to think about what they had done and getting dressed seemed like as good an option as any so he too rose to locate his clothing. He was about to pull the bit of wherry meat that had attached itself to Erin's back off when she seemed to realize it was there and ran off toward the ocean.

Laughing at her surprise, he dropped his pants back on the ground and jogged after her, giving a small yelp at the coolness of the water on sensitive parts of his anatomy. He swam out to join her, sliding his arms around her from behind and placing a kiss on her cheek before releasing her so he could face her. "So what now? You're a candidate. If we keep up with this we'd both be in trouble. But I don't want it to stop. I don't know what we've got right now but I want to find out." He told her, glancing away as if to judge what time it was so she wouldn't see the conflicting emotions he was trying to hide. One one hand, he wanted to be with her. On the other, he didn't want to get her in trouble since she was a candidate. "It's getting late and we've no dinner to eat. We should probably think about heading home soon." He commented, not really giving Erin time to answer his original comment.

27 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:14 pm


Erin turned her head towards him as he wrapped his arms around her before she thought about it. Her own arms rested over his as she thought about the problem. Something was developing between them, the question was... what was it? Would they actually try to make it work? If they did, then she would have to give up her candidacy. The moment the thought flickered through her mind, she turned around in his arms, hearing his comment about heading home.

"We won't be in trouble if I give up my candidacy. I want to see where this heads, A'dam, and there is no guarantee that I'll impress..." she asked him, watching to see what sort of answer he would give in response. While she did agree with the comment on them returning to the weyr, she had wanted to get that off her chest.

28 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Tue Jul 24, 2012 1:12 am


At Erin's word, A'dam opened his mouth in shock...just as a smallish wave washed into them, splashing seawater into his mouth. Spluttering at the too salty taste of the water he tried to process what she'd suggested. It wasn't something that he'd even considered. For Erin to give up her candidacy....for him....he wasn't sure why she would want to do that nor why it made him excessively happy to hear her say it.

But he couldn't let just throw her chances of impression aside could he? He wanted her to, yes, but should he let her? How angry would she be if he told her no? "If you give up your candidacy there's a guarantee that you won't impress. I know how much you want to be a dragonrider. I can't ask you to give that up for me. But I also know I can't force you to stay a candidate if you don't want to. Are you sure, I mean really sure, that I'm worth losing your chance to impress?" He questioned, better to let her decide for herself than try to force her one way or the other.

29 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Tue Jul 24, 2012 1:17 am


Erin watched him, she noticed the shock that crossed his features... as well as the words that came out of his mouth. She moved closer to him, "I'm positive, A'dam. We've been friends forever, and while that doesn't always lead to things like this... I have to follow that even if it means never becoming a rider... I want to see what this is. It would be worth it if this were to work out," she admitted to him. Of course, there wasn't a doubt in her mind that it would. After all, she had always known he was cute, and quite frankly it wouldn't be completely out there to say that a crush had been developing... even if she had ignored it previously.

Although, at his hesitation.. she half wondered if he would turn her down. She wouldn't be able to blame him, especially knowing that she had wanted to become a dragonrider. It was one of the most important dreams she'd had... but for some reason, she didn't care right then. If she was meant to be bound to a dragon, then it would happen regardless of her rank in the weyr.

30 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Tue Jul 24, 2012 1:53 am


He still wasn't entirely sure he wanted to let Erin give up being a candidate but he also couldn't help the smile that spread across his features when she spoke up. There were doubts in his mind, yes, but he was smart enough not to voice them just then. Instead he drew her into another kiss and gave her a long look. "As happy as I am to hear you say you'd give up your dream of being a dragonrider for me I can't just let you throw your chances away like this." Though it sounded like a refusal it was anything but. He just needed her to be sure. "I think we shouldn't go running to headwoman Nataly right away. I say you should sleep on it. Thread falls on Ruatha tomorrow afternoon, if you're still sure about this then we can talk to her when I get back from the Fall. Okay? I do want this to work but I also want you to be certain this is what you want. I won't be upset if you choose to remain a candidate." He suggested, wondering if she'd reconsider her position or decide to stick with her initial decision.

"We really should get dried off and dressed so we can head back. It's getting toward dinnertime and I'm getting hungry." He told her after a bit, heading for shore himself. He dried off as best he could before pulling his clothes on so they wouldn't freeze in the cold of between. He knew their blanket was far from salvageable but he didn't want to leave it behind on the beach and stuffed it into the pack they'd brought their lunch in. He left Erin to finish getting things cleaned up while he got Dranith's riding straps on and before long they were on their way back to the weyr for dinner, both nicely tanned enough that people were bound to notice ans ask questions. And at least they could tell most of the truth and say they spent their afternoon at the beach.

31 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:01 am


Erin listened to his words, his grin enough to let her know that he wanted her. Of course, she was also pleased to see that while he wanted things to happen, he was also taking into account her dream of being a rider. Her eyes watched him a moment before she nodded her head at his suggestion, "Okay," she agreed with him before she kissed his cheek.

When he suggested heading back to the weyr, she nodded her head this time. Truth be told, she was getting rather hungry herself, and she wanted to enjoy a nice, hot meal. Naturally, as she dried off and got dressed, she looked to A'dam. "I still don't like it when you have to fight thread," she admitted to him, although she clearly remembered their talk about that. It was something he needed to do as a rider, and while she didn't like it... she was proud of him for defending Pern from the stuff. However, that didn't mean she had to enjoy the idea of him being in danger of being seriously injured... something that was evident by the scars on him.

When things were cleaned up and she was dried off and dressed... she mounted up and once more clung to the back of her friend. Honestly, regardless of their relationship status... she was still terrified of heights and thus she had her face properly burried against his back as she clung tightly to the man.

32 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Tue Jul 31, 2012 1:55 am


A'dam glanced over when she brought up her dislike of him flying Thread. "Dragonmen must fly when Threads are in the sky." He quoted at her from one of the old Harper ballads. "But they say Thread will end this Turn. Who knows, maybe we'll get to Ruatha tomorrow and there won't be any Thread at all. But until we're sure..." He trailed off and went back to securing his riding straps where they belonged. Until they were sure Thread was really gone they would still go where they thought Thread would fall. But once it was gone for good...A'dam had his eye on a stretch of land outside one of the recently established Holds east of Benden. It was ideal for a dragonrider and his dragon...and there he wouldn't have to deal with listening to other dragons or worrying about flights and hatchings. He'd be free to do as he pleased.

Once they were ready to leave, however, he pushed his thoughts of the future away and got himself and Erin settled on Dranith's back. With a leap and a a sweep of his wings, the Blue unintentionally erased most signs that anyone had been on the beach that day. The trip back to the weyr was as quick and uneventful as their trip away and he shivered a bit at the cold after the warmth of the Southern Continent. Dranith landed in the bowl and A'dam helped Erin to dismount though refrained from giving her a hug to help calm her, instead just putting a comforting arm around her shoulders, a gesture that wouldn't be out of place for a good friend to make.

33 Re: An Interesting Story.... on Tue Jul 31, 2012 8:39 am


Erin had known the response, and she knew he was responsible for helping with thread... as was every able bodied dragonrider. That didn't mean she had to LIKE it. Sure, she was proud to know that her friend... or well... possibly a little more than that... was one of Pern's heroes and risked his life all the time to keep people safe. Regardless, she didn't like the idea that something might happen to him... or Dranith.

Once they landed, she unconsciously leaned into his touch, still shaking a little from the height that they had been at. When it finally stopped, she looked to A'dam and smiled warmly at her friend. "For the record, I know you have to go. But that doesn't mean I have to like it," she informed him, sticking her tongue out at him for a second before grinning and slipping from under his arm. After all, she knew that if they had been some where more private... he'd have hugged her properly until she felt better, but it was really just the knowledge that he was there that helped her calm down.

She knew he would want her to spend some serious time contemplating what she had offered to do for him. She wanted to be a rider, she truly did... but the more practical side of her pointed out how flawed THAT idea was. She was terrified of heights, and she wouldn't have A'dam with her on her own dragon, so she wouldn't have anyone to hide her face and keep her from freaking out when her own dragon took her to such heights. After all, she trusted Dranith not to drop her, but she still got that gut wrenching fear whenever on his back and flying.

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