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1 Dragon Poker Guide on Sat Dec 10, 2011 9:25 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
What is Pern without dragon poker? This is a basic run-down of how poker is played and how it has evolved on Pern into dragon poker.

All of the information below that has not been adjusted to suit Pernese dragon poker, which only contains only three suits and three wild cards, is adapted from the Official Rules of Card Games, 81st edition, by The United States Playing Card Company. Pernese information is adapted from The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern, 2nd edition.

Poker Fundamentals for Beginners

The Pernese Dragon Poker Deck

The Poker Hands

How the Betting Works

The Two Main Forms of Poker—Though there are many different forms of poker, nearly all of them fall into one of two main types: Draw Poker (or Closed Poker) or Stud Poker (or Open Poker).

General Principles in Poker

  • Form of Poker to be Played
  • Wild Cards
  • The Flitter
  • Betting Limits
  • High or Low?

Draw Poker Fundamentals

Stud Poker Fundamentals

Dealer's Choice Variations

Whiskey Poker Variation

Strip Poker Variation
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2 Re: Dragon Poker Guide on Sat Dec 10, 2011 9:28 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
How Dragon Poker Is Played IC'ly
Okay, dragon poker is all fine and dandy, but how do you play it on an online, text-based roleplay site?

First off, you need a dragon poker deck. Now, you can buy these at specialty shops, or you can create your own from scratch. I used a regular poker deck and sharpies. If you're making your own (or you can't draw on your dad's favorite deck of cards, or whatever), here's the denominations to use for each suit.

With the exception of the face cards, J, Q, and K cards are 11, 12, and 13, respectively.

Hearts Ace - K: their respective numeric values (1 - 13)
Spades 2 - 5: F1 - F4, respectively

Clubs Ace - K: their respective numeric values (1 - 13)
Spades 6 - 9: F1 - F4, respectively

Diamonds Ace - K: their respective numeric values (1 - 13)
Spades 10 - K: F1 - F4, respectively

Three jokers (if available)
Two jokers and the ace of Spades

The gamer hosting the game names the type of game in their opening post, how much the minimum bet is (if higher than the chip), the maximum time to wait for characters to post (typically 1-2 days unless it's known that a gamer will be absent for more than that length of time--in which case, the host can announce that absences are forfeits of the hand), and is the dealer for the first round (or chooses which character is the dealer, if more than one of that gamer's characters are participating).

If alcohol is involved in the game, the host should announce what type of alcohol is being used or if participants are allowed to bring their own source (however, "own source" must be shared among others--this prevents someone from cheating and replacing their alcohol with a non-alcoholic substitute, except in the case of young participants).

Players may join and leave at will. If a participant does not post their ante, it is assumed that they either left the table or are sitting out the round (dealer's choice). If a participant fails to post a bet within the allotted time period, it is assumed that they dropped (or folded). If a participant fails to post their showdown within the allotted time period, dealer's choice: the dealer may choose to reveal that character's hand for them for the showdown or assume that the player folded.

Dealing: the host may choose to have an uninvolved participant or one of the two Admins (Kes or Sora) manage all the dealing of cards for all players or may managing dealing for all rounds his- or herself. I can guarantee that the two Admins will be impartial and will not cheat if their characters are participating (since we live together and each would know if the other was cheating), but I cannot make any such guarantees for other gamers dealing the cards. The host may also choose to let each participant deal their own cards, but this requires that all gamers have access to a deck of cards on short notice and may not be feasible (in this case, the dealer may choose to have the host, an uninvolved gamer, or one of the Admins deal for them).

When cards are dealt, the dealer will PM each participant with their character(s)' hand. In stud poker, make sure to specify which card(s) is(are) the hole card(s) vs. the upcards.

Dealer's choice: if playing the variations at which not all hand cards are dealt right away (such as with Flamethrower), the person dealing the cards has the choice to PM the participants with all their cards and then it is the participant's responsibility to post accordingly, OR they may choose to only PM the participants with the cards they have been dealt when they are dealt. The latter is recommended, although it makes for multiple PMs.

Note: there is a size limit on our PM boxes. You'll want to make sure to clean them out regularly.

Dragon poker games are the one type of threads where the minimum post length does not apply. However, you must still post IC'ly and keep in mind that conversations often occur among participants during friendly poker games, so you can potentially get a full-blown post out of each round.

Participants do not reveal in their post what cards they contain in their hand until the showdown. If playing a game in which cards are dealt face-up (or turned face-up during play), those cards may be revealed by whichever character is placing them face-up: dealer if dealing upcards or player if turning cards.

Host is also responsible for keeping track of the amount in the pot and, if applicable, the flitter.

More information will be added as it's developed or as necessary.
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3 Re: Dragon Poker Guide on Sat Dec 10, 2011 9:30 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Setup Guide for Games


Things the Host Needs to Decide
  1. What game is being played? (see Dealer's Choice notes below)
  2. What is the minimum ante at the table?
  3. What is the minimum chip at the table?
  4. What is the betting limit?
  5. What is the maximum number of times a participant can raise during a pot?
  6. What is the table minimum?*
  7. What is the table maximum?*
*Not specifically required for a game, but highly recommended both to keep participants with more funds from driving those with left away from the table and to ensure that the participants actually have enough funds to play a game.

Things the Host Needs to Receive a Vote On from the Participants
  1. Flitter Yes/No?
  2. Aces High/Low? (see Dealer's Choice notes below)
The flitter is the table fund which can be used to buy things for the group (such as refreshments); anything left over at the end of a game will be divided evenly among those still at the table. Aces high or low can drastically affect the outcome of a hand as well as how a participant chooses to play his/her hand. If the host or dealer fails to get a vote or otherwise specify, it is assumed that aces are high.

Things the Dealer Needs to Decide (Dealer's Choice)
  1. What game is being played?
  2. What is the minimum ante for the pot (if different than table)?
  3. What is the minimum chip for the pot (if different than table)
  4. Aces High/Low?
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