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1 A Visit with her Cousin on Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:18 pm


Artemis had calmed down some by the time her cousin reached her, and Jazz was ready to settle down and sun herself. Something that Artemis encouraged the green to go do. When he did catch her, she smiled at his choosing to ignore the incident and just suggest company. In fact, his actions and words had her feeling far calmer and she nodded her head. "Sure, I'd be happy to help you, Ky... and thanks for showing up. I don't see what all the fuss is about... between A'lo acting like if I step the wrong way I'm going to break and Alina and H'lee showing up for nothing... and bringing Silvara along..." she sighed at her own frustrations, "But, I'll keep in mind if I ever wanna annoy you I'll go mess up your store room for you," she grinned teasingly at her cousin. It wasn't like she ever would, and she knew her cousin would know that. A'lo might... but she never would.

Jazz had curled up well away from everyone to enjoy the sun, although she did choose that moment to speak with Baroleth. ~Will Artemis-mine be in lots of trouble for yelling at everyone?~ she asked the bronze.

2 Re: A Visit with her Cousin on Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:27 pm


K'then let Artemis rant and placed a companionable arm around her shoulders. "Well, that's just something you're going to have to get used to. If you hadn't blatantly disregarded the rules of candidacy you wouldn't be in this position though." He told her, the subtle scolding a reminder that she had, after all, brought this on herself in a way. "And in your brother's defense he didn't actually ask Rik to have me come down there, just had him ask if it was safe for you to be playing. I wouldn't have come down at all if Alina hadn't made such a fuss and brought H'lee who I'm sure told Silvara." He had almost considered letting the group deal but he also hadn't wanted Artemis too stressed and he'd shown up a bit too late to prevent that.

He gave her a mock horrified look when she suggested messing up the storerooms and laid a hand over his forehead as a woman might if she felt faint. "Have mercy on an old Bronzerider won't you? I couldn't bear it if my own cousin ruined all my hard work." He teased back, altering their course toward the infirmary. "When was the last time you had some of your tea to help with nausea? I know smells can sometimes get the better of you so you might want to have some of that before we get started. The medicinal smells can get pretty strong in the little storerooms where we'll be working." He told her, leaving the option open for her to accept or decline as she saw fit.

Baroleth arched his neck down to peer at Jadzieth and rumbled reassuringly. Probably not but we shall have to see. I think my K'then is in more trouble than your Artemis though. He yelled at the headwoman. He shifted a bit to have a more comfortable position to look at the young Green. Sharing also that K'then yelling at Alina was akin himself yelling at the Gold Henriettath.

3 Re: A Visit with her Cousin on Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:37 pm


Artemis gave her cousin a sheepish look as he pointed out that she had disregarded the rules of candidacy. It had been an accident, but it was still something that she had gotten herself into. Her eyes watched as he explained why he had shown up before she nodded her head. "The only reason he didn't have me in the infirmary was because I threatened him if he did take me. I understand there are limits to what I'll be able to do, and even to what I can do now, but I know what they are. I know how to listen when my body tells me I'm tired," she shared with her cousin before sighing slightly and shaking her head.

As he gave a mock horrified look to her suggestion she giggled and grinned at him. It was nice being able to have family there who understood that while she was pregnant... she wasn't a piece of glass and she would be perfectly fine. Although at his question about the tea she had to pause and think about it for a moment. "I could probably use some. I try to remember it, but every so often between Jazz complaining about hunger or itchiness... I end up skipping it before lessons," she admitted to him, knowing that that morning was one of the times when she had skipped it, "Although... to be fair... it was my fault I got hit with that tail in the first place. I felt dizzy just before she hit me and I had just recovered moments before it connected." She knew she'd be in trouble for that part, but that was something she had done to herself. And at least A'lo didn't know that little detail.

Jadziath looked up at the bronze, ~That would be bad... although did mine not do the same in a way? She yelled at both the headwoman and Seeth's~ she commented in response, rather curious. Course, she also knew that Artemis was just feeling crowded and cornered, and with her odd hormonal issues the girl had simply had enough and exploded.

4 Re: A Visit with her Cousin on Wed Jul 25, 2012 12:37 am


"But asking me to come down there would not have been the same as bringing you to me in the infirmary. And all things considered it may have been the better option, I don't think Alina would have had as much of a fuss about it if you were being brought to be checked over." He commented, though if everyone had come to the infirmary to fuss he'd have been less than pleased with the lot of them. Sure he wasn't the only Healer at the Academy but he still considered the infirmary his. It was his place, somewhere he could be in charge and where he felt the most comfortable. Teaching really wasn't his thing but when offered the chance to be here, where his specialization was most useful, it was also the most sensible thing to do.

Of course, there were days when he was seriously tempted to leave the Academy and return to Benden Weyr and just be a dragonrider. Or, and this was a less likely option, return to Benden Hold and resume his duties as Lord Heir. But he pushed those thoughts away and focused on the present. He gave Artemis a small frown and a shake of his head for her forgetfulness and altered their course ever so slightly. "You've got to be more careful in situations like that Artemis. Blind Man's Bluff isn't usually too dangerous but serious accidents have happened because weyrlings weren't paying attention to where the dragons were. Just imagine if Hetty had gotten you with her head or if she stepped wrong. Where would you be then?" He questioned, letting on that he was more worried than he originally appeared. He knew that, for now, she was fine but there were a lot of other things that could happen in the next few months and not all of them would be as easy to fix as this.

Baroleth considered Jadziath's question a moment before responding with a gentle snort. I think they will take into consideration her gravid condition. Gravid humans often snap like that. I think the most she has to worry about is a gentle scolding about being more careful. He replied, easily shifting through K'then's thoughts on the matter and finding the answer easily enough.

5 Re: A Visit with her Cousin on Wed Jul 25, 2012 6:38 am


Artemis sighed to herself, she hadn't really wanted ANYONE to come to her. Quite honestly, other than the bruise on her legs, she felt perfectly fine. And even then, she could hardly notice it, so long as no one touched that particular spot. She knew that she was doomed to another 6 or 7 months worth of everyone worrying if the wind blows the wrong direction around her... but that didn't mean she had to like it! "Honestly, I was kinda hoping that he wouldn't have asked anyone to come down there.. I told him I was alright and it's not like I was hit really hard.. it was mostly just unexpected," she explained to her cousin, not that she didn't know full well that it was unexpected, in part, due to her having a dizzy spell.

As she finished talking, she heard the part where she actually got scolded, only not really. She thought about her cousin's words, and nodded her head. "I know, that's why I was leaning against Jazz... it just didn't quite help with that particular issue," she admitted softly.

Jadziath thought about the bronze's words for a moment. They wouldn't be upset with her over it due to her being pregnant? Did her hatchling really affect her that much? The young green cocked her head a bit in wonder at this, trying to discern how that would make sense. ~Why does mine being egg heavy cause her to snap like that?~ the green asked him. Although, she quite honestly didn't understand much of the situation.

6 Re: A Visit with her Cousin on Sat Jul 28, 2012 12:38 am


K'then shrugged at Artemis's words. "As I said, he didn't actually ask me to come down there. He was just worried if something had happened to you, or if the game was too dangerous." He'd been rather surprised that A'lo hadn't wanted him to come down there. It was a point for the young weyrling as far as K'then was concerned though it might take Artemis a bit to see that. A sevenday ago A'lo might have had K'then down there or been dragging Artemis to Silvara the moment he thought something had happened. He was still hovering and would likely not stop being over protective of his sister until all this was over but it was progress.

They arrived in the area of the infirmary where water could be warmed and teas made for healing purposes and K'then motioned Artemis to a chair while he prepared her tea. When it was ready he handed it to her along with a small handful of the little sweet bits of dried fruit he often gave to youunger patents (though he had few enough of those at the academy, now he kept them for himself). "Drink your tea and eat the sweets. Then we'll see about finishing up that storeroom. There wasn't much left to do." He commented, sipping at his own cup, though this had been poured from a wineskin rather than the klah pot in which he'd made Artemis's tea.

Baroleth considered Jadziath's question as he shifted from his perch, moving down to rest near the Green where she could lean on him if she wanted. I cannot say. It is just something humans deal with when they are gravid. And that is the proper term, little one. Gravid; not egg heavy. Humans do not carry eggs like a Gold dragon. And their littles are called children, not hatchlings. He offered, sharing knowledge he pulled from K'then's mind.

7 Re: A Visit with her Cousin on Sat Jul 28, 2012 7:58 am


Artemis would end up having to agree with her cousin's words, her brother hadn't actually demanded that any healer come running... or that she go see K'then. It just happened that way for various other reasons. After all, she hadn't noticed Alina's flit watching over her while she played, least of all during her bout of dizziness. However, she verbally relented to her cousin. "I suppose he can have brownie points for that.. and at least listening when I told him that I didn't want to go to the infirmary..." she admitted finally, just before they'd arrived to their destination.

Once there, Arty sat down in the indicated chair and watched her cousin as he went about his work. Quite honestly, she was still more than content with the craft that Nataly had found for her. Although, she was half tempted to see about doing more than just helping gather herbs and learning what to do with them... but she had a feeling that for now... it was safer to just deal with the herbs. They had less of a chance for her to get sick while helping out. Although, hopefully the morning sickness stuff would pass soon. Not that she had to deal with a lot of it, thanks to the teas.

"Thanks, Ky," she smiled as she accepted the tea and sweets before she began sipping on it. She was especially happy to help her cousin out with the store room as she knew that during her crafting periods, she would likely be spending some time in there anyways... although it usually wasn't with her cousin.

When Baroleth joined her, the young green leaned against his bulk and listened to what he had to say. Her bonded was gravid, not egg heavy.... and the hatchling wasn't a hatchling but a children. That would be important to know. ~Mine is laying a children?~ she asked, snorting when it didn't even sound right to her. Clearly she would have to dig around more in her bonded's mind and learn the proper terms... or just revert to calling them hatchlings and eggs.

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