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51 Re: Meeting up with Her on Sat Jul 28, 2012 8:32 pm


"Cause really he is a guy that I'm going to just kick out of his sister's room? I don't even feel like I can do anything to help for fear that he'll jump down my throat!" He growled and then slumped down in a chair inside of her weyr. "You ever thought of that? I take time and care to make sure I'm saving enough so when you do finally pop that thing out I can give it a decent life! I don't want it to live like I did! I didn't really know much about my mother or even if she missed me!" He tried to explain, "and now this has happeend, and all I think about is how I've gone and screwed up your lfie, and how you probably hate me." His shoes had gotten interesting and looking down at them he examined the floor as well.

52 Re: Meeting up with Her on Sat Jul 28, 2012 8:37 pm


Artemis paused at his words, sitting up as he explained how he was feeling right then. Slowly she rose from her spot and moved around so she could sit on her bed and face him. "You worry about ruining my life? D'rick, while the circumstances could have been better all around... I'm not so certain that my life was ruined. I wish it had been later on, when we had already graduated, but I do not regret getting pregnant. This baby is important to me regardless of what happens, why else would I want it? I have every intention of keeping this baby," she pointed out, "I don't hate you, either. And please, I know A'lo can get a little over protective, but do you want to know how he learned of my pregnancy?"

The girl already knew the full scene her brother had seen.

53 Re: Meeting up with Her on Sat Jul 28, 2012 8:42 pm


"Uhm probably a bit better than I took it." He had all but had a nervous breakdown. "I wouldn't blame you if you hated me. I mean..." He rubbed his hand through his hair, "A'lo is more than a little over protective, and I know you want to keep it, I dont' doubt that. At all. You're a good person Artemis." His eyes met hers they were sparkling with a soft tone that suggested his was surpressing tears.

54 Re: Meeting up with Her on Sat Jul 28, 2012 8:45 pm


Artemis chuckled, "I didn't say how he took it, I said how he LEARNED about it. I didn't tell A'lo that I was pregnant, he came in demanding for me to tell him that I wasn't. But really, he had seen a vision of me giving birth... and YOU holding my hand through it," she admitted to him.

55 Re: Meeting up with Her on Sat Jul 28, 2012 8:55 pm


"Those special abilities are kind of a nuisance." He muttered softly, "I didn't plan on him finding out that way." He stated sheepishly. "Well at least I was there for it. Did he happen to mention what we're having?" He tried to joke, lamely.

"Honestly I understand why he's upset with me, but he can't necessarily blame me. It was nature's decision, not MINE. I didn't say while we were in the middle "Imma make you a mom!" No. No I didn't!"

56 Re: Meeting up with Her on Sat Jul 28, 2012 9:00 pm


Artemis chuckled, "That's not why he hates you so much, D'rick. A'lo looks at how I have been my entire life. I have always been so focused on my duties to my family, my hold, my weyr, my studies, and all these other things... he doesn't understand that what happened between us was completely mutual and while it was unplanned... there was no foul. As far as he's concerned, and nothing I've said has changed his mind, I would never have agreed to something that had the chance of causing so much trouble for me if I were a candidate... or even now as a weyrling. I've tried to explain otherwise to him, but he's so set in this idea that you're the evil party in all of this happening... I think the only thing that will change that time and evidence of the contrary," she admitted to him.

When she finished, she sighed softly and glanced towards the ceiling... fairly certain that she was going to set off another tirade.

57 Re: Meeting up with Her on Sat Jul 28, 2012 9:29 pm


"Well as far as I knew you were consenting," His cheeks reddened, "Honestly if he can't just believe you then he needs to understand that I didn't force anything onto you. I mean..." He punched his thigh several times. "Honestly time can kiss my behind. I want to be there for you I want to prove that I'm not just a scumbag that knocks you up."

He watched her and got up to go and comfort her. "I'm sorry."

58 Re: Meeting up with Her on Sat Jul 28, 2012 9:39 pm


She glanced towards him, having listen to his rant before she sighed softly. She really didn't know what he wanted to tell him. After all, A'lo was her twin brother and therefore the closest to her (aside from Jadziath). Her eyes closed for a moment before she glanced over as he approached her and apologized.

"I know it's frustrating... and honestly I don't know where I would have been without my cousin to help me temper him when need be. But truly, he's my twin brother and I can't really change how protective he is, I can just hope he gets over it and finds something else to catch his interest," she laughed lightly, wincing at the pain it caused her ribs.

59 Re: Meeting up with Her on Sat Jul 28, 2012 10:07 pm


K'then was not pleased. Not at all. What Artemis had been thinking taking off on a hike to Snowy Hold when she was still so severely injured he had no idea. He just knew he wouldn't have recommended she do it. Not that he could have really stopped her if she was that determined to go but he preferred to keep his patients close. Of course, when he found out she'd returned he'd been busy dealing with the Snowflake Weyrlings and couldn't get away to go deal with her until a bit later.

When he finally had the spare moments to see to his cousin, he was in a less than pleasant mood. A pair of his weyrlings had gotten into a tiff over some matter or another and sought him out to have him sort it. Of course he said this and she said that and in the end K'then had simply told them they needed to work through it on their own or he'd pull them both from lessons and hold their graduation until the Tundra Weyrlings were ready to graduate. That had shut them both up quick enough and sent them scurrying to deal with whatever misunderstanding had taken place on their own.

Of course, hearing a male voice that was not A'lo's coming from Artemis's weyr did not improve his mood any and he rounded the corner into the sleeping area and stopped in the doorway with his arms crossed. He cleared his throat and gave them both a look that was not quite angry but certainly not friendly either. "I certainly hope I'm not interrupting anything you two." He stated, the fact that he felt quite the opposite clear in the tone of his voice and the disapproval gleaming in his eyes. "I honestly thought you'd have more sense Arty. Not only do you trek off to Snowy Hold without permission but you invite this boy into your weyr when you know full well relationships are forbidden?" There was a hint of that severe disapproval in his tone and something that suggested they had best start explaining before H'lee was notified of yet more rule breaking from the pair of them.

60 Re: Meeting up with Her on Sat Jul 28, 2012 10:20 pm


D'rick withdrew quickly "Sorry, I was just checking on her and the baby." He explained, "Something I'm sure the father of a child is allowed to do." He added with a note of irritation. "You're not interrupting at all though. I was just giving her some reading material," he motioned to the books he had given her earlier, "and thanking her for today. I assume that's why you're here?" He wasn't really respectful but not really disrespectful, more short and to the point, holding himself with the air of a young man that had been to too many formal events. "And I thought Art got permission." He stared her down.

61 Re: Meeting up with Her on Sat Jul 28, 2012 10:23 pm


Artemis paused at all of this before regarding D'rick with a bit of shock. He honestly thought that her cousin would let her out of the academy with her injuries? She had done what was needed in order to go with D'rick in order to tell his parents and family. Honestly, she couldn't quite understand why he didn't ask them to come to the academy, but she figured it would be safer for them to head to Snowy Hold. With a slight shrug she looked to her cousin.

"I promise, Ky, nothing happened," she promised her cousin, "We were just talking." Of course, she knew full well that they weren't allowed to have relationships as weyrlings, and she wasn't about to jeopardize things even more. She was already pregnant, after all.

62 Re: Meeting up with Her on Sat Jul 28, 2012 10:54 pm


K'then gave D'rick a hard look at his words. "And when there is actually a child to be seen, yes, you've every right to see him or her. Until then you should both remember that you are still weyrlings and your dragons need you more than you need to see each other. All things considered you can probably understand why it is inadvisable for you two to be alone together since that's what got you both into this mess." The Assistant Weyrlingmaster noted the half-respect he was being offered with a frown and shook his head. "If you thought dragging her to the Hold and putting her under the stress of meeting your family you're right to thank her. Her injuries need time and rest to heal. She's delayed her own healing, put herself at risk of further injury and upset her dragon just so you could be a coward and not face your family alone." Perhaps it was not the nicest thing to say but right then D'rick was not on K'then's list of favorite people.

"You would also do well the remember that as an Assistant Weyrlingmaster, Master Healer and Artemis's cousin I deserve your respect regardless of your thoughts toward me. I don't care one bit who your family is, if you disrespect me like that again, I will personally see you packed off to the farthest Academy I can find from here and not allowed back until such time as you've both graduated, do I make myself clear? I do not appreciate being questioned when my concerns and reasons for being somewhere are my own business." D'rick hadn't blatantly disrespected him but he also hadn't used his name, rank or title or made any real effort to show respect either. And K'then was still in a sour enough mood to actually consider talking to H'lee about shipping D'rick elsewhere if he didn't change his tune. Not that he expected H'lee to actually do it but it wouldn't stop Ky from suggesting it all the same.

As for Artemis, K'then merely gave her a look. She'd had permission to leave the academy, yes, but from one of the Assistant Weyrlingmasters who wasn't fully aware of her injuries. Not from him. "Be that as it may, Artemis, but it is still probably best that you not spend much time alone together considering that's how you ended up in this position anyway. We don't want any more accidents now do we?" And the way he said the word 'accidents' and let his gaze flick quite obviously to the injured Jadziath it would be clear he didn't mean any more pregnancies.

63 Re: Meeting up with Her on Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:01 pm


D'rick frowned slgihtly. "Yes K'then I apologize for the concern for my friend, and mother of my child. Artemis I'll see you next lesson. He's right. Its better that way. Also, thank you again and sorry to have caused this stress" And with that D'rick began to make his retreat. Yes it was cowardly to drag her along and he was indeed sorry for it all but really at this time he didn't feel like being shipped off and he surely didn't feel like he should hide his affection for her.

Damn rules. Haranth did need him anyways, she was complaining she was itchy again and sighing.

64 Re: Meeting up with Her on Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:09 pm


Artemis wasn't entirely certain of what she SHOULD think about the whole ordeal. Although, she certainly knew she was in trouble with her cousin, and while she knew she wouldn't be happy about the idea of D'rick getting shipped far off just because of what had happened between them... she also knew better than to say something about it. Her cousin cared about her, and she knew full well that anything he did would be because he felt it was best for her in the long run.

Although, she wasn't entirely certain what to think of D'rick's snippy tone towards her cousin. Although, she nodded at the man and watched him head off to tend his dragon before she looked to her cousin. She had noticed his look towards Jazz and knew what he meant. Something that reminded her of feeling a stab of pain from her dragon while away. "I'm sorry, Ky, but I sort of goaded him into telling his family," she admitted to her cousin, "And... speaking of no more accidents..."

With that she rose and walked towards her dragon, hoping her cousin would follow. Her dragon had gotten a bit upset and had hurried out to see her when R'alras had dropped her off. While Artemis had been assured that not much more damage was done to the wing (if any), the girl didn't know if she believed that information. Regardless, she knew that the dragon needed more numbweed.

65 Re: Meeting up with Her on Tue Jul 31, 2012 1:18 am


At D'rick's snippy tone, K'then frown deepened but he didn't say anything more just then. There would be time to discuss the boy's attitude with H'lee later and see what the Weyrlingmaster thought about it. Normally he wouldn't have gotten so snippy himself but this was his cousin and she was already in enough trouble as it was. If D'rick wanted to pursue things with Artemis and risk even more trouble he had to question how much the boy actually cared about her. If his family was any indication, he cared more about just having his fun and not actually about the person he was with (though K'then had a rather low opinion of D'rick's family in general and their convoluted relations as a whole so he was, perhaps, a little biased against the boy). he did, however, keep his thoughts to himself and step aside, allowing D'rick to stalk past him without a word.

"Be that as it may, Artemis, it was still a fool thing to do, dragging you off to Snowy like that without a healer's say-so. If he cared at all about you he'd have had his family here or just gone off and told them himself like a real man. Given his attitude about things I'd have to question how much he actually cares about you and this child or if he's only showing interest because he just wants into your bed again." K'then had, at one time, been that headstrong and foolhardy young man. He knew all too well what such young men were generally after, though he had grown up and taken responsibility when he'd found himself in D'rick's position. Not that he'd told Artemis about that. He wasn't sure why but it simply hadn't come up in conversation.

He followed her out to Jadziath's ledge and watched the young Green, wondering if Erin had really grasped what he'd meant by his accidents comment. It didn't seem so and he stepped around so she was looking at him. "Art....I don't mean the kind of accidents that end up with Jazz getting bandaged and stitched. Young dragons are easily upset. Though she's older now and it's less likely, but if she panics and you're too busy fooling around with that boy or too far away to calm her..." He trailed off and touched Artemis's chin to make her look him in the eye. "Panicked young dragons whose riders aren't paying them enough attention to calm them down can and will go between. If D'rick wants to risk losing his dragon because he doesn't get how important it is not to pursue relationships that's his business but I don't want to see you lose Jazz." He'd seen riders lose their dragons to Thread and other such tragedies. Those that survived were never the same....and most of them didn't survive the loss.

66 Re: Meeting up with Her on Tue Jul 31, 2012 8:31 am


Artemis listened to her cousin's words, she hadn't really given a response to his rant about D'rick's stupidity in taking her to the hold. Honestly, she hadn't been 100% certain she was up for that trip, but she knew about her own conditions and had felt it was safe enough. Plus she had left Jazz with A'lo and Rikraketh, if only because of her broken wing. D'rick had taken Haranth with him, and she had seen how a hatchling could react when panicky...

When he'd joined her and explained what he'd meant by his comment on accidents, her eyes shifted to her green. She'd be... devastated if her dragon were to between, and she knew it. After having watched Haranth's reaction to D'rick's family's initial response... Artemis was thankful that her dragon DIDN'T go between. After all, she'd felt scared and nervous while gone, and hadn't been able to convey that she was alright as easily.

"I promise, I won't enter any relationship until I'm ready. Even after the little one is born," she promised her cousin, knowing that she likely wouldn't go in search of a relationship until after Jadziath had risen. Although, even then she imagined that her goal would be to finally complete weyrling lessons... and graduate. It was then that she paused as she remembered something that they had said at the hold. A part of her wondered if she should tell her cousin now... or wait until it was closer to the due date. After all, if she needed help with the baby come time for her to begin going to lessons again after the infant was born... then she would have to get someone to help. And, perhaps, her cousin would be the best option... well, him and her brother. She would just have to figure out how to bring THAT little bit of information up.

After a moment of debate, she finally turned to her cousin once more. "Ky... there's something else..." she admitted softly, knowing that this news may not make him any happier, "While we were at the hold.. we kinda told D'rick's parents that I'm keeping the baby..."

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