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1 Catch Me If you Can! (Firelizard Flight) on Wed Aug 15, 2012 12:23 am


Sakura was rather surprised, she was standing in the kitchen trying out a recipe that she had gotten from one of the other ladies in town... and making treats for Dertray... yes, her mate. Granted, her firelizard would be getting some too since 50-90% of his food was consumed by the greedy little gold. Regardless, the woman was pleased to see that no one was in there hounding her for treats yet.

Of course, there were a couple reasons for that... the main one being that Night wasn't around to pester Tray into pestering Kura for food. The little gold had gone off to find some creatures to blood and she hunted down enough for herself before issuing her challenge to any male in the area. It was time for them to rise to the occassion and seek out the privilage of being HER mate. At least temporarily... she did not guarantee anyone catching her a second time...

Regardless, once the males arrived, she chittered her warning to them. They had best keep their distance until she was ready to be caught! Of course, she knew it didn't guarantee that any particular male would listen to that.. she actually expected otherwise.

Before long she was leading the males through the hold, swooping and diving and swerving around the humans that wandered the 'streets' of the hold as they moved about their daily business. Of course.. not many of them were likely expecting to have to look out for a gold who was leading a pack of males on a chase. SO much so that the little gold had barely missed running head long into a boy (Saelit) who was running an errand for Roderick.

As she sped away from the scene, the little gold wondered if anyone hit the boy, but she knew she would count those males out. She only wanted the strongest and most cunning for her mate! At least that was what she thought as she finally took her flight into a barn where she flew right into a stall and found herself trapped...


- First and foremost, all I request is that you post a response to this and include your male catching Night. Feel free to power play her a little bit! =D
- Second, please state clearly the following for each male who enters:
-- Name (if applicable)
-- Color
-- Owner/Wild
- Deadline for posting is: Wednesday August 22nd

Thank you and have fun posting =D

The Rising Female

Gold Firelizard Night (Sakura)

The Chasing Males

Bronze Firelizard Squack (Owned NPC - Fayble)

The Winner!

Bronze Firelizard Squack (Owned NPC - Fayble)

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2 Re: Catch Me If you Can! (Firelizard Flight) on Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:32 pm


Squack was a noisy little bronze and following Night he barely missed poor Sealit watching a few unwary flitts crash into them. He was gaining on the beautiful gold, her every move was almost anticipated. Of course she was a cheeky little creature by nature. His bonded, a boy from the Hold working in the stables, was unawarest of what was happening.

Finally after much chasing Night was able to be cornered, as she had made a wrong turn down an alley and had but only one choice, to go UP, but instead as she pulled up she felt her body being caught by the little bronze. She was now his. For now.

3 Re: Catch Me If you Can! (Firelizard Flight) on Thu Aug 23, 2012 7:44 am


Congrats to NPC Bronze Squack.

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