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1 A Nice, Peaceful Rest Day (Fayble) on Thu Aug 30, 2012 2:04 pm


X'lel was happy to see that it was FINALLY his rest day. Only problem was, he wasn't resting. After this week's attempt with the "dyed rope activity" he found himself rather frustrated at his performance. If only because Kel had been hit on the wing five times! Completely unacceptable in his eyes.

With that in mind, the young man stood on the ground and watched his dragon as he directed the beast through various aerial maneuvers. He figured, at the very least, it would limber his dragon up and get the brute ready for next time. ~Roll to your left and flame~ the command came before he watched his dragon do just that. Naturally, the beast didn't have any firestone... but that didn't stop him from pretending to flame at something. Which would look hilarious from the ground... if a little odd.

~Like that, X'lel?~

~Perfect!~ he praised, ~Come down for a bit to rest, Kel. Hunt and get a drink, after lunch we'll do a bit more, but with me riding you.~

By the time he finished speaking, the dragon had landed next to him and crooned lightly before nudging him. ~Alright, I will meet you by the lake,~ he assured before he took off to begin hunting while his bonded went to get food.

Roughly 10 minutes later, the two of them were relaxing next to the water and just enjoying their moment of peace.

2 Re: A Nice, Peaceful Rest Day (Fayble) on Thu Aug 30, 2012 2:15 pm


Fayble and Dea were sitting not too far away, Fayble working on some of her assignments and what ever else, and Dea sleeping peacefully under the tree beside her bonded snoring softly. Having stopped doing her assignments and looking up she noted a blue was tumbling through the skies and opening his maw at something. It looked ridiculous and snorting she shook her head, but kept being distracted by the areobatics.

Upon their landing she decided to give them some time before wandering down over to where they were.

"So...Did something bite his tail?" Naturally Fay had kicked her dragon awake and the green lumbered on behind like a paitent dog. ~Mine...We shouldn't talk to the older group.~ The green reminded ~Or at least be more respectful! We dont' want to have to wash dishes again!~ Well it wasn't really Dea doing dishes.

3 Re: A Nice, Peaceful Rest Day (Fayble) on Thu Aug 30, 2012 2:20 pm


X'lel was happily eating his meal when he heard the girl's voice and looked up. "Nah, it's more realistic if he goes through the motions of flaming while we practice. We'd have gotten some firestone, but I figured we should save that for when we have a target," he chuckled before smiling as he patted his dragon. "I'm X'lel and this is Keleth."

The blue glanced over at the two who had approached, snorting at the girl for his question.

4 Re: A Nice, Peaceful Rest Day (Fayble) on Thu Aug 30, 2012 2:27 pm


"So you were chasing thread? The star is gone." She pointed out and thrust out her hand. "I'm Fayble and this is Deasirith. Dea for short."

~ You looked funny.~ The green snorted to the blue swishing her tail this way and that. Though truth be told Dea wasn't the strongest when it came to flying. Well not flying, so much as hopping and gliding.

5 Re: A Nice, Peaceful Rest Day (Fayble) on Thu Aug 30, 2012 2:31 pm


X'lel chuckled at her words as he shook her hand, "It's a good exercise, and if the star comes back again then we need to be ready. After all, there is no real guarantee that it's gone. Haven't they thought in the past that thread was done for?" he pointed out to her as he relaxed, "Regardless, it's nice to meet you two."

Keleth rumbled softly in amusement, ~It is alright, little green. I might have looked funny, but if I had been chasing thread then I would have looked fierce! Although, I do agree that mine is silly for thinking I need to pretend to flame when I have not chewed firestone,~ he responded easily, laying his head down next to his rider.

~It allows us the chance to practice that portion without firestone, Kel.~

6 Re: A Nice, Peaceful Rest Day (Fayble) on Thu Aug 30, 2012 2:37 pm


~Humans are silly...They practice everything. Mine had me hopping up and down landing for a good hour or two last night...~ The green grumped, yes Fayble was trying to get the beast to land properly, and about half an hour into it Dea just wasn't feeling it and so she kept landing weird or wrong or just plain irritating her bonded.

"The pleasure is mine." Fay plunked down beside him. "They always do I suppose. But that's why were're here...Even if you do look hilarious." She smirked.

7 Re: A Nice, Peaceful Rest Day (Fayble) on Thu Aug 30, 2012 3:03 pm


The blue rumbled his amusement at her words before he nudged her, ~Mine made me do much the same when we were learning that.~

X'lel laughed at her words and nodded, "Yup, and we will look even more so when I'm with him up there. Just now it was only him up there. I want to get him to get a feel for the maneuvers we do each day before I fly with him. I mean, you seen him... aside from when he flames, he looks fierce up there and agile!" Yes, the man was proud of his dragon. "Of course.. then he does the pretend flame and well... even I know it looks silly. I just feel it's important that he keep the time it takes for that in mind when prepping for our next dyed rope activity."

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