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1 Benden Weyr NPCs on Wed Sep 12, 2012 6:42 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster


Weyrwoman Lyeotia and gold Kaianilth
Weyrleader J'boh and bronze Oruth

Headwoman Lery

Senior Queenrider Adilye and gold Aldryth
Junior Queenrider Prilla and gold Selianth
(Snowflake's clutchmother)
Wingleader D'nek and bronze Zagenth (Snowflake's clutchfater)
Wingleader T'vor and bronze Vorenith

Wingsecond M'kal and brown Shurikath
Wingsecond T'lex and brown Kryath

Wingrider W'li and brown Rorth
(H'lee's father)
Wingrider S'gen and blue Auageoth
Wingrider T'rak and blue Poloughecth
Wingrider N'das and blue Plikth
Wingrider T'vis and blue Tanooth

Wingrider Aemy and green Aeloth
Wingrider Nysa and green Seryth
Wingrider R'fer and green Fynth
Wingrider D'enth and green Eleth
Wingrider Idaria and green Mairith
Wingrider Lisirra and green Taniath
Wingrider L'pyr and green Lorith
Wingrider Lanende and green Unnath
Wingrider Aela and green Iasheth
Wingrider V'taz and green Verideth
Wingrider Ialoria and green Tricketh
Wingrider Chianaria and green Shriath
Wingrider Maylee and green Merisath
(H'lee's mother)

Head Groom Kimcris (Blaiyna's husband)
Steward Blaiyna (Kimcris' wife)

Weyrbrat Nylee (H'lee's daughter, aged 14)
Weyrbrat Kitara (K'then's daughter, aged 8 )
Weyrbrat Lerane (H'lee's son, aged 5, going on 6)
Weyrbrat Skylar (K'then's son, aged 4, going on 5)


Lord Holder Korvin and Lady Holder Syari
Fosterling Jeremiah (K'then's half-brother, aged 12)
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