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1 Character Application on Sat Dec 24, 2011 2:55 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
This is your basic character application. If you would like to adopt a weyrling or a dragonrider, you will also need to fill out the corresponding Candidate and Weyrling Applications.

<b>Rank:</b> What rank does this character have? (Weyrbrat, crafter, etc.?)
<b>Craft and Rank:</b>

<b>Physical Description:</b>
Make sure to include a description of the scar(s) the character has.  Pictures are welcomed but not necessary.

Make sure to include the character's phobia and hobby.

What happened to your character before now?  e.g., how did his/her phobia and hobby develop, where did s/he get the scar(s)?

Does this character have any pets? If so, include name, gender, rank (if applicable), age and a short description (not mandatory but nice to have).  Sprites are welcomed, but not necessary.

Rank and Name, as applicable (ie. Bronze Drikkath)

A brief description of your dragon or dolphin's physical appearance. Except for most new hatchlings, weyrlings and adult dragons often have scars--from accidents during training, Threadscore, etc.  Again, sprites welcomed, but not necessary.

A brief description of your dragon or dolphin's personality.  Like their human partners, most have hobbies (or things they enjoy more than other things) and phobias.

<b>Other Info:</b>
Anything else you’d like us to know about this character?

<b>NPC Characters:</b>
If your character has relatives, friends, etc. who figured largely in their lives and/or history, please list them here with their <u>names</u> and <u>ranks</u>.  Names can just be "So-and-So's father."

<b>OOC Info:</b>
Anything about you, the gamer?  Some sort of instant messenger is strongly encouraged as it allows for easy discussion of miniplots.
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2 Example Character Application on Sat Dec 31, 2011 9:41 am


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Name: H'lee
Rank: Weyrlingmaster
Craft and Rank: Master Dragonhealer, Journeyman Tanner
Location: Northern Weyrling Academy
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetero
Mate: none

Physical Description:
Standing at a mere five inches over five feet, H'lee is rather small for a man--good thing his personality more than compensates. He's a bit of an odd duck in terms of stature. When sitting or lounging at his ease, he appears to be like any other rider: comparatively broad across the chest, narrow in the waist, and taller than he actually is (the last one is his favorite part). When he stands, however, his physical inhibitions become apparently; as if he wasn't already shorter than average, his permanently crippled left leg, unable to straighten fully, shortens his stature a full three inches. Although he sometimes doesn't consider this a bad thing...

He keeps his dusty auburn hair cropped short and though it's usually swept back (how it stays is anyone's guess), it often appears to be untidy, particularly when wet. The hue of his locks highlight his eyes, which are a gorgeous and terribly conspicuous navy blue. He uses his narrow face, his hair, and eyes to cultivate an innocent expression that can fool (almost) anyone. Overall, his appearance is fairly charming.

Most often, he dresses however he pleases, but it always reflects his mood and his goals for wherever he's venturing. Typically, he likes loose clothing that hangs off of him attractively, particularly long vests. Part of the idea is that it helps to conceal his crooked left leg, and all of the motion of the frills and flaps of clothing helps to hide his faltering stride in the illusion of movement.

Having apparently no regard for the expected behavior of a certain age group, H'lee acts fairly immature for one as old as he. Preposterously melodramatic, this brownrider can blow-up even the most insignificant things into grand events that border on being unrealistic. He loves telling tales, and always has; he'd have made a good Harper if he'd had any musical interest at all. His favorite story to tell, now, is the story of what happened to his leg, and to Seeth's wing. Although he is somewhat self-conscious about his limp, he says that it's the grandest story that's ever happened to him.

However, for the ranking individuals there could not be a more angelic man who will go out of his way to make a good impression. Too bad he's a dirty little snitch--threaten him just a little and he'll spill every transgression he's made since he was six. Of course, how accurate those are in the telling depends on the person threatening him.

He is also rather lascivious. He is a shameless flirt and next to impossible to tie down. Like his friend T'lon, he's not at all interested in long-term relationships (see also, Gary Allan's As the Crow Flies). He's left a slough of broken hearts behind him over the years and yet, despite this, many of these devastated women cannot help but fall all over again any time he turns his charm back on them. It's not that he intentionally breaks hearts, it's that he's never met a woman, yet, that he has gotten more than a casual attachment to, but he is a friend to most every woman he's ever bedded, first and foremost, and a lover second. Thus, he has many women friends who can see past the coquetry and give back to him as good as they get.

H’lee was born Hadanelee to greenrider Maylee and brownrider W'li after Green Merisath rose for the very first time. Being raised in the weyr and around dragons, it was expected that the boy would impress when he was of age but was shunned at all of the Hatchings he attended. He took up dragon healing when he realized that it was likely that he would never Impress. The very last clutch he stood for was a rather small one and he figured he would again walk out of the stands alone. But Seeth would have none of that. The newly hatched brown stumbled across the Sands and practically tackled H’lee in his attempts to stop the young man from leaving. They have since become very close and do most everything together.

In Threadfall roughly 3.5 Turns before the last Pass ended (6.5 Turns ago), H'lee and Seeth were both seriously injured and nearly died. In a desperate maneuver to save a Wingmate's life, Seeth's left wing was severely ravaged by Thread, as was his side and haunch; the devious spores did a number on the rider's leg and completely destroyed the straps holding him to Seeth's back. H'lee fell and was saved by another rider; only his dragonhealer training allowed him to hold Seeth while two dragons brought the brown dragon safely back to the Weyr. Other dragons and dragonhealers bombarded the pair to keep them conscious and at least semi-coherent as both writhed in agony. Once numbweed was applied, fellis administered to Seeth in a semi-dangerous medical procedure and the brown drifted into unconsciousness, H'lee was allowed to drown his own pain in a decanter of fellis wine.

Seeth's wing healed enough to allow him to fly, but he would never be maneuverable enough to fight Thread again. His Wingleader and friend, T'lon, recommended he take up teaching weyrlings and future dragonhealers, and so H'lee completed his Mastery of Dragonhealing and took up tanning as a secondary craft, and trained as Assistant Weyrlingmaster. Once Thread was eradicated, he and T'lon organized and transferred to Northern Weyrling Academy, where he now is Weyrlingmaster.


Brown Seeth

Age: 25 Turns
Being a fairly large brown, Seeth takes pride in having this extra size to flaunt his alluring hide. A dark chocolate brown with only a few lighter streaks in it, his hide was once quite eye-catching, though now the whole left side of his body has a creamy hue streaked with off-white to it from the severe injuries he and H'lee sustained during Fall.

His once-elegant form has lost none of its appearances--as long as you view his starboard side. He is more self-conscious of his left side than his rider is, having no way to conceal it like H'lee can. Similar to H'lee, his left hind leg can no longer extend to its full length, making ground launches very difficult. Due to their injuries, the pair have a lower weyr which has ground access for both rider and dragon. A special sturdy ramp and platform were built to allow Seeth to get into the air again after his recovery.

His scarred left wing (which is a whitish shade of ochre) will no longer furl completely; with most of the sail ravaged, it was touch and go whether he could grow enough to allow him to fly again, but with the gentle ministrations of his dragonhealing rider and his friend, T'lon, he did. However, they didn't get the bones of the wing set quite right, resulting in excess sail growth and weaker inner muscles. He flies well enough, but it took lots of practice before he learned how to fly without overextending the wing and pulling those muscles.

Shrewd and endlessly resourceful, Seeth is both a useful and suspicious dragon that compliments his rider quite well. His one downfall is his lack of responsibility for he is rather skittish and will fervently deny any accusation towards him, even if they're true. He has an extraordinarily strong bond to H'lee, often to the extent of occasionally finishing one another's thoughts. Many attribute this to the healing process, but those who really knew the pair knew that the bond was there long before they were injured in Fall.

He has occasionally been attributed with the randiness of a green; whenever someone says that to him, though, he denies it fiercely. Of course, one look at his rider and everyone knows where it comes from. He can be quite gentlemanly with the ladies (both humans and dragons) when he wants to be, but if he catches one staring at his scars, he'll bottle himself up and leave in as dignified a manner as possible. He gets very sullen when he thinks someone's gawking at his scars, particularly when that someone is female.

Other Info:

NPC Characters:
T'lon, bronzerider (NPC)

OOC Info:
My name is Kestrana, but I usually go by Kes. I'm the Admin/creator of Ekseliksi. This is my first post-AIVAS site, so I hope you enjoy it! In RL, I work for an internet publishing company, so I pretty much spend all day on the computer at work; therefore, I don't usually spend a lot of time on the site Monday-Friday, but I'm pretty much always online (although not always at my computer). Most of my RP time is on weekends.

AIM: enelveirden
Y!M: sakendana_kestrana
MSN: kestrana__shena__enelve_irden (hotmail)
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