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1 Free to Good Home on Tue Sep 18, 2012 2:33 pm


The Academy's resident Gold had secreted herself away after her flight and jealously guarded her eggs if anyone had happened to stumble upon her hiding place. It took much coaxing and bribing (at it always did) for K'then to obtain the eggs so he could offer them to those that might want to have a firelizard of their own. It would, if his timing was correct, be about a little less than two sevendays before they hatched. Plenty of time for him to pawn them off to others and not end up with one or more new hatchlings to worry about.

So, with the ten eggs tucked into a basket where they'd be kept warm, K'then had spread the word that he was ready to get rid of them and anyone that wanted them simply needed to speak with him and they'd arrange for the egg to be picked up.

The Eggs:

K'then's Brown Seeley
A'lo's Blue ?????
Artemis's Green ?????
Alyena's Green Srasih

Egg 1 - Large-ish egg, slightly darker than the others
Claimed By:

Egg 2 - Small egg, paler than the others with dark spots
Claimed By:

Egg 3 - Medium egg, average color
Claimed By:

Egg 4 - Small egg, mostly pale with darker flecks
Claimed By:

Egg 5 - Large egg, average color with pale freckles
Claimed By: A'lo
Hatched: Blue
Based on: Jack Hodgins
Of average size for his color, he's a bright, cheery blue in color. There are rather unique darker markings on his face and head that look oddly like a beard and mustache combo and a mess of curly hair. He's also got some rather unique interests. If it glows, grows, is moldy, smells funny or is slimy, he's got to investigate it. It's almost a compulsion for him to stick his nose into everything yucky and disgusting there is (which results in the necessity of lots and lots of baths) just to learn everything he can about it. He's also completely and utterly fascinated by bugs of any kind and will spend hours sitting and just watching them, though he also has a tendency to try and be 'claws on' with them as well which is never fun when he messes with a trundlebug. He's also highly paranoid and, if he could speak, would likely be spouting off crazy conspiracy theories about well....everything.

Egg 6 - Medium egg, pale with lighter spots
Claimed By: Alyena
Hatched: Green
Based on: Dr. Temperence 'Bones' Brennan
A bit on the long side for a firelizard, this green is a dark green in color with a small, almost unnoticeable dolphin shape around her right front wrist like a ring. She's a bit of an odd creature, somewhat socially awkward and closed off. It's almost as if she doesn't seem to care much about the 'big picture' of world around her and simply focuses on her immediate world, her 'comfort zone' so to speak. She has a special bond with her siblings though Artemis's Green and K'then's Brown in particular seem to bring out the more friendly and playful side of her. When she's not with her siblings, she can be found organizing and studying bones of varying shapes, sizes and species. Her bond will simply have to put up with finding her firelizard's collections stashed in her weyr, though every bone is thoroughly cleaned and carefully tended so that they won't smell up the weyr (though the scent of decay doesn't seem to phase this Green at all).

Egg 7 - Small egg, slightly darker than the others
Claimed By:

Egg 8 - Large egg, average color with dark spots
Claimed By: K'then
Hatched: Brown
Based on: Special Agent Seeley Booth
A large creature, this Brown could rival a small Bronze in size and attitude. A rich chocolate brown makes up the majority of his hide color with paler color on his belly, though there's an odd stripe in the same color as the rest of his body right down the middle of his chest, almost like he was wearing a tie. He's an intense creature, giving all of himself to protect his 'family' and those he cares about. He'd give his life to see them safe and take out the 'bad guy'. He seems to have a certain understanding of his siblings (particularly Alyena's Green) that most others lack. Of course, he also seems equally confused by them so figuring out why he likes spending so much time with them can be difficult to explain.

Egg 9 - Small-ish egg, slightly paler than the others
Claimed By:

Egg 10 - Medium egg, darker color with pale freckles
Claimed By: Artemis
Hatched: Green
Based on: Angela Montenegro
An average sized 'lizard, this little gal is a cheery green in color with no real set pattern or shape to the markings on her hide. Darker and lighter greens sweep along her back and sides, spilling onto her wings and down her tail. She's a sweetheart, as friendly and outgoing as any green is expected to be. She also loves art and attempts to paint when she has access to paints though her art isn't what most would call 'good' it's still rather unique and she seems to enjoy it (though her bond would certainly not enjoy the mess she leaves behind). She seems to enjoy playing matchmaker, always trying to get her siblings or her bond to admit that they like the person that she thinks is their perfect mate.

To claim an egg just post a brief IC blurb about your character picking up an egg (with an OOC note telling my which number it is) and I will PM you details for your hatchling when it's closer to time for them to hatch (approx. Oct. 1).

Please only pick one egg per character.

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2 Re: Free to Good Home on Tue Sep 18, 2012 6:08 pm


A'lo had been thinking things over, and quite frankly he didn't think it was right that he was the only one with a firelizard! Certainly his sister could use the extra company, and he could use the extra eyes on the girl. So he had approached his cousin with the suggestion for him to get one for Arty. In fact, the boy had shown up at his cousin's weyr to obtain one... and ended up claiming egg 10 (because that's the one my screen still shows and why not...).

He continued chatting with his cousin for a little bit after picking up the egg and... somehow... through some random trickery... A'lo ended up walking out with a second egg (one for himself)... which just happened to be egg number 5 because it's the one that I decided he was going to take.

Once he left, he gave egg number 10 to his sister and took the other egg to his own room, telling Zeus that it was all his fault and that he was responsible since it was his clutch too!

3 Re: Free to Good Home on Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:37 pm


Gold Weyrling
Alyena had observed how useful Tiny and Lemmy were to Headwoman Alina and, knowing that she was going to have to run a Weyr or a Weyrhold in the future, decided that it might be useful to have one as well. After all, Hetty couldn't get inside buildings! Since her Weyrlingmaster happened to have a clutch, she decided to avail herself of one before they flew back to Benden. Her understanding was that they would have a little more free time to herself at the Weyr, which would mean she'd have time to train a firelizard hatchling.

After making her decision, she visiting K'then's weyr and, looking over the remaining eggs, chose the medium-sized one with light spots (Egg 6).

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4 Re: Free to Good Home on Mon Oct 01, 2012 5:38 pm


Alright so....eggs will be hatching soon (ie you will be getting your descriptions soon). If you want to RP out the hatching feel free. If not that's fine too. If you want another egg for your chara....grab one. I've got plenty. xD

EDIT: All currently claimed lizards have been posted. You're free to expand on what I have though please try not to go too far out of bounds for that particular character if you can help it. =)

EDIT2: Don't forget to name your little ones. I'd appreciate if you posted here so I can keep track though it's not required. =)

5 Re: Free to Good Home on Tue Oct 02, 2012 6:23 am


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Alyena's will be named Srasih (s-rah-see) (it's the phonetic version of part of the Greek translation for "temperance").
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6 Re: Free to Good Home on Tue Oct 02, 2012 9:33 pm


A'lo's blue will be called... uhm.. Kehai

Arty's green will be called... Sakka

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