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1 Lesson 6c - First Flight on Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:57 pm


All PC Riders MUST post their first mating flight in an IC format to pass. In the event that we have no active PC males, either myself, Kura or Kes (or all three!) will post ICly with an NPC male so that your thread doesn't just sit.

This flight will be used as an example of how a PC Green flight should start (though this would actually be Kimith's 2nd or 3rd flight and would be at High Reaches Weyr, I'm going to pretend it's her first for the sake of using it as an example xD).

Your dragon's flight should be in its own thread.

A Few Notes:
*Green dragons do not blood kills before rising
*Dragons do not rise at night (mid to late afternoon when the sun is hottest seems to be most common time though they can take place any time during the daylight hours)
*Proddy Greens (and Golds too!) are irritable and snappy in the days prior to their flight, this also affects their rider
*Dragons do not generally take their rider's sexual preference or emotional attachments into consideration when choosing a mate

From Dragonfight: Bronze Dragons also blood their kills. The seven Benden Bronzes in Dragonflight all blooded their kills before Ramoth was even awake to fly. Their riders all located Lessa and congregated around her. Lessa was only aware enough (at the beginning) to remember she was not actually flying but standing on the ground but nothing else, every other part of her was combined with Ramoth. She did, at one point just after Mnementh caught ramoth, come back to herself long enough to have F'lkar warn her to rejoin with Ramoth or risk losing her between at which point she heeded his advice and sought Ramoth again, though she was more aware of her own self at that point than she had been during the flight itself.

All the talking and sex education on Pern couldn't really prepare a young rider for dealing with their proddy dragon for the first time. Kimith, who was usually rather relaxed and laid back, had been irritable, growly and snappish for days and Aqayla had had about enough of her. Of course, her dragon's irritability also affected Aqayla who tended to snap at others for little things she would have laughed off before. There were whispers, of course, that Kimith would rise soon and Aqayla was of the opinion that she ought to do it soon and be done with it!

Aqayla was stabbing moodily at her lunch while Kimith dozed in the warm afternoon sun. She felt her dragon stir, but it wasn't the usual dozy greeting Aqayla got from her green. This was something wild and she gasped at the feelings that assaulted her. She dropped her fork and abandoned her lunch to race outside and peer up at her dragon. The green was poised as if she was ready to launch into the air and Aqayla tentatively reached out to her green. Kimi?

No response. Instead, Kimith screamed a challenge to the sky above and leaped from her ledge. Aqayla only had a moment to watch Kimith circling high above the weyr as males started to join her before she felt herself washed away in her dragon's flightlust.

This information is optional and not required for IC flights though it is nice to have as a quick reference for both chasers and the flight holder. It can be set up and color coded to your liking or not at all if that's your preference.

High Reaches Weyr

Rising Female:
Aqayla's Green Kimith

NPC Z'rai's Brown Pyrinth
NPC M'caw's Blue Radoth
Various other NPCs

NPC Z'rai's Brown Pyrinth

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2 Re: Lesson 6c - First Flight on Fri Sep 21, 2012 6:31 am


NPC Z'rai's Brown Pyrinth

Z'rai had spent his time at High Reaches lately... because that was where he lived. Of course, he had a tendency to travel to various locations in order to help out people in need. In fact, he was in the midst of packing up a few things so he could travel to a new location for a few days to help with a bit of an adventure that some locals (to that region) were going on.

~I hate it when we have to go with them... something always happens,~ he complained to his brown, who seemed rather pre-occupied with something else.

The brute had been, he knew that Kimith was proddy, and he wanted to try and make his rider happy. Quite frankly... his didn't get out often enough to make her happy. Flicking his tail, he glanced inside for a moment. ~You could have said no,~ the brute responded... just in time for Kimi to announce her challenge to the weyr.

Instantly the brown brute was up and launching from his ledge, as Z'rai yelped. ~Pyrinth! What do you think you're doing?!~ he yelled at the dragon, although was ignored before he felt his own beast's flightlust take over and well... there went all thoughts of packing... sharding beast!

3 Re: Lesson 6c - First Flight on Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:32 am


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
M'caw and blue Radoth

M'caw and Radoth were on the midday Watchrider shift, about halfway through when one of the Weyr staff brought him his lunch. While they'd been sitting up on the Watch Tower, he'd oiled Radoth's sun-warmed hide. He had just bitten into a bite of the sandwich that had been brought when a challenging cry rang out over the Bowl. Radoth chirruped in sleepy surprise as M'caw half-choked on his lunch. "Shardit! Radoth, what are you doing?!" the weyrling bluerider protested as his dragon launched from the Tower to give chase - the height giving him a slight advantage over some of the other chasers.

Leaving his lunch on the plate, the bluerider staggered down the steps leading from the Tower to the Bowl below. It was Radoth's first flight, too, like Kimith's; although other greens, older ones who lived in the Weyr, had risen since they'd arrived, this was the first time Radoth had shown any interest in chasing. He and Aqayla, of course, knew each other, having trained in the same weyrling Wing for the last year. But he didn't really think he knew her.

Some kind soul grabbed his arm to keep him from falling as he reeled, disoriented under the intensity of his dragon's desire to catch the green. Somehow, he knew when he was within a few strides of Aqayla, and he stopped. He kept a healthy distance away from the older brownrider, even as Radoth avoided the larger and more experienced brown in the air. That didn't stop the blue from hissing at his opponent, nor the challenging stare M'caw leveled at Z'rai.
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4 Re: Lesson 6c - First Flight on Sun Oct 07, 2012 11:30 pm


Kimith waiting only long enough to see that males were rising to join her before screaming another challenge to the skies and speeding up and away from the lusty males that were coming toward her. She wanted to fly long and hard, as far and fast as she could possibly go. She was the fastest green of her clutch, agile and quick to dip or turn sharply. These rutting males would never catch her.

On the ground, Aqayla felt herself joined with Kimith in a way she had hardly experienced before. She was one with her Green, soaring far above the weyr ahead of the lusty males. She was aware enough of herself to recall she was still earthbound but all other thought and sensation was with Kimith, high in the sky. Together they twisted and turned, darted to and fro, eluding the males at every turn, teasing them by dropping back nearly close enough for them to catch her before speeding away again. But they could not fly forever and Kimith's energy began to flag and she slowed, surveying the males as they drew ever nearer...

Somewhere below, Aqayla, unknowing of what had caused it, felt a surge of fear and instinctively pulled away from Kimith. The Green flatered in the air, slowing enough for the males to get close enough to make a grab for her. Someone, she didn't know who, scolded Aqayla to stay with her dragon, that she had to hold on and bring her back lest she go between. Fearful of losing her Green between she reached for Kimith only to be swept up in the sensation of talons at her wings, a neck wrapping around hers and another set of wings supporting her even as she stretched her own to aid in slowing their descent...

This post write your dragon's reactions to Kimith's flight ending with your male's attempt to grab her. =)

Please note to anyone running their first IC flight, not all female riders will separate from their dragon like I had Aqayla do. That is mostly to show the impact of something happening to cause both rider and dragon distress and how, even a small thing, like Aqayla's brief feelings of fear, can affect the outcome of a flight.

5 Re: Lesson 6c - First Flight on Tue Oct 09, 2012 7:57 am


The brown, naturally, didn't care that his bonded was in the midst of packing to travel with weyrlings to a new location. He did these trips all the time and it was perfectly acceptable if the man chose to STAY HOME! Even if it was forced because of a mating flight...

Regardless, the brown chased after Kimith, doing his best to keep up with her. Quite frankly, he was impressed by her speed, and frustrated that he didn't have it himself! Then he could catch her and be way ahead of the others! Regardless, his stamina saved him and allowed him to maintain his part in the race to catch the green.

It was made worse every time she would dip back, just barely out of reach before darting forth again. It was enough to drive a brown mad before he finally spotted his chance... SOMETHING had distracted her and she had slowed down enough to be within catching distance.

Instantly the brown made his move, reaching to grasp at her wings and twin his neck with hers... even as he flared his wings....

6 Re: Lesson 6c - First Flight on Tue Oct 09, 2012 3:44 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Radoth had the advantage of being younger than the brown, giving him more energy than his competitor. Unfortunately, he didn't have the flight experience or stamina. At first, thanks to his position on the heights, he'd been ahead of the brown, and he swept his powerful wings quickly, determined to end the flight as quickly as possible, with himself the victor.

To his disappointment, however, the green was faster than he, and his youthful energy flagged. He veered sideways, catching a thermal that gave him height, even though it cost him some forward momentum and allowed the brown to gain on her.

Then he saw it - her wings dipped and she lost a bit of altitude, and the brown moved in to catch her! Squealing angrily, Radoth tucked in his wings and dove, using his greater height to generate speed. He flared his wings to level out, dangerously close to his competitor, and reached out with his claws to catch her...
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7 Re: Lesson 6c - First Flight on Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:30 pm


With Aqayla reuinted with her, Kimith focused once again on the males and the mess or wings that had surrounded her in her moment of distraction. She twisted to try and escape and, very briefly, considered taking herself between to escape them. Aqayla's presence in her mind kept her from doing so, however, and she too flared her wings to slow the descent of herself and the male who was twined with her.

Below, Aqayla wound find herself engulfed in the mating passion of her Green but aware enough of herself to feel the press of another body against hers. She didn't yet know who it was that she was clinging to so desperately but as passions dulled and she could think more clearly now that Kimith's lust had been exhausted she recognized the pattern of scarring along the arm of her recent lover. She did not know Z'rai well, having only spoken to him on a couple of occasions, but perhaps she ought to consider doing so. Kimith was well pleased with his Brown.

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