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1 Candidate Lesson #1 on Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:05 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
This lesson will be posted only once as it is a recurring lesson. I will be posting as Headwoman Anna after each occurrence of the lesson is "complete" and the next one is about to start. Those posts will list who is expected to attend the lesson. Other Candidates are encouraged to attend it, even if they've already attended once before, in case they've thought of questions and to ensure that the knowledge is drilled into their heads.

Each Candidate received a pamphlet during their interview with the Headwoman, which you can review here. They have anywhere from one to four days to review the material, depending on when they arrived.

Week #1 Attendees:

Every third day after the eggs were laid, Headwoman Anna set aside an hour of her evening after supper to hold the first Candidate Lesson. The lesson was designed to teach Candidates, especially those from outside any Weyr upbringing, the ranks, duties, and proper forms of address of those within the Weyr.

She spent most of the time essentially repeating what the pamphlet said; after all, some of these youngsters weren't all that good with reading. She finished, "Most of what you need to know is in that pamphlet. Do you have any questions?"

After answering any questions, she dismissed the lesson. "If you do come up with any questions, make note of them. The next group of Candidates will be attending this lesson in three days. Come back and attend the lesson and ask your questions then."
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