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1 Candidate Lesson #7 on Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:56 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Today started a special series of days for the Candidates: for the three days, they would be down on the Sands for an hour each day, near the eggs. On the fourth day, they'd be on the Sands for real, watching the eggs reveal their precious contents.

The Candidates were assembled in the chamber where they'd be gathered at the time of Hatching. Once they were all assembled, the Headwoman instructed them carefully on how to go out onto the Sands and what to do.

They were all handed robes and special shoes to wear and instructed to put them on. There were two chambers, bathing and changing rooms. They didn't have to bathe this time, but it was strongly recommended that they change out of their day-to-day clothes because it was quite hot out on the Sands and the robes would be cooler. The shoes, they were told, would help protect their feet from the heat.

"I can't go out there with you, this is for Candidates only. When you step out on the Sands, make sure you bow to the queen and her rider - yes, her rider's out there. So are their mates. We'll be watching you all, so make sure you follow the rules, or you won't be Standing at all.

"This is your first time on the Sands for this clutch, so you'll stay at least 25 feet from the eggs. A line's been drawn in the sand to indicate this distance, you'll stay on this side of the line at all times. Walk around, get used to the feel and movement of the sand. Look at the eggs, note their sizes, apparent texture, their positions on the Sands. Watch the mother turn the eggs; she usually rotates them every hour or so, so you should get an opportunity to see it done."

With that, she released them into the changing rooms to change into the robes and shoes and waited at the entrance to the Sands for them to come out. When they were all reassembled, she stepped aside and allowed them out onto the Sands.

o - egg is on end, larger end down
O - egg is on end, larger end up
<) or (> - egg is on side, larger end is the curve (parenthesis)
X - clutchmother
x - clutchfather
|, \, _, and / - line in the sand

|     (> (> X o <)   x |
\ (> (> (> o O /
\ (> (> <) /
\ /
\ /

Ideas for first day/post: Describe the heat, how the sand moves under your steps, pick one or more eggs and describe it(them), imagine what the shell feels like, speculate on what color dragon is in which egg. Feel free to talk to your fellow Candidates.

Day #1 Attendees:
At least 8 others
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