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1 Maiden Flight: Green Rainith on Fri Oct 05, 2012 6:09 pm


Rain had become increasingly snappy and bad tempered over the last two days especially with the male dragons of the Weyr and Alex had found herself short tempered and snappish as well. Realizing that her dragon was proddy and going to rise anytime Alex had started scouting for a place to hide during the flight knowing that until she had a hiding place to keep her safe from the males she would be a danger to them and their dragons for if rain rose and she could not get away she would kill any man trying to bed her. Thankfully the old storage caves gave her what she needed. Having made the little room she had found in the deepest storage cave comfortable Alex finally relaxed some and was able to breath.

Two days later Rain had fallen asleep sunning in the early afternoon heat. Alex who was grateful for the respite from her dragons proddy presence in her mind was working her way through a new book out by the entrance to the storage caves when Rain suddenly woke, her violent thoughts slammed into Alex with a suddenness that sent her to her knees for a moment then with her mind still reeling Alex dropped her book in the sand at her feet and started running for her hiding hole in the storage caves making it through the first cave before Rain screamed her challenge to the males of the Weyr and launched into the sky. Fighting the strengthening bond with her dragon Alex stumbled the rest of the way to her hiding place then collapsed onto the makeshift bed she had made knowing she would need it in order to endure the flight and the rising sickness that would fallow.

Benden Weyr

Rising Female:
Alex's Green Rain


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2 Re: Maiden Flight: Green Rainith on Sun Oct 07, 2012 7:42 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
The young males in the same clutch as Rainith had been edgy, especially when she was around. They were used to being physically close to her since they were clutchsiblings and so were startled when she suddenly rebuffed their previous familiarity.

The riders had some idea what was going on, since they'd been being told about this for several weeks, and most of them had witnessed the flights of the older greens at the Weyr in the couple of weeks they'd been back. However, it seemed that one of their own sisters being driven to that frenzy had an electrifying effect on the males in the clutch.

Thus it was that L'nex found himself stumbling outside in search of the source of the overwhelming sensation of desire. He spotted Rilath crouching on his ledge, watching the green as she woke, sun-warmed ichor racing through her veins. Rilath's lust was up and catching the green who was about to launch from a nearby ledge was the only thing on his mind.

L'nex, on the other hand, had a bit of a problem: Rainith's rider, Alex, was nowhere to be seen. He snarled and glared around, seeing others coming running. In a few swift strides, he'd pinned a member of the Weyr staff against the rock wall and demanded, "Where is she?!" The wide-eyed servant couldn't say for sure, but he pointed at a chair near one of the entrances to the Caverns, beside which a book lay in the dirt.

One of the other riders collided with him as they all rushed toward the chair and he shoved angrily at the other man. Rilath roared a challenge to his brown brother. Two older riders pulled them apart. "CALM YOURSELVES! The dragons will start fighting!"

"WHERE IS SHE?!" he shouted at no one in particular. Just then, Rainith screamed her challenge to the males and launched. Rilath answered with a trumpet of his own, his bugle higher-pitched than that of the older dragons participating in the flight, something that was amusing to those not under the thrall of flightlust - and unimportant to those who were.

Rilath sensed his rider's desperation and confusion and knew something was wrong - not with him or his rider, but with the green and her rider. But to the passionate bronze, that only meant his soon-to-be mate would be easier to catch; nah, he's not confident.

L'nex & bronze Rilath
R'yur & brown Ominth (the one L'nex started a fight with)
T'vor and bronze Vorenith (one of the older riders who broke up the fight)
M'kal and brown Shurikath (one of the older riders who broke up the fight)

Just as a tidbit of info for ya, Alex...if she's THAT freaked out about sex, it's going to hamper Rainith's flight. Either that or Rain's flightlust is going to ultimately overpower her fear and send her outside.

Also...I didn't originally intend to bring four males to her flight. lol It just happened.
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3 Re: Maiden Flight: Green Rainith on Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:25 pm


As Rain rose Alex rose with her and just a moment before she was consumed by her dragons lust realized that her plan was not going to work Rains lust was far stronger than she anticipated and she had already turned to retrace her steps out to the riders waiting to see who's dragon was going to fly her's her last thought before she became one with rain was "shit this is not going to end good." Then abruptly she was Rain rising as fast as she could wings working hard heading for a thermal rise she could sense in the air just ahead of her making the most of her sudden launch to rise higher than the males chasing her screaming her joy at seeing them work so hard to catch her. She may not be a gold but these males will have to work hard to catch her and she would lead them on a Very wild flight!
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