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1 HATCHING: Xanadu on Sun Oct 07, 2012 3:48 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Well, since we have no new PCs for this clutch, I'm just going to do an OOC Hatching here.

Bonded to: E'sen (Essengi)
Sisieth is a bright, almost orange bronze. Freshly oiled and sitting in sunlight, especially around sunset, his hide glows almost as brightly as a gold after blooding. Any time he moves, the areas of brightness and shadow ripple and change. He's slightly larger than average for a bronze.

"Ambitious" and "creepy" are terms that come to mind when one thinks about Sisieth. The bronze wants power - but he doesn't want to share it with a gold mate. Not that he doesn't want a gold mate; he does. But he doesn't want her ruling the roost. He also has a habit of testing the other dragons in varying ways, looking for the perfect trio of brown, blue, and green to support him. He insists on his rider keeping a journal of his day-to-day doings. He is, surprisingly, afraid of the small, furry pests that get into food stores (similar to Terran mice and rats) and will take to the air given the slightest hint of one near him.

Bonded to: S'ton (Sayton)
Mastowth is an unusually large brown, easily the largest of any brown in the recent clutches. Unfortunately, his wings aren't perfectly proportional to his larger torso, giving him some troubles when it comes to flying. His hide is mottled in dark and milk chocolate colors, lighter colors over the more defined muscles and darker in the creases between muscles.

Mastowth is normally a very quiet dragon, rarely making any vocal noises and rarely actually speaking to his rider. On those infrequent occasions he does make some comment, mental or otherwise, his voice is deep and gravelly. He can sometimes be prone to childish fits of temper and is terrified of/hates needles. He would be Sisieth's loyal follower should the bronze notice and spend any time at all trying to "recruit" him. In his spare time, he paints large murals; his painting skills are in high demand among the dragons for paintings inside their weyrs.

Bonded to: R'drau (Raydrau)
Nodaroth and his clutchsister Sodareeth are physically identical, aside from some slight color variation and gender. Nodaroth is quite small for a brown, with a hide of dusty tan. Despite his size, however, he is perfectly proportioned. He has the stamina of a brown, but the quickness of a green.

Despite their physical similarities, the two dragons couldn't be more different in personality. Nodaroth is reasonably mild-mannered and easily embarrassed over his "twin's" behavior. Although sometimes considered meek, he is often noble and chivalrous; he is rather fatherly, as well. He and Wastuth are best friends. He collects rocks and is extremely indecisive (to the point of being unable to make decisions himself).

Bonded to: D'sho (Dynasho)
Wastuth is a long-limbed dragon. Despite this apparent physical discrepancy in draconic form, his movements are very graceful and precise. His increased size also grants him additional stamina. He is a dusky blue color, almost periwinkle. He also has unusual regenerative abilities and heals more quickly than other dragons.

The blue dragon is usually kind, compassionate, and obedient, but has a cynical and cold-hearted streak. His bronze brother could appeal to that jaded part of him if he plays his cards right. He has an exceptionally dry sense of humor and is known to label certain things as, "the worst [whatever] ever, of all time" (or second-worst, depending). He also has an eidetic memory, highly unusual in dragons. Nodaroth and Neyobeth are his best friends. He competes with Nodaroth in rock collection; every couple of months, they invent a new challenge related to their hobby (biggest purple rock, brightest yellow rock, etc.). He's afraid of Harpers.

Bonded to: G'dayn (Gendayn)
Theskuth is a deep, dark blue, almost indigo. He is a relatively small blue, but seems to have more energy and be more fidgety because of it. As a result, he seems to be a bit clumsy.

The small blue is shy and a little frightened of his larger clutchsibs. Blood - human or non - unnerves him. He admires Nodaroth and often seeks guidance from him. As though to make up for his physical clumsiness and shyness, he tries to be especially precise. He enjoys carving log sculptures (think chainsaw sculptures).

Bonded to: T'dyn (Tindyn)
Neyobeth is a rich cobalt blue and somewhat blocky in build. He's average-sized for a blue, but tends toward the lazy side; he finds Theskuth's energy wearisome sometimes. He has a scar over his left eye from an accident during Hatching; a few of the facets are grayed out along the scar's path.

The blue is an extremely patient dragon when it comes to his bonded's persistence. He doesn't have patience with childish antics, however. He's very intellectual and less likely to charge into a situation. He's often overheard trying in vain to organize the others into games or activities. For his enjoyment, he designs vivariums and cajoles his rider into building them. He has issues with canines.

Bonded to: M'tay (Mutayu)
A dark emerald green, Testeth is a seemingly otherwise average green. However, she's in exceptional physical condition and proved to be one of the best-performing weyrlings in the clutch. This puts her frequently at odds with Casteeth.

Testeth is an abrasive, some might even say abusive, personality. She's extremely hard on herself and her bonded, and contemptuous of her siblings. Casteeth drives her a little crazy, the other green always trying to turn every little activity into a contest between the two of them. In an unusual draconic interest (after all, why walk or climb when you can fly?), this green enjoys rock-climbing. She gets a little anxious when people laugh, and if they're laughing at her, she can get downright violent.

Bonded to: Kingara
Sodareeth is exceptionally large for a green and her hide is a pale, dusty mist green, very similar to her "twin's" brown hide color, only greenish in hue. Her larger size does give her the advantage of having somewhat more stamina but sacrificing some of the agility of the average green; it puts her somewhere in the range of a blue.

However, she definitely has the temper of a green. She's easily agitated and quickly becomes jealous of any perceived advantages her brother gets (extra training, for example). She scoffs at the competition between Casteeth and Testeth, but underneath her contempt, she tries to beat out both of them. She collects insects in her off-time, but finds fish absolutely disgusting.

Bonded to: Athnia
Casteeth is a pale aqua green and somewhat less than average-sized. However, she makes up for it with rigorous physical exercise and practice. Unlike Testeth, whose physical condition seems natural, Casteeth has to work to maintain that level. She frequently competes with Testeth to try to prove she's better than her sister.

Her arrogance covers up a deep-seated insecurity. She is constantly trying to prove her intelligence and physical prowess to the other dragons, especially the Weyrlingmaster. She views life as a series of contests in which you either succeed or fail, with no in-between. She is prone to posting bets with Shimarkth for runnerbeast races; she greatly enjoys watching the beasts race and trying to identify which one will win. However she avoids the stables - not because she doesn't want to spook the horses, but because she hates the insects.

Bonded to: Iris
Costreth is a small green with dark, forest-green hide. In motion, the first word that comes to mind is "slinking," or perhaps "stealthy." She doesn't waste movement, doesn't fidget like some of her clutchsiblings. She isn't in the best of shape, like Testeth or Casteeth, but she isn't a weakling, either.

This green is frequently cynical, almost bitter. She dislikes and distrusts most of her clutchsibs, especially Testeth and Casteeth. She is, perhaps, closest to Nodaroth and Feinsoth. Anyone attempting to give her a nickname will get an earful about how nicknames make her sound like an egg-wet hatchling and they should call her by her full name. She often ranks the other dragons and, although she doesn't go out of her way to be exceptional, often despairs of being one of the best; this contributes to her bitterness. As a solo activity and, rarely, in partnership with another dragon, she likes to go treasure hunting; the idea of Landing and its hidden treasures captures her imagination (even though it's probable most of those treasures have been found in the years that have passed since Landing was rediscovered). She was nearly trampled on by a pair of dancers during the Hatching Gather and ever since, has avoided dancing and dancers.

Bonded to: Otera
Fosenith is an average-length green, although slim of build. She's unusually quick and agile for a green and delights in flying (although some of her maneuvers upset, if not outright panic, her rider at times). Of course, she had to practice a lot to get her flying finesse. Her hide is a pale, almost yellowish green with an aquamarine iridescence after bathing.

This green is very witty, often having smart remarks or retorts. She can be almost gold-level bossy and may use insults to try to improve her clutchsibs' performance. She's extremely disappointed when she finds out there is no more Thread to fight, complaining that as a dragon, it is her job to fight Thread. Fortunately, she'll take as protective a stance toward whatever job she and her rider are assigned and, after graduation, choose for themselves. She is absolutely insistent on helping her rider with all tasks. After seeing a juggler perform at the Hatching Gather celebrating her and her siblings' Hatching, Fosenith has learned to use her telekinetic abilities to mimic the task, keeping multiple objects aloft and in motion. At least as long as they don't have any sharp edges or points; weapons unnerve her.

Bonded to: A'ra (Arav)
Feinsoth is also a somewhat small green, but extraordinarily flexible, almost to the point of being "double-jointed." It makes her flight capabilities almost challenging to Fosenith's, resulting in frequent competition between the two. And it doesn't help their relationship that Feinsoth's hide is also yellow-tinged, though not as much as Fosenith's and without the blueish highlights.

Despite the fact that Costreth likes her, Feinsoth doesn't reciprocate. In fact, she very much distrusts Costreth, often blaming the other green for her failures. Unfortunately, she also believes that she is perfect and that she could never do anything wrong; she'll blame anyone and anything else for any mistakes she makes. She is very proud of being a dragon and frequently flirts any male dragons within earshot. Of course, this often results in her comparing them to the males of wherry species (whose plumage is brighter than the females and who often go to absurd lengths to obtain a mate) - since she is frequently found observing wherries in her off time. Storms put her on edge, and if you throw in some lightning and thunder, she'll retreat to her weyr and refuse to come out until the storm passes.
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