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Erin was happy with everything that was going on now. She hadn’t talked to L’ric since the whole mess that had caused her to almost leave A’dam… and she was still trying her hardest to make it up to her mate. Quite frankly, she felt silly for even considering that her man would actually only want to marry her because of their baby. Her hands reached down to gently caress her belly, by now decently showing that they were indeed pregnant. A soft smile touched her face before she glanced over at her gown. It was beautiful, and the weavers had done a marvelous job with putting it together. Her dragon still commented that it was weird, but she didn’t argue. Even the green had learned not to push buttons with a pregnant woman.

~Can you believe this is FINALLY happening, Ply?~ the woman asked her dragon as she finally moved off to bathe. She knew that it would be the next step in her getting ready. And already the anxiety of being in front of all those people… doing a ceremony with them… It was all getting to her. Not that she wasn’t completely excited over everything that was happening. She was just thankful that Saelit and Selisa were going to be part of the wedding too. She loved her babies, all of them!


About three hours later, the woman was FINALLY ready… ish. She still didn’t feel overly ready for anything past vomiting. By this point in time she was wearing a stunning dress that flowed easily along her frame, and all the way to the ground. It was strapless with a bright green hue that matched her dragon’s hide, and a sash that was the soft blue that matched D’ranith’s hide. She had taken great care to pick it out, and was pleased with the way it looked… even over her pregnant frame. She was just happy that she wasn’t the size of a house... yet.

Naturally, she wasn’t actually ready for the wedding to start. Instead she was sitting with her uncle and parents, doing her best to get herself mentally prepared for the day. Or well… her mother was off helping get the kids ready for the wedding since Erin knew that A’dam had to get ready himself. And he would have H’lee to deal with as well!

“Don’t worry, sweetheart, you look amazing!” her father, S’erian, told her with a grin, her uncle nodded his agreement as both men hugged her.

“Well, while you two chitchat, I’m going to head down and see how everyone else is doing. Maybe even check in on the kids. I know how Saelit can get and I only hope your mother is able to handle him!” Roderick chuckled good naturedly before slipping from the room to leave father and daughter alone before it was time to start the ceremony. Of course, the woman also knew it would likely only be a matter of time before Silvara showed up… after all, she HAD asked the woman to be her maid of honor…


Off in another part of the world, Roderick had managed to find Laurin with Selisa. The man smiled brightly when he spotted her. “Oh! Don’t you look beautiful! Almost more pretty than your mother!” the man announced.
Her dress was absolutely gorgeous with its coloring being based mostly on D’ranith’s hide instead of Plyath’s; Although the trim of the dress was all done in green to match her mother’s dragon. The little girl glanced up and grinned at her great uncle. “Thank you, uncle Roderick!” she giggled happily before Laurin rose from her spot.

“I tried to get Saelit ready, but he’s not overly happy about this whole ordeal. I think he is still upset at A’dam after all that mess that L’ric caused,” the woman frowned slightly and shook her head.

The fisherman chuckled and nodded his head, “I’ll go get him ready. He’s getting better around A’dam, believe it or not. Don’t know why he took so readily to Erin and not A’dam, he’s known them both for about the same length of time,” he shrugged before heading over to where the boy was and convincing him into his finery for the wedding. All while listening to the boy complain.

(Think this dress for Erin. But with the 'shamrock' color and the sash in the 'blue box' color.
For Selisa think this dress with the color being 'blue box' and the trim being 'shamrock')


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
"Weddings," H'lee muttered as he and Seeth glided down to the Hold. "How do I keep getting talked into weddings?"

Because Alina wants one? Seeth responded, unbidden. H'lee groaned. He knew Alina was rather devoted to him, and that she wanted to officially marry him. But the fact of the matter was, he couldn't reciprocate: not with a dragon who was his, for lack of a better term, soul-mate. He had a deeper respect for the Weyr tradition of not mating outside of other riders. He'd never noticed when Seeth's mates were male and he'd chosen among the female Weyr staff; in fact, he hadn't noticed until recently, at the Academy and there were far fewer flights and after Alina had taken the post as Headwoman.

Absently, he wondered how many other riders were discovering this awkward situation, recently freed from their obligations at the Weyr and establishing their own holds (affectionately called Weyrholds). Fortunately, the couple of solidly-established Weyrholds had multiple riders, frequently ones that had paired off. It was something he would have to mention to the Weyrleaders the next time he encountered them. Since first mating flights for the weyrlings took place at the Weyrs, it would be their responsibility to explain the vagaries of mating to non-riders. Thank the First Egg!

H'lee had been badgering A'dam about what to wear for the last couple of days. The bluerider kept putting him off, one time muttering that "the women" were in charge of that, and that he hadn't even seen his own outfit yet. H'lee hadn't been fitted for anything (to his knowledge), so he'd chosen instead to bring a fine set of clothes done in a russet shade to offset Seeth's chocolate brown color and his own auburn hair and blue eyes. He assumed there'd be accoutrements to make him match the rest of the wedding party...whatever colors they were.

When they landed, he slid off and hobbled over to A'dam's cothold. He rapped on the doorpost and waited to be admitted. He wondered if any of A'dam's family would be present for the wedding.

This is what he's wearing.
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Silvara softly cursed under her breath as she adjusted her deep blue dress with the green dress sash around her hips. She was trying hard not to think to hard about standing in front of a lot of people to be Erin's Maid of Honor. She had agreed to it as it was an honor and a duty that as Erin's and A'dam's friend she could not refuse. She just hoped she would not do anything embarrassing like pass out while there. Up side was that every one would actually be focusing on those getting married which was the only reason she had not run away. She was glad that she had arrived the day before so she would not have to try and ride here in the dress since it was not the best cut for dragon riding.

Warrelith mean while kept reassuring her in the back of her mind that it was all going to be fine and to just keep breathing. He was glad that she had accepted the honor even if it was stressing her out. It was good for her and there was also the fact that Val might be here and maybe he could find a way to get the two of them closer together. He wanted his bonded to be happy like Erin after all.

Silv was lucky to be unaware of her dragon's thoughts about her love life or lack of one and what he intended to do to fix that. She soon reached where Erin was getting ready and slipped into the room.

"Hi Erin. Ready for your big day?"

She was glad she was able to get the words out with out sounding like she was fighting with herself. She wanted this to be a good day for Erin after all. Especially after all the crud she had had to deal with all ready to get to this point.
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