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1 Weyrling Lesson #3d: Weyr Tours on Sun Oct 14, 2012 6:40 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
While the weyrlings were preparing their straps, the drudges thoroughly cleaned out the now-empty weyrs of the older weyrlings who had recently returned to Benden Weyr to complete their training. Once they were cleaned out, H'lee took the Tundra weyrlings up the gorge where they would be living once they had passed their flight tests.

"Take a look along the cliffs, here, you'll see where the weyrs have been dug. Pick out four you'd like to look more closely at, you can let your dragons go up and look first, before you pick them out. Once you've selected the ones you want to look at, let us know and one of us will take you up."

| \__
| _ \__
| |_| \__
| _ \__
| |_| \__
| _ _ \__
| |_| |_| \__
| _ _ \__
| |_| |_| \__
| _ _ _ \__
| |_| |_| |_| \__
| _ _ _ \
| |_| |_| |_| \
| _ _ _ _ \
| |_| |_| |_| |_| \
| _ _ _ _ \
| |_| |_| |_| |_| \
| \

There are two cliff faces like the one show above. One faces east, the other faces west. To name your selections, the rows are letters, so you can pick from the following:
A1, B1, C1, C2, D1, D2, E1, E2, E3, F1, F2, F3, G1, G2, G3, G4, H1, H2, H3, and H4

Add and "E" or a "W" after the number to name whether you're picking one on the east *facing* wall (e.g. A1E), or the west *facing* wall (e.g., H3W).

First Post: Picking a weyr based on vertical and horizontal location and whether it faces east or west.

Deadline: Saturday, 10/20
Next Post: Sunday, 10/21 - selecting a weyr based on the layout choices.
Required Posts: 2 out of 3

K'so & Qancith
Today, it was K'so thinking, Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! They were going to pick out their weyrs today. Of course, they couldn't move in until they'd passed their flying tests, but still.

H'lee led them up to the gorge that held the weyrs and told them to pick four choices.

It is going to be cold soon? the blue asked.

Yes, winter. And there will be snow. It's like the ice on the glacier, except softer.

Does this 'snow' melt in the sun?

K'so smiled. It does. I think I know where you're going with this...

One of the upper weyrs. It's always warmer in the afternoon, so we should get one that gets sun that time of day.

K'so rolled his eyes. There's a surprise... Qancith snorted at him, not seeing any need for sarcasm in the face of his inarguable logic.

Of course, K'so didn't mind the idea of a western-facing weyr, either. That meant he wouldn't have sunlight in his face first thing in the morning. Maybe he could even sleep in once in a while...

"I'm interested in A1W, B1W, C1W, and C2W," he stated calmly, not needing any time to think about them beyond the brief conversation he and Qancith had had.
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2 Re: Weyrling Lesson #3d: Weyr Tours on Mon Oct 15, 2012 6:19 pm



The young man was feeling a bit more at ease for this particular lesson. It didn't require him to try and help X'kim come up with some amazing formation or figure out the ins and outs of being a leader. He tended to try harder than necessary to be a leader, because that was what he wanted, but he found the moments when he didn't have to worry about it to be peaceful and relaxing. This was one of those moments.

Easily they found themselves heading out to the gorge before he fell silent and began conversing with his dragon.

~I like those really high up ones with more sun, mine,~ the bronze commented, flying from his position and up to look at each weyr. He began with the eastern facing ones, landing on each one before snorting and heading to the western ones.

~Did you find ones you like, Rik?~ the young man asked his dragon before glancing up at the dragon as he moved from ledge to ledge, curling up on each one to see which he felt was more comfortable.

After a few moments he made his decision as well. "B1W, C2W, D1W and D3W," he informed easily enough.


Artemis figured that she would have the easiest time finding her weyr. After all, her dragon couldn't reach the higher up weyrs. Or well... she could, but it took more effort and tended to leave the green sore..

~I imagine you want the side that will see more sun light, dear?~ she questioned her dragon who snorted easily.

"We'll go for any of the H level weyrs on the west side," she informed, choosing H1W, H2W, H3W and H4W. Her dragon had agreed to the ones that were on the west side, and the dragon knew full well that Artemis would restrict her to the lowest levels. The girl was always concerned about her green overdueing it and making it so her wing would end up more damaged. After all, her dragon did still have a slight tendency to veer to the left... and a lot of problems with flying for any real length of time.

3 Re: Weyrling Lesson #3d: Weyr Tours on Sun Oct 21, 2012 3:36 pm


Fay had chose A1E, B1E, C1E and D1E after much deliberation with Dea.

D'rick, of course, had chosen after Arty and chose what she had. Since he was determined to get their off and on relationship back on track. So of course he chose H1W H2W H3W and H4W, even though Haranth didn't exactly want those.

4 Re: Weyrling Lesson #3d: Weyr Tours on Sun Oct 21, 2012 5:58 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Second Post: Choosing among your four options. I will dice-roll random weyrs for the NPCs after the PCs have picked their weyrs.

  • A1W - Layout C
  • B1W - Layout B
  • C1W - Layout A
  • C2W - Layout D

  • B1W - Layout B
  • C2W - Layout D
  • D1W - Layout A
  • D3W - Layout C

Artemis and D'rick
  • H1W - Layout B
  • H2W - Layout A
  • H3W - Layout C
  • H4W - Layout D

  • A1E - Layout B
  • B1E - Layout C
  • C1E - Layout A
  • D1E - Layout D

Deadline: Saturday, 10/27
Next Post: Sunday, 10/28

Layout A

| | | | (_____ |@@@@@@|
| | |____| ( |\@@@@/|
| | ( | ---- |
| | (_| |
| ------- |
|________| _ ___________ |
|____| | | | |
| | |@| |
||---| __| -| |
|| | | | ___ w |
|| | | |/@@@\| |
||@@@| |__|@@@@@| |

Layout B

| |@@@@@@| (___________ |
| |\@@@@/| ( |
| ---- | ( |
| ____ ( |
| |------- (____) (_|
| | | ________ ____|
| w___| ||@@@| | | |
| | || | | |@|
| w_ _|| | |_|
| | | | ||---| _|@\ |
| | |___| | ___ | |@@| |
| | || | | |@/ |

Layout C

||@@@| | | @ | /@|
|| | |_|--- |@@|
|| | | |@@|
||___| | \@|
| |_ ______|
|____ |___ |
| | | | |
|---------| __ | |
|@\ | | | | |
|@@| | |__| | |
|@@| | |_|
|@/ |
|---- |_ _|
| | ) ( |
| w ) ( |
| w )_____( |
| |_________|

Layout D

|@@@@@@| ______| | |
|\@@@@/| | |__|
| ---- |_| |
| | _|
|- ( |
|@| | ( |
|---- ----| ( |
| | | ____( |
|--- | (______|
| | -------|
||---| | /@|
|| | _| |@@|
|| | | | |@@|
||@@@| | | \@|
---w---w----- -----
| |
| |
| |

K'so & Qancith

K'so got a ride up to the four weyrs that Qancith was interested in and took a look around each one. "I like C1W. It has that huge bath. What do you think, Qanc?"

It also has a big couch that will get lots of afternoon sun. I like it.

K'so & Qancith pick weyr C1W.
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5 Re: Weyrling Lesson #3d: Weyr Tours on Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:48 pm



A'lo walked into the first of his choices (B1W) and wandered around. He found himself pausing at the couch once they'd entered from the ledge, his bronze right behind him. ~What do you think, Rik?~ he asked.

The bronze sniffed at the couch before crawling onto it and laying down for a moment.It was rather comfortable. ~I like it.~ he responded.

A'lo then wandered into the room and looked around, enjoying the idea that the bathroom opeed right up into the bedroom... in fact, the bedroom seemed to be closed off from the rest of the weyr.


Artemis wandered between the four weyrs herself. Unlike her brother, she did inspect each one. She also had her dragon carefully launch from one to the next, pausing when they reached the last one (H4W). After inspecting the layout, the girl figured out which she wanted. Her dragon agreeing (if only because she was tired).

Artemis picks H4W and A'lo picks B1W

6 Re: Weyrling Lesson #3d: Weyr Tours on Sun Oct 21, 2012 8:22 pm


Fayble considered it for along time, her and Deasirith scoured many a weyr, and ended up with the one across from K'rso. C1E had everything the two of them wanted and more. Dea snuggled into the plush couch and crooned softly enjoying it. ~I saw Qanitch's across from us, you should get to know him mine. You're not seriously crushing on him are you? Dragons don't crush, thats why we have flights. "Right." Fay muttered softly.


D'rick frowned, Arty had picked H4W, and he looked around, settling on H3W right beside her. His green protesting that it was so low, and that the view wasn't particularly spectacular. Its not about the view, shush Yes it is mine, this sucks. I want to get back together with Artemis, and I can't if someone else moves in beside her. Mine there's the other side of her, as well as across from her. Dolt Submitting, the larger green flopped down on the couch, not wanting to admit it was actually quiet comfortable and spacious.


7 Re: Weyrling Lesson #3d: Weyr Tours on Sun Oct 28, 2012 12:59 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Nothing special this week, just talk about moving into your weyr after passing your ground launch lesson.

K'so & Qancith

The second day of ground launch lessons, K'so and Qancith passed. They immediately flew to their old barracks room and gathered up their stuff, then flew to their new weyr. About halfway through unpacking, K'so realized something: he had a kitchenette with no food, and he was hungry!

"Hey, Qanc, fly me down to the kitchens, would you? I need to stock up!"

The blue opened one lid on an eye to look at his rider. Why didn't you think of that before? I just got comfortable.

"C'mon, Qanc, I can't get out of here without your help now." The blue grumbled but obligingly carried his rider down to the kitchens. He picked up some lunch while he was at it, but the staff wouldn't let him have a lot to start stocking with.

"You're almost a rider now, time to start paying in for your food. You help peel tubers, you'll get some to take to your weyr. You want dishes, you help wash 'em or make 'em. We'll give you enough for a couple days." And they did, but it left his larder feeling really bare, and his cupboards completely empty. Then he remembered there was a swap meet coming up at the Hold. Maybe he could acquire some dishes there.

He went into the bathroom and bedroom and flung the windows open. It was a little chilly for that, but the place seemed musty. They were given a week's worth of coal for the braziers to warm the place up after it got cold, so he figured he'd warm it back up when it got too cold inside.
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8 Re: Weyrling Lesson #3d: Weyr Tours on Mon Oct 29, 2012 6:53 am



Since she didn't get to participate in the ground launch lessons, Artemis had gotten to move into her new weyr the first day. Only difference was... she did so without ever riding on her beast. Instead after looking at the steps, she went about packing her things up and loading them onto her dragon. ~Why are you using me as a pack mule?~ the green snorted at her.

"Because, Jazz, I can't possibly carry this all up in one trip.. YOU can. Besides, I still have to walk back to the weyr, unload this from you and see if there's anything in the kitchens that I can get for the weyr. And then maybe at that swap meet coming up we'll be able to get some more things," she told her dragon before they walked the stuff over to her weyr. The second the boxes were unloaded, the two headed down to the kitchens.

Much like what would happen with K'so, she was told she needed to help out in order to obtain what she wanted. And she willingly went about helping to clean some plates and the like. It wasn't a lot by the time she was done, but she had enough to at least not have to worry about anything for a little bit. With a quick thank you to the kitchen staff, she took the items out to her dragon where they were loaded up once more and taken up to her weyr, all with Jadziath complaining about how long it had taken her...

Once back in their new weyr, the dragon was unloaded and able to take her nap... while Artemis put some things away... and took a nap as well. She would do the real unpacking the following day. For now, she was exhausted!

And that was exactly what she did. While the second day of ground launches took place, the girl was unpacking the rest of her items, and frowning at how bare her weyr felt. Perhaps she would see about having her brother pick her up some things from the swap meet...

9 Re: Weyrling Lesson #3d: Weyr Tours on Mon Oct 29, 2012 7:12 am



They might not have gotten the headstart that A'lo's twin had gotten, but he had passed his ground launches on the first day! Instantly they had headed down to their barracks and began loading everything up on Rik's back before taking it over to the weyr. Once it was unloaded and sorted into the respective room the items would be unloaded into, he looked around the kitchenett and frowned. He would have to go raid the kitchens now...

Obviously he needed help getting down, and after a bit of poking and prodding, the dragon finally decided to move and get him down so that he could set about helping in the kitchens in exchange for some items for his weyr. Once he had finished, he took his portion back home with him and stored it in his weyr, and instantly set about unpacking. Unlike his sister... he hadn't felt the need for a nap.

Although, by the time he had finished unpacking his things and getting everything just the way he wanted it, he certainly was up for some relaxation which he did indulge in. ~I like this place. Although... I think I'll have to see what we can find at the next swap meet...~ he commented, wondering if he shouldn't send a firelizard to his father asking for a little extra change to try and get some supplies.

Of course, he dismissed that thought a second later. Just because his father was the lord holder of Ruatha... didn't mean that A'lo should be asking for help. Besides! He had been making a wage since being there... and it wasn't like he'd spent any of his money recently. Not even when it came to getting his new firelizad.

In fact, Zeus and Kehai were quite happily inspecting the new place to find their favorite perches. Something that ended with the little blue curled up on the counter in the kitchenet. A'lo just shook his head and continued resting. Zeus took up a perch in his bonded's lap before the young man thought of something, "Hey, Zeus, would you mind going to see how Arty is doing?"

The brown firelizard snorted but went to do as requested, returning a moment later with images of her sound asleep in her weyr. Her brother chuckled. Especially considering Sakka was snuggled against the woman in the image that he'd been given.

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