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1 Traders Bonfire at the Academy! on Sat Oct 27, 2012 11:47 am


Random Event Creator
Takes place the afternoon/evening before Rest Day, 2558.11.06.

The Liliencamp traders rarely made visits to the remote Snowy and Aurora Holds, let alone the Academy. They usually came about once a year, and typically earlier in the year when the seas were gentled by summer. This year, they were late in coming, and all the more welcome for it. They came in by ship to Aurora Hold, traveled overland to the Academy, then continued on to Snowy Hold, where they picked up sea passage back to the mainland.

When they rolled onto the grounds, the leader sought out H'lee to make arrangements for overnighting by the lake and, following their usual pattern, arranged the wagons in a series of circles along the lake. Each circle had five wagons and there were four circles. In the center of each circle a bonfire was lit, and between the wagons on the outside ends, smaller cookfires sprang up and soon the area was rife with the scents of stews, grilling, roasted nuts, and mulled beverages (alcoholic and non-).

One wagon in each circle had its canvas top folded halfway back and stools set up inside. A number of the wagoners played or sang and as the wagons got settled, these folk climbed up in the amphitheater-like wagons and started performing for their circle.

Another wagon in each circle had its canvas sides taken down completely and a table and a bunch of stools materialized in the center. Soon, dragon poker, chess, and card games were engaged in these wagons; on the back side (outside the immediate circle) a dart board was set up. The Recreation Building by the lake contains a pool table and additional tables for dragon poker, chess, and other table-top games.

The other three wagons were wood-sided rather than canvas and served as shops for the wares the traders had brought with them. Panels dropped open, revealing every type of raw and finished good imaginable. The prices were, perhaps, a bit higher than what they would be on the mainland, but that was only to be expected given the hazards and time involved with traveling to the remote location. The food, drink, and company, however, were free; the games were nominally free, aside from whatever the participants were willing to wager on the outcomes.

Come one, come all! See a bauble you'd like to have, or that your dragon fancies? Just say so and we'll agree on a price! Care to try your hand at a game of chance or skill? Step right up! Just want to mingle, listen to the music, and maybe dance a little? I bet we know music and dances that you don't!

The REC is in charge of haggling over prices, dart game scoring, and dealing of dragon poker cards. Gamers are responsible for coordinating the other games through Yahoo! or Pogo Games and can RP out the outcomes in the thread (PM Kes, Kura, or Sora to play a game with one of the Liliencamp traders).

Chess: Yahoo! - Pogo
Pool: Yahoo! (8-ball only) - Pogo (8-ball, 9-ball, and Cutthroat)
Dominoes: Yahoo! - Pogo
Checkers: Yahoo! - Pogo
Cribbage: Yahoo! - Pogo
Yahtzee: Pogo (Not available on Yahoo!)
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2 Re: Traders Bonfire at the Academy! on Sun Oct 28, 2012 7:24 am


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
One of the weyrlings was out on a ride and spotted the wagon train coming in. The youngster high-tailed it (straight!) back to the Academy and notified Alina and H'lee of the approach, so when they toddled into the valley, H'lee was there to greet them.

"Good to see you! It's getting pretty chilly around here, hope you brought extra blankets."

He helped them get set up and stable the oxen who hauled the wagons away from the inevitable dragon attention. Once they were set up, he eyeballed the various games and tried to decide on one to play. Seeth, when's K'then dragging his butt down here? Seeth relayed the question to Baroleth.
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3 Re: Traders Bonfire at the Academy! on Sat Nov 03, 2012 3:58 pm


Random Event Creator
After the wagons had been set up for a while, a few of the traders pulled out some panels and started laying them out, carefully shimming them to level. Once they were satisfied that the panels were perfectly level all along the full dragonlength as well as across its 4-foot width, they pulled ten bottle-like objects from a box that also contained half a dozen balls, each with three holes in them.

They set the bottles - they called them pins - upright at one end of the panels. One of the younger traders picked up one of the balls, inserted his thumb and two fingers in the holes and flung it down the length of the panels. He knocked several of the pins off, but not all of them; one of the trader children removed the pins that had been knocked over while another ran back with the ball.

Yep, you got it...bowling! Why not?

You can play on Pogo.
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