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1 Academy Roast Day! on Sat Oct 27, 2012 1:34 pm


Random Event Creator
Takes place on Rest Day, 2558.11.21.

In honor of the harvest and the beginning of winter, Head Cook Nium instigated a cook-off in his Grilling Barn. He's got a whole pig and herdbeast roasting in the pits and is grilling up sausages, steaks, and the like on the smaller grills. The other cooks and bakers have chopped, arranged, fried, roasted, and baked up dozens of fruit, vegetable, bread, and pastry dishes. Additional trestle tables have been set up in the grilling barn to hold the fruits of their labor and for Academy residents to eat at.

Around the outside of the Grilling Barn, small tables displaying odds and ends produced by the inhabitants are set up with small boxes and slips of paper. Each box is a silent auction for that object. Bidders put their name and how much they'd be willing to pay for the item on a slip of paper and stick it in the box; at the end of the evening, the boxes will be collected and the sellers will sift through the bids and the highest bidder will receive the object for the price they listed on their slip. The Crafters were also taking special orders for Turn's End gifts and clothes.

The adjoining Recreation Hall has additional trestle tables as well as round gaming tables and the pool table. One end has been taken over by the resident Harpers and musicians and music is delivered intermittently; a section of cleared space is open floor for dancers.

To bid on a silent auction item or have an item you would like to sell through silent auction, send a PM to the REC account. For bidding, enter your character's name, what item he or she is bidding on, and how much he or she wants to bid; multiple entries are accepted. For selling, enter your character's name and a brief description of the object.

Auction Items
  • A close-up oil painting of a set of maple leaves, one in summer colors and one in autumn colors
  • A bag of 90 assorted beads (varying sizes and colors)
  • A pattern for a dancing dress (think 1920s flapper) and several silk swatch samples (the dress is for auction, to be made after the purchase, using one of the fabrics presented in the swatches)
  • A dark brown men's leather jacket, suitable for single trips between and entertaining/Gathers
  • A plain 3-foot by 6-foot short table (think coffee table) made of pine and finished
  • A small (3-glow/candle) stained glass chandelier in cool colors (greens, blues, and purples)

The REC is in charge of dart game scoring and dealing of dragon poker cards. Gamers are responsible for coordinating the other games through Yahoo! or Pogo Games and can RP out the outcomes in the thread (PM Kes, Kura, or Sora to play a game with an NPC).

Chess: Yahoo! - Pogo
Pool: Yahoo! (8-ball only) - Pogo (8-ball, 9-ball, and Cutthroat)
Dominoes: Yahoo! - Pogo
Checkers: Yahoo! - Pogo
Cribbage: Yahoo! - Pogo
Yahtzee: Pogo (Not available on Yahoo!)
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2 Re: Academy Roast Day! on Sun Oct 28, 2012 7:34 am


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
H'lee loved roast days. In a way, he hated how much he loved them because it exposed a weakness to his weyrlings, but he took too much pleasure in Nium's cooking to really care if his charges saw him scrambling off Seeth's back and moving as quickly as his injured leg could go to be the first in line for a slice of freshly-roasted pork and herdbeast. He also collected a sausage and bun, on which he slathered mustard. Then he scurried off to one of the side tables where there was a box of dominoes set up. It wasn't one of the more popular games, so he figured he'd be safe sitting there to eat, out of the way of the youngsters on the trestle tables.

The silent auction items were across the hall from him, so he used peering at them from his seat as an excuse to keep an eye on things and make sure none of the weyrlings or other children got too rowdy.
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3 Re: Academy Roast Day! on Sat Nov 03, 2012 7:30 am


A'lo wandered among the items that were available for silent auction, his sister had opted out of participating. Something about her being too tired for the festivities. He told her he'd let her sleep for a bit before dragging her out. Regardless, he was also told to keep an eye out on anything that his sister might want for her room. It was for that reason that he wrote down a bid for the chandelier before heading over to his table to eat something. This would be all sorts of fun when the food came!

4 Re: Academy Roast Day! on Sat Nov 03, 2012 7:41 am


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
K'so sauntered in some time after A'lo and put a bid on the table. He had a lot of seating in his weyr, but nowhere for people to set food or drinks while sitting there. Or for them to play dragon poker when Rikraketh dragged A'lo over for a game.

Speaking of A'lo, he saw the bronzerider eying the food. "Hey, c'mon, let's get something to eat and then play a game of something." He sighed and rolled his eyes; "Lyam's after me to work on my numbers. How about a game of cribbage? Then he can't say I'm not practicing."

K'so grabbed a plate and speared a couple of slices of ham and scooped up a dollop of mashed tubers. He bowled the tubers and dropped a pat of butter in them to melt. Then he hit the dessert tables and grabbed up a couple of bubbly pies. He waited impatiently for A'lo to fill his plate. "Hey, where's Arty?" he asked, realizing his friend wasn't hovering or keeping a watchful eye out for a change.
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5 Re: Academy Roast Day! on Sat Nov 03, 2012 7:51 am


A'lo glanced up at his friend and chuckled before nodding. "Sure. I haven't played that in a bit," he agreed easily enough before getting himself some food and glancing towards his sister's weyr. "She was complaining about being tired. So I told her I'd wake her up later on so she wouldn't miss all the festivities," he responded to his friend. He really wasn't all that concerned, so long as Arty wasn't alone with that sharding D'rick then he was perfectly fine.

Once they got a chance to find a decent seat to enjoy their meal and their game, he blinked at the brown and blue firelizards waiting for him. "Scavengers..." he grumped before giving them part of his meal.

6 Re: Academy Roast Day! on Sat Nov 03, 2012 8:38 am


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
They had decided on best 2 out of 3 on the game. K'so's math skills - or lack thereof - hindered him at first, although he still had a couple of good hands. He did well enough not to get skunked, although on the second game he only avoided it by a couple of points. He thought he'd been doing alright in the second game because A'lo kept grumping about the cut card, but then the bronzerider got an excellent hand and finished the game.

K'so was starting to feel depressed and thinking about suggesting another game when, out of nowhere, he got several good hands and placed the cards appropriately and actually won a game! "YES!" he shouted, throwing his hands up. "I finally beat you!" he celebrated, grinning from ear to ear.
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7 Re: Academy Roast Day! on Sat Nov 03, 2012 8:46 am


A'lo was quite happy with how the first game went, in fact... he hadn't even really realized he was winning until he did. The second game, he found himself getting frustrated when the cut card never seemed to be what he WANTED it to be... at least until the last hand of that round. Instantly he was celebrating it and ended up winning that round.

The third game... well... it wasn't nearly what the man wanted. He hated half of his hands and the cards just didn't seem to be working in his favor. Regardless, he found it all worth while when he watched his friend celebrate his victory. Instantly he began laughing at K'so's enthusiasm. "Congrats, man!" he smirked, "How about a round of pool? Rik hasn't commented about that game yet."

Of course, he knew full well that K'so would understand that he meant Dragon Poker. And A'lo was more than happy to avoid that particular game.

8 Re: Academy Roast Day! on Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:35 am


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
A'lo broke on their first game of pool, but K'so sunk the first ball - solids. Of course, he promptly scratched on his next shot. In fact, on his next three shots, and on the third, he dropped one of A'lo's striped balls.

After that, things seemed to even out between them, and, in fact, K'so pulled ahead of A'lo. Up until he had only one ball besides the 8 ball left, anyway. Suddenly, there were only two balls left: K'so's 5 ball, and the 8 ball. And A'lo had left him with no shot: the 8 ball was between the cue ball and his 5 - which caused K'so to scratch yet again. K'so pouted while A'lo lined up his last shot and won the game.

"'Nother game? That was fun!" he told his friend.
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9 Re: Academy Roast Day! on Sat Nov 03, 2012 10:12 am


The young man smirked at his friend and nodded his head. "Yeah! Sounds like fun!" he grinned before they racked up for another game and it went rather interestingly. They had some fun shots, but the end of the game was what really got A'lo going.

"Great shots, K'so!" he grinned at his friend, absolutely loving the interesting shots they made. "Should we try another game?" he asked his friend.

~What about dragon poker? I want to play!~ Rik interjected, causing the lad to wince.

~Later... maybe...~

10 Re: Academy Roast Day! on Mon Dec 03, 2012 3:19 pm


Moderator / Master Healer
Silvara had finally pulled herself out of the healing hall and to the gather. She knew it was a rest day but she liked spending time in the healing hall on rest days as few people went there. She had been working on her lesson plans for the different Gifted students now in her care to learn to control their gifts as well as her lessons to give as a Master Healer to think of as well. She still needed to speak with H'lee about that but it could wait till latter.

For now she would join the feast and see if there was anything in the auctions she would like. As she walked along in her black and silver clothing she took note of the items on the auction block while heading towards where the food was. She also took note of H'lee's position thinking to maybe sit and talk with him a little if only to know if Alina had threatened him yet with marriage. She knew her friend was deeply attached to him. It made Silv smile as she hoped her friend had good luck with that.

As her eyes traveled the tables she found herself drawn to the chandelier with its lovely cool colors drawing her. She nibbled on her lip thinking she would put a bid in for it then go and get some food.
A small (3-glow/candle) stained glass chandelier in cool colors (greens, blues, and purples)
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