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1 Snowy Hold Harvest Fest! on Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:58 pm


Random Event Creator
Takes place on Rest Day, 2558.11.20.

Harvest Fest at Snowy Hold is a traveling affair: every eatery and tavern closes early the night before and their cooks and vintners busy throughout the night to prepare an almost obscene amount of small finger-foods and kegs of beverages. Revelers are expected to bring their own mugs to be filled with brews wherever they please and the finger foods served in these establishments are free for the day. Some of the most popular snacks are roasted nuts and, of course, bubbly pies.

Unlike some of the older Holds where protection from Thread meant crowding close together, Snowy's eateries are scattered hither and thither through the town. On the paths between these buildings is where Crafters, having produced a smattering of items for sale, set up temporary booths. Most of the Crafters only have half a dozen or so items for sale, and as soon as the last item is sold, they whisk off to the nearest tavern to join in the festivities. Some Crafters are lucky enough to have actual shops on the main trails from one food vendor to the next and will usually open their doors for an hour or so three or four times during the day, in between sampling the food and drink. The Crafters also take orders for trinkets and clothes for the upcoming Turn's End Gather.

Aside from food and drink, the taverns and cafes and the occasional shopkeeper who is so inclined (particularly those associated with Harpers) host musicians and dancing. Still others have tables reserved strictly for games. The Four Hammers has a donation jar on the bar for an addition which will include a pool table; they encourage patrons to help with the ambition while plying them with alcoholic beverages.

Outside, there are other distractions, especially for the children. One of the stables is giving 15-minute pony rides; the farmers and carpenters who tend the trees have raked together huge piles of leaves for jumping in; in the fields, mazes have been constructed in the withered stalks of the summer's crops; children can bob for the last of the year's freshly-picked apples and pears. One of the herders has set up a candle-making station with half a dozen colors of wax where kids can dip their own candles.

Think of this as kind of like a cross between Halloween and Thanksgiving, Pern-style!

The REC is in charge of haggling over prices and dealing of dragon poker cards. Gamers are responsible for coordinating the other games through Yahoo! or Pogo Games and can RP out the outcomes in the thread (PM Kes, Kura, or Sora to play a game with one of the Liliencamp traders).

Although Academy residents are not strictly forbidden from participating, they have to get special permission from H'lee (for weyrlings/Weyrlingmasters) or Alina (staff) to attend the Harvest Fest since 2558.11.20 is not a Rest Day for them. PM Kes if you'd like permission to go (since Alina's currently unable to post).

Chess: Yahoo! - Pogo
Dominoes: Yahoo! - Pogo
Checkers: Yahoo! - Pogo
Cribbage: Yahoo! - Pogo
Yahtzee: Pogo (Not available on Yahoo!)
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2 Re: Snowy Hold Harvest Fest! on Sat Nov 03, 2012 4:25 pm


Random Event Creator
At lunchtime, the Hold hosted a mutton- and chevon-busting event for the kids. Children between the ages of 5 and 12 were encouraged to sign up; the youngsters aged 8 and under were assigned a sheep, while the older kids were assigned a goat.

The REC will be in charge of dice-rolling for these. If you want to play, post signing up and pick a ram or billy to ride by expanding the Buster Stats section here. There will be some NPCs to give you a challenge. :-)
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3 Re: Snowy Hold Harvest Fest! on Sat Nov 03, 2012 6:18 pm


Apprentice Smith
Loraine and Aren begged to be signed up. Technically they were too old to participate in chevon-busting (they were 13), but both were small of stature, so they were allowed in and placed with the largest goats: Something for Cat for Loraine, and Dancer for Aren.
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4 Re: Snowy Hold Harvest Fest! on Sun Nov 04, 2012 8:00 am


Naturally Erin decided to bring the kids to the festival. She knew they needed some fun in their lives, and quite frankly she was already wondering if she'd lost her mind. She knew she was getting a little bigger, the baby growing and at 7 months along... well.. the woman knew full well not to press her luck too much. After all, she was definitely showing that she was pregnant now... and she wandered her way over to the various areas while the kids raced between them.

It was surprising to the greenrider that her adoptive son was so... excited over this. Normally, he was grumpy and kept to himself... except for when with her uncle. Regardless, the woman smiled at the sight and before long the boy was over to her. "Mom! Can I try that chevron riding? Pleeeease?!" he asked her and the woman chuckled before nodding her head and watching him race off.

"Can I try it too, mommy?" Selisa asked, giving the woman puppy dog eyes. The girl had gotten good at that... namely cause she tended to practice them on A'dam lately.

Erin chuckled, "Go ahead, just be careful," she told the girl who raced off to join her brother.

The two looked over the animals as they signed up. Being as Selisa was so small, Saelit asked if she could use the smallest sheep there, Ragged Man. While he looked at the goats for himself and eventually requested Windward.

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