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1 November Swap Meet on Sat Oct 27, 2012 3:46 pm


Random Event Creator
Takes place on Rest Day, 2558.11.14.

Once a month on the Academy's Rest Day, the Crafters of Snowy Hold gathered together for a swap meet. The Crafters would bring a small collection of items to trade with each other and with visitors. It was strictly a no-purchase kind of meet, no one brought Marks with them, only items to trade.

The Weavers, Carpenters, and Tanners did brisk business and were the most popular stalls to visit. After all, who couldn't use a new shirt or bookshelf? And the dragonriders were, of course, always on the lookout for good-quality hides for riding straps and gear.

Knowing that the weyrlings were just moving into their new weyrs, with adult-sized dragon couches still a bit too large for their growing dragons, Journeywoman Weaver Soyony had brought out her collection of throw pillows in golds, reds, blues, and greens; and since it would be their first winter here, she also had piles of quilts and throw blankets. Likewise, Master Carpenter Saul had brought shelf and bench kits as well as puzzle games, a couple chests, and one new oak dining set for four; the last was mostly for show to obtain orders for later since it would be hard to trade for the set.

Participants should bring at least one item to trade with and have a list of at least one item he or she would like to trade for.

This is strictly a trading scenario. If you do see something you really want, but what you brought isn't sufficient to trade, you can "run home" and get more things to trade with, or you can special-order the item and buy it with Marks at a later day.

The REC account is in charge of haggling over the value of an item one of the NPCs has for trade unless the NPC is being run by a gamer (i.e., if Erin's uncle is trading anything, Kura's in charge of haggling for him).
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2 Re: November Swap Meet on Sun Oct 28, 2012 1:15 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
K'so needed some things for his new weyr, and he knew that how much he needed would require a lot. He had two hobbies: herb growing and stained glass. Unfortunately, both hobbies took a lot of time to produce a final product.

So he packed up three small bowls with herbs in them and the one small stained-glass candle curtain he had and took them down to the swap.

He looked around to see what they had and found one glassmith with a dish set he really, really liked, but it was worth more than what he had with him to trade. Instead, he made arrangements to come down to the Hold on the next Rest Day and purchase a set.

He'd found out after a couple of nights how cold the weyr could be. He wanted blankets, too. He found a plush quilt that was several shades darker than Qancith's hide, lushly thick and would be wonderfully warm on his bed. But he didn't know if his three herb pots and candle holder would be enough for it.
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3 Re: November Swap Meet on Sat Nov 03, 2012 7:12 am


Random Event Creator
Soyony wasn't sure that the herbs and candle holder were really worth as much as her blanket, but she really liked the candle holder. So instead of just taking a "loss" as it was, she bargained: "I love that candle holder, do you have any more? How long does it take you to make them?"
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4 Re: November Swap Meet on Sat Nov 03, 2012 7:25 am


A'lo frowned at the stuff he had with him. Quite frankly, he thought his twin was out of her mind... but she requested some help from him and he was the one allowed to head to the hold. Regardless, he started looking for things for both himself and his sister. Before long he found a few things for himself, namely a decent looking set of dishes. Looking them over he asked the crafter if he would be willing to trade him for a nice thick blanket that A'lo had gotten a little while back from his mother. Quite frankly, he'd had the blanekt for a few turns already but it was still in good condition since he never used it. His mother just felt he needed an over abundance of these things... Of course, he half jokingly offered one of the pesky firelizards that appeared and started chirping at him.

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5 Re: November Swap Meet on Sat Nov 03, 2012 6:24 pm


Apprentice Smith
Loraine got a break from her duties long enough to run down to the Swap Meet. She had Signy's first clutch of eggs to sell or trade! She'd finally managed to get her hands on them; the green had been particularly protective of the eggs for the last several weeks - but when she'd started getting proddy again, she stopped paying attention to the eggs. Her parents had helped her make small boxes to hold the heated sand for the eggs. She painted firedragonets on each one; of course, she had no idea what colors the youngsters would be, but since the mother had been flown by a blue, she guessed most of them were blue and green. However, that seemed so boring! And she had 5 eggs, so she painted one of each color on the boxes.

She set up with the boxes by a fire, and put the metal boxes near the flames to keep them warm and waited to see if anyone would trade for them.
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6 Re: November Swap Meet on Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:32 am


Erin had been debating on a few things, but she figured that maybe she would be able to find some things for the baby at the swap meet... and perhaps some things for the other members of her family. It was for that reason that she brought a few unneeded things with her. Such as some nice clothing that didn't fit anymore with the baby... and she wasn't overly optimistic on it ever fitting again. She also had a set of dishes that her uncle had given to her that were excess considering they had already had plenty of dishes between her and A'dam. She also had a nice lanturn that just didn't work in thier home... and a few other odds and ends. Her dragon snorted at her, but the woman was bound and determined to see what she could find. When she came upon Loraine's stall,she paused for a moment. Perhaps she would be able to get a couple eggs for the kids? It would certainly be easier to keep an eye on them witht he pesky creatures inside. Not to mention Erin had heard Selisa asking A'dam if she could have a pet...

~What do you think, Ply?~

~I think you should leave those tiny things to A'dam. The one he has is trouble enough,~ the green snorted.

Erin chuckled at her dragon, but moved off to continue searching for other things. So far, she hadn't really seen anything she overly liked and after a moment she ended up returning to Loraine's little area before offering her some of the clothing in exchange for an egg.

7 Re: November Swap Meet on Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:05 am


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
K'so allowed that he didn't have any more candle holders just at this time, but he had supplies for three more. It would take him a couple of weeks to make them, but he would bring them by on his first Rest Day after he completed them, if she would like.
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