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1 The Randomness of it All on Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:26 am


Sakura had been wondering just what she would do with the eggs that her little firelizard had laid. They were finally big enough to move them off of D'tray's pillow... which naturally meant that her mate had been forced to either sleep on her side of the bed and she on the couch, or he had to sleep on the couch himself.. usually it was decided based upon who Night liked better that day. If both had upset her, then it was a "sleep there at your own risk" deal.

However, it was finally to the point where they could move them and Sakura thought up a random idea for how best to do this particular hatching. With her mate's help she created seperate heated beds for the eggs and on the day announced, she placed each one in them and covered it up. The egg within was utterly random and each one was covered with a blanket of a different color... while also being of the same size.

Each basket has a different color weave to it, almost as though she had taken time to hand paint each one. And each blanket to go with it was clearly weaved together by the woman and has a random firelizard color for the main part with small images of each color of firelizard. Sakura felt that it would depict that each basket had a random egg placed within.

The Baskets!

1. Golden and bronze basket with a gold blanket.

2. Bronze and brown basket with a brown blanket.

3. Golden and brown basket with a bronze blanket.

4. Golden and green basket with a green blanket.

5. Bronze and blue basket with a blue blanket.

6. Bronze and green basket with a bronze blanket.

7. Golden and blue basket with a blue blanket.

8. Brown and blue basket with a brown blanket. (A'dam)

9. Brown and green basket with a green blanket.

10. Blue and green basket with a blue blanket.

11. Blue and green basket with a green blanket.

12. Brown and green basket with a brown blanket.

13. Brown and blue basket with a blue blanket.


1. Your character may not peek inside. They are obtaining a free egg, and as such they do not get to know which egg they are obtaining.
2. No arguing with me! =P Or your firelizard becomes claimed by a random NPC.
3. Simply post your character arriving, picking up a basket and leaving. Come November 10th, when the eggs hatch, I will post up the descriptions for them here as well as send you a pm of your egg.
4. Please remember to name your hatchling within a week after the 10th of november. (the 17th) This makes it easier for us to record the information!

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2 Re: The Randomness of it All on Sat Nov 03, 2012 5:42 pm


A'dam had heard about the eggs being given away and had been thinking quite a bit about picking up an egg to give Tahi a companion, one that would hopefully keep him out of trouble. So when the day finally arrived for the eggs to go to their new homes, A'dam stopped by and browsed the baskets. He wondered if any of the primary colors on the basket or blanket had anything to do with the egg inside. They'd been laid by a Gold, was there maybe a gold egg in there somewhere?

His curiosity unsatisfied (he'd had his hand whacked when he'd tried to peek at the eggs), He looked at Tahi who was perched on his shoulder surveying the baskets with curiosity. "Well< which one do you want Tahi?" He questioned and the Brown chirped at him before pointedly extending his head toward the Brown and blue basket with a brown blanket. A'dam reached and picked up the basket Tahi had indicated and headed off toward home to get the egg settled in where he could keep an eye on it until it hatched.

3 Re: The Randomness of it All on Fri Nov 09, 2012 8:47 pm


Ky is, for whatever reason, in Snowy and decides he wants another egg and decides to snag basket 1 because I say so. *nod*

4 Re: The Randomness of it All on Fri Nov 09, 2012 8:52 pm


Erin claims four or so random baskets... maybe more... depends on how many people claim eggs... lol For now she takes 4. lol =D

5 Re: The Randomness of it All on Fri Nov 09, 2012 9:12 pm


A'dam's Eggs

Innocent Beauty Green - Eira
This green is very similar in some ways to her accidentally heroic sister, although her hide is slightly lighter. She has a look of innocence around her, something that is rather odd all things considered. She is a very wild hearted female at times. She is incredibly close to her princely brother, although she is incredibly friendly towards most. Much like her sister, she is highly protective of her loved ones, and far better at protecting them… in her own way.

The Evil Queen - Regina
A lovely little gold hatchling with a darker hue than average, and apparently no real blemishes of any kind. In fact, she has a tendency to freak out when someone causes too much trouble. Her frame is a bit larger than average for a gold… and she will demand that it ALWAYS be kept clean… even if she has to dirty her claws herself in dealing with her green sister.
This little creature has a nasty little streak for holding grudges and being rather sadistic in everything she does. Quite frankly, she is incredibly narcissistic and believes that she is the ‘fairest of them all,’ at least until someone pays more attention to her Innocent Beauty green sister… the smaller female is definitely hated. One thing that some of the others have to be weary of is her tendency to manipulate those around her. She might not be able to speak like a dragon or a human, but she is still a cunning and manipulative little creature! And she is highly talented at doing wicked things and blaming them on others… without a seconds hesitation. She can even hide things like this from her bonded to try and keep at least that person on her side.

K'then's Eggs

The Wild Hearted Blue - Jager
This male has a dark blue hide, that will likely end up being marred by his adventures. He is a quiet beast, and spends very little time around others… especially other firelizards. While he may interact with them from time to time, he tends to believe in just finding his own space to relax and enjoy himself… usually through hunting. In fact, it is likely that he will end up being one of the best hunters out there… for a firelizard. However, he is close to his accidentally heroic green sister.

Erin's Eggs

The Princely Brown - Coriad
This little male is seemingly perfect with his mahogany colored hide. His hide seems to always be glossy, regardless of what he does. Of course, the male is quick to clean his hide when it does get dirty.
He has a strong sense of duty and will always lookout for those he deems as under his protection. Oddly enough, it is not his golden sister that he likes best, but his lovely Innocent Beauty green sister. In fact, he tends to go out of his way to try and make her happy… even if he does have a tendency to screw up from time to time.

The Hopeful Blue - Henry
This small blue has a smooth hide of a royal blue color. Despite his small size he seems to believe himself capable of so much more. The truth of the matter is that this youngster has an active imagination, and the ability to see things as they truly are. Where someone might be telling a lie, he can see through it and will shun that person… even going so far as to try to tell his Unwittingly Heroic green sister all about it. He is closest to her, and tends to fear his golden sister. Regardless of what he does, or what others do, his true goal is to save everyone he cares about and keep everyone telling the truth.

Saelit's Egg

The Manipulative Bronze - Mr. Gold
This little bronze is a bit on the smaller side, and tends to walk with a bit of a gimp. This is due to a piece of egg that managed to get lodged deep into his right hind leg, permanently damaging the leg. Despite his disability, he managed to make do with what he has by being a rather manipulative and ‘evil’ hatchling. His hide is has a rather tarnished bronze look to it, and is actually rather handsome… despite his injury.
This brute does not care for looks as much as others might; instead… he cares for shiny objects. Absolutely loves conning marks and other goodies from people. The only ones he is kind to are the youngsters. He loves children… and is willing to dote on them… so long as it doesn’t interfere with his collection too much. Whoever lands this little guy will likely find that he likes being in charge, and causing trouble for others. Of course, on the other hand he does not believe that he is an attractive bronze and as such tends to keep people at a distance, letting them in only if he feels there is a way to manipulate them in some way, shape or form… and always for the betterment of himself. Also, he is willing to make deals with anyone, believing that he can grant almost anything to anyone. Of course… by the time he’s an adult the amount of marks he will have snatched is likely to make that a very real possibility!

Selisa's Egg

Accidentally Heroic Green - Emma
This green has a beautiful emerald colored hide, with an almost serious attitude about her. Truth be told, she is very protective of those who manage to get close to her… and tends to oppose her golden sister. She tends to be the closest to her hopeful blue brother, feeling incredibly protective over him and wishing to provide him with everything. Although she does tend to get along with most.

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6 Re: The Randomness of it All on Fri Nov 09, 2012 9:46 pm


Gold Regina
Green Eira

Blue Jager

7 Re: The Randomness of it All on Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:09 pm


D'rick snags up basket 2

8 Re: The Randomness of it All on Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:17 pm


D'rick's egg
The Grumpy Dreamer Blue
This blue is smaller than most with a deep blue hide that seems almost… dirty, as though he has been working in a mineshaft. He also seems to be rather… stocky or big boned, for a lizard. He is an odd one. When alone in the peace and comfort of whatever hollow he finds… he is a dreamer, or even when he is around his sweet fairy green sister. The rest of the time he is rather grumpy. He has a tendency to hiss and snap at everyone with little to no provocation, although he is usually better around his bonded or his sister.

Dertray's egg, seeing as he automatically wins one as he lives with them and I said so XPPPP
The Wise Advisor Brown
A smaller brown with a pale brown hide and an aged look. In fact, just looking at him, one would think he was wise far beyond his years… for a firelizard, that is. The thing is, despite his humble attitude, he is a wise and kind advisor to those who have earned his loyalty. He enjoys reading… even if he probably does not truly understand the words he is reading… or does he? It is likely that his chosen bonded will wonder at how much he understands and will likely find some rather sagely advice coming from the critter.

9 Re: The Randomness of it All on Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:28 pm


YAY I forgot Dertray

EDIT-Apparently I forgot names too:

D'rick= Blue Grumps
Dertray=Brown Shay

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