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1 Plyath's Flight on Tue Nov 06, 2012 6:40 am


Erin had enjoyed the previous week, and it had been hard work keeping her proddy dragon from ruining her wedding. Sharding beast. Naturally, the woman had managed to make it through the entire ceremony without getting frustrated or irrate at anything or anyone, something that she felt she deserved a medal for. Regardless, she had spent the rest of the week working her hardest not to go over the top and yell at one of her family members. She DID, however, explode at one of the poor shop owners who had thought to comment on something or another that Erin took offensively at first. After that, the woman chose to stay home and avoid people... it was safer that way.

Regardless, this morning, the cool crisp morning air had Plyath moving and scanning the area around her. She was ready. Nearby, she spotted a herdbeast and quickly pounced on it, blooding her kill with ease before raising her head and challenging her mate to catch her again. And any other male who was nearby and wished to give it a try... She had noticed there were more people around the hold now, and far more options for her... although, her mine did like Dranith's. Regardless, the green challenged them all to try for her as she sprang from the ground and into the air, leading the males on her chase.

Rising female

Green Dragon Plyath - Erin

Chasing Males

Blue Dragon Dranith - A'dam


Blue Dragon Dranith - A'dam


Randomly decided to do an IC flight for her. Feel free to post joining in the chase and include trying to catch her.


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2 Re: Plyath's Flight on Wed Nov 14, 2012 4:23 pm


Dranith had kept close to Plyath (or as close as she would let him anyway) for the past little while and even without his Blue's behavior, A'dam knew Plyath was once again close to rising. He'd both tried to comfort Erin and be there to soothe her when Plyath's proddiness got to be too much and staying out of her way to avoid getting himself into trouble. All in all, A'dam was well and truly ready to have Plyath rise and be done with it. He'd like his wife back to normal thank you very much. Like Erin, A'dam had not wandered too far from home because he didn't want to be caught in the middle of the Hold proper when Plyath rose and Erin was at home.

It was fairly early in the day when he felt the first stirrings of Plyath's desire to fly. He checked the position of the sun and shrugged at the time. It wasn't unheard of for dragons to rise early. Mid-afternoon was a more common time but some dragons, Plyath for example, seemed to prefer earlier in the day to afternoon or evening. He set side the weeds and dead stems he'd been pulling from his garden and headed inside to wash up before Plyath took to the skies and he no longer cared if his hands were clean or dirty. Erin, he was sure, would far prefer them clean if he could manage it.

Outside, Dranith was watching Plyath with keen interest as she eyed her surroundings. He settled in to wait as she pounced and took care of blooding her kill. He rumbled irritably at the thought that there were more males around, though his claim on Plyath was well known. When the green finally took to the skies, Dranith leaped into the air after her with an answering trumpet for her challenge. He'd be the one to catch her again, she was his.

Using his smaller size and speed to his advantage, he drew ahead of the others and closer to Plyath. When he found himself within reach, he put on an extra burst of speed and made a grab for her.

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