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1 Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Sun Nov 25, 2012 4:08 pm


Ashendel was perhaps one of the least recognized of her classmates. She didn't particularly do anything to make herself stand out, either. Quite frankly, she kept her dragon in good condition, herself in good shape, and didn't boast about any of her achievements. She had even chosen a craft that wouldn't require her to interact with a lot of people.

However, today she was enjoying her rest day and bathing her green. There was one thing none of her classmates knew, and that was that she had a beautiful singing voice. The only reasons he didn't go for harpering? She was uninterested in the idea of singing in front of others... or in doing THAT much studying. As such the only audience she ever had was her green.

Today was one such day as she sang a random song that she had made up, scrubbing her green down. The dragon hummed softly along with the woman as well. At one point, she had climbed onto her dragon's back to try and scrub between the ridges before she slipped off and managed to injure her right arm. Instantly she headed to the infirmary, doing her best to not show that she was in a lot of pain... while her green spoke to Baroleth, alerting the bronze that hers was hurting.

2 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Sun Nov 25, 2012 5:16 pm


K'then was enjoying a free moment and had taken up temporary residence in the infirmary, in part because there was always an injury of some sort to tend to and paperwork to catch up on. Plus, the infirmary was one of his favorite places to go to get away from things for awhile. Today, it seemed, was a slow day and he'd managed to make himself comfortable in what amounted to his own personal office when Baroleth intruded upon his thoughts. Basidith says her rider is heading this way. Something about her arm hurting after a fall. Baroleth's mindvoice sounded sleepy which meant Basidith had probably woken him from a nap.

K'then, who had been comfortable enough to consider dozing off himself, stretched and grumbled under his breath as he made his way out to the common area where patients would wait until a healer could see them. When he arrived, Ashendel was just coming in and he motined her toward him. "Baroleth tells me you hurt your arm after a fall? Can you tell me exactly what happened?" He questioned even as he led her to a room where he could examine her arm and determine how badly hurt she was.

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3 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Sun Nov 25, 2012 5:21 pm


Ash had seen the assistant weyrlingmaster/master healer around the academy numerous times. She had always thought he looked cute, but she was a weyrling. Regardless, it didn't prevent her from random thoughts.

At his question, she looked up. "I was cleaning Basidith's back and fell off her. I landed sort of funny on my right arm," she explained to him. Quite honestly, she just wanted to make certain she hadn't broken it in her fall, and was hoping that at most she would have a bad sprain from the way she'd landed on it. However, it was clear that she was in pain from the limb as she held it to her body.

4 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Sun Nov 25, 2012 5:50 pm


At Ashendel's explanation, K'then nodded and motioned for her to sit on the cot so he could take a look. "You're going to have to relax as much as possible. I know this will hurt but that's the only thing that's going to tell me how bad the injury is. Let me know if anything I do causes more pain and if it's in a particular area." He instructed, taking her arm as gently as possible and, starting from the wrist and easing his hands upward from there. It might have looked intimate if he wasn't feeling for a break in the bone or swelling that would indicate a sprain.

Through all of his examinations, the only place Ashendel indicated there was any pain was in her shoulder and that mostly when she moved her arm or when extra pressure was put on the joint. So he paid extra attention to feeling for a break in the bone but could feel nothing that would indicate a severe injury. "I have no idea how you managed it but I can't feel any breaks in the bone and no excess swelling like there would be with a sprain and the shoulder's not dislocated either. Feels like it's just a pulled muscle." He told her, fixing up a glass of juice with a couple drops of fellis, only enough to help her relax and ease the tightness he felt in her shoulder muscle. "Drink this please." He instructed handing the juice over before pulling down a jar off one of the shelves. "I'm going to have to ask you to remove your tunic and lie on your stomach so I can massage this into your shoulder. It'll relax the muscles so that if you take it easy the rest of the day you'll be good as new by tomorrow morning." That request often got a giggle and a blush from most of the older female weyrlings when he had to treat them, which was why he tried to avoid it when possible. Which was also why he asked for her to lie down. It made things less awkward for everyone, though if she chose not to that was her choice. He was always quite professional with his patients.

5 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Sun Nov 25, 2012 5:57 pm


Ash had watched as he felt his way up her arm, squeezing lightly at various intervals to check for broken bones and such. It wasn't a tight squeeze, but she was keenly aware of his hand. All in all, when he had reached her shoulder and squeezed lightly, she instantly told him that was where her pain was. As he felt more around that area, she closed her eyes as it caused more pain.

When he was through, she nodded her head. It was good to know she hadn't broken anything, and she didn't have any bad sprains. All she'd done was pull a muscle. That was good. With her good hand, she accepted the drink and followed his instructions... almost choking on the liquid as she hadn't expected him to ask her to remove her shirt. Regardless, she did a second later and winced slightly when her shoulder protested the movement.

"Would it be alright if I stayed sitting?" she asked him, trying to maintain her composure. After all, she wasn't much for giggling over something like that. Not that a small blush hadn't touched her cheeks at the idea of being "half naked" in front of the healer.

~Baroleth, why does mine feel nervous around yours? She says it is none of my business,~ the green asked.

6 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Sun Nov 25, 2012 6:35 pm


"If you prefer to stay sitting that's fine." He tried to sound casual about the comment but it alternately annoyed and amused him. He didn't like the temptation of looking where he shouldn't and it amused him that she was comfortable enough to remain sitting up. When he was sure she was settled, he gently spread some of the salve on her shoulder before re-closing the jar and setting it aside. Then he started massasing her shoulder, working the salve into the painful area to ease the tension and help her feel better.

Baroleth rumbled as he shifted from his dozing position to look toward Basidith. I'm not sure. K'then is just tending to her injured arm. Perhaps she is just embarassed she was hurt? He suggested sleepily. He wasn't picking up anything odd from K'then so he had no idea why Basideth's rider might be feeling nervous.

7 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Sun Nov 25, 2012 6:40 pm


She nodded when he assured her that it was okay if she remained seated. Quite honestly, she didn't like laying on her front, it was always so uncomfortable. Regardless, she was rather nervous and well aware that it would also make it easier for him to look at things he really shouldn't... It also made it easier to look at things that he half wanted him to. Lucky for her, the thought didn't make it far before it was washed away by his hands massaging her shoulder. At first, she had to grit her teeth to block out the pain. But after a bit it hurt less and just felt nice. At which point her mind started wandering once more.

~What does mine have that yours shouldn't look at? And why does mine want him to look? If he isn't supposed to look then would it not be a bad thing if he did?~ yes, the green was highly confused. And the moment Ash realized that she was asking someone that (but was unaware of who), she blushed.

~Bas!~ she mentally scolded.

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8 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Sun Nov 25, 2012 6:56 pm


Despite Ash's half-hope that K'then would look where he ought not to, K'then kept his eyes politely away from said areas. Not that he wasn't tempted, of course, she was closer to his age than most weyrlings. But H'lee would kill him if anything happened. Which was why he tried very hard to never let anything happen. At least not until their restrictions were lifted and relationships were allowed, especially for the green riders whose dragons matured sooner. "Feeling better?" He questioned, shifting his hands so he was massaging the back of her neck. He hadn't really made the decision to do so but since he was already started on a massage why not make it a proper one? Massaging out all the tension and knots in her back and shoulders would only help her relax more and feel better the next day.

Basideth's question Baroleth gave a confused snort. What was that young Green jabbering about? Curiously, he delved a bit deeper into K'then's mind to find out what was going on and the answer was supplied to him immediately. Her chest, Basideth. She has her shirt off and she is hoping K'then will look at her chest, though they both know he shouldn't. They could get into trouble. He replied, keeping his comments between himself and Basideth. No need to get K'then angry with him, after all.

9 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:54 pm


Quite honestly, the girl was loving every second of the healer's hands on her shoulder.. and even more when he moved onto her neck. Her eyes closed as she let herself melt into the relaxing feel of it. In fact, when he questioned her, she took a moment to react to it. "A little." She was half hoping he didn't stop, after all she thoroughly enjoyed the feeling.

She continued her random thoughts as she let him do his work on her back and neck. In fact, Basidith was feeling rather amused at her rider's thoughts. ~If he could get into trouble, then why should mine want it? She also enjoys what he is doing now. What is he doing now?~ The young green was highly curious about it to be honest.

10 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:08 pm


K'then knew Ashendel was enjoying things a little too much but saw no reason to stop his massage of her back at that moment. They weren't technically doing anything wrong, though any casual observer would think so. He was amused at her somewhat delayed response to his question and merely nodded before shifting his hands to her other shoulder and massaging out the knots and tense muscles (not that there were many left at this point) there as well before stepping back (though he was sure Ashendel wouldn't approve). "There. You're all set. Just take it easy the rest of the day and if that shoulder starts hurting again let me know and I'll take another look."

Baroleth was half tempted to just tune Basideth out and let her figure things out for herself. Young dragons learned best from experience, after all. But now that he was fully awake he was feeling chatty. Because humans always want what they can't, or shouldn't, have. And right now he is massaging her shoulders so she doesn't hurt any more. It's sort of like when your rider bathes you or rubs oil into your hide and you feel relaxed and sort of lazy. At least that's what K'then says, anyway. He told her, his voice indicating a mental shrug at the end. He didn't really understand a lot of what the humans did half the time and he certainly didn't see how a massage was the same as a good bath (there was generally no water involved, after all) but he trusted K'then.

11 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:15 pm


Ashendel was perhaps enjoying the massage more than she should. Quite honestly, she didn't want him to stop. Sure, she knew she shouldn't want the healer and weyrlingmaster... but well, wasn't that what made these things all the sweeter? The idea that they were forbidden? She knew it confused Bas, but she didn't overly care. The dragon would either figure it out or move on. Or perhaps later on she would try to explain it.

When Ky stopped and began speaking, Ash had to work at not making any sounds in protest or showing that she was disappointed that it had ended so soon. However, she did have to admit that she felt much more relaxed. So relaxed, in fact, that she did something she normally wouldn't have. She turned and before anyone could react she kissed the healer. Not even realizing that she hadn't put her shirt on yet.

A second later she pulled back, blushing heavily and turning to grab her shirt. "Uhm... Thank you... for the massage... I... uhm..." she really didn't want to think about how stupid she just was. Although, she did hope that he stopped her or something.

Basidith suddenly became more confused. ~Why does mine suddenly feel more nervous and embarassed? She says that she was stupid for... whatever it was she did. I think she called it kissing...~ the green was highly confused and tried to understand the jumble of thoughts that raced through her rider's mind.

12 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Mon Nov 26, 2012 5:21 pm


K'then was completely taken aback by the kiss. It wasn't the first time something like this had happened but it was usually amorous greenriders who'd had a bit too much fellis or wine or...whatever. Not weyrling greenriders who were forbidden from having intimate relationships. He barely had enough time to register what was happening before she was pulling away and he had a moment to decide what to do with the situation. He could be the responsible weyrling master and tell her what she'd done was wrong and she should try not to let it happen again or she'd get herself into trouble. Or he could break the rules and potentially get them both into lots of trouble. The weyrlings were seven months old now. Another couple months and the greens would be mature enough for their first flights. He didn't see the harm in a little fun.

Which was why when Ashendel tried to pull her shirt on and was stammering her thanks, he reached out and stopped her. "No need to be embarrassed. People kiss all the time." He told her with a smile, one that was slightly mischievous and more than a bit seductive. "You're welcome by the way." He told her before leaning in and kissing her.

Because what they're doing is against the rules. She probably thinks K'then will be angry with her or punish her. I think our riders would like to mate, though. They usually kiss before that happens. Just ignore her for now, you'll only upset yourself trying to figure things out. He advised, settling down to wait out whatever was going to happen with his rider and Ashendel.

13 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Mon Nov 26, 2012 5:37 pm


Ash was completely shocked when K'then stopped her and kissed her. Obviously, her shirt was completely forgotten as it fell to the floor once more. Her mind was abuzz with random thoughts, and none of them were exactly weyrling appropriate. Sadly, Basidith was far too curious about it to listen to the bronze. Regardless, she got rather vivid ideas from her rider, and none of them made sense. In the end, the green snorted and listened to Baroleth. Clearly her rider was crazy if she wanted to do whatever that was.

After a moment she pulled away only long enough to catch her breath before kissing K'then again. In fact, she didn't even care that she was a virgin. She still wanted to "mate" with the healer, leaning more against him.

14 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Mon Nov 26, 2012 6:06 pm


K'then knew what they were doing was a bad idea. He also knew that if they were caught they'd both be in really big trouble. But neither of those thoughts was enough to make him stop. He placed his hands on her waist, not to keep her from moving away should she think better of her actions and decide it wasn't worth risking, but because it was the most polite place to put them while they kissed.

When she pulled away, he let her, though he did keep his hands at her waist when it was apparent she wasn't pulling away because she wanted things to stop. He considered reminding her that they could get into big trouble but figured they were both aware of the potential consequences and were both old enough to decide how much they wanted to care about said consequences. Apparently that decision was that they weren't terribly concerned right then and K'then was quite happy to let Ashendel decide how far things went.

15 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Mon Nov 26, 2012 6:20 pm


Needless to say they went pretty far considering Ashendel was snoozing naked next to the man later on. The only part that neither of them had really considered was the idea that Artemis was on her way to the infirmary. She had a check up with her cousin for the pregnancy. That, and she felt like a sharding dragon! The poor girl waddled her way into the infirmary... only to find her cousin naked with one of the other weyrlings in her group. "Ky! Can't you cover up! Or get a room!!" the girl yelped before turning to cover her eyes. And yes, she knew full well who was there.

Especially when Ash looked up and yelped as well, falling off of whatever surface they had ended up using and wincing as her butt hit the ground. "Ow..." she rubbed herself as she gathered her shirt to cover herself.

16 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Mon Nov 26, 2012 7:19 pm


K'then hadn't really expected things to go as far as they had but he also hadn't made any effort to stop them from proceeding either. SO when all was said and done, he wondered if he should have put an end to things so that they didn't end up in trouble. A simple kiss was easier to keep a secret than sex.

Thanks to Ashendel, K'then had all but forgotten that Artemis was supposed to stop by that day for a quick check in to see how she was doing. So when she arrived, it wasn't just her that got a shock. Even as Ashendel yelped and got a rather unpleasant introduction to the floor, he rolled off the cot they'd made use of and snatched up his pants, pulling them on quickly and trying to control the furious blush that he could feel coloring his cheeks. Of all people to catch him it had to be his pregnant cousin. Talk about a rude wake-up call. Not only was there a chance she'd rat him out but her bring pregnant only served to make him fervently hope that Ashendel didn't end up the same way. That was a surefire way to get him into a lot of trouble with H'lee.

"You can look now Artemis. I'm decent." He told her, as he snagged his shirt from where it was piled unceremoniously on the floor. "Also, I'd like to point out that technically we are in a room. It just happens to be a semi-public one." He added before pulling his shirt over his head and running a hand through his hair. He glanced at Ashendel and wondered what, if anything, he should say to her about Artemis's arrival. Did he just dismiss her and find a way to talk to her later? Or did he talk to both Artemis and Ashendel now? He had no idea.

17 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Mon Nov 26, 2012 7:26 pm


Ash scrambled to get her own clothing on before she looked at K'then. "I... uhm... yeah... Bas needs a bath... so uhm... I'll... uh... let you know if my shoulder hurts again..." and with that she was gone. Quite frankly, she was beet red and highly embarrassed to be caught in bed with one of the assistant weyrlingmasters.

Artemis, for her part, turned around and looked at her cousin, smirking. "Oh yeah? Well, you're still really naughty, Ky! What happened to your discussion about the rules when last I complained about my pregnancy?" she teased him, clearly she wasn't about to rat on him. In her mind, it wasn't even an option. K'then was family, and he knew full well when it was safe to mess around. If he felt it was safe, then who was she to tell on him? Of course, she hadn't started teasing her cousin until Ashendel was gone from the room, feeling that it might be a bit much for the girl.

18 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Mon Nov 26, 2012 7:43 pm


When Ash fled the room, K'then opened his mouth to stop her and instead only called after her. "I'll check in with you later to see how you're feeling." Which was...probably not entirely true. More like he would send some other healer to see how her shoulder was feeling later.

When Artemis teased him he could only glare half-heartedly at her for it. "You think I'm not well aware of how much trouble I could get in for that?" He questioned her, shaking his head and throwing his hands in the air over-dramatically. "I can always use your excuse that it was just an accident. Probably won't work any better for me that it did for you though. That and I'm sure H'lee wouldn't believe me anyway." He teased back, a bit less uncomfortable now that Artemis was teasing and not looking like she was going to go off and tattle to H'lee. But it was always best to be sure and he settled on the edge of the cot and gave her a serious look. "You won't tell anyone about this right? Not even A'lo? I really could get into a lot of trouble if H'lee finds out. Not to mention the trouble Ashendel would be in." Artemis would know full well the type of trouble Ashendel would face but if H'lee wanted to, he could send Ky on a one was trip back to Benden Weyr, if only because he knew how much Ky didn't want to be where there were Gold dragons for Baroleth to chase, and possibly catch, and force him into a leadership position he didn't want.

19 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Mon Nov 26, 2012 7:48 pm


Artemis chuckled at her cousin before she shook her head and walked further into the room. At his question about whether or not she would tell on him, she gave him an odd look. "Ky, you're family. Why on Pern would I tell H'lee about you and Ashendel? Besides, no girl REALLY wants to end up in the sort of trouble I am in. That being said, did A'lo come running to you to tattle on me yet? I know he wasn't happy when he heard something..." she shifted uneasily. She knew she might as well be the one to tell her cousin, but it was entirely possible that A'lo had already gone running to his cousin to blab about her being engaged to D'rick. And about her getting a holding from D'rick's parents.

20 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:03 pm


K'then gave her a skeptical look. "I dunno, I did threaten to send D'rick to the opposite end of the planet once remember? You could want revenge for that?" He questioned with a shrug. He trusted she wouldn't tell H'lee. But her telling A'lo was another matter entirely. What if A'lo told someone else and it got back to H'lee that way? "And you better just sit and tell me what's upset A'lo this time. Somehow I get the feeling I'm not going to like it any more than he did so you might as well spit it out and get it over with." He wasn't feeling particularly charitable just then and didn't feel like beating around the bush waiting for Artemis to get up the nerve to tell him what was going on.

21 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:08 pm


She shrugged, "This is true, but you're family. Isn't it your job to threaten to send someone who helps me make a mistake to the other end of Pern?" she asked him. Regardless, she took a deep breath and sat down. She knew full well her cousin wasn't going to like it. "Well, the other day D'rick and his grandparents were in my weyr talking and they sort of told us that they got us a holding as a wedding present... and then they said it was for the baby... and then D'rick asked me to marry him and I kinda said yes, but we're not going to do anything about that until after graduation... and A'lo found out about it and he isn't overly happy..." she paused and shifted, waiting for her cousin to go off on her. After all, she knew it was entirely possible for it to happen. Of course, she also knew that regardless of what he did, she wouldn't go tell H'lee what had happened. She couldn't.

22 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Tue Nov 27, 2012 8:01 pm


"Yes but that doesn't mean you have to like it and it doesn't mean you can't be pissed off enough to take some sort of revenge." He thought he knew Artemis better than that and it seemed he was right. But there had been a moment of doubt, which was why he'd brought the subject up in the first place. But he trusted Artemis not to say anything to H'lee. A'lo, on the other hand... "And I wasn't just talking about H'lee. When I said anyone, I meant it. You can't tell A'lo and you certainly can't tell D'rick." D'rick he didn't like and he certainly didn't trust the green weyrling not to say anything to get him in trouble.

Of course, Artemis's news didn't help him like D'rick any more than he already did and he had to bite back an angry retort. How could he lecture her on the rules when he himself had ignored them. He was quiet for a moment, trying to get a hold on his anger. "You know you're not supposed to be spending time with D'rick." If only because K'then didn't want her to. At least they hadn't been alone....though how long D'rick had been there prior to the arrival of his grandparents was up for debate. "And I can't blame your brother for not being happy. I'd bet every mark I've got that D'rick is one of those 'I got your pregnant so let's get married' types. If that was the way things worked I'd be married twice over now. But they don't. You devote yourself to someone because you care that much about them and you can't bear the thought of being without them. The type of bond you have with your dragon; THAT is the reason you marry someone. Not just because you screwed up." Okay so maybe he was letting his personal dislike of D'rick get in the way a bit there but what he said was also true. Lisirra had been after him for a committed relationship ever since Baroleth caught her green a couple turns ago. She'd once used Skylar as an excuse for why they should and he'd said much the same thing to her as he just had to Artemis.

23 Re: Things You Shouldn't Do... (K'then) on Tue Nov 27, 2012 8:28 pm


Artemis gave him an odd look when he claimed that she would even consider revenge. Regardless, she shook her head at her cousin and his words before pausing. She had kept a few things from her twin of late, although she knew it was mostly in retort because he didn't seem to trust her to make her own decisions in life.

Regardless, she watched her cousin and winced slightly as she seen the anger go across his face. She had a feeling he wouldn't be happy to hear about her news. Her eyes closed for a minute when he first spoke. "He has been trying to help me with my pregnancy... seeing as he helped put me in this situation..." she pointed out, "And I don't think the kitchens would be happy if I was constantly pestering them for half the weird combinations of food that I end up craving.." she paused.

WHen he was done with his rant about reasons to get married, she frowned at him. "Honestly, that whole thing was tossed around a bit in the weyr before I ever agreed. He even made a slip up and I told him flat out if he wanted to marry me simply because of the baby or because his grandmother walked into the room saying 'hey look! we got you a wedding present!' then he could forget about it," she admitted to her cousin, "But I do like him, and despite our mistakes... at least he is trying to be there and be helpful instead of just ignoring everything and acting like he didn't screw up and get a girl pregnant."

Sure, she knew and understood that the males in her family seemed to hate D'rick. But, that didn't mean she couldn't try to get them to see reason....

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