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Admin / Weyrlingmaster
For the first two weeks of this lesson, H'lee instructed the weyrlings in the use, disassembly, cleaning, and assembly of flamethrowers. Although they worked together as a group, each student had to pass a solo exam before they were allowed to start on their firestone training.

The Assignment: Choose one part of the flamethrower and describe the following:
  1. How that part functions during the use of the flamethrower
  2. How to remove that part from the flamethrower
  3. How to clean that part of the flamethrower
  4. How to assemble that part of the flamethrower
Please choose a unique part (no copying between characters).

Link to diagram of flamethrower

Required Posts: 3 out of 4

Deadline: Saturday, December 22nd (yes, you get two weeks 'cause I'm in the Bahamas next weekend)
Next Post: Sunday, December 23rd (the first half of your firestone lesson)


K'so didn't like the flamethrowers. They seemed too uncontrolled to him, and he didn't like being that close to that much raw fire. But they were all expected to learn how to use them, since they could get into places that dragons couldn't.

The igniter was a relatively simple affair, comprised of two pieces of metal that, when both the safety and trigger buttons were pressed, would scrape together to produce sparks, which in turn ignited the agenothree fuel. One piece of metal was built like a screw, with ridges, and the other was a wire that scraped and bumped across the ridges. You had to squeeze the trigger button hard and fast to generate the force needed to create sparks. However, being at the end of the contraption meant it also got corroded and gummed up more than any other part of the flamethrower.

The igniter screwed counter-clockwise off of the handle in front of the triggers; when it comes apart, the wire half remains attached to the handle while the screw portion is embedded in the funnel that you just removed.

Cleaning requires a mild acid solution, like citrus fruit juices, and some elbow grease to scrub the corrosion off. You can replace the ridged half of the igniter by turning it counter-clockwise and removing it, then screwing a new one in by turning it clockwise into the hole that supports the screw. The wire half is on a spring which can be removed and replaced.

The igniter can then be screwed clockwise back onto the handle to reassemble the flamethrower.
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Admin / Weyrlingmaster
For the next fortnight, each weyrling had a day of one-on-one with H'lee and Seeth to learn how to flame. During their flaming lessons, the other weyrlings continued their normal study schedule. After breakfast, the weyrling of the day reported to H'lee at the lakeside. Upon arrival, they were confronted with several bags of stone.

"This is just a soft limestone, your dragon needs to learn how to chew the stone and store it in the second stomach."

To the dragon, Seeth explained, Roll the stone onto your back teeth, the flat ones. As you grind it, it will trigger a sensation in your neck - you want to think about getting the stone to that location, then swallow. Don't worry if it doesn't work the first time, the limestone won't give you stomach problems.

They spent the morning working on chewing the stone and swallowing it to the second stomach, then how to expel the waste goop after chewing it.

The Assignment: Learning how to chew stone, swallow it to the second stomach, regurgitate the goop.

Deadline: Saturday, December 29th (sorry it's a little short this week, trying to recover from the crappy Bahamas vacation)
Next Post: Sunday, December 30th (the second half of your firestone lesson)


K'so and Qancith reported to the lakeside as instructed. Qancith was much more excited about this lesson than his rider was. K'so didn't really have to do much in this lesson except not get his arm bitten trying to feed his enthusiastic dragon the limestone.

The blue barely paid attention to Seeth's description - he wanted to get started already! K'so tossed a small lump of limestone into Qancith's waiting jaws and sat back to watch.

Qancith bit down on the lump without rolling it back like Seeth said. Instead, he nicked the end of his tongue trying to keep the stone in place over his canines. With a squeak, he spat out the stone and looked guiltily at Seeth, recalling the brown's words. Um...let's try that again.

K'so rolled his eyes and stuffed another piece in Qancith's maw. This time, the blue carefully rolled the chunk back to his molars and crushed down, finding it much easier to crush the stone on those teeth than against his front teeth. As Seeth had described, a peculiar itching sensation started in his next. It was close to his throat, but not the same location. He tried to focus on that location so that when he swallowed, the itching would be relieved.

However, his first attempt at swallowing created a new itch as the stone rolled down into his stomach. He groaned with disappointment and asked his rider for another piece to try again. After another three failures, he finally got the stone to go into the right stomach.

Triumphantly, he repeated the successful maneuver five more times. But then a new feeling swelled - a nauseating sensation that reminded him of the discomfort he'd sensed from K'so during their first flight. He shared this with K'so, who turned a peculiar shade of pale.

"Um, Qanc, point your head over there and give into that feeling, please. And could you stop sharing it with me?"

With a gurgling belch, Qancith dumped the goop out of his second stomach into a steaming, smelly pile. He looked at it and wrinkled his nose. It stinks.

After that, they were sent off so that K'so could settle his stomach and get some lunch.
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Artemis had missed a lot more of her lessons than she would have liked. With her stomach getting bigger and bigger as the baby started growing more... well.. she found herself with little to no energy and spending most of her time trying to make a dash to the bathroom. Regardless, she finally felt better enough to try doing the firestone lesson when it was her assigned day.

With that in mind, and her happy dragon, she waddled along to the lakeshore to meet up with H'lee and Seeth. Once there, she listened to his little speech before nodding her head and waiting until Jazz commented that she was ready. Before long, the girl placed a piece of limestone in her dragon's mouth.

~I don't like the taste of it...~ Jadziath commented.

~Just eat it, Jazzy. I'm sure the firestone won't taste as bad and you can't chew that until you learn to access your second stomach,~ Artemis responded and watched as the dragon ground the stone down and tried to send it to relieve the itch that appeared.

Sadly she failed the first couple times before it finally landed in the right stomach. She proceeded to swallow another five chunks of the stuff before finding herself a little queasy. By this point, Artemis was feeling a little tired and sore, but she remained standing. Specially considering her dragon was whining that her stomach didn't feel well anymore.

~Just turn your head and let it out, Jazzy. Preferably away from me...~ Artemis instructed before turning her head away as her dragon vomited up the goop. The green instantly made a sour face before moving away. She didn't have to point out the stench... the pregnant woman was already walking away from it, happy that H'lee had dismissed them. Which was good because she needed a snack, and thus they headed back to her weyr so she could settle down and get some food into her.



A'lo had missed last weeks lessons, something he was somewhat sorry about. However, he hadn't been in the best of conditions to participate. He'd gotten a bit of a flu that lasted a week, and even now he still had a bit of a cough. However, his dragon was unwilling to miss out on the idea of a chance to learn how to chew firestone. After all, what if they needed to flame something? With that in mind, he had gotten himself up and ready for the day. He had managed to get through his morning activities and then head to the lake to meet H'lee.

Once they were done listening to the man's speech, as well as that of Seeth, he fed his bronze a bit of the limestone. The beast remembered carefully the instructions given to him and carefully grinded it down on his back teeth. Before long, he felt the odd sensation before attempting to swallow towards the itch. He got about half of it there and the other half in his first stomach. Snorting at himself he accepted a second piece of the stuff before getting it right that time.

They proceeded to chew more and more of it before the bronze felt a little off. ~Mine... I feel like you did last week,~ he commented. After all, A'lo had spent a couple days throwing up.

~Well, you might as well give into it. You'll feel better afterwards,~ he commented.

~But you didn't. Are you sure I won't feel worse?~ Rik asked, shifting uneasily.

~Positive. I didn't feel better because I had a flu, Rik. You don't feel well because you have goop to expell from your second stomach,~ A'lo explained and a second later the bronze vomited the stuff up.

Once they were done, the both of them wrinkled their noses and were happy to be released for lunch.


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
When the weyrling pair returned from lunch to the lake shore, they were confronted with more bags...and straw bale targets. This time, the bags contained firestone. The rider was instructed to feed the dragon the firestone and then the dragon would burn the straw bale targets. H'lee would keep them at it until all the firestone was gone or until dinnertime, whichever came first.

The Assignment: Learning how to chew stone, swallow it to the second stomach, regurgitate the goop.

Deadline: Saturday, January 5th
Next Post: Sunday, January 6th (hunting, bathing, and oiling your dragon post-flaming)

If K'so thought the limestone they'd used stunk...well, he'd never been around chewed or burned firestone, so he didn't have the comparison to make. He knew firestone smelled acrid on its own, of course - they'd been training on how to sort it and recognize the differing qualities.

It tastes funny. Kind of icky. Bitter and sour and really dry. But kind of...sparkly? Spicy?

K'so stared at him. "I don't think I wanted to know that, Qanc.

Well, we're supposed to share that stuff with each other, right? So...

Just shut up and chew and try to burn down one of those bales, huh?

After a few more chunks, the blue blinked. I feel funny he told his rider, opening up the connection between them.

"Ah...Weyrlingmaster? He feels like he needs to burp or something. Qanc, turn your head toward that straw bale!" he yelped, shoving the dragon's nose in the direction of the nearest bale of straw.

The connection between was still open and K'so felt his eyes cross as Qancith tried to interpret the sensation and expel the gasses. Then he opened is jaw and rumbled softly and a jet of flame shot out. The fire billowed and sputtered out several feet short of the bale he was aiming at.

After H'lee and Seeth gave them some pointers, K'so fed Qancith some more firestone and they tried again. It took them several hours to burn down all the bales, but they managed to finish them all before their five-hour session was up.

By then, both dragon and rider had become inured to the stench of the firestone and didn't realize how much they reeked. They didn't even think about the scent that lingered, not even after the blue regurgitated the gray slime that was the non-burnable bits of firestone and they smelled it. In fact, the stench of that probably made their own smell less noticeable.
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She was more exhausted after lunch, and ended up being late down to the lake. Of course, that was also due to her having to pee before she could head down. It wasn't her fault that the baby enjoyed playing soccer with her bladder!

When she arrived, she apologized to H'lee before she set about feeding her green the firestone. After a few chunks, Jazz began to feel the need to burp, and after a quick consultation with her rider... she turned her head in the direction of the nearest bale. Instantly a small jet of flame was produced, stopping about half way to the straw.

THey proceeded to try a few more times until finally she figured out how to produce a stronger flame. Of course, by that time Artemis was begining to feel rather sick. "Ugh..." she winced and actually ended up turning around to puke when the smell of the stone became too much.

Naturally, it ended with them leaving early because Artemis wasn't feeling all that grand. And in fact, her wonderfully hormonal frame refused to stay anywhere near the stench. Naturally, she had apologized to H'lee and gotten Jadziath to expell the nasty smelling stuff. Which only got worse and left the woman puking her guts up again. When she finally made it away from the smell, she rinsed her mouth off and sent her dragon to go rinse off the smell of firestone. SHE, however, ended up laying on the couch and falling asleep there. It had been a long day....

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After lunch, A'lo felt more than ready to give the firestone chewing another try. As did his dragon. The bronze had been rather proud of himself, but still determined to provide a good example to his siblings. Sure, he and his rider weren't the wingleaders. However, he was still a bronze and that meant that he was a leader. He had to prove that he could lead by example! Unfortunately, he was still young and silly enough to think that meant that he could not fail.

As such, the two arrived on time and A'lo began feeding his dragon the firestone. ~This has an interesting taste, mine. Kind of spicy!~ the brute commented before he continued to devour the stuff.

~Alright, I think we have enough in you. Try burning down one of those bales,~ A'lo directed his beast after a moment and the brute lifted his head. He felt the need to burp and took a deep breath before releasing the stuff.

~I missed.~ the brute stated to his rider, feeling somewhat disappointed in himself. However, a moment later he was getting pointers from Seeth and he listened intently before chewing a few more pieces of firestone and trying again. Before long he was getting his ability to flame down.

He was struggling more than normal with it... but not by much. He ended up burning down the first bale after 3 attempts and from there he got better and better at strengthening his flame. The only problem he had from time to time was aim. In fact, the second bale was missed completely his first attempt at it.

By the time their 5-hour lesson was over, all the bales had been hit and the bronze had expelled the contents of his second stomach. ~Ugh... That is nasty, Rik..~ A'lo complained before thanking H'lee and heading off to give his dragon a bath... and himself. They both smelled of firestone and flames... it was time to wash that off...

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